Donnelly: 2013 MLS All Star Game KC Bound but Possibly Not @ ‘Livestrong’

lance-armstrong-tour-de-france-2009Now, a couple of rumors…

 I’ve heard from reliable sources that the 2013 MLS All-Star game – held in late July – will take place in Kansas City, but maybe not at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, a venue that has been nearly universally praised since its opening.


Here’s the deal.

First, it’s a no brainer that KC gets the All-Star game.  Myself – along with almost everyone else in the soccer media world – predicted a year ago that KC would get the nod this year, after Philly got it last year to show off its shiny new digs.

So why might it not be at LIVESTRONG? 

Because by July there might not be a LIVESTRONG. 

There are some rumblings that Sporting main man Robb Heineman is set to rip the big yellow banner and name off the stadium and move in another direction in light of the epic destruction of Lance Alivestrong_SportingParkrmstrong’s legacy and public persona.

So, no, the game won’t be out at Arrowhead, or anywhere else for that matter. 

It’s just that by July there may be a different colored huge banner on the west side of the stadium. 

If that is the case, and given Heineman’s desire to link up the stadium naming rights with a charitable cause, who might be waiting in the wings? 

Stay tuned…    
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15 Responses to Donnelly: 2013 MLS All Star Game KC Bound but Possibly Not @ ‘Livestrong’

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    I can’t afford to go to the Big Game, but it’s nice to hear that Kansas City will be playing host to it regardless of whatever name happens to be on the Big Sign at the time. Let’s just hope the good Lord brings us some rain this year so they don’t have to water the pitch like crazy to keep it looking green all summer long.

  2. legendaryhog says:

    Any word on whether Sporting Season Ticket Holders get first dibs on All-Star tickets?

  3. the dude says:

    I already called dibs on the yellow chair so I would need another ticket.

  4. Superfreq says:

    So what about the jersey sponsor rumor of local company Ivy Funds? Looks like SKC is getting it’s ducks in a row for a impressive slate during 2013.

  5. Rick says:

    Philly has similar #s of STH, and we all had the option to buy ASG tix, so I would imagine a similar setup for SKC fans.

    • Rj Keitchen says:

      Yes but doesn’t Philly’s stadium hold more then KC’s? KC’s only seats 18,500. They can get over 20,000 in there but everybody after 18,500 has standing room only tickets. And last I heard, Sporting was closing in on 15,00 season tickets sold.

  6. Matt says:

    At last report SKC is 13.6K STH, which 96% of the seats allotted to STHs. The rest are single game tickets.

    • legendaryhog says:

      Wait, what? I don’t get it. Sporting seats 18,467, so how can 96% of the seats be taken by STH if there are 13.6K STH?

      • legendaryhog says:

        Or is that just the max that will ever be allotted and after 13.6K STH seats are taken you can’t become a STH?

        • Superfreq says:

          I’m going to guess that maybe the cut-off for STH is 14k leaving Sporting with 5k+ for walk ups, comps, SRO, etc per match.

  7. Matthew Donnelly says:

    Talk Radio just picked up on Garber’s Thursday announcement at LIVESTRONG, saying he will likely announce the All Star game is in KC… Stay tuned.

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