Hearne: Will Kanrocksas Lure The Killers?

The KillersNow that Kanrocksas appears to be well on its way…

Inquiring minds want to know – and entertainment biz sources are speculating on – whether the local music fest will swing for the fences again and land Las Vegas-based band The Killers for its second coming June 28 and 29 at the Kansas Speedway.

The-Killers-Battle-BornWord on the street is The Killers will be touring this summer and are looking to add festival dates to its itinery.

The Killers released itsĀ  fourth album, Battle Born, last year with the song “Runaways” voted Best Song of the Summer by readers of Rolling Stone magazine.

kanrocksas_300x300The band headlined a number of fests in Europe and North America last summer and are slated to play the 90,000 capacity Wembley Stadium June 22nd, six days before the start of Kanrocksas.

A European tour for the Killers kicks off in Manchester February 17th.

Stay tuned.

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5 Responses to Hearne: Will Kanrocksas Lure The Killers?

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    The Killers – coming soon to a theater, school, mall, whatever near you. You get the picture. Hey, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for a band that’s the product of the most violent nation on the face of the earth. Can I bring my AK-47 to the concert?

  2. Victim says:

    The Killers is an awesome band. Not so “new” anymore but still relatively new… and a helluva lot better than all all the electronica shit bands (e.g. The XX) being pushed these days. I have come to like “The Killers” quite a bit and they have enough great songs to put on a killer live show.

    aka- Good idea Hearne…. keep em coming Big Guy.

  3. Victim says:

    Dont know if you can embed videos here, but you should be able to… it is one of the best uses of the internet… as they say…. DONT WRITE IT, SHOW IT!!

    I tried to pick videos with no ads, cuz I aint got no agenda except to
    to spread the word on a KILLER BAND!! FK YEAH! ROCK AND FKN ROLL!!

    These guys kind of remind me of good ole Freddie Mercury and Queen.

    Check it out.

    The Killers new song, “Runaways”

    People will/should recognize these too..

    “All These Things That I’ve Done ” I got a soul, but Im not soildier

    “Mr Brightside” It started out with a kiss

    “Somebody told me” you had a boyfriend, that looked like a …..

  4. balbonis moleskine says:

    I think they should get Phish. They played an awesome show at starlight last year.

    Plus we could see Craig try to fight Trey Anastasio when he mixes up “David Bowie” and “Maze”.

  5. insidd says:

    Just seems like yesterday I caught the Killers at The Hurricane.

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