Hearne: Beaumont Club in Westport is No More

IMG_1841Hard to imagine but it’s been 20 years since the Beaumont Club in Westport first reared its head…

Now, 20 years after the fact and hundreds of concerts and sporting events later, the Beaumont is no more. The club closed quietly after a battle of the bands Sunday night.

“That’s terrible,” says Hobbs fashion buyer Shauna Swanson. “I love that place.”

a grandadaIt’s web site still shows four concerts slated to appear this year – including The Darkness on January 30th – however the “Take Action Tour” featuring The Used on January 16th has been moved to the Granada in Lawrence.

Over the years the Beaumont featured some of the top artists and shows in Kansas City with acts ranging from Jane’s Addiction and Big and Rich to Katy Perry and Panic at the Disco.

That despite criticism about its questionable sight lines and acoustics that resulted in the Beaumont being cited as one of the city’s worst venues to see a concert in by Star music critic Tim Finn.

However, a new ownership group put in a new stage and sound system five years ago remedying most of the complaints.

the-beaumont-club-16In recent years the club has reportedly been in a financial tailspin, especially after an ownership defection and intense competition from outdoor venues such as the Power & Light District lead to its dropping the nightclub portion of the biz and trying to make it as a concert hall only.

Here’s to the fond memories of the many great artists and shows that appeared at the Beaumont Club over the past two decades.

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22 Responses to Hearne: Beaumont Club in Westport is No More

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    I hate to see this, they were a bright spot in Westport even in the down years…hope whatever comes next helps Westport continue to grow and move forward as it has been doing.

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    I never liked their attitude at this place and the clientele was less than desireable. Fun to watch boxing there though.

  3. T-Soul says:

    Hard to believe me and my team were the last performers at the Beaumont Club that place will be missed

  4. AgainstTheGeneration says:

    We are with T-Soul, it’s so bittersweet to play the last show at such an influencial music hall. Our favorite bands played there and it’s a shame to see part of our music in Kansas City be gone.

  5. Rick in PV says:

    I saw, or struggled to see, such great bands as Wilco, Drive-By Truckers and Cracker there. But as the vintage of those acts suggests, I have’t been there in years. Still, too bad for live music.

  6. chuck says:

    I could give a shit about the B’mont.

    Hasn’t snyone noticed that the last good cafeteria closed?

    Piccadilly out on 119th and Metcalf.

    God I loved that place,

  7. chuck says:

    There are NO decent cafeteria’s in this town.


  8. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    That place sucked as a venue for live music. Unless you were close to the stage or 6’5″, forget about it.

  9. Jimbo OPKS says:

    Louis: Who’s Beaumont?
    Ordell: An employee I had to let go.

  10. Slady says:

    I love Westport and I have been to the Beaumont many times over the years for concerts. I wish I could say I would miss the place, but that’s not the case. The sound was terrible and the restrooms were by far some of the WORST in town.

  11. jon lunkwicz says:

    What ownership defection?? I personally was forced out and then became paralyzed due to an infection in my spine.. most of the best shows, the ones you listed were during the ownership of stuart saloman and myself. the quality and quantity of shows came after we remodeled and no longer were a nightclub and only a concert venue… the nightclub portion of the business was not because of power and light but because of the other partners not undestanding the nightclub business over the last several years since 2009…. the leagacy of the club should be respected … it may have been smelly and ugly and have bad acoustics (i could not tell being partially deaf) but we tried to keep live music alive during a period when there was a slide in live venues and a rise in corporate live music that priced most of the good live music venues in the country out of business…. and we tried to have quality shows with a wide variety of musical styles …. i think you would find the large majority of employees felt pride in the club and the shows … many of the national artists who played there came back to party there and see shows there… many of my employees were my dysfunctional family and have kept in contact since i left…..i loved the club , i loved my employees, and i even loved hearne christopher

    • admin says:

      That’s a lot to love.

      I’m somewhat familiar with your situation Jon, but I think you know to whom I refer regarding the ‘defection.’

      You were a very passionate supporter of live music in Kansas City.

      The reference to P&L is to its free live music shows during the summer that made it very difficult for the Beaumont to compete. There a lot more to that and I’ll get into it more specifically in a few.

  12. jon lunkwicz says:

    did not mean to disrespect or forget the excellent 9 years of salsa we had in the summer before anyone else actually paid attention to the audience that was there

  13. jon lunkwicz says:

    or the 10 years of outdoor sand volleyball we had

  14. Brian S says:

    So many great shows! Remember the Insane Clown Posse with all the Faygo and glitter? The sidewalk sparkled for weeks. Good times, good times!

  15. arlo says:

    So instead of correcting “it’s web site”, you just pulled down my comment pointing out your error? Nice work.

    Meanwhile, if you’re going to be a journalist, study up.

  16. Chris Lyon says:

    I worked there. Jon was a great boss. He knows definitely knows music. I totally busted Fred Durst smoking some weed before he went on with Limp Bizkit in 97. I saw Sheryl Crow in curlers (not hot). She had her dog Buddy at the time. Jon got some great bands in there.

  17. Tron says:

    Piccadilly was a horrible for live music.

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