Hearne: Love, Peace & Happiness Just Around Corner for Kanrocksas, Buzz Beach Ball

Fingers-crossed1Some things just were never meant to be…

Like harmony between the inaugural Kanrocksas fest and alternative radio station The Buzz. Primarily because Kanrocksas – a largely alt rock festival – went down a mere 11 days prior to The Buzz Beach Ball at Livestrong. The net result being that radio station refused to accept ads or promote Kanrocksas.

And while it’s hard to pin it down exactly, sans access to the Buzz listenership, Kanrocksas took a healthy seven-figure bath.

Very ugly.

Still Kanrocksas licked its wounds, took a year off while the Kansas Speedway was being reworked, cleaned house bit and announced it would return this June.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, The Buzz had also moved its Beach Ball from August to June to escape the killer heat and the battle lines were drawn once again.

Mumford-And-Sons-Barbershop-FeatureUntil maybe now.

That’s because – cross your fingers – if things work out as hoped for, Buzz Beach Ball will go down in early June. Meaning once its done, the radio station could conceivably accept advertising for Kanrocksas and help promote the two day fest without cutting its own throat.

Think of it as win-win – lemonade from lemons – peace on Alternative Rock Earth.

But like I said, cross your fingers and keep ’em crossed…


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3 Responses to Hearne: Love, Peace & Happiness Just Around Corner for Kanrocksas, Buzz Beach Ball

  1. the dude says:

    Alternative Rock, what a joke.

  2. Curious says:

    How can anyone know if they want to promote with no idea who is playing? If The Stones are playing I assume they want no part of it anyway.

  3. pASTURN says:

    The line up in 2011 was weak overall especially when compared to the price of tickets. First off it was a massive pile o dung for a line-up. They had 2 or 3 good or decent bands there. I have seen them for $20-$45(Indoors w/ A/C) in the past when they were on top and with NIN or someone else bad ass worth my time to see. These cats want $175 for what 100+ degree heat and bunch of wanna be concert going college doo$hbags wanting to sing along to the m&m ex-wife song while picking fights with cats that look like the cat their ex left them for all the while spilling his beer on me and mine YAWN ………..I as well as the many people I know who go to shows will pass unless they make big changes to this one.

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