Hearne: Author to Unleash New JFK Book Through KC Connection

IMG_1891He went to school with Simon & Garfunkle and Joey Ramone, was an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson trial and worked with Oliver Stone

Now author / conspiracy theorist Robert Groden is in Kansas City preparing to blow the lid off the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Again.

“Some years ago I worked for a company in New York and Life Magazine wanted to see if they could blow the Zapruder Film up from 8mm to 35mm for theatrical release,” Groden says. “And we had done work on Woodstock so they brought it to us and an extra copy was made and I ended up with it. And that’s what I released on national television on Geraldo Rivera‘s show.”

It was the first time the film was shown on TV, Groden says.

Now he’s working with Uptown Theater main man Larry Sells to unleash another Kennedy Assassination first.Sells’ Conspiracy Publishing is publishing Groden’s book JFK: Absolute Proof in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination this November.

“We’re going to have some events at Prospero’s Uptown Books later in the year,” Sells says. “And Robert will be involved in doing a series of speaking engagements at The Conspiracy.”

about_fd“The book’s done,” Groden says.

Any new revelations?

“Oh, yes,” Groden says. “That’s what we’ve been holding back. There’s a witness who was talking to Lee Harvey Oswald as the shots went off and the Warren Commission found out about it and told her to keep her mouth shut.”

For the uninitiated, the Warren Commission was created by President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate Kennedy’s assassination shortly after his death.

There’s more.

“Back when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot the official story was that he was dead on arrival when he got to the hospital,” Groden says. “Not true. I acquired nine rolls of film taken of Oswald at the hospital after he died. The film was never processed and never developed until a year ago.

“They cut him open; they tried heart massage; they removed parts of his body that were damaged and all of this is on the film. Nine rolls, 85 pictures. But the total number of photographs in the book will be in excess of 1,200.”

How good is Groden at uncovering prickly details and getting to the bottom of things? Good enough that Stone hired him as a technical adviser on the film “JFK,” and Groden landed four small parts in the movie.

“In one I played the technician who created the phony backyard picture of Oswald holding the rifle,” Groden says. “I thought the movie was wonderful, and as a documentary filmmaker I thought it was remarkably well done.”

Stay tuned…




Fifty years of deception are coming to an end…


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30 Responses to Hearne: Author to Unleash New JFK Book Through KC Connection

  1. Duke says:

    Can’t wait for this.

  2. chuck says:

    Very cool.

    I think this is the most interesting murder investigation of the last 100 years.

    Oliver Stone is an anti American apparatchik for any and all commie causes, but “JFK” as entertainment was good.

    I will buy the new book.


    • paulwilsonkc says:

      How could anyone who ever fired a gun or knew the first thing about ballistics buy the story the Warren Commission published? You don’t head shoot someone from behind and get that kind of recoil and splatter. But, being the apathetic nation we are, the people with competing view points are “conspiracy wing nuts” and we trust the government for the REAL story.

      • the dude says:

        Yeah, the Warren commission was a complete whitewash job much like the 9/11 hearings.

      • Irishguy says:

        Hey Paul? Tell me how many people you have witnessed getting their heads blown off from the angle that JFK got his that makes you such an expert in what the proper recoil and splatter would be.

        My guess? None.

  3. stop it already says:

    Guess what?

    Oswald did it and he acted alone. It’s all plain as the nose on your face.

    Photographic film would be dust in fifty years.

    • admin says:

      Such insight!

    • chuck says:

      stop it already-

      It’s just my experience, I was a gunner in the service back in the 60’s, but, I have yet to hit anything with any caliber gun and see the kind of blowback you see with Kennedy’s head, back onto the trunk of the car.

      Sure, some splatter, some detritus, some spray, but a chunk of skull that big, back in your face? Eh…

      There was a documetary showing a “sewer shot” that was interesting.

      It’s jsut pretty iteresting.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      stop it already? stop it already! I have 50 year old 8MM film, being a bit of a collector. It will spool up and project just fine, its not dust. Maybe its as clear to you as the nose on YOUR face, but as I just said above, if you have any gun expertise, its not clear at all. Nose or not.

      • Irishguy says:

        Except we’re not talking about 8 mm film that had already been processed years ago, Paul.

        We’re talking about “nine rolls. 85 pictures” that had been kept in some unnamed person’s possession, undeveloped for nearly 50 years, until they were given to — this conspiracy joker!

        And what do these pictures purport to show? Doctors in an emergency room working on Lee Harvey Oswald. So what we are told to believe is that someone fired off at least nine rolls and 85 pictures while doctors are working on the suspected assassin of a president, and these rolls of film unknown and unheard of, simply vanishing into the ether, until 2012 when they suddenly and mysteriously turn up in Groden’s possession.

        And 50 years later, they all processed just fine! Right.

  4. Guido says:

    Groden is a known fact manipulator. He is also a hack “photography expert” that has done NOTHING but misconstrue the facts in evidence in this case to suit his varied wacko theories, a common JFK assassination buff technique.

    The last time I saw him he had the hood up of the “Death Car” tours he was running in Dallas. (You know…the motorcade route in a similar car, complete with gunshots when the tour got to Dealey Plaza. He is the LAST person on earth that could have a “new” assassination theory, let alone anything that could be considered “facts”.

    The “Back when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot the official story was that he was dead on arrival when he got to the hospital,” declaration is BS. Nobody ever said he was DOA. EVER. They made every attempt to resuscitate Oswald and shot some film of this procedure? Well, so what?

    As for his quote “I thought the movie was wonderful, and as a documentary filmmaker I thought it was remarkably well done.”

    Stone got ONE thing right in the film. Just ONE. The date.

    OK. Two things. It happened in Dallas.

    LHO killed Kennedy. alone. He was a nutter that wanted attention. Period. There are 53 pieces of evidence that point directly at Oswald’s guilt. Do some research.

    And Ruby was a loose cannon as well.

    As for the “head shot” there have been a plethora of investigative pieces on A&E and other similar channels that use modern investigative techniques with regards to the shots, the bullet damage, etc. Try watching those. There is only ONE conclusion.

    Also try reading Vincent Bugliosi’s book. The truth shall set you free.

    • chuck says:

      You make some good points, really.

      I read the books, saw the docs with the explanations. I didn’t buy.

      I did NOT read Bugliolsi’s book, I will check it out.


      • Guido says:

        Do it, Chuck. VERY well done and nothing but facts. He debunks many of Groden’s accusations.

        It’s big. 1600+ pages! But…the truth!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Guido, Bugliosi’s book, indeed, was very, very good, read it twice. I still think there’s something to the “sewer shot” theory. The Governor and many, many others reported smelling powder, they just couldn’t have done that any other way.

          At the same time, its amazing to me how many reputable people back in the day were quoting Tom Todd and his “novel”, Treason for My Daily Bread as a factual account. Todd collected incredible details for years on the assasination. He researched a couple of Nazis and assembled this plot where they were involved in this shooting. It a great, well written book, highly interesting, but its NOT fact, its a novel. You can’t imagine how many people overlooked that little nugget and thought it was a fantastic research piece done in the UK!

          • Guido says:

            Sorry. The sewer shot is, to me, a bunch of hooey. Sorry…. (ducking)

          • Guido says:

            And people quoting a novel as factual in this case do not surprise me.

            Many assassination theories just make stuff up and leave out evidence if it doesn’t fit their particular theory of the crime. All of the “conspiracy” buffs do this. I have been duped MANY times over the years.

            And if you read Bugliosi’s book twice, well then…you are a better man than I! Whew! 1600+ pages! And the CD!!!!


    • Irishguy says:

      “The “Back when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot the official story was that he was dead on arrival when he got to the hospital,” declaration is BS. Nobody ever said he was DOA. EVER. ”

      For the record, Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald at 11:21 a.m. He was pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital at 1:07 p.m. — one hour and 46 minutes later.

      Now unless Gruden has further evidence that the ambulance took a long, show route to the hospital, that isn’t “DOA.”

  5. Guido says:

    I must add that for years I was convinced it was a conspiracy. But after several trips to Dealey Plaza and reading about every book on the subject I have to agree with the Warren Report. This “impossible shot” was, in fact, a very EASY one.

    We don’t want to believe one man can do something like this. And Bugliosi makes a great point with his comment ( and I’m paraphrasing here…) “Three people can keep a conspiracy a secret… only if two of them are dead.”

    The one fact that stands out to me is that if Oswald HAD been a part of any conspiracy, there would have been a car waiting for him to either drive him across the border or to his death.

    No WAY anyone would pick someone as mentally challenged as LHO to be any part of a conspiracy! And Ruby? Pffft. He was a mobster wanna be and notorious nutter. How ANYONE can believe either one could be a part of ANY plot is beyond me.

    I mean, jeez. Who would want to defect to the Soviet Union during the Cold war? A nut, that’s who.

    The Bugliosi book is the sh*t. The REAL sh*t.

    • the dude says:

      Or a double CIA spy that was hired to be part of what he thought was to be an assassination done by the CIA. Oswald never knew he was going to be the patsy. The shots from the book observatory with the cheap Italian bolt action rifle was not the kill shot, the kill shot came from elsewhere and Oswald becomes the patsy.

    • Irishguy says:

      “The one fact that stands out to me is that if Oswald HAD been a part of any conspiracy, there would have been a car waiting for him to either drive him across the border or to his death.”


  6. Duke says:

    Well the Bugliosi book on the Manson case is filled with inaccuracies. The real facts are pointed out in the book : Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy. So I’m not convinced he’s right either.

    • Guido says:

      I would like to know what these inaccuracies were as Bugliosi tried, and convicted, the entire Manson Family.

  7. Guido says:

    Sorry…again…not enough evidence.

    Do some research on Oswald on your own. Then ask yourself “is this the kind of man the CIA wants to be in bed with?”.

    • the dude says:

      The CIA is and has been in bed with some of the worst sociopaths and despicable killers this world has ever known. Ask yourself that question again.
      I did my research and it tells me Oswald was not the lone gunman we were sold by our lying government.

      • Irishguy says:

        Well the research you did was pretty poor. Every single scrap of physical evidence has Oswald owning the gun, shooting the gun, perched in the sixth floor window at the time of the shooting, and that the only shots fired that day came from that window.

        Yes, the CIA has associated itself with sociopaths and killers before. But if you think the CIA was dumb enough to enlist a pathetic nobody loser Lee Harvey Oswald as the assassin of a president of the United States, while at the same time smart enough to conceal this grand conspiracy which must be known to scores of others for 50 years?

        Use your head man. Yes, thinking that a lone loser could kill the president isn’t as exciting as inventing a grand conspiracy in your head, but life is not a movie.

      • Guido says:

        So who killed JFK, Dude?

        You say there was a conspiracy…who dunnit?

        • Irishguy says:

          Guido, it’s obvious! The CIA did it in conspiracy with the Chicago Mob, the FBI, the Secret Service, Fidel, LBJ, and all funded by various defense contractors. They have always worked so well together.

          And don’t forget the Illuminati, the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. They were in it, too. As well as Earl Warren and Gerald Ford and every member of the Warren Commission who participated in the cover-up.

          For those who don’t know Groden, his claim to be an expert in forged photography was destroyed during the O.J. civil trial when he was called as a defense witness to testify that the photograph of O.J. wearing the Bruno Magli shoes on the sidelines of an NFL game was a forgery.

          Under cross-examination, the plaintiffs attorneys handed him 30 photographs taken by a different photographer of O.J. at the same game wearing the same shoes. Of course, those all had to be forgeries, too.

  8. Guido says:

    I’m surprised nobody has tried to pin this on Joe DiMaggio.

    I mean, since the Kennedys had Marilyn killed and whatnot. And DiMaggio IS Italian!

    Hmmmm… that will be my new theory! Maybe Groden has photos of DiMaggio talking to Jack Ruby? Or Oswald?


    • Irishguy says:

      It is quite interesting that Groden, who was once a major star on the conspiracy buff circuit, is now reduced to getting his latest book published by something called “Conspiracy Publishing” as the 50th anniversary approaches.

      One might think that the milestone anniversary would breathe new life into the cottage conspiracy industry that was hurt badly by Oliver Stone’s movie. Rather than blowing the lid off the case, “JFK” prompted serious, scholarly, and meticulous examination of the seemingly endless supply of theories and the often contradictory claims that support them.

      For those who don’t want to buy the Bugliosi book, John McAdams of Marquette University has an excellent Web site “The Kennedy Assassination” with links to all sorts of things. You could spend weeks on it, and it is highly recommended.

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