Hearne: KC Confidential Dodges (Almost) Super Bowl Blackout Bullet

WTF?Where’d you guys go?

I mean, one minute The Guy Who Says What Others Think is explaining to me what a loser I am and then – whammo – lights out?


Well, I can assure you there’ll be no stone-walling where this disappearing act is concerned – no coverup – no Blame it on Beyonce.

Because you see, Glazer did it!

Nah, it’s lamer than that even.

What actually happened is a certain someone (who shall remain nameless – and not me by the way) got an email from our web host saying that in order to accommodate our traffic and speed things up, KC Confidential would be moving to a new server at a new IP address.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 10.15.28 PMThen a funny thing happened.

The recipient of said email on January 29th failed to either see it or clue in as to its importance and forgot to notify, you know whom. You know, me.

So instead of “pointing” our site at the new IP as we were supposed to, we remained pointed at the old one when the switch went down resulting in…a Super Bowl Blackout, to coin a phrase.

beyonce___countdown_by_cutmyhairatnight-d3na88uHere’s the fun part.

It didn’t take five minutes to get KCC re-pointed, but it takes between five and 24 hours for all of our content to migrate over and come then back to life. Which – I don’t know about you guys – but on this end the waiting process was not very much fun.

Now I know how the guys at the Star feel when they get one of those “furloughed.” day’s with pay vacations.

Anyway, there you have it, what’s done is done.

Time to get back to work or whatever it is we do here.

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9 Responses to Hearne: KC Confidential Dodges (Almost) Super Bowl Blackout Bullet

  1. DARREN says:


    • admin says:

      Let’s see…
      Tony gets a two a week column by a dude who will be 60 in a couple days and you’re wringing your hands about Old Man sites?

  2. Caps Lock says:

    STFU Darren.

    Oh by the by, ever caps lock much?

  3. Super Dave says:

    Oh TKC is getting comments all right about Glazers posts, very negative comments for sure. Glazer isn’t too well liked over there it appears. He does have a few positive comments but then as well he was busted here once for doing that so guess we see what happens.

    Funny part is how Glazer thinks its Smartman doing it and so far I have not seen a Smartman post one. I mean come on if Smartman wants to verbally smack Glazer around he has always seem to like using his moniker so all knew it was him saying it.

    • Jess says:

      Nail on head!

      If Glaze thought he did not get respect here, well he has another thing coming on that site. I am glad Hearne is going the other way. I know he lost people because they were tired of the freak show. Now things can get back to normal.

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      the fake smartman getting Craig to sit in the westport cold was pretty darn funny.

      • the dude says:

        Yeah, what a boob!
        You have to be seriously special ed to physically show up to fight someone you had an argument with over teh intarwebs.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          No just have some balls, which clearly you guys don’t. Easy to write mean spirited phony attacks on someone using fake names. Like I have written before, NOBODY, including any of you, have ever faced me and said one thing against me or questioning me in any way. Some of you have met me, I don’t know you by the phoney online names you use, however in so doing, again, NOBODY, none of you have ever had anything but respect or silence around me. Why? Simple its a cowards game to go behind your back and tell stories, takes a real man to face someone like me and try it. Never been done.

          Sorry, was done once at one of my book signings on the Plaza. A guy yelled out at me something negative. Hearne was there. I invited him down to me, of course he ran out the door as fast as his little legs would carry him, just like you guys would.

          Again I don’t know any of you by these fake names. Some of you are good guys who mean well, like Chuck, but so many of you don’t see what you really are..scared and jealous little people who can only watch someone else who is out there doing it, while you can’t, won’t and maybe never could. That is sad. Go try and do something with whats left of your lives other than throw fake rocks at a man like me. Sounds like a good idea huh?

          But most of you won’t. You will continue to spew venom at the Glazer. I might respect a few of you a bit more if you used your real name and had a real reason to hate. But you don’t and won’t. Continue on my little droogies.

          • Jess says:

            Sweet God please tell me you did not refer to yourself as “The Glazer”? Wow. Go pop some roids and chill out. Freak. Go back to that shit hole Tony’s site and get railed.

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