Starbeams: Horse Burgers, Chiefs Punter & Footlongs

horse-meat-550x329Dustin Colquitt may make his last punt in a Chiefs uniform Sunday at the Pro Bowl. His contract expires in March.  While punting for the Chiefs, Dustin set the record for busiest leg in the history of mankind.


Some adventurous mice snuck into the Wichita Police Department and ate some marijuana evidence in a pending court case.  They chewed and nested in three bags of pot being held in a storage room.  They were last spotted singing, “Forver let us hold our banner HIGH! HIGH! HIGH! HIGH!”


Burger King is cutting ties with a meat supplier that has been linked with tainting beef products with horse meat Burger King came under suspicion when some of their franchised restaurants began selling a glue burger.


Kate Hudson is designing a line of clothing for Ann Taylor.  FINALLY!  A line of clothing for African-Americans!


d3efee23-f883-4c94-99a7-fc71b6278950Women will soon begin serving on the front lines in combat situations.  That’s great news for our guys in uniform who need someone to bring them a beer.


Only half as many people watched President Obama‘s second inauguration.  Most Americans were proccupied with the length of their Subway footlongs.

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3 Responses to Starbeams: Horse Burgers, Chiefs Punter & Footlongs

  1. chuck says:

    You saved it with the women in combat joke.

    Close call though.

  2. rkcal says:

    Are you thinking of JENNIFER Hudson? Kate Hudson makes as much sense as Rock Hudson, Hudson Bay, etc.; as written the joke makes no sense…….oh, never mind; I just read the rest of them.

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    somebody slap a brazzers logo on the horse pic

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