Whinery: Where’s Glazer?


The burning question in the comments section these days is…

“Where is KC Confidential’s most polarizing columnist?”

The man, the myth, the legend… Mr. Craig Glazer. 

I had the opportunity to interview our fearless leader, Mr.
Hearne Christopher, Jr. and Glazer about what happened and, as the saying goes, “its complicated.”

There are three sides to every story- what he said, what she said and what really happened.

Here’s what I’ve found out about the situation…

Hearne’s take on things – which I find to be compelling and professionally presented – is as he states that, “Craig was a lot of work to edit and fact check,” (Harley criticizing my facts in 1,2,3). And that Hearne spent “far more time getting Craig’s work ready to be published than the rest of all the other columnists combined.”

I completely sympathize with Hearne here.

It’s a lot of work running KCC. He’s the publisher, editor, writer, sales rep, etc. for the site. And he’s getting ready to launch a sister site in Lawrence. A lot of work indeed!

Craig doesn’t dispute this.

He states that he’s paid substantial sums of money to “ghost and screenwriters” owing to his lack of  “writing skills.”

c480x270_59But, as I wholeheartedly agree, Craig sees himself as a “great story teller.”

Any reader of this site would not dispute that.

His stories are VERY entertaining- outlandish and sleazy as some of them may be – they are anything but dull.

That’s the loggerhead.

And as I see things, the “solution to every problem is within the problem.”

There’s a lot of history between these two gentlemen.

And I don’t detect any “bad blood’ between them. BUT- there is a “problem”- although it seems to be more professional than adversarial.Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 1.47.36 PM

I may be wrong, but here’s my “spin” on things.

I think there is a directional split between the two. Mr. Glazer, as supremely entertaining as he may be, will never be confused with being a serious journalist.

And I think Hearne sees the site as an extension of what he did at the Star, which was a very interesting mix of journalism, gossip and culture.

photo20I first met Hearne in his “Man about Town” role at the grand opening of the Velvet Dog in the early 1990s and went on to be featured in his column during my somewhat dubious term as Clay Chastain’s Campaign Manager in the 1995 KC Mayoral Election.


childsuperstar taI later turned to him when Taran Noah Smith (Mark Taylor) from Home Improvement– was on the run from his parents with the girl who accompanied me to my Senior Prom- Heidi Van Pelt.

Pelt by the way currently cooks the best Vegan Cuisine in the city at Fud.

The two were hiding out in my basement in Lawrence while the National Enquirer was busily hunting him down.

I called Hearne and gave him the exclusive to their wedding, knowing he would give the story a fair shake. Which was a lot to ask – being that Heidi was 34 and Taran was 17 – and everyone saw her as just a relentless gold-digger.

Hearne covered the very outrageous story with more professionalism than those I dealt with during my interviews and appearances on Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, , etc…

Those Hollywood and New York types were complete assholes in how they twisted and distorted what was going on. As crazy as it sounds- I do believe Heidi and Taran were in love and if there were villains- they were Taran’s parents, trying to loot what was left of his trust fund.

In a nutshell, I find Hearne to be a consummate professional in the somewhat sleazy world of gossip and innuendo. He doesn’t make crap up like so many of the people who infest that type of journalism.

That’s why almost a year ago, I contacted him to become a writer at KCC.

IMAG0062-2-2-1I love writing here and it’s a labor of love, so to speak.

And I’m very glad that Hearne allows me to voice opinions, of which there are few that I think he agrees with.

In almost a year- he has never “kiboshed” a column- no matter how much he may have disagreed with my view.

Which is why I think there is room for Glazer at KCC.

Lets face it, sleaze sells!

Back when the print media mattered, the National Enquirer was the most read newspaper in America, selling more issues that the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today combined- that’s ALL their issues for the week combined!

Now I’m not calling Mr. Glazer sleazy, but some of his stories and exploits are CRAZY and not being done by any man in KC, his age or younger for that matter.

Glazer is not just a local celebrity, he’s a true “character” – something KC has VERY few of.

Going back to the solution again, the problem is within the problem.

Glazer is a very time consuming talent to have at the site, so the best way to deal with things is to limit his contributions.

But his stories are much too interesting and appealing to the
“TMZ Generation” to just disappear forever.

And from talking to Hearne, he still wants to tell Glazer’s stories, but he wants to tell them by him writing them, instead of Craig writing them.

And Glazer being Glazer, he loves having a local, written platform for his exploits.

Hearne and Glazer have known each other for far too long to not have their working relationship continue. And from what I gleaned from talking to both, they don’t want it to end.

91725*280And love Glazer or hate him, he is a great contributor to KCC.

But Hearne needs more time to write and manage his burgeoning web empire.
My vote is for Glazer to return to KCC in a limited capacity.

What do you, the readers of KCC want?

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83 Responses to Whinery: Where’s Glazer?

  1. harley says:

    whiney…figure you’re involved with national enquirer…your columns have about
    as much reliable information as the cover stories in nat. enquirer. However…
    national enquirer will never equal your record of being wrong on every major
    issue facing the nation. But without youwho would i have to critique?
    I love your passion but its too bad youre on the wrong side of history!!!!
    As for your political career whiney…y ou worked with chastain LOSER!
    PIC YOU PAID 3K FOR AGAIN….as for harley….my political record…
    12-2 ( one loss a democrat in johnson county running for state rep).
    and those 12 wins were major major positions including some of the most
    right wing zealot christian republicans in the state of kansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    as for glaze paying ghostwriters for his columns…i would suggest he try
    someone else…whoever wrote those columns makes my writings look like
    asforwhineys writing skills…lets just say that whiney’s skills probably are
    betteer left for legal briefs and not for the entertainment section of kcc.
    But if hearne is in need of a professional biz guy to set this site on fire
    he better contact me soon. I just reached over 250 people subscribing to
    my newsletters. I now have key politicians…tv announcers…ceo’s…one
    major player in the sports arena (hint: big time agent!)…and people
    who say they might not agree with what i write but that they find my
    writings very interesting.
    so t osum it up….whiney continues to prove that he’s clueless about the
    worlds events….hearne tries to build a website for larry town….glaze is
    upset because he can’t spell and needs a 4th grade english teacher to
    clean up his writings (I should talk…hahahaha) even though he was a student
    at the highly intellectual and highly certified arizona state university (my cousins
    dad took her out of there where he found out she took a boating class at asu )..
    but kcc continues.
    Again…i’m behind…new businesses and need to find time to catch up on my
    writings to get out to my fans/disciples and followers….
    thanks to everyone for their patience…my media guide should be out within
    7 working days and my “state of the union” paper should be out soon also.
    thanks…love to all…gotta go .
    Most importantly we need glaze back very very soon. who else can take
    all the other readers heat off me ? Noone but the glaze (remember..i gave him
    that nicname)…hearne…get on this asap….if glaze needs someone to proof
    his writings, my 7 year old niece would love the job!!!!!!!!!
    shalom///salud////its a beautiful day.

    • chuck says:

      Harley, copy and paste one of your new letters on here for our edification.

      Ya know, kind of a “Puppy Dog” sale. We read it, are so enamoured of the wisdom, prescience and good counsel, we all, en masse, throw on purple shoes and subscribe to the Delphic wisdom of the Oracle.

  2. admin says:

    All hail the mighty Caesar…I mean, Harley

  3. Facts says:

    This place is a LOT better without that idiot, liar, self centered, moron Glazer.
    Good fkg riddance to that worthless piece of crap.

  4. Super Dave says:

    “Lets face it, sleaze sells!”

    That is so true, but at the same time does one want to see Hustler type sleaze or Playboy type sleaze? Andrew Dice Clay proved that being sleazy and rude was maybe funny at first but after a bit it’s gets old and then it just becomes rude and vulgar. I don’t know of one woman that likes any of what they have ever seen Craig do or supposed to have written. But out of this same group of women many find Playboy an interesting media to read. So I would think Hearne has to as well weigh the part about women viewers and how they might see it when it comes to Craig’s stories.

    I knew Craig was no writer and Hearne has never been quite that Craig wasn’t a writer. So I guess the question is how can you claim to be a writer if you can’t write. Heck many, many people can tell stories and have good ones to tell and can actually write them so seems to me if you run a site such as this or any publication you have writers that know what they are doing and can do it.

    Does KCC need the likes of Craig? I have my opinion but in the end it’s Hearne’s decision as to who stays and who does not and who his readers are going to be. He alone is the captain of this ship and will make the choices that will either keep it afloat or does things that cause it to sink. Sure sleaze sells but is that what he wants to sell?

    Oh just FYI I know most guys find Kelly Urich’s stuff dull or maybe little corny in some ways, heck Kelly and I are friends and he even makes me groan sometimes, But you know what, women dig him and I mean in large numbers. He draws a crowd no doubt. Hearne is smart having him do his thing here. Simple reason is it draws women to the site he hopes. Then he has to make sure they keep coming back.

  5. chuck says:

    Glazer’s stories are interesting.

    What can I tell ya? An older guy, running around with 22 year old chicks on crazy vacations. Prostitutes, booze, drugs, prison time and a litany of politically incorrect behaviour that is hilarious sometimes but peurile and disgusting other times.

    Glazer is high profile in the city and is unafraid to court controversy.

    His life, is an open book. People who let you into their lives from afar (Its not like he is gonna call ya to bail him outta jail, or show up on your doorstep drunk.) to this extent are, by nature of their indicretions and peccadilloes, interesting.

    The real problem with Glazer, is not actually Glazer in my opinion. It is those folks, who take Glazer so seriously. Who cares what he does? It is his life and if he wants to tell us about some whacked out bar chick he is hangin around with, bring it on.

    Decisions of propriety, as they relate to this site and the revenue generated or lost based on the readership of those whom either enjoy or are disgusted with “The Glazer Chronicles” are a problem for Hearne.

    This can’t be that tough.

    Glazer writes one column a week, heavily edited as usual by Hearne, who deletes the metaphorical fluid oozing out of the orafices recently explored by our intrepid “Scribe”.

    Forcing Glazer into one column a week will encourage him (Glaze) to pick an choose an excellent story and not just spitball stream of conciousness sh*t every 15 minutes onto Hearne’s voice mail.

    I say bring him back.

  6. John Wayne says:

    I never found Glazer to be all that interesting. The truth is that there are quite a few people in this town who have lived, and continue to live, lives far more interesting that Glazer’s (which leans a bit more to the wacko than the interesting), and who could entertain and inform readers about the more “interesting” areas of life in a way that would provide a positive draw to a wide audience without repulsing them. As a bonus, many of them are pretty fair writers who know where all those pesky commas, caps and periods go. Find one of them, Hearne. There’s nothing wrong with edgy stories – it’s the packaging and delivery that count.

  7. Bob says:

    “Craig was a lot of work to edit and fact check” Hearne

    Jebus. I didn’t think of this angle. His posts were damn near impossible to read. I just assumed they weren’t edited. Now that I know they were edited, I can only imagine how bad they were when he sent them to Hearne.

    Although, I am sure I’d enjoy sitting at a bar listening to him tell stories. Some folks can’t get stories into the written word, but can weave a tale orally. Like his 20 year old prostitutes.

    • the dude says:

      Yeah, I could only imagine what the raw, unedited versions of the humble ‘scribe’s scribblings’ look like. Probably a bunch of crayon, watercolor and dry macaroni pieces of kid art complete with stick figure diagrams.

  8. Jess says:

    cool, that is it.

    Glad he is gone, but I hope that the space is filled.

  9. Craig Glaysure says:

    Whinery is lying. I’ve not talked to him or Hearne about any of this. I’m having drinks with Don Harmon. (No, it’s not too soon)

  10. admin says:

    Well, interesting batch of comments thus far. Thanks, kids.

    Don’t forget the other option, the one I employed for 16 years at The Star; me talking to him, deciding what makes a good yarn and writing it up using selective quotes from the Dear Scribe.

  11. smartman says:

    Based on crowd sourcing at Gordon Biersch, Angels, The Well, Bier Station and a couple of private parties this week….NOBODY CARES! Craig offered nothing of compelling or intellectual value. No unique POV or enthusiasm like Lefty, Matt or Whinery. No expertise ala Jack or Mark Edelman. Just an arrogant blowhard with no sense of self or his purpose in life other than stroking himself when he can’t find a 21 year old “hottie” to do it for him. Bravo, well played!

    Anyone with Craig’s alleged bona fides that can’t write a blog piece that doesn’t require excessive editing is just an embarassment to himself.

    Now let’s talk about that hot chimichanga Maria! I said it. I meant it I’m here to represent it. Wink wink on that one Maria!!!

    One of the BEST pieces ever offered up on KCC was her post about the Muslims at KU and in Lawrence. Too bad she doesn’t have thick skin like Maureen O’Dowd cause that girl has the goods to be a great writer.

  12. On Hearne's Side says:

    Glazer on KCC website fall, 2012: ” In fact, Jones became the first civilian Family Readiness Officer in the 232 years of the Marines!”

    KCTV News website from the summer, 2012: ” In December 2007, Kelly was named the first civilian FRO in the Marine Corps 232-year history!”

    I don’t know the precise legal standard for what is and is not actionable plagiarism, or what the basic ethical standards for journalists are. But if Hearne thinks the above demonstrates that the Glaze does not write in accordance with KCC’s standards, I would agree.

    Glaze might attract readers because he often writes stories that are supposed to be opinion and/or fact based but are actually fictions, which are generally easier to make interesting, as long as they unethically parade as true. Again, if Hearne has a higher standard for KCC, and is willing to accept somewhat lower numbers of readers, then I support his position completely.

  13. harley says:

    first of all anyone who takes these writers seriously is a freaking idiot.
    Kelly urich? come on…jokes..those aren’t even funny.
    Winey? He’s been off on every comment he’s made. He’s never right. Sorry
    whiney but none of your facts/predictions/briefs have been correct.
    Jack: the only legitimate reviewer in kc is that edwards guy at 4. He’s all
    over with his opinoins on movies. I saw where he’s on the ads for a recent
    movie. I understand they’re probably bogus but who comes here to see
    a movie review. The article about travel was good.
    Hearne: uh…hearne does gossip. He spent 7 articles about lance armstrong to
    come to the conclusion that the whole deal was bad. One story…make it
    to the point and move on
    Lefty: lots of talent if he uses it. Like the craigslist stuff…but doing sports
    stories. What does lefty know about sports…ever play a game.
    I noticed kerouac (spelling?) has had some really nice writings…he should
    be doing a column. Give chucklees the clown his own byline. He could bore
    the sh*t out of everyone with his over the top right wing nut revolutionary
    comments. The guys passionate about his racist attitude…give him a byline.
    Glaze: i’ve said the guys who he is. Who cares that he lifted a kctv sentence.
    That story was probably the most ink the beautiful and talented kelly jones
    has gotten in this town. He made a few errors but this is kcc…its not the
    new york times!!!!! Glaze can do an article a week…but who cares if its
    grammatically correct. None of the people (including hearne) have english
    degrees. Look at greg hall..not a day goes by where he doesn’t have to
    apologize about a huge mistake or spelling/grammar error.
    So lets stop wasting time. If you want accurate forecasting/a unique and
    finite look into the financial & business world/correct predictions about current
    events/experienced accurate facts and stats to back upcomments/one of the
    sharpest political minds in america today simply go to law4life1000@yahoo.com
    and subscribe to my reports.
    If youwant sex…drugs… gossip…hotties…news about woodside…completely
    ridiculous comments without facts or stats…chit chat about the few live concerts in kc…reviews about movies no one goes to…and abunch of guys who love to see their
    comments on the world wide web KEEP COMING TO KCC.
    ITS FUN.
    I do give this credit to hearne. From the requests for my articles I see that kcc
    does attract some very importnat/influential/and intelligent people to the site.
    He’s got agood thing going. I’ve offered suggestions on how he can
    make this skyrocket. Lets let hearne do his thing and lets have some fun
    and entertainment and laughs while we all forget what we learned and
    forgot in 4th grade english class.
    Laugh guys…its a beautiful world.
    and i’m preparingto release my media report and financial guide to my
    fans and followers soon. stay tuned.

  14. Facts says:

    “”Just an arrogant blowhard with no sense of self or his purpose in life other than stroking himself when he can’t find a 21 year old “hottie” to do it for him.””

    That is a fact!! and that fact always pushed me away from this site,
    I always said this would be better with out him, and now it is.

    If he wants to comment, let him do it in the comments section, with the rest of us UNpro heathens… but full articles by him hurt this site, made it look bad.

    Now maybe lose the stupid hitting with “Bullet Force”, and lets move on.
    (The bullet force adds nothing, but WILL offend many, just sayin)

    And may I say about my dumb comments, which I have left for years here, although not much in the last year….. My comments may not be popular, and I am opinionated, but I am correct. For example I (somehow) KNEW four games into Pioli’ s (secret , keep the press away crap) regime at Arrowhead that is would be a disaster, and that golferidiot coach he hired would fail, it was easy to say, and I saw it and said it…. and I said even people in Cleveland are laughing at us about Romeo…. and look what happened. I dont know how a dumb ass like me can see these obvious this and the billionaire owner can not.

    Now we (THE CHIEFS!!) move forward….. wit ha #1 draft pick, lets see how Andy does with it, I will give him a year before judging (although Pioli and golfer boy only took 3 months, lmao…. them and their “sales meeting type of accountability” bullshit was NEVER going to work on millionaire athletes)

    I hope they (we) can keep Dwayne Bowe….and by 2015….. on this week of the year, TODAY, WE WILL ALL BE OUT AT ARROWHEAD ROOTING THE CHIEFS ONTO A AFC CHAMPIONSHIP AND SUPER BOWL BID!!!! CHIEFS!!!

    Good luck today Tony G, your time is today…. fk the 49ers!!

  15. Ken says:

    Keep Glaze

  16. mark smith says:

    Glazer posts were entertaining , maybe for all the wrong reasons, but entertaining nonetheless. He has the writing chops of a KC middle school special ed student. Sure his stories were filled with dubious statements, moral bankruptcy, and lacking any redeeming social value. But the comments were usually worth the pain of trying to find your way through his rape of the written word. Nobody read Glazer for his writing skills. They read Glazer to see what kind of outlandish $hit he would write. They read the Glazer for the comments, which is where the real gold was in a Glazer post. I suppose Hearne could draw the same or even higher comment count if he brought harley in to the fold. That is if he can get harley to put down the homemade pudding skin roll ups and get him to stop fapping to his Ariana Huffington poster long enough to write some of his bipolar looney tune horse $hit. The mental breakdown of harley would be entertaining and the comments would send him totally over the edge. He would last about a week. I’ve got my own theory of why the “scribe” is no longer scribin on KCC. Tofu and Turtlenecks. I think Hearne has visions of grandeur about what direction KCC should be heading. Ex cons who bang strippers one third their age don’t appeal to hipsters, society types, and drivers of eco friendly smart cars. That’s where Hearnes heart lies. JMO

    • harley says:

      i’ll accept that challenge. I currently have thousands of people reading
      my stories…and i have no problems.
      If hearne wants to take this site to the next level…theres just one way
      to do it..
      bring in harley and let harley turn this into agreatgreat site.
      who on here has intellectual and informative information that readers
      gravitate to? who has facts/figures and a pulse on the public’s opinions?
      who has the gravitas to excite the masses with his forward thinking
      writings and exclusive insights.
      who is the only pundit in america to pick the 2012 winner 14 months
      prior to the election andto get the electoral vote range correct
      when others including all of fox news/all the pundits predicted
      a romney victory…well there was nate silver…and then there
      was harley.
      My literary agent is available for negotiations on fees/benefits and
      car allowances from the owner of kcc. Oh…wait….its a non
      paying position…I’ll take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    • harley says:

      hey dumb f*k…you sure do. You have comments after
      everyone of my comments.
      You and the rest of your kcc old washed up dogs follow me.
      You can’t stand it.
      Life passed you by. Super dave…wrong its stupid dave.
      I can prove it!!!
      When you grow up and want to write something that requires
      more than a third grade education contact me.
      I would love to debate you on here but you have no
      background as a maintenance man to do much more
      than use worthless words to attack people personally.
      No one requires you to read my comments. they are there
      to be read or passed over. You read every one of my
      comments and try to attack me without any stats or
      get over trying to outdo me stupid dave. You’re another
      one of the most negative people on here.

      • Super Dave says:

        Why is it harley when you are asked to put up or shut up you never answer the question or prove yourself. No you go to great lengths to avoid proving yourself.

        Go ahead call me names try to put me down, but the fact is you as well fail at even doing that. Everything about you screams fail.

      • Harley Didnothingson says:

        I agree let’s see a sampling. Everything I see posted here from Harley looks like it was written by a smart phone or translated by Siri. If this is the biblical philosopher with geniune, or self proclaimed, “desciples” we should see droves of wisdom from the self appointed messiah. Wait maybe we are just talking sheep? Plus calling out someone on their occupation when you don’t reveal yours makes you a hypocrit. Maybe you are the messiah afterall.

  17. smartman says:

    Banging girls of high school age. Full of hate from his roid rage. He has fake hair. He drives a Lotus. According to him he should be POTUS

    Oh Glazer, you wrote and you had real bad spelling. So Hearne sent you away Oh Glazer, it’s clear that the ads just aren’t selling. But you’ll come back some day Oh Glazer.

    Teases bets you just can’t make. Did I mention his hair is fake. He wrote a book he’s making a movie we’re all poor schmucks. We’ll never be groovy.

    Oh Glazer, you’re just a big f@ckin phony, so Hearne sent you away Oh Glazer you’re full of sh@t and baloney. We don’t believe what you say Oh Glazer

  18. A friend of Craig's says:

    I think everyone here is missing the point. Craig Glazer sells newspapers. People want to know what he’s doing whether they love him or hate him. We know this because you can go back to every one of Craig’s blogs and read all of the comments that were left by repeat offenders. Even people who hate Craig can’t wait to write something negative about him or about his blogs. That is still traffic on Hearne’s website. Advertisers don’t care if the person visiting the site likes what they read or not. You have to give credit where credit is due. If Craig brought a lot of traffic to my website and helped make it successful, I wouldn’t get rid of him. I would reward him. Even if he needed a little editing from time to time. What would it cost to pay someone to edit what he writes. I can guarantee you that it won’t cost as much as the drop in traffic from Craig not being there. And you say that Hearne wants to conduct business in a manner that is more professional. Really? When you demote a guy who was critical to the growth of your website, not only is that unprofessional, it’s sleazy. Hearne is no better than Craig. The only difference is that Hearne pretends to be better. Craig is what he is and he doesn’t hide from it. That’s why people always tune in to find out what Craig is doing. Love him or hate him, he is authentic. He is the real deal. What you see is what you get. That’s why he’s so interesting.

    So the question you should be asking is not “Where’s Glazer?” The question you should be asking is “What’s Glazer Gonna Do Now?” I don’t think Craig should throw stones at the building who demoted him, even though they deserve it. I think he should build a bigger, more attractive building right next door. I don’t think Hearne would want to compete with that.

    • Super Dave says:

      No Craig does not sell.

      If he did they would be standing lined up around the block trying to sign him up.

      He blows and goes about all his connections but here he is in KC running a small comedy club and doing some radio hawking free tickets to his club. If he was hooked up as much as he claims to be he wouldn’t have time for KCC or KC for that matter. He went to Hollywod pulled the same crap he does here in KC and got no where with those folks out there. No he returned to KC broke and went back to running a small one location only comedy club. No to think Craig sells is delusional thinking for a very small group of people. If he really was sellable he would be turning down offers right and left, and he isn’t.

      • harley says:

        Stupid dave..what do you do.
        glaze is twice the man you are…twice the businessman you
        are…twice the personality you are…twice the person you
        We don’t care. Youonly come on here and attack others without
        a single piece of information backed by real world facts or
        if you don’t care what i or glaze have to say..why read our
        columns constantly. Why comment after every one
        of our comments. You love it stupid dave because very
        simply stupid dave IS STUPID!!!!!!!

        • Super Dave says:

          Right now harley neither one of you has a column so what is your point? I state facts and you don’t. Don’t like my comments then I guess you could stop reading KCC or commenting.

        • Stupid Dave is Stupid says:

          I believe someone just regressed into 1st grade.

    • Facts says:

      “” People want to know what he’s doing “”

      No… no they dont. Cant you read?

    • Chico's Lumber Yard says:

      Bull shit.

      I went out of my way to NOT read his posts.

      It only takes one episode of the Craid Galzer show to last a lunchtime.

  19. the dude says:

    All the guy has to do is buy a ‘Journalism for dummies 101’ book and read it a little. A college level English book wouldn’t hurt either.

  20. DARREN says:


  21. DARREN says:


    • Super Dave says:

      I respect you opinion DARREN but then retort with who would want to?

    • mark smith says:

      Yikes. Glazer 2.0. Unedited and uncensored. I don’t know what you are smoking but you might want to put the pipe down. I’m sure he appreciates your adoration and the internet cap job. Pun intended.

    • smartman says:

      Yes I have darren. I’ve fixed more old beat up dishwashers than
      glazer has. I’ve cleaned out more infected diseased hot tubs than
      glazer has. I’ve sold more used hot tubs on craigslist than glazer has.
      I’ve screwed over more people than glazer has. I’ve lied to more
      people than glazer has. There’s no comparison darren. I’m the
      biggest low life in kansas city. I can guarantee you that!

  22. Duke says:

    This town is dull enough. I love this website, but it too became a little dull because of this. Hire some help. You can afford it.

  23. Chico's Lumber Yard says:

    The world is full of arrogant assholes.

    Moving right along…

    • Craig Glaysure says:

      Oh shut up, Chico, Harley says you dont even own a lumber yard and he has the facts to back it up. Harley right all the time, 100% always. Which I think means pretty often, more than not anyway. So, Chico, if you dont take a picture of some 2X4’s or plywood and post them on here immediately your a fraud, Harley says so.
      And Orphan, I know who you are, you aren’t an orfan at all. You have family. You just another lyer.
      And one more think Chico, I may be an asshole but I’m not arrugunt. Arrugunncy is when you cant back up what you dew. Im all real all the time. Chico, if that is your real name and you really do own a lumur yard (proof to come later hahahaha) I’ve still got more wood than you, 24/7 any time any where 100% gaaarunteeed!
      And Not So Super Dave, you hater, you can suck it. Why dont you go help Smarty clean sum hot tubs. (?)
      And Harley dont act like my friend now, the only person who has pimp slapped me more than you is that meth ho from the dot who was in my Fararry and thought it was a corvet! Dont act like my friend now that Im gone. You are not write 100% all the time.
      And for all you haters, DARREN is really me, so take that! I have 4 different names all coming here to supprt, well, me! Friend of Craigs? Also me! You guys are to easy.
      Youve not heard the last of me, if I ever get out of this closet in Vegas anyway.

  24. Orphan of the Road says:

    I’d really have to say Stamford and Son’s, Think About It. I know that you may not think of it like that but we’ve got really good pasta and meatloaf and some other things made with really high regarded ingredient. like for example in our cheeseburger we use anus meat which second to Kobey Beef is the best beef money can by, pound for pound. We have an executive head chief who went to culinarian school and everything and we hired him to totally revamp our menue in October od 2011, so if you haven’t been in awhile because you thought the food sucked or something you’ve got another thing coming and oyu should give it another shot. we’re perfect for out of towners because that they can come see a show with national recognized comedy—Sinbad, Uncle Joey (Full house), Mankind the wrestler, ecksetera—and then they can get some pretty damn good food, to. Standford and Son, THINK ABOUT IT!
    report 8 likes, 17 dislikes like dislike
    Posted by Craig Glazer on 01/18/2013 at 10:43 AM

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Forgot to say Hearne must have the patience of Job to edit copy for him.

      • Chico's Lumber Yard says:

        Dont you drive a fjord?

        • Craig Glaysure says:

          Touche, or however you spell it.
          Chico, I dont want to hear no more out of you till you post pictures of your lumber yard, at least some boreds so we can see if your real. I think your a nother faker blow hard old broke dick white guy. Lets do this, wood to wood. You chikin?

          • Chico's Lumber Yard says:

            You’re right.

            Jew to Joo, the wholly grale was made Babinga, a very hard Afrikan would.

            Shuh lome.

    • the dude says:

      Please, please, please Craig, tell me you didn’t actually write this comment.

  25. boogeyman says:

    I swear, so much hate and hate has to stem from jealousy. Sure, Craig is sleazy and is a lot of bad jokes rolled into one but the stuff he wrote was completely polarizing. It drew comments like nobody’s business. Why? PEOPLE READ IT! You can love him, you can hate him, but you just can’t BE him and apparently, a lot of people are upset by that. Jesus, in any other market the man would be on TV or radio, just based on how much controversy the man courts! He leads an interesting life, yes it’s sleazy and yes, he does a LOT of things most people wouldn’t do…but that is part of his unique charm. You can try to minimize the things he has done in his life, but he has done them. The man is on the go almost twenty four seven who has run a successful comedy club for years, drives a lotus which he will almost certainly trade in soon for some other kind of ego-mobile, lived life as a criminal, lives near criminally now and dates women half his age, with a successful novel (no, it will never be up there with Gone with the wind, but hey, where’s YOUR biography, how’s that selling?), that has been optioned for a movie…who cares if it ever actually makes it to the screen…other than Craig. The man recently made an assload of cash off of just ONE football bet! Yet this guy, who is so entertaining BECAUSE he is who he is…is constantly vilified for sharing that story and his whackaloon opinions for our amusement?

    Personally, I hope he does find an outlet for his voice again. Whether here on this site or another, it’s fun to read and it’s fun to read the haters who are always going to hate…even while they sit in whatever hovel passes for their life and wish they could be him. Have fun, kids.

    • Glaysure's docter says:

      Who needs a juiced-up dude full of roid rage having the testicular fortitude to call someone else a hater?

      • Craig Glaysure says:

        Well spoken, Boogeyman! I thought Boogeyman was me too, at first, but the grammur was too good. Between all the names Harley and I use we can’t keep them straight. Two peas in a pod, huh? (I never knew what that meant but it sounds good.)

  26. Mermaid says:

    I think you are making a mistake Hearne. Craig was fun to read- yes like a National Enquirer but this site isn’t the New York Times. I for one will really miss his crazy stories and you have to admit- he knew his football. I’m really not sure how you think his elimination will help. Everyone loves to read Craig’s columns- just like people love to look at the star mags at the grocery store. You just can’t help yourself! I hope you bring him back.

  27. harley says:

    MJK Public Relations
    Date: January 21, 2013

    As of January 22, 2013 Harley will no longer be posting on KC Confidential.
    “I feel that without Mr. Glazers contributions that I can no longer in good
    faith and with due diligence continue to write for this site. Mr. Glazer represents
    over half the comments on this site and I feel that should this site continue to
    not offer Mr. Glazer’s stories that I in good conscience can not continue to offer
    my valuable insight into the general interest topics on KC Confidential”.

    “Therefore at this time I am discontinuing any and all comments and
    writing to KC Confidential until Mr. Glazer is reinstated onto the site”

    “I wish my followers/fans/readers and disciples good luck in the future
    and as always I can be contacted via my new website and email address
    that will be launched in coordination with a national rollout of our new
    informative and accurate site”

    “It’s been a great joy to exchange pleasantries with all those involved
    in KC confidential and I wish all my good friends good luck in the future”

    “Should the publisher of KC Confidential change his mind about the
    elimination of Mr. Glazer’s posting I will then begin to reconsider
    my decision to cease offering my writings at no charge on the internet
    and possibly resume my blogs on the said site”

    According to Harley: “thanks everyone. Its been a delightful experience.
    I wish everyone including my adversarial commenters luck. And if need
    be feel free to contact me via email.”

    For further information about this release and other pertinent matters please
    refer to our new email address that will be introduced within 4 days.

    Contact Peter Kaplan at MJK Public Relations for interview and content
    requests from Harley.

    • mike says:


    • Mermaid says:

      I’m completely confused at this comment. Is this sarcasm or a complete honest undoing of who the real Harley is? Completely off the chart- oh how to read between these lines!

    • Craig Glaysure says:

      You’re so effing stupid, Harley. Your ego couldn’t stand not writing here. We know your tired routine. You’ll be back, much to everyone’s dismay, under one of your 37 other personalities. You can’t stand to not be here. And further, who the hell taught you how to write a press release? It sounds like something I wrote. I guess when you go from first to third person in your references to yourself, is that when you’re changing personalities?
      I needed to go and no one else needs to worse than you! We are equal pariahs. We are both emotionally bankrupt. Too bad your threats are just more lies.
      Harley will be back tomorrow accusing someone of stealing his name or his other excuse; he plunked everyone.
      I’m a sleeve ball male slut and I wouldn’t let Harley within a city block of me, I don’t need my reputation made worse by the likes of him.

    • Craig Glaysure says:

      You forgot to say how to find the nonexistent Mr Kaplan. I hear he’s your lawyer Stan Greenbergs gay lover. One is your attorney, the other your agent. And there’s Harley, the enormous Asshole inbetween the two of them! Now it’s all coming clear, Harley’s a sex toy!

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      It’s good to see they found meds that work for you.

      Another legend in their own mind is gone.

  28. Good Riddance says:

    I have always guessed that this “harly” character was a complete fraud, in some way or another a front for glaze or one of his cohorts….. Jeff perhaps? It’s a simple con, of course, and no one is actually financially or legally damaged, so “harley” doesn’t have any significant exposure 🙂

    If Hearne wants a credible blog with real KC issues addressed, then he is wise to ban these semi-comedians like Harley and glaze. This likely would result in, at least temporarily, fewer readers for KC Con, but so what? The bottom line of number-of-readers isn’t and shouldn’t be all that matters to someone with Hearne’s background; if he has decided he doesn’t want to risk becoming as credible in Kansas City as Jerry Springer is in Cincinnati, then I completely support him.

    For those who wish to follow the dubious exploits of glaze, et al, yawl can encourage glaze to start his own blog; even though he is as much a publisher as he is a Hollywood producer. I for one would glance at both websites, but if I only had time, occasionally, for one or the other, I’d read KC Con.

    • mike says:

      Do you remember when Andy Kauffman had a character named Tony Clifton who was supposed to be a lounge singer and sang in an off key nasal voice, forgot the lyrics to songs, and insulted the people in the audience? He would sometimes hand the character off to his writer, Bob Zmuda and appear on stage with him to keep people thinking Clifton was an actual person and not just one of his characters.

      Harley may be the KCC version of Tony Clifton. He even admitted on his post where he was grading everybody else that there
      were 3 people who were Harley. Glazer or a friend of his may have just used this persona to irritate and aggitate people to increase the amount of comments on the articles. It makes sense to me.

  29. CG says:

    Smartman, Super Dave, all other haters…WTF happened to playing nice? Didn’t we all talk about this at Christmas? What happened. Our friendship ended? Damn. Wow and all the things I have lied to you about, that I am not, on and on. Boy whats a fella to do, huh. Guess I can dream of leading lives like you guys do. After reading some of this stuff, man I am beginning to hate me. What a jerk Glazer is…not a real producer in Hollywood, news to me, has but the one club, what a failure Glazer is, huh…hasn’t done much of anything really. Makes me kinda feel sorry for the Glaze. Oh damn, that’s me.

    So here is what I am going to do about all this hate and envy… I’m sending Harley out to get all you mean people.

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