Jack Goes Confidential: ‘THE IMPOSSIBLE’ – Nothing is More Powerful Than the Human Spirit

NAOMI WATTS and TOM HOLLAND star in THE IMPOSSIBLETHE IMPOSSIBLE is one of the most powerful disaster stories I’ve ever seen…
It’s the awe-inspiring tale of one family’s survival of the infamous 2004 tsunami.

Based on a harrowing true story, Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor and their three sons begin their winter vacation in Thailand. Great days in a tropical paradise.

It’s the morning of December 26 and the family is relaxing around the pool after their Christmas festivities the night before when it happens!

A terrifying roar and a huge wall of black water suddenly sweeps over the beach and resort grounds. The sight of Watts’ almost drowning are frightenly stunning and guaranteed to make you shudder. And McGregor’s agonizing search for his kids is absolutely heartbreaking.

NAOMI WATTS and TOM HOLLAND star in THE IMPOSSIBLETotal mayhem erupts during one of the world’s worst natural catastrophes.

Yet there are unexpected displays of compassion and courage amidst the family’s darkest hours. And from a visual standpoint the approximately 10 minute long sequence of absolute tsunami horror will leave you gasping.

Epic. Devastating. Uplifting.

THE IMPOSSIBLE is truly a journey to the core of human experience.

This massive, yet very personal heartrending motion picture is now playing citywide, raising 4 out of 5 survival-bound fingers.

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