Whinery: Here We Go Again

Alex JonesAnother platitude filled speech on gun control…

It’s unfortunate, although not UNEXPECTED, that the President is using the tragedy in Newtown to advance his agenda with a set of proposals that will do little to prevent these types of atrocities.

Bans and restrictions have done nothing to stem the flow of illegal drugs to junkies, so how are we to believe that a ban on high capacity magazines or assault rifles will keep them out of the hands of homicidal maniacs?

About the only thing the President has accomplished with his gun control rhetoric are bumper crowds at gun shows, nationwide shortages of ammo and a surge in the stock of firearm manufacturers.

A new CNN poll found that 61% of Americans don’t think that new gun laws will lower gun crime. And of all the ideas floating around on how to stop another Newtown, the NRAs idea of armed guards in schools resonates the best with 54% of Americans in agreement.

ramboI believe the only reason the President is out trumpeting gun
control is to distract from the REAL problems this country faces. The USA is running record deficits and is about six weeks away from beginning to default on some of its debts.

Real unemployment continues to skyrocket. Taxes are going up on most all Americans still working. We need leadership Mr. President on problems that hit Americans in their
wallets. Not 23 Executive Orders accompanying a 15 page “Action Plan” to somehow eliminate gun violence.

If you really want to help protect all those children on stage
with you today, Mr. President, why not come up with plans to save the economy, do something about the rising costs of higher education and figure out how to improve K-12 education.

We don’t need any more photo ops, utopian schemes and empty promises out of your administration.

In short, Mr. President, please start using your powers to unite this country and rebuild it, instead of hammering away on issues that make Alex Jones look like a well-reasoned savant.

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36 Responses to Whinery: Here We Go Again

  1. chuck says:

    Ann Coulter thinks it is NOT guns, but the folks shooting the guns.

    The murder rate amongst white folks, is the same as white folks in Belgium.


  2. harley says:

    Its amazing how one person can be so wrong on every possible subject and every
    possible story that he writes.
    Whiney…you were way off on the election predicting a huge landslide for
    mitt the twitt…you were off on the economics…you are more off the mark
    than a second grader…and on this story you are off again.
    Almost all the measures obama announced are getting high approval from the
    american public. Background checks are gettingapprovals in polls by 85-92%..
    including 75% of all nra gun members. Assault weapons bans…which were
    the darling legislation cries of your heros like reagan and bush are highly
    The problem persists whiney is that you are still stuck in the 50’s and 60’s
    of america. Along with chuckles…you continue to pound a beat for ideas that
    are outdated.
    You’ve made a fool of yourself before…and now you continue to write about
    ideas who’s time has passed. You now say we should do nothing about gun
    violence. Well…thats passed. Whiney…you are part of a fast sinking ship.
    Whiney…you and guys like chuckles are dinosaurs in the nation…part of a
    thinking that is past its time. You will go down with the republican ship as it sinks
    into extinction with his obstruction and lies to try t destroy this nation.
    You and your politcal hacks are on the way out. Even scarborough says that
    the rape publicans are about to become a thing of the past. And you and your
    vitriol are leading the path of extinction.
    Chuckles the sad clown and you exhibit the negativity that has beset this
    nation. Your times have passed…
    The economy is not dying…unemplyment will dip under 7% this year
    and could get as low as 6.8%….hopefully 6.5%. But you and your loser friends
    don’t want that. Youwould rather gain political points than see this great nation
    return to full and strong economic growth.
    America wants these new restrictions…and so do many many of the smart
    gun owners and hunters in america.
    We said the same thing about drunk driving…but laws that lowered the limits..
    enforced the existing laws…money spent in the education of drivers has led
    to a 66% in drunk driving deaths. That’s what happens when the american
    people make their voices heard and the laws are changed to fight the
    The most ridiculous statment you make mr. whiney is where you bring up
    that alex jones nut. Did you see him on tv. Absolutely the worst spoekeman
    for the nra and gun owners. Nutty…off the wall…lying thru his teeath…threatening..
    screaming…he single handedly showed the nation why stricter gun laws are
    needed and why nut jobs like him should never be allowed to own a gun.
    Whiney…chuckles the sad clown…and the rest of the old tired men on kcc
    will be extinct along with their old tired ideas.
    Get out of the trivial…read about the changes occuring in america…
    We are watching the end of your political party. Many voted against
    relief for sandy victims…and now they will pay the price. They are not
    part of this nation.
    You and your ideas reflect the pattern that will make your party a
    extinct dinosaur very soon.
    Remember…harley is always right…you my good friend and member
    of the tribe are AND WILL REMAIN ALWAYS WRONG.
    happy mlk day to all of you.

    • Jess says:

      You need meds, and lots of them

      • the dude says:

        We know Jess, but what can you do for a nutjob that thinks he is perfectly sane? Not much.

        • Jess says:

          I was talking to harley, he needs meds.

          The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Simple but true. The people that are “crazy” do not think they are crazy, so there is nothing that could be done with them.

          • the dude says:

            I know, and I was responding to your retort. We all know here that the Harlinator needs to be heavily medicated but we doubt it will happen anytime soon.

      • Markus Aurelius says:


      • harley says:

        again…the low life idiots on kcc choose to attack without
        any facts to back up their claims. They’re idiots…theycan’t
        seem to find an intelligent way to refute my comments so they
        go back to the old tired worn out attacks they are famous for.
        you old guys have used the same old washed up arguments
        for decades and look where it’s gotten us.
        When a problem comes up you all are so freaking old and
        negative that your only response is to do nothing!!!!
        well old guys…those days are over.
        We waited for you to come up with ideas and nothing ever
        got done. You sat around on your recliners and belched
        and complained…and suggested nothing new.
        Well…your days are numbered guys. Its a new world out
        there are you’re about to see things get done.
        This president has been the most active president in history
        attacking problems the country faced. Instead of kicking the
        can down the road…insstead of letting the country go down the
        drain…instead of letting the economy go to hell…he’s done
        things to change the nation.
        We argued and chased the terrorists. Obama killed them!
        When the manufacturing base of the nation was about to
        collapse he took the politically unpopular move and saved
        the auto industry…..and millions of jobs withit.
        When the financial groups were about to go under…he saved
        them…. deespite all the old guys saying no…don’t do it.
        When the nationwas faced with soaring health costs and out
        of control health expsneses…he took a repu blican program
        and put his entire politcal career on the line and got it
        passed…and now we’re seeing some incredible resutls with
        his aca….something even republicans now are coming to
        admit was an excellent idea (jan brewer).
        Now…when 20 6 year old get gunned down…the old washed
        up guys on here say DO NOTHING…and when people like
        wilson say “DO NOTHING..NOTHING WILL WORK”…
        the prez comes upwith a program thats approved by
        70-80%of americans and the old guys here say ” it won’t work”.. but it will…if its passed.
        the days of “doing nothing” are over.
        Go back to your recliners…watch wheel of fortune…drink your
        maaloxand ensure and let america get moving again.
        guns are dangerous toys….let the adults in america take
        charge again…
        your time is up! Let the real leaders bring america
        NO CROWD…no to everything…negative old ideas..
        MOVE ASIDE….and let the real americans take back this
        YOUR TIME IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Who to blame says:

      Let’s see 3 chambers really control the direction of government – House, Senate and Executive office.
      11 times since 1945 the Democratic Party contained the majority in all 3.
      11 times since 1945 the Democratic Party held the senate and house
      2 times since 1945 the Republican Party held all 3 majorities.
      4 times since 1945 the Republican Party held majority in house and senate
      11 times since 1945 there was a Republican President with democrat control of
      the house and senate.

      This means the Democratic party had at least 2/3’s control of the legislative branch in 22 of 33 sessions of Congress. So who do you blame the party that has had the most control or the one that has had the least control. Seems a bit one sided to me and the Democraps have been captain of the ship more than Republicants.

  3. smartman says:

    Hell, if someone told me that Dear Leader would swell the ranks of the NRA by 250,000 and put another ten million firearms and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo in the hands of law abiding citizens all before he was sworn in again I would have voted for him. At this point I’ll even support legislation that requires you to take a proficiency test to demonstrate you are capable of managing the firearm you are wanting to purchase. Lot’s of idiots buying guns without the slightest clue how they work.
    Keep up the good work Barry!

    • harley says:

      see whiney…even right wing nutjobs like smarmyman are seeing
      the light…that obama has things on the right track.
      Even gov. brewer in arizona has said that obamacare is the right
      thing to do…it creates jobs…its economically sound and its the
      moral thing to do.
      All of us are now waiting for you to see the light and come over to the
      side of america that cares about this nation’s future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      come on over…we will welcome you and chuckles too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the dude says:

      I am with you smarty, more restrictions and hoops that make it tougher but no outright bans. The problem is that with more restrictions and no attempt to help the root cause of these problems, that being mental health and us as a country dismissing it as someone else’s problem. We will continue to have bloodbaths where nutballs can get access to weapons that can kill scores of people before the authorities can act.

  4. Skeptic says:

    This article is spot-on. Bullseye, Whinery!

  5. Chico's Lumber Yard says:


    It strikes me as typical case of “Nero fiddles, while Rome burns”.

  6. mike says:

    The biggest problem I have with all of this is that Obama just ignores Congress and makes a law by executive fiat. He is supposed to be a President, not a dictator.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    Guys, pro or anti Obama, nothing was done or said yesterday that would prevent another Sandy Hook from happening. Doesn’t matter if he surrounded himself with children or the NRA, nothing was said, nothing was done.

    The solution to this isn’t controlling guns, but it makes for a simple non answer that lulls you to sleep in false security if you don’t care to read the facts. It’s the same reason we take off our shoes to board a plane. No one ever blew up a plane that way, the one person who tried was doomed to failure, but it makes us feel like something is being done to make us safe. It’s an age old ‘solution”. Those of you in my demo can remember atomic blast drills in school. What did we do? We got under our desks, knelt down and covered our eyes. All I can assume that was for is so we poor little kids couldn’t see our asses getting VAPRIOZED when the moment came, as it was protecting us from NOTHING. And that carries on today; it just has a different name.

    What we have is plain and simple, a culture of violence. Nowhere is the US’s level of gun violence matched by countries in a similar economic position as us. There are countries where it’s a lot worse, and you’d expect where that is; Latin America, Mexico, several other countries and you can all guess why. Here, it’s worse in the bad parts of the bad cities’ St Louis, KC, and Detroit. And why is that? That’s where the violent culture is!

    You can’t escape this topic without race entering in to it, and I’m neither a race baiter nor racist. But if 50+% of a problem can be laid at the feet of a population that makes up 12% of your population, what do you want to call it? At its root is poverty, drugs, unemployment and….. A CULTURE of violence. I made mention before of meeting with an inner city funeral home director where he told me the incredible number of pre-paid funerals on his books, bought by inner city teens who know they are likely to “go out” soon and want to make sure their funeral is bigger than the last little banger down the street. What IS THAT? This isn’t something you find in Sweden, or England. It doesn’t happen there like that….. so pick a name, but the solution isn’t gun control.

    The answer isn’t as sexy. It doesn’t gin up two sides against each other and make for great divisive debates. The answer is…. improve the mentality where this is happening. The answer is in rebuilding the family unit. The answer is in providing HOPE to these young people. The answer is in improving education, having meaningful jobs waiting for them when they matriculate. The answer is in replacing violence with a sense of meaning and purpose.

    But guess what? The President can’t sign an Executive Order to make that happen. It takes a village, not a pen stroke. Meanwhile, we will give up freedom in exchange for a solution that isn’t. It doesn’t lie at the feet of the NRA, the anti gun crowd or Obama’s pen, it ends with us deciding what we are going to do to repair a problem that started in the 50’s and has done nothing but get worse. It took us 50 years to get here, it’ll take 50+ to fix it and it won’t fix itself.

  8. balbonis moleskine says:

    >Bans and restrictions have done nothing to stem the flow of illegal drugs to junkies, so how are we to believe that a ban on high capacity magazines or assault rifles will keep them out of the hands of homicidal maniacs?

    Your analogy is off. The heroin problem with junkies has been effectively managed by governments by using harm reduction strategies (free clean needle exchanges, drug counseling in lieu of jail like Jackson County drug court).

    The equivalent harm reduction strategies would be to keep guns legal but restricting the capacity of magazines or making it mandatory but free to take a gun safety course when you buy a gun.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      balbonis moleskine, two different issues in my point of view. At least junkies, some of them, don’t want AIDS, dont want some other health issues, so that program works. If I’m so out of touch with reality that I want to go into Oak Park Mall and gun down 40 people…… is that mandatory safety course I was forced into really going to change that? Somewhere in my deranged head am I going to harken back to that day and call off my shooting spree?

      Hard core criminals, maniacs, can ALWAYS find a gun if needed! Thats not going to change with any form of control or education. There are millions of clips and magazines out there floating around. Ban them ALL tomorrow; if I want to kill a bunch of people, guess how long its going to take me to get my hands on one?

      See the difference? Its just not the same, even though your points are all valid in your example of junkies, this really IS a flawed analogy trying to compare that to this.

    • Super Dave says:

      And the success rate of this so called drug court is?

      A friend is a drug counselor and he claims when a judge sends a person to counseling in lieu of jail it seldom has any effect. They huddle together to see how to beat the system and try to stay clean till out of program and then it’s back to the drug use again. He is a firm believer of shock jail time house arrests and so forth along with counseling. Counseling only works when the person wants to quit. Our courts and how prisoners are treated is as well a part of the gun issues we have today. Short to no jail time for the criminals to them is a joke and they know it and do it hands down counting the few days till back on the street doing it all over again.

      Wison is right till criminals are taught a lesson guns used wrong will always be an issue. And sadly one that will never go away. All a person can do is protect themself and family the best way they can.

      As for the mental health side of it thank the government for killing the funding for trying to control that issue some.

  9. smartman says:

    Right on Harley! We should also have proficiency tests for people that want to buy SUPERCARS. Too many raisins driving Lotus’s, 911’s, Kompressor’s, Ferrari’s and Lambo’s that don’t have the skill or knowledge to handle the car. Fact is, outside of professional drivers only 20% of the people that buy SUPERCARS have the knowledge and skill to drive them within there performance limits and capabilities. What better way to deal with rich arrogant douchebags then to tell them they are only qualified to drive a Honda Civic!!!!

    Maybe proficiency tests for people that wanna have baby’s too. I’m all for it. Let’s just set up testing standards and if you can’t pass the test you don’t get to participate in all that life has to offer.
    Not only does that promote but also encourages the general welfare, safety and well being of all citizens.

    • Super Dave says:

      You do have a point no doubt. Trouble is most people will say you’re nuts. But I say they are nuts for not being able to handle the truth.

    • Craig Glaysure says:

      Screw you, Smartman! Im an outlaw, not a rasin! I could ride a bicycle and get laid more than you. Now, where are my shades; Ive got some slithering around to do.

  10. goose13 says:

    Bottom line. If someone wants to kill, they will kill. It doesn’t matter what weapon they use, they will do it. Deal with the person. Get them the help they need. I agree on some of the restrictions, just not the ban. Curious though. With all the money to promote a ban and the money to promote against the ban. Wouldn’t that money be better used on the mentally sick??? I hear a bunch of talk on gun control, and only a trickle on mental health.

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