Leftridge: Screw Glenn, Kansas City Finally Has a Decent Dorsey

dorseyfrontFor 12 years, he was the director of college scouting for the Green Bay Packers. Actively involved in player personnel decisions for the better part of 22 years, John Dorsey has had a very direct hand in shaping the landscape of a perennial winner.

And because of his hiring, I am now fully on board with the beginning of the Andy Reid Era.

Dorsey—a linebacker for the Packers from 84-89—started out as a college scout in 1991, became director of player personnel for the Seattle Seahawks for one short season, and returned to Wisconsin in 2000 where he resumed the role where he’d previously experienced his greatest success. In 2012, he was named director of football operations.

And now, as general manager, he’ll be selecting future Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL Draft and signing brave free agents willing to align themselves with a struggling organization.

I couldn’t be happier.

See, unlike Scott Pioli—who henceforth shall only be referred to by spitting on the ground in disgust—Dorsey really seems to know how to pick ‘em. I mean, REALLY know how to pick ‘em. Since 2005, with Dorsey helping the decision-making process, here are some of Green Bay’s notable picks:

2012 Casey Hayward (Round 2, 62 overall)

2011 Randall Cobb (Round 2, 64 overall)

2010 Bryan Bulaga (1/23)

2009 BJ Raji (1/9)

2009 Clay Matthews (1/26)

2009 TJ Lang (4/109)

2008 Jordy Nelson (2/36)

2008 Jermichael Finley (3/ 91)

2008 Matt Flynn (7/ 209)

2006 AJ Hawk (1/5)

2006 Greg Jennings (1/52)

2005 Aaron Rodgers (1/24)


Over that very same period, here are the Chiefs’ notable selections.

2011 Justin Houston (Round 3, 70 overall)

2010 Eric Berry (1/5)

2008 Branden Albert (1/15)

2008 Brandon Flowers (2/35)

2008 Jamaal Charles (3/73)

2008 Brandon Carr (5/140)

2007 Dwayne Bowe (1/23)

2006 Tamba Ali (1/20)

2006 Bernard Pollard (2/54)

2005 Derrick Johnson (1/15)


Clearly, there are some takeaways from this comparison.

The Chiefs had an amazing 2008 draft class, for starters. AMAZING. It very well could be considered amongst their best ever. (To be fair, Green Bay’s wasn’t that shabby either, though.)

2006 is kind of a push, though I’d have to give it to the Chiefs because Hali is shaping up to be a perennial Pro Bowler and Bernard Pollard is still doing decent enough things for the Baltimore Ravens.  

With the first two picks in 2009’s draft, however, the Packers took Raji and Matthews, and the Chiefs took Tyson Jackson and—wait for it—Alex Magee

Oh yeah, and since 2005, the Packers have drafted both Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn (who still could theoretically turn into something someday), while the KC drafted the Gruesome-Twosome of Brodie Croyle and Ricky Stanzi (who could still theoretically turn into a Minsky’s delivery driver, given the opportunity).

And so it becomes abundantly clear, once again, where the greatest chasm forms within the organization: the ability to draft and develop a quarterback. Since the Packers selected Rodgers with the 24th overall pick in 2005, the Chiefs have taken a shot on two gridiron orchestrators—a dude whose greatest claim to fame is marrying a really fucking hot chick and another who couldn’t find a spot on the field due to an embarrassing lack of talent.


He’s not doing anything in SF. Why can’t he not do anything in KC?

So as we move forward—with a less than stellar draft class and an uninspiring free agent QB crop—I place my hope in the hands of John Dorsey, the man who is quickly building a legacy on his abilities in evaluation.

Let us hope that he has a franchise quarterback hidden somewhere in his draft-pocket, or barring that, is keen enough to trade for 49ers castoff Alex Smith.

Yeah, I’m still on my Alex Smith kick.

Welcome to Kansas City, John.


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13 Responses to Leftridge: Screw Glenn, Kansas City Finally Has a Decent Dorsey

  1. smartman says:

    It’s all lipstick on a pig. After the drilling The Pack took from the 49-ers I can see why the guy wants to jump ship. He got one ring on his watch in 2011 and knows he can’t continue to meet high expectations. Where better to land than in KC in a system where Clark “Hamlet” Hunt is your tie breaker.

    Consider that over the past decade getting drafted by Green Bay is the thrill of a lifetime, a place where kids want to bust their balls for God and city vs being drafted by the NFL’s equivalent of the Saudi Navy and that’s all you need to know.

    The Browns may have Chud but we, we have Crud…..still.

  2. chuck says:

    Come on Smarty, he has gotta beat Pioli by accident.


    The Glaze is no where to be found. Things change I guess.

    I will miss his prognostications and personality. An aquired taste.

    Lefty, who are the Chiefs takin??

    • Texas A&M tackle Luke Joeckel.

      • Chico's Lumberyard says:

        I sure hope you’re right.

        I think he would definitely help attract a decent qb in FA.

        • Yeah, the problem is this year’s FA crop is extremely weak. Personally, I’m not too keen on the idea of bringing in Joe Flacco or Matt Moore (though they’d both be a step-up from anyone else the Chiefs are running out there), just BECAUSE. I really hope they’ll take a look at trading for Alex Smith. He’s not going to blow your mind, but he has proven himself to be a very efficient, very effective option.

          • Chico's Lumberyard says:

            I agree.

            Smith could be very productive with a decent O-line, and Joeckel would be a good start for that mission.

            We’ll see.

  3. smartman says:

    Chuck, I think MIA Glazer framed this quite well when he said he would prefer Harley over Pioli. Reid&Co really do represent OLD MAN FOOTBALL. Having watched all 4 playoff games this weekend it is clear the Chiefs are aeons away from being perenially competitive in “the league”

    • chuck says:

      No doubt Smarty.

      The 49ers and the Pats?

      Salma Hyak’s Golden Globes were on the Golden Globes just now.

      If we keep drafting like always, we may as well take some chicks. If nothing else, Hyak under center couldn’t be any worse than Cassel.

      I am gonna look up her 40s, er…, 40 times.

      • kid rock says:

        Chuck’s Big Night. Watching boobies on tv and posting on Kansas City Confidential at the same time. Woohooo!

        • Super Dave says:

          And your night is more exciting? Guess not since you’re here reading what chuck wrote.

          • chuck says:

            He Superdave, he has a point.

            I am not exactly settin the world on fire in my dotage and Mr. Rock continues to impress.

            Ya don’t just fall outta bed in a little hat and create lyrics like this.

            “Balls In Your Mouth”

            “Cruisin’ thru town in my jacked up truck
            eyes open cuz I’m scopin’ for a big butt sl*t
            One that I can take straight back to my house
            and have her suck my d*ck and put my balls in her mouth.”

            This, from a song called “Fu*k Off” will stand the test of time.

            “I’m not Peter Pan I don’t f*ck with fairies
            Kid Rock I couldn’t be no Bozo
            And I get too much P to ever be no homo”

            Yeah, we hear ya Mr. Rock, but I am thinkin you “The Lady Doth Protest Too Much.”

  4. Jodie Foster says:


    Kid Rock = MORE GIRLS FOR ME!!!

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