Hearne: Farewell Dear Scribe, Goodbye & Good Luck

craigandlady-1The comments section has spoken…

In a photo finish the Sack the Scribe forces nosed out the Go Glazers in David Scott Whinery‘s unscientific poll of KC Confidential readers.

It was thisclose.

Truth is though while Whinery’s intentions were pure, the die was already cast.

After two years of hard labor, I just didn’t have the time or energy to edit the Scribe’s entertaining, true life stories any longer. In a perfect world they would magically appear for those of you embroiled in love, hate or love/hate relationships with Kansas City’s colorful comedy club owner Craig Glazer.

Even at that though, this website was not conceived as an extension of Craig’s never ending stories. People start their own blogs for missions such as that – and who knows? – the Glaze, as Harley affectionately renamed him, may do just that.

Whinery pretty much spelled out the reasons, but since that rascal Tony decided to rake a little muck alongside some nuclear explosion art, I’ll clarify things a bit more and let readers make up their own minds.

For starters, there were no fireworks.

c480x270_59Although Craig’s often colorful yarns were devilishly delightful for some readers, others found them vile and distasteful. And frankly that’s on me. After all, I didn’t have to publish them. And while we no doubt picked up some readers, a number of other readers (and some now former KCC writers) opted to go elsewhere for their daily dose of “bullet force.”

Hey, that’s life.

On the other hand, there were several serious concerns over the goings on in the comments section in terms of threats, gay slurs and crude, roughshod behavior.

Everybody likes to watch a playground fight, the saying goes.

But that wasn’t always the case when it came to Craig.

In the end, it was just too much of a good thing.

Too much information, too much time spent editing and too much time watch dogging  the comments section and sorting out the many threats, slurs and questionably authored comments.

For Craig’s part it’s a disappointment but I have a feeling he’ll land on his feet.

Somewhere, and somewhere soon.

The flip side of all of this is that I spent 18 years interviewing Craig and chronicling his adventures and misadventures, here and at the Kansas City Star. He’s a colorful dude with plenty to say and a way with thoughts and words like few other locals.

110308-Craig-Glazer-The-King-of-StingThat doesn’t make him a writer.

And while he received a free ad for Stanford’s as compensation for his labor – an ad he’d been paying for for two years – that obviously wasn’t much for seven columns a week.

Then again, editing the Scribe’s valiant efforts took upwards of two long workdays each and every week and was not a particularly pleasant chore. It also took away from my writing and more carefully editing other writers.

And since Craig’s gone on record saying his columns didn’t require much editing – or as he puts it, “ghostwriting,” I’m going to publish unedited his last two columns submitted earlier this month that did not run.

For your reading enjoyment.

I wish The Scribe nothing but the best and hope that in the near future he and I can resume our former relationship of him talking and me writing. Just not on a seven days a week basis.


This just in, Craig says he’s reached an agreement to write one or two columns a week on Tony’s Kansas City.


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31 Responses to Hearne: Farewell Dear Scribe, Goodbye & Good Luck

  1. Monroe says:

    As long as this site is Hearne AND some of his lame buddies (drug addicts, ex-cons, liars) writing blow hard stories, KCC will never prosper.

    It is time to cut out the dead wood, but I see you are just kidding aboput moving forward, as you just published two more galzer bs tales this morning.

    There comes a time when men (who wnat to prosper) are willing to set aside the things of children, I guess you are not there yet., oh well, I will check back in 6 months, at some point you will come to your senses.

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    Monroe, can you READ?? He posted two stories, unedited, as an example. If you’d follow the entire story you would see what he said. He was leaving us with 2 examples, that he had earlier submitted, as is. Thats all. Kind of a show and tell of what he dealt with.

    Hearne didn’t say Craig is gone… then post two new stories by Craig.

  3. Skeptic says:

    Good riddance! Craig became a parody of himself through his ramblings here on KCC.

  4. TOby says:

    What was strange to be about Whiney’s story is that it sounded like he was auditioning to be the next Glazer. The weird name-dropping of the home improvement kid hiding out in his basement with his pseudo-celebrity former prom date were oddly Glazeresque. Did anybody else notice that? Unfortunately for Whinrye he lacks Glazer’s clunky charm / bizarro star appeal. I’m afraid he will find it rather cold in Glaze and Hearne’s shadows.

  5. Orphan of the Road says:

    There were lots of words and it was long and, oh look something shiny!!!!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Youre really funny… I mean, to be lying about being an orphan and all!!

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Well tell that to Dick Feller who wrote a song about me and Johnny Cash then recorded it.


        I bet you won’t tell everybody how your pawn shop in the bottom is mainly stocked from the Paseo Bridge hobo camp.

        As Jesus said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. And then a stone comes from the crowd.

        Then he said, Mom, sometimes you really get on my nerves.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Well, now that you’ve OUTTED ME……

          Press Release
          Mr Kaplan
          MLK Promotions

          For Immediate Release 1/23/13
          Everything from my pawn shop comes from the Paseo Bridge hobo camp.

          For public speaking, paid scribing, personal appearances, ballroom dance lessons, art appraisals, expert air rotation in your tires or consultation on wheat germination, please contact my agent.

          My next newsletter (9.5 people subcribed so far) will provide data and science behind the sound of one hand clapping.
          The next edition, in 12 more days, examines just what Meatloaf really WOULD do for love, what he wouldn’t and how he came to that decision.

          • Orphan of the Road says:

            Pft, t’aint nuttin’.

            Harley can imagine a stick with only one end.

            I shouldn’t do this but when Mr. Wilson & Mrs. Mitchell got “together”, the result was a half-brother for Dennis.

            Go ahead but remember denial is not just a river in Egypt, NJ.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Orphan, so little credit for such great thinking! I would like to say this about my friend, Harley. He is the single, only person who when I asked, “how long is a piece of string?” he knew the answer! Never flenched, had it committed to memory! Thats saying something and moved him up in my book as one of the great thinkers!

          • harley says:

            great parody WILSON!!!!
            LOVE IT…VERY CREATIVE!!!
            I don’t think i ever outed you…but
            i think i get it.
            Thanks for the mentions…its not often
            i get a mention without some disgusting
            sex barb included.
            Wilson…i miss you…i love ya…and hope
            you to will join my di8sicples…followers…fans
            and trusting souls.
            Oh…and im climbing on subscribers to my
            financial and media papers.
            I’ll be sure to send you one. Maybe it will turn
            your life around.
            and next time you see me in a restauarnat
            come say hello…I love the ribs at
            nicks and cracks and i’ll buy you a beer!!!!!

      • Chico's Lumber Yard says:

        C’mon Paul….his parents are the ones that told him he was an orphan!

        Give him a break, man.

  6. TOby says:

    There really should be an ongoing stream-of-consciousness Glazer column on here called “uncircumscribed.”

  7. chuck says:

    Good luck Glazer.


  8. CG says:

    Thanks Chuck I’ll see you on the other site..and the haters..they never will stop..but that’s show biz.

  9. mark smith says:

    “Thanks Chuck I’ll see you on the other site” or other side. That line may be prophetic. The TKC comment section is brutal. KCC was like your internet BIG Bear training camp. A tuneup fight. It’s going to be a hoot and a match made in Heaven, or some south of the border strip club that features a donkey show. You are about to reach a whole new audience, made up of angry fruit loops from every race, creed, color, sexual orientation, and Byron. Wear a thick sweater. Im actually looking forward to that first post.

    • CG says:

      I understand. People are in general, NOT REAL HAPPY these days. So a guy like me who comes off as Mister “Got it all going on and under control’ is a big target. Especially being over 50 and doing all these things..get it..much of the ‘I hate or dislike Glazer’ is based on things people think I do today that happened two,three,four decades ago if at all. So again, comes with the flag.

      Seems when a writer is too kind, or everyone agrees with the persons points, the readers tend to lose interest. Odd. Like someone said about a famous DJ, “I hate him and can’t wait to hear what he says next!” or “I enjoy the guy and can’t wait to hear what he says next!” Kinda like that. To a certain extent that’s what built Johnny Dare, though his listeners today all seem to embrace him. Why? They have gotten to know him better on a daily bases, they know he contributes to charities and so on…but he still has people listen that think he and his show are ‘nuts’..that’s a good thing.

      • harley says:

        glaze…you don’t have it all going on and under control.
        None of us do.
        I mean you say you’re over 50…yeah…well over 50…60…
        but its not age…its the attitude..its the mind set. And youve
        got a never say die…live life to the fullest…its my way
        (like sinatra)…and i love it…but you’re just like us all.
        you’re really no differnet than all of us…you see you’re
        growing old…(and when i was growing up and we saw people
        60 we thought that was old)…you’re fighting timebut it’s
        catching up with you whether you like it or not…
        you’re not “all together”…you worry about finances..business..
        family..health….just like all of us do.
        You probably look back and wish you did some things
        differently in life…like we all do.
        Mistakes…that you said you wouldn’t repeat …are repeated.
        I had the same problems…and finally calmed down and
        said…hey…theres a long road ahead ofme…i’ve got too
        much left to do… had to find how to becomfortable
        with what i was…
        wilson..talks about it..and its cool. he Had lots…took a
        drop like we all do now and then…now he’s happy…
        and even though we banter back and forth…the
        guy has a new mind set…he found his comfort level..
        likes it…and in his own way hes got it going on and in
        control and he says he’s happy.. Not in the way you do…we’re not all glaze’ss
        i play with the people here on kcc..we go back and forth..
        but i’ve always said that if i met anyone on here
        i could have a laugh and a beer with them…even smartman
        and chuck (who was a ladies man in his prime!!!!!)
        Iknow many people on here…figured out who they
        were…have known s0me for years and they don’t
        know who i am..
        but i get bored and want to raise a littgle hell
        so i came to kcc..
        take care…lots of miles to go before you sleep…
        keep rolling…we all look forward to more glaze stories…
        good luck!!!!!

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Harley yes in your own way I agree…nobody has it all together..nobody…life has many twists and turns..agreed..I have always enjoyed your comments Harley…you are very funny and entertaining…keep it up.

          All the best.

  10. CG says:

    P.S. by ‘happened decades ago’ I am referring to crime stories. By the way prior to this ‘too hard to edit’ the last 50 plus stories were not about sex at all. People here for the most part were getting to know me better and the haters had calmed down quite a bit. Given the “remove Glaze tag” of course it all heated up again. Some comment people who had calmed way down jumped all over it. To be expected. It’s entertainment and I’d like to think that we got that done on an A level.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Craig, I’d have a beer with you ANY TIME! I’ll even show you my new book, the “XXL Guys Guide to the XXX Throw Down”! And no, I have no interest in it turning into a movie, even if YOU played ME!

  11. the dude says:

    Good luck Galze, don’t be a stranger on the site. You bring a different kind of spice to the mix and it would be a shame to totally lose you in the comments section.

  12. balbonis moleskine says:

    That’s a pretty sweet leather blazer. All on a Stanford and Sons cook salary too!

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Again I am not upset with anyone. After two years here or more it might be fun to have another audience and keep some of you guys as well. Tony and KCC battled for the top spot these last couple years. I think both sites are very popular in KC. So again no harm done.

    I am aware that nothing I say or do will change some peoples minds about me or anything else. Again comment folks are almost 100% people who use fake names, so I don’t really know who they are for the most part. There are a few like Chuck and Paul who use their real names. Like I said without all the mean spirited comments, I guess it gets to be boring. So in a way those are the things that make the readers who don’t ever comment smile. Those are often more fun then the articles themselves.

    Hopefully I will do some interviews with Hearne on this site, its up to him. So I won’t really be gone, just less Glazer. Know what, maybe thats a good thing for everyone…I get tired too. I mean how many girls can I get every month who will be wild, take photos and not want to shoot me or Hearne? Hah.

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig, you made a good point; few have the balls to come here as who they really are and say what they have to say! It’s a whole different level of fearless! Yeah, I’ve heard the 100 reasons not to, but that’s normally from people who are afraid to!

    My moto has always been to just be who I am. And if I make someone mad and they want to find me I’ve made it pretty darned easy. My only disclaimer has been… If that’s what you want to do, pack a lunch and bring some friends, cause you’re gonna have your hands full and you’ll be here a while!
    Stay in touch!

    • CG says:

      Yes Paul, it is brave of you not to hide behind a fake name. I do respect that, I do. By the way my first article is up on Tonyskansascity.com…boy the haters are having a field day… kind of funny…. Paul you seem to be a decent guy. I know you mean no harm and you are cool in my book.

  15. Jess says:

    There were like 80 comments on this thread? Hearne did Glaze threaten to sue you or something if you did not take down all the comments calling him a D bag?

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