Hearne: Joe Posnanski Movie Deal for ‘Paterno’ Could Break the Bank

07-23paterno_full_600Don’t shed any tears for Joe Posnanski

Sure the former Kansas City Star sports scribe took it up the you-know-what last year for giving disgraced Penn State football coach Joe Paterno kid glove treatment in his book “Paterno.”

That after holing up with the Paterno family in State College, Pa. in the months leading up to and at the time the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke in late 2011. The rest is history as Paterno’s statue was taken down by Penn State as his sterling reputation lay in tatters.

Try finding a review that doesn’t bag on Posnanski for whitewashing Paterno’s role in covering up the scandal.

But forget all of that now…

Because movie director Brian DePalma has inked a deal for a movie about Paterno based on Posnaski’s book starring Al Pacino.

“The movie deal is probably being controlled by the publisher (Simon & Shuster),” says Craig Glazer who sold his story to a publisher and has a movie deal in the works. “So yes, Joe will get some money but probably not as much as he might have otherwise.”

That said, there’s more to Posnanski landing a sexy movie deal than getting a fat paycheck, Glazer says.

“Do I think Joe’s gonna get a nice payday? Yeah, but not from the movie. There’s what you call hidden money. Like he may get another book deal where he might get a huge payday on his second book.”

As for how much Posanski may bank on the movie deal, “I don’t know,” Glazer says. “But I’m going to say low six-figures minimal – it could be much better – but there are a lot of ways to skin the cat.

“Joe could be hired as a consultant to work with Pacino and the director in order for them to learn more about how Paterno would respond things, how he spoke, how he dressed. A guy like DePalma is going to want to know all he can about Paterno. So at a minimum, Joe will probably get some kind of consulting deal.”

600Despite getting panned by critics, Posnanski’s “Paterno” made it to No. 1 on the New York Times best seller list.

“All of that panning goes out the window when Al Pacino and Brian DePalma say they’re going to make a movie,” Glazer says. “From a business standpoint it doesn’t matter anymore that the book was panned. It’s a best seller and now he’s got a movie deal.

tiger-woods-sex-tape“This is great news for Joe. He’s now a player in the game. Whether he makes $100,000 or whatever on this movie deal, this is going to propel him into writing his next book which may be about somebody else like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds or Lance Armstrong.

“If I’m one of them, I’m on the phone to this guy. Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson – they all want a cleansing and Joe Posnanski can provide that with a best selling book and a movie. If I’m one of those guys I want Joe Posnanski to write my book. To tell you the truth, he’s probably going to have to decide which one of those guys he will write about next.”

JoeWRITERGlazer has a hard time believing Posnanski was paid $750,000 for writing “Paterno.”

“My gut is that’s an awfully big payday for someone writing their first big book,” Glazer says. “My guess would be more like $250,000. But make no mistake, Joe Posnanski won. He’s now a winner, no matter what they paid him for the movie.”




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37 Responses to Hearne: Joe Posnanski Movie Deal for ‘Paterno’ Could Break the Bank

  1. Paul says:

    Way to go Joe. I’m happy for you.

  2. gerald bostock says:

    It wasn’t his first book. it wasn’t his second book. He had a book about The Cincinnati Reds 1975 team. He had a book about Buck O’Neill. He’s had compilations of his columns published as a book. He has been co-author of several other books.
    Stephen Colbert will no doubt be awarding Glazer a Truthiness Award for this quote: “My gut is that’s an awfully big payday for someone writing their first big book.” Because your gut is what matters, not easily obtained facts that refute your in-the-know gut. How can someone who has lived in KC for the last 15-20 years not know that Posnanski had written a book about Buck O’Neill? And if you somehow missed that, a quick check of Amazon would provide you with info on the many books Posnanski has authored or co-authored. The clueless interviewing the clueless.

    • the dude says:

      This is teh glaze zone, facts do not matter in teh glaze zone.

    • Lance The Intern says:

      I’d pay to see the movie based on JoPo’s second book (IIRC, it’s the one about Buck O’Neill — THE SOUL OF BASEBALL – A Road Trip Through Buck O’Neil’s America )

      If you haven’t read it, I rank it with W.P. Kinsella’s Shoeless Joe Jackson as 2 of the best books on sports I’ve ever read.

      Shoeless Joe Jackson , of course, became the movie Field of Dreams.

    • admin says:

      It was Posnanski’s first big book. His first book that mattered sales wise. And by the way that’s what Craig said, “first big book.”

      • George Wilson says:

        When I originally read Gerald’s comment, I kind of expected you to seize on the words “big book” and use that as the explanation/excuse for Glazer’s comment. Posnanski’s book about the 1975 Cincinnati Reds was a top 20 New York Times non-fiction best seller.

        I’d bet you’ll now claim making the Times’ top 20 isn’t necessarily what you would define as a “big book”. Rather than just owning up to an overstatement or factual error, that’s the kind of mitigating response we normally see on here.

        Look, those of us who read this blog recognize that you don’t have the manpower to check every fact all of your writers throw out there and that occassionally a goof up is going to happen. I personally think you establish more credibility with your readers if you simply offer a mea culpa and move on rather than defend it with explanations like this.

  3. KCMonarch says:

    Ill bite. Who is Roger Clements?

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    Whaaaa? So this piece of crap is going to get shot before King of Sting???

  5. chuck says:

    No surprise here.

    A failed and deceptive by omission treatise by a sports-sycophant, would be journalist, that glosses over pederast scum bag pukes who porked little boys in the azz, now made into a major motion picture event for consumption by Americans with 24/7 news cycle rings in their fuc*in noses.

    If DePalma is, and I am sure he is, using Poz for historical and biographical accuracy with relation to Paterno, then get ready for a leitmotif of metaphorical mea culpas honoring Paterno, suffusing the film as it crushes the fourth wall and inundates the very souls of those wet by every rain and blown by every wind with guilt over the destruction of a great man.

    Fuc*in disgusting.

    If you thought “Django” and “Lincoln” were ethnomasochistic desires to degrade one’s own culture and revisionist history at it’s best, get ready for a revisionist Sports Story that seeks an ever lower level of purient degradation in conjunction with exculpatory lies honoring a sociopathic, self aggrandizing criminal in the best Catholic tradition.

    Bishop Finn already gives this flick 2 thums up.


  6. smartman says:

    Paterno will be Pacino’s Ishtar. Nice way to end your career Al. This flick will make Carlito’s Way look like GF1.

    King of Sting ain’t gonna get made. It’s maybe a 30 million dollar gross movie depending on who stars. Run not worth the slide for the Hollywood bean counters.

    Glazers manboobs are on view at TKC. For a minute I though London Andrews stopped waxing.

    • CG says:

      I gave you a break once before gay Smartman. You need to just come clean. Readers know you have a huge crush on me. I just don’t like old men, or men at all just females. Sorry. Try one of your few friends out. Oh you already did. As for Joe and his money, nobody knows. I never said a certain number. The Buck Book was not a big one, sorry. This one is, good for Joe. Nice. He may have been paid a ton more, who knows. Tell you what he will be now. I think I already said that. This was Hearne’s story not mine. Smartgayboy, check out the Pitch for dates. You might have some luck for a couple hundred bucks. The gay section is in the rear, but you already knew that. Enjoy.

      • smartman says:

        You obviously are too tired from a long nite of doing rails and watering down the drinks. I assume rightly so that men older than 55 who are obsessed with ‘women’ are really looking to overcompensate their sexual inadequacies or are secretly gay. So which one is it?

        You and me, parking lot across from Beaumont club, 5pm. Be there or be a closeted roidhead homo with man-bewbs

        • chuck says:

          (Had a number of rewrites here–“Moderation”)

          Don’t do this fellas.

          It’s just a little give and take between some guys who like to pimp each other.

          The g*y sh*t, I ain’t gonna lie, I like the humor. G*y humor, you know, tafetta, rhetorical inflections etc.

          Good buddy of mine, Jamie (He was a groomer up at Land Of Paws and used to tend bar in the Waldo area at Michaelangelos, Patricks, Waldo bar etc etc.) just died. He was a great guy, self depracating and loved the gay jokes. Oh yeah, he was way the fu*k gay.

          He was infected with the “disease” and struggled with it mightily thoughout the time I knew him.

          The g*y slurs made me think of him, not because he wouldn’t have understood that the ultimate insult to a hetrose*ual male is the accusation of homose*uality, but because when used in this context, when he was present, always hurt his feelings and I think diminshed him as a person.

          So Smarty, Galzer, pass on this fight today as recompense for slights undeserved and as a favor to me, a guy who likes ya both.

          God Bless

          • chuck says:

            Ok I can’t post at all here. I am banned.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Im sorry, I’ll miss you.
            Oh crap! Im banned TOO!

          • CG says:

            Chuck you are a nice guy. I don’t know this punk but hope he is there at 5 I will be. When you mess with someone for no reason, you get what you asked for. I figure he’s not able to fight and will send someone who can, that’s fine. I’ll do just fine. Always have. Always will. Can’t wait. You little loudmouth punk be there, I will be.

        • CG says:

          Wow you want to meet me smartfag..you got it, tomorrow works, Beaumont works…5 PM works, thats Wed at 5..sure thing, I will take a photo of the lot with a paper todays date showing you aren’t there my friend…YOU have no intention of being there, hope you are…and you get the first shot at me, hows that? Promise…bring some help to get home, you’ll need it…Promise.

          • smartman says:

            From the look of your photo, you are going to have to get in pretty close with those short ass arms of yours. Being fat swollen won’t equate to winning a fight.

            BTW when I win, I’m taking your rug as a trophy.


            parking lot across the street from Beaumont club

            Glazer in a tiny man man bewb rage


            Smartman, the smartest man on all the internet

            If you want to bring a canned food donation to harvesters that’s cool.

            Also, bring a steak so Glaze can put it on his new shiner.

  7. CG says:

    Look Smartman, many readers including Hearne and others here know who you are. They know you have had a problem excepting your life. Just let it go. Hating on me, spending all your extra time on blogs attacking me and others won’t change anything. There are many things you can do with your free time. Don’t waste time on these comment sections here or on Tonys section dreaming you can be normal like me, lord no. Go live your life in the open. There is no shame in that Smartman. Everyone on this site know you have major issues.

    So be a good little fellow and just go quietly into the night. We are all pulling for you, even Chuck is and Harley…we all care about your feelings.

  8. Harley says:

    + 100. You are still aces with me Smartman. Glaze is right, find something else to do besides hate on someone. Not healthy. Being a gay man is nothing to be ashamed of Smartman.

  9. gerald Bostock says:

    Smartman gay. I had no clue. Knew he was a bit odd, but hey whatever works for him.

  10. the dude says:

    I heard Manti Te’o was looking for a real friend this time around Smarty!
    Here’s your big chance!

  11. smartman says:

    Craig’s so gay. He still thinks this blog is about him. Craig’s so gay, so gay. You still think this blog is about you, don’t you, don’t you.

    You went and bought a brand new Lotus and did it without any care. If only you paid as much attention to your disgusting hair. You load up with roids and hormones trying to save your age that is lost. With all the std’s you have how much does Valtrex cost?

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    Your so gay….

  12. gerald Bostock says:

    Smartman, please. This makes you look even more like a gay blade. Stop it. Or is this really Harley?

  13. smartman says:

    Who knew so many people wanted to be me? So in the interest of science I looked at the topless Glaze photo at TKC for 5 minutes. No wood or sexual desire. Coughed once, sneezed twice and farted. So I don’t think I’m gay. But if I was I would be the best damn gay man in the world. Cause like my daddy says as long as you do your best, whatever you do, that’s what matters. I would not hide my gayness like Craig hides his baldness. But I am flattered with so much interest and concern about my sexuality. Gotta run. Getting a massage and mani-pedi before my lunch with Hank Greenberg ESQ at Law 4 Life

  14. smartman says:

    When I swipe the rug off his head, will he jump and try to grab at it with his tiny t-rex arms? Tonight we will know for sure. It’s sloppier than one of CG’s drunk hookers right now.

  15. CG says:

    WELL SPORTS FANS. I JUST GOT BACK FROM WESTPORT…GEE SHOCKER THE COWARD SMARTPUNK NOSHOWED…I kinda thought he might really come to the Beaumont club lot..he did not. I brought two people to witness his beating, Bill Nigro who offices there and Jeff my little brother. We ate at the Mexican joint across from the Beaumont at 430, went across the street, just me at 5, waited took pictures with todays paper of me in front…left at 52o, no Smartpunk there. This is why using a fake name, talking tough and making up mean insults should be banned Hearne. This guy has zero credibility. None. Some fake name comments folks are funny like Harley or even Super Dave has been ok lately…but this mean little jerk for no reason calls me out…YOU DON’T CALL OUT THE BIG DOG UNLESS YOU ARE BIGGER…YOU ARE NOT EVEN A DOG SMARTPUNK YOU ARE A COWARD…If I were you I’d never go on another website again with that name. IT’S MUD..Liar coward.

    • smartman says:

      Liar, I dropped you like a bad habit. Remember you trying to use the philly shell?

      • CG says:

        Dude you are done. Your comments and people like you are done. Its over, go do something with our spare time little coward girl.

  16. mike says:

    You guys should be on WWE! Loser leaves KCC match!

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