Sounds Good: The Floozies@Bottleneck, Bret Mosley@Barnyard, Olassa@Replay

What do I think about the Kanrocksas lineup?

Lots of people have been asking me this lately.  The question is inevitably followed by their own opinion, which by and large has been negative.

Hold it right there folks.

The powers that be at Kanrocksas have announced only three acts so far. And two of them seem like pretty good bets to me.  Kendrick Lamar is a west coast rap newcomer who released what most music critics said was the best album of 2012.  And the Avett Brothers have been on fire in the last few years.  So to me, both those are can’t miss picks.  

Plus, if you look around the country at the other major festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lollapalooza and High Sierra, not one of them have announced a single artist yet.  So just hold your horses folks.

From what I’ve been hearing, this year’s lineup out at the Speedway will turn out to be very interesting, so stay tuned.

On to the picks!… 

Friday, January 25th

The Floozies at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

This mad mixing duo has been steadily making a name for themselves by offering a little bit different take on the standard party DJ thing.  They drop huge beats and throw massive P-Funk bass lines and grooves out, along with lots of KORG-y waves and bends.

They’re currently in the middle of a big tour that includes venues like the Fox in Boulder and a couple Chicago dates before heading into the summer festival season.


Bret Mosley at the Barnyard in Lawrence

Now here’s some real roots music for ya, a perfect complement to the Barnyard’s earthy brews.  For those of you who don’t know, Mosley is a dobro/ stompbox player from New York by way of Texas.  He gets compared a lot to the late great Chris Whitley, probably for his soulful dedication to the craft of making music, and his ability to slide through genres making what he does somewhat difficult to label.

Mosley’s current tour finds him opening several dates for Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, but this gig is solo.  So, as if you needed an excuse, here’s a good reason to sample the wares of one of the best brewers around and catch a FREE show.  Music starts at 9.


Saturday, January 26th

Olassa CD Release at the Replay

Let’s cut to the chase here: lead singer Allison Olassa has a killer voice and an old school country-folk way about her that makes you want to watch and listen.  It’s really that simple.  Plus she throws down on the accordion, seriously.  And there also will likely be tuba pumping out oompa-like bass lines.

Their most recent effort, I Love You Come Back to Me, has been getting pretty decent reviews.‘s Nathan Cardiff said:

“I Love You… makes me want to sit on a my friend’s porch and watch the stars in the summer heat and while it makes me pine for warmer days, it has a way of making the gray, hazy Winter easier to deal with. Olassa has a bright future ahead of them and that will keep everyone coming back.”



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