Starbeams: Adam One Goes to Washington, Barbara Walters Slips & Jurassic Pork

adam-hamiltonPastor Adam Hamilton from Leawood’s Church of the Resurrection spoke at the National Prayer Service in Washinton.  It marked the first time a Johnson County resident had prayed for Obama.


KC Mayor Sly James is now courting neighboring cities to link to Kansas City’s streetcar transit system.  By force of habit, the state of Kansas offered more money for the entire system to cross the State Line.


A flight from KCI to Houston was diverted to Tulsa after crew members smelled smoke in the cabin.  Passengers were placed on a later flight to Dallas, where they were charged $50 for smoke therapy.


abc_barbara_walters_portrait_thg_130122_wgSad news:  Barbara Walters was injured in a fall last weekend….and now she talks like a normal person.


A Harvard geneticist says he can create a Neanderthal woman if we can find DNA from a frozen subject and a woman willing to be surrogate.  Who’s up for a Jurassic PORK?

Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM
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21 Responses to Starbeams: Adam One Goes to Washington, Barbara Walters Slips & Jurassic Pork

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Kelly, you should go give is message a listen; he did an incredible job! The National Cathedral has it up and you can find it at:

    Its well worth hearing if you’re a member of any faith group or athiest!

  2. Ranger Danger 44 says:

    For a pastor who should be 1000% anti-abortion, biblically correct, and a leader of such a large and impressionable flock to align himself and his mega-church with an elected official who has always and enthusiastically voted in favor of every pro-abortion measure put before him, even extreme late-term abortion; he has disgraced himself and his congregation horridly.

    To travel hundreds of miles to preach at an event for an elected official who has “evolved” into a full and vigorous support of same-sex marriage, while the pastor should also be 1000% opposed, is pure and unbridled hypocrisy and simply wrong on every level.

    It makes one wonder if Adam or this “elected official” are Christians at all.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Ranger Danger, I would respectfully ask one question; did you listen to the message? I don’t think that he was “aligning” himself at any point. I’d ask you listen to what he had to say; it was more a message encouraging leadership that would unite our broken Country, bring diverse factions together, based on Moses’ leadership.

    And, I’d like to encourage you in another area; I came out of an extremely right wing, fundamental background. 15 years ago, I would have likely written a near IDENTICAL opinion as the one you posted. But here’s what I came to see more clearly, and this is just me, may not work in your life at all. We need to look where Jesus went in his life and ministry. He was with the prostitutes, criminals, misfits, low life’s, the “less than” of society. Why? They were the people who needed to hear the message hear the message the most. You don’t do much good ensconced within the confines of the lily white churches, preaching the message to the choir, now do you?

    Someone in your life, at some point, represented that to you. Very few people come to faith on their own accord, so somewhere….. was that person who stepped into your path and showed you either an example of a Christian walk or talked to you about it.

    My point would be, the WORSE your opinion would be of our President or the people Adam spoke to the MORE I think it was appropriate for him to be there! Shining your light in the midst of a noon day sun achieves very little. Taking it into the darkest place possible is where it’s seen and provides a much needed illumination.

    Does that make sense to you? Not meaning an ounce of disrespect, and as I said, a few years ago I would have said nearly the same thing. But I’ve come to see a lot of things differently.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Ask yourself (rhetorically, of course. Unless you are harley), is my church a museum for saints or a hospital for sinners.

      You forgot to put tax collectors in your list of bad characters Jesus hung around.

  4. John Wayne says:

    Jesus took a message of love and forgiveness to sinners (all of us) and saved his greatest condemnation for the hypocritical pharisees who insisted that people follow the letter of the mosaic law. He showed us that we are all sinners, that none of us are truly rightious, and cautioned us against condemning others whose sins may be different than our own. Pastor Hamilton was given the opportunity to take his message to those who needed it, and did an excellent job.

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    It was the Apostle Paul who said that he wasn’t particularly bothered by the fact that some were preaching Christ out of ulterior motives, just as long as Christ was still preached. Hey, it’s good news (but not to be confused with the GOOD NEWS) to know that Barbara Walters is now talking like a normal person.

  6. paulwilsonkc says:

    This is more comments than Kelly has gotten since the late 50’s; he has to be just giddy!

  7. Blaster99 says:

    The old country preacher was star struck with the invite and wanted to stand in the glow of the chosen leader’s aura. He should have respectfully declined the invitation to speak based on core values and the love of unborn children and “normal” marriage as described in HIS Bible.

    He caved and puked up his lunch.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    Blaster, we’d just have to disagree on that one. Like I said earlier, I think you take the message to wherever it needs to be heard. If you believe the message in your own heart; those most on the opposite end need it most.

    I know Adam; star struck wasn’t the reasoning behind accepting the invitation. There’s a reason why that place has grown from 20 people to 18,000 people. We have a message thats worked; he thinks it can be translated to our country as a whole. It’s a church that puts its money where it’s mouth is, whether that’s daily in the inner city schools of KC or in mission efforts all over the world. Its people of different backgrounds, faiths, and political leanings who all come together for a common good.

    I’ve been around the block a few times, they get it right more often than not! All I can tell you is its church for thinking people and it’s been a big help to me.

  9. Blaster99 says:

    Manny Cleaver should have given the sermon. He’s another big shot Methodist preacher when he’s not running errands for the Black Congressional Caucus.

    • Chester Drawers says:

      Or when Manny isn’t trying to foist off his SBA debt to the taxpayers. He borrowed three times the amount needed to build that Grandview carwash, and now he “don’t wanna be a payin’ for it”. Another VIP deadbeat.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Blaster, I couldnt put Adam and “Manny” in the same boat. Or same ocean. But I understand your point, we just disagree.

  10. Blaster99 says:

    Like it or not, Manny and Adam have lots in common, both being Methodist preachers for starters. I am suspecting that your guy also voted for the dear leader, which was an endorsement of his policies. Ever consider that?

  11. paulwilsonkc says:

    Blaster, I don’t take a lot of time to “consider” what I don’t know to be fact. That’s just supposition. And to say Adam can be tied to “Manny” because they are both Methodist is akin to saying YOUR Priest is likely a child mollester because he’s also Catholic!
    Emanuel has always had mixed vocational interests; politics seems to have won out. Adam is pretty single focused; no plans to “run for office”.
    I’d encourage you to visit some time as my guest. I think you might have a change of heart.

  12. Blaster99 says:

    I’ll lay ten to one that he voted for the guy, and in doing so he shamefully abandoned most if not all of his Christian principles. Think about it.

  13. mike says:

    I can see both points of view on this to some extent. We, as Christians, are supposed to bring the light into the darkness and witness to those out in the world. We just have to be careful not to compromise our principles while doing so. We should influence the world more than they influence us. I have no problem with Pastor Hamilton taking the invite and speaking before the President. Billy Graham visited Presidents for years while never wavering on his beliefs. Not knowing Pastor Hamilton personally, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt unless he gives me a reason not to.

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