Glazer: Unedited Scribe Questions Chiefs Future Just Prior to Personnel Changes

pioli-fired-4_3_r536_c534Charles, I mean Clark in Charge. Thank God. We are saved Chiefs Nation! The Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt has decided to keep Scott Pioli as general manager of your beloved Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs, as I wrote in previous stories, are THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in Kansas City. That’s the talk, the print, the media, at least in our town. So all decisions for drafting, who the new coach will be, who stays on this team and who goes will be answered by Clark Hunt. Happy now?

a samI must give a tip of the hat to Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star, he more than any other media person outside of myself, has called the ball on this one. His column on the front of today’s sports page was right on the money. Isn’t it strange how many of the things you hear in the media sound slightly like what you read here weeks, even months before? I know who cares what is written on this website, right. Clearly some folks that have reach do care. Also a tip of the brim to Bill Mass, 610 and Metro Sports on air man. Mass has more than bounced back to his once national TV form. Well at least in Kansas City. He too saw most of this coming long ago. “The Chiefs will be 10-6 or 9-7, weak division, Payton Manning is past it, beaten up, Chiefs can win the West,” wasn’t that the media cry before the Atlanta game? Kcconfidential told you the truth. The Chiefs would be one of the worst teams in the NFL. We told you this as preseason ended. They are.

So why did Clark Hunt keep Scott? Missing from Sam’s strong article was this one: It would seem that Scott has a signed contract for big bucks in place with Clark Hunt. This would be an agreement signed in August this past year. I believe that to be true now. Hunt will have to negotiate out of this ‘new deal.’ That will take some time. Precious time. There is zero doubt that Hunt has been looking for a new general manager for several months now, nobody has stepped up. Well nobody that will wow the fans and Hunt, at least not yet. I believe if he fires Scott the Chiefs will have to pay him 15-20 million dollars to leave. Yes this is a good guess. If Clark can find ‘the man’ it is likely he will release Pioli, pay him off and take the hit. Remember there is more to Scott Pioli’s job than what you see on the field. Until Hunt finds the new man, if he does, Pioli is still needed to run the day to day business of the Kansas City Chiefs.

200px-Clark_HuntClark Hunt will pick the new head coach. This coach will answer to Hunt, not Pioli. Feel better? No? You mean you are not impressed with Clark Hunt’s first five years?

By the way Matt Cassel was packed and ready to leave KC weeks ago. He asked not to have the camera on him or be interviewed after Brady Quinn took his job. They respected that, notice no word from the FRANCHISE.

All I can say is this: Good luck on next year Kansas City Chiefs. I predict it will look much like this year. Well anyone can find 22 guys off the street and win more than 2 games, right. So we will win four or five. Enjoy.
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4 Responses to Glazer: Unedited Scribe Questions Chiefs Future Just Prior to Personnel Changes

  1. Bye Glaze says:

    This reads like a first draft by an ex-con who hasn’t a second’s experience writing. I don’t have any of his drafts from two years ago to judge whether his writing has improved since then, but I’m guessing it hasn’t.

    I suspect that Hearne must have grown more and more frustrated as gibberish such as this draft hit his computer for him to edit, especially since it appears that Glazer made virtually no effort to improve his submissions.

    Hearn’s lengthy experience as a writer/editor would warrant at least $100 per hour for contract work, so his time editing Glazer’s crap, at a mere 10 hours a week, was worth over $4000 a month in the writer’s marketplace. Judging by the fairly modest amount of advertising that is produced on this site, Hearne must have correctly realized that it was simply bad business for him to edit glazer’s drivel, even if it typically generated 50 comments more than the average non-glazer post.

    My advise to Hearne is to go even farther, and axe Harley as long as he submits illiterate crap in his comments. I suspect more readers turn away from this site when they encounter Harly’s garbage than decide to visit regularly. Publishing All-Star-Wrestling-Post-Fight-Interview level material certainly lowers Hearn’s credibility as a journalist..

    • Jess says:

      I get the feeling that Hearne posted this non-edited stuff to show exactly what he was up against. To that I say well played Hearne, well played

  2. Chico Hemingway says:

    This guy wrote a book?

    Who the hell took on the task of RE-writing it?

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