Glazer: Adios Romeo, Time to Cancel Season Tix

cassel8-aHow long will this divorce go on?

We love the Kansas City Chiefs. They don’t love us.

The players don’t know us or care. They never did. The out-of-town owner probably thinks, “How can I move this team to a better city? But why move as long as these hicks keep buying tickets and jerseys to watch and honor a terrible team. Might as well take the rubes money.”

The General Manger won’t even speak to you on the radio or TV period.

He thinks you and everyone else here is beneath him.

The head coach has just a bit more education than his 5th grade educated players.

I mean that by the way.

And for the love of God, please don’t let Jamaal Charles ever interview again. He can’t get through one sentence without a major speaking error. MAJOR.

When will it be enough?

badLet me be even more clear: The Chiefs will stink again next year no matter what they do. They have nothing to work with. Get it?

So do what I do; watch them on TV. Enjoy their being awfu. And maybe, just maybe, make a buck or two by betting against them almost weekly. It will make you feel GREAT.

Yes, there was a time when the players were part of this city. The Ted McNights, and the Priest Holmes types. No more. This is just a payday and ego blaster for nearly 100% of the team. When it’s over, they all MOVE AWAY.

Sure there are a couple guys who stay like Bill Maas, Tim Grunhard and old school players like Len Dawson and Otis Taylor.

Yesterday they fired Romeo Crennel. Shocker. But I don’t really give a crap because Clark Hunt seems to be keeping loser Scott Pioli.

Harley would make a better general manager and I mean it.

Scott is a national joke, He came here to a 2-14 team and its still a 2-14 team. Nice.

He’s drafted all losers or close to it. Talented guy, huh? he takes credit for Tom Brady, like a million other guys have. His speaking skills are just above those of Jamaal Charles, maybe 6th grade.

This column is meant to be mean as hell, because this joke of a city’s proud organization has earned it. And I’m proud I was THE first guy in the media to start calling them a joke, going back to the benching of Rich Gannon. They have stunk ever since.

Know this sports fans, there are no more team managers on the field, unless their name is Manning.  It takes a quarterback to receiver combination to make it all work. When was the last time we had that twosome?

I’ll tell you Len Dawson to Otis Taylor 1972. Forty plus years ago. End of story.

By the way, without their uniforms on they wouldn’t speak to you or you to them.

End of story about your beloved Chiefs.

Happy New Year. Don’t renew your season tickets.

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26 Responses to Glazer: Adios Romeo, Time to Cancel Season Tix

  1. harley says:

    happy new year to all my friends/fans/disciples/followers and loyal comrades!
    After a night of drinking bubbly at the old airport…and an hour and a half workout
    at lifetime fitness with the lovely ladies of joco…its time for my report card
    on the people who make so inviting and fun this past year.
    Close your eyes…and get ready for the truth from the #1 prognosticator in america!!!!


    Truth is that noone knew who whiney baby was til he comes out of the closet
    with his romney endorsements. And boy was whiney ever wrong…and we mean
    big time wrong. Not only did whiney blow at least 3G on getting his picture taken
    with mitt the loser…not only was he smiling as mitt the loser probably stole
    whiney’s wallet…but now that pic is worthless to everyone. I mean lets be
    honest…whiney tapped out in 2012. From his bold predictions of a huge romney
    win just weeks before the landslide by my man obama…to his sullen sad excuse for
    why mitt the loser lost. Whiney has been on the forefront of some of the worst
    predictions since glaze predicted that kc would be a great team in 2012.
    Glaze and whiney probably share the same crystal ball…a crystal ball that’s
    not only way off…but wrong most of the time!!!!
    So to whiney baby…sorry bro…and member of the tribe….you flunked in
    2012. And from the looks of 2013 you and your republican right wingnuts will
    have another bad year in 2013. But we will give whiney points for trying in 2012..
    just maybe he better go to shul and pray that he doesn’t make any more mistakes
    like he made with mitt the loser. Happy new year whiney baby…you’re gonna need it.
    Whiney’s like a timex watch…he takes a lickin..and keeps on ticking.

    LEFTY: everyone has seen lefty grow into a decent journalist. Some funny stuff.
    But lefty…in 2013 your resolution should be to buy a freaking car!!!!! I mean
    come on lefty. A big time star journalist from kc confidential without a car…
    are you serious? And you’re married! The last guy I knew named lefty was
    a horse bettor in vegas who ended up almost getting blown up in his car
    outside a vegas casino. You’re writing has defineitly improved…but you
    gotta get a car…maybe a saturn…maybe a old yugo….we don’t care…get some
    wheels already…the bus is gross and you’re wife has tobe embarrassed when
    you guys go on a date using the grand street bus #2134 with transfers to
    bus 2341 to go to dinner. Come on lefty…i was going to give you a B in 2012..
    but i’m marking your grade incomplete til you get some wheels. Try Neils on
    bannister…for just $99 down you’re in big time wheels!!!!!!!

    HEARNE: B +
    Hearne started out 2012 with great stories about such interesintg subject like
    a gross jazz bar that closed…and ended up with more stories about interesting
    subjects like people getting cut at the kc star. come on hearne…try something
    different. Your angle on layoffs at the star has gotten so old and worn out
    that you’re even boring me. How about digging up some of your old subjects…
    like Jim McDonald….Rod Anderson…..Z….and your usual hosts of subjects when
    you were at the kc star. Come on…get some new stories…freshen this site
    up…and if you do a good job maybe you’ll get extra credit in 2013.

    KELLY UNICH: Grade: F
    How many dj’s get their own columns? None. Why? They can’t write.
    They can’t be funny with words. Kelly’s column has become so bad that
    even Jeff Wilks wouldn’t hire him back. I mean that’s bad.
    Find a comedy writer . Get some fresh jokes…and maybe next year
    we’ll beable to improve your grade.

    BABY COW: Grade: Incomplete
    I mean is there a former dj with a worse attitude than babycow? Just 5 articles
    and he’s now joined the prepper movementy. Babycow has been more wrong than
    whiney and that’s bad. Even randy miller or johnny dare could write better material
    than babycow. Seriously…you’d think that if babycow was smart he’d find
    a realy comedy writer…a real comedy producer and be funny again.
    But we love babycow. One ofthe really talented guys on radio in america.
    If you liked him you could call his brother and get a 3.2% 30 year rate on
    a mortgage with good credit.
    BAby cow….come back in 2013…its gonna be a great year….smile….the fortune
    cookies say big things will happen to you this year.

    JACK POSSINGER: grade: B
    Jack…still trying to sell those empty cabins on that costa cruise thats still
    submerged in the ocean? Nice try jack….
    Jack has thrilled us this year with such great topics as…..such great topics
    as…..and great topics such as….uh…well there was onegreat topic.
    JACK MEETS JILL…THE NOVELA (spanish for soap opera) about jack meeting
    a friends friend and the romancing and potential relationship that from what
    jack told us never happened.
    Jack…get rid of the accent. Stop messing with those midtown women…hang with
    glaze for a few nights…he’s got the p****y magic thing down to a science….just
    touch glaze and thru osmosis you will become a female magnet. Nice try..bette
    luck in 2013. Try seniormatch .com.

    AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST….GLAZE: Grade: A +++++++++++++++
    I mean what would this site be without glaze. Seriously…he gets all the ink.
    Who else but glaze could go from having a hottie accuse him of murder in
    a foreign country to having to deal with black barbie and her family.
    Glaze is the bomb. Only problem is that he bores us with his chiefs are
    bad stories…way overdone.
    But glaze has a unique outlook on the world….from trolling the plaza for
    young hotties in his ford focus (i mean lotus)to rolling thru westport checking
    out the young hotties…to telling us a thousand times that he cleaned Clint Eastwoods
    chair…to telling us that we need more guns in the schools….to giving us the
    low down on the hip hop and gangs in kc inner city…LETS ALL BE SERIOUS..
    glaze keep picking those easy football picks…keep up the brilliant writing pieces..
    you surely won’t win a pulitzer but you might win a ………well with all the
    stuff you write you should win something.
    A++++++ in 2012…we’re expecting big things from you in 2013.

    now my grades for the commentators.

    Smarmyman looked good til he wrote about his new business…selling used hot tubs.
    Now most people would think this was an idea worthy of billions in venture
    capital investment money…but it wasn’t.
    We give smarmyman a d…for dumbf**k!!! I mean if i had a nasty business
    like that id never tell anyone. Grandma/grandpa won’t even come into his house.
    The neghbors kids avoid the house like the plague. Even the his own kids
    wear hazmat suits in the house.
    But smarmyman has had some funny stuff. And without smarmyman who would
    we have to make fun of. Oh yeah….chuckles!!!!!

    chuckles…once the man about town…with more ladies waiting than glaze ever
    dreamed of.
    chuckles is a great guy…even if he attended the “puke” parties of the 80’s and
    chuckles still has something left in the tank. He can write like shakespeare but
    its just not right. chuckles is down to earth…but he’s needing a major
    attitude adjustment.
    We’ve all suffered thru some tough years. But it’s our own fault. We were asleep
    at the wheel. we let the politicians and the wall street gangsters and the
    greedy bankers take us down. We fell asleep. And it hurt everyone.
    We all knew people who lost life ssavings…lost their homes…lost their jobs.
    Why? Because we didnnt pay attention. We had it so good for so many
    years that we became complacent. I give chuckles credit…he has passion for
    his views…and admire that.
    so chuckles keep writing….lay off the comedy…not your cup of tea…
    and have a good 2013.

    WILSON? grade: A+++++++
    guy tried to answeer every comment i put up on kcc. And the emails…side
    splitting laughter…rolling on the floor.
    All 3 harleys (yes…theres not just 1 harley…not 2 harleys…but 3 difrferent
    people who contributed under the harley name in 2012) had agreat ime with wilson.
    wilson is a good guy…like the booze and cigars…and he’s got passion for whatever
    he’s doing.
    We;ve had our spats…and he’s sent some funny emails…but thats water under
    the bridge…in 2013 its going to be another roller coaster ride!!!!

    guy promised us he’d not write on kcc again if romney lost. When he cried
    me and hearne agreed to let him contiue to post here. We felt that he had
    no outlet for his ridiculous comments. We felt bad that mark had no other
    thing to take up his time.
    So we let him get back on kcc and hopefully he will contribute some intelligent
    work to the site or we will have him banned for life.

    MIKEY: a
    aftr the election mikey got so embarrassed that he left us. A is for absent.
    thanks god!

    THE DUDE: c
    the dude comes up with funny stuff…most of it off color.
    his one liners are decent…his remarks funny…but most of the time just plain
    out of whack.

    MARCHES ON IN 2013.
    MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kerouac says:

    I’m reminded of the late Sam Kinison line “I’m getting tired of giving away everything I own (put together from scratch) every 5 years (result of divorce); you got off easy/it coulda been worse, Sam: you too coulda been born a Chiefs fan instead of a contender.

    It’s a new year: time to scratch that chronic Chiefs itch again. Time to pick at the scab always becomes an leadership rub (the wrong way) and festers into an open sore… as always, the paradox being that the bleeding can continue even aft the patient is dead.

    The Chiefs clarion call trumpeting a ‘new sheriff in town’ occurs only slightly less often than the late Pat Paulsen ran for President… we all know how that ended.

    Speaking of the dead, yesterday I actually heard Waldo – I mean Clark Hunt – come out & ‘say’ all the right things to the media, to include radio. He’s done that before of course & always in his inimitable way (think Henry Kissinger/Ben Stein – on Valium.)

    In the mean-spirited dubiousness be every Chiefs postseason-less post Christmas review, the ‘team that made the 2010 one famous’, is as CG said: back where they were four years (and about as many offensive touchdowns) ago… nowhere.

    Ownership pledging ‘change is coming’ via another ‘new sheriff in town’ (even before the old one is properly buried), ‘fandom’ in the form grown men expectant the same way usually reserved for pit stops aft the ingestion Dulcolax – or Pioli’s ouster, same.

    Getting a little tried of my measured attempts at humor?

    Ditto for Chiefs fans re: your schtick, Clark.

    You may not care but we do.

    Get it right this time.

  3. chuck says:

    No summer school for me.

  4. priors says:

    1-3 for weekend picks


  5. chuck says:

    Hey Glaze, click on this–

    It is Nast Neal from Walter Mitty’s, Fannys etc etc.

    He has that used car place on 95th St. Lotta commericals. Neals (?).

    I thought he was cleaned up with a family etc etc.

    Funny stuff. Looks like he is having a good time. It is under Girls Gone Wild at teh Mosaic in the KC Star.

    • harley says:

      neal has a family….still religious…and doing well.
      chuckles…kind of creepy that you are trolling 20 and 30 soomething
      websites for pics….i mean come on chuckles wouldnt you think that strange?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Chuck you should be a baby boomer detective…yes I see Neil out everytime I go OUT…Plaza, P and L, he’s everywhere. I think he is single, the going to Jesus was just for biz reasons….I ran with him and Jack Genova back in the day…Neil was called Nasty Neil back then and boy was he…their group was a little too ‘country’ for me but give them credit, they made tons of dough.

      Yep I played cards with their set up guys, often still won, picked up girls, even took a few back to my ‘pad’, all this before moving to LA in the early 80’s….a couple of their pals have died young…they were sure wild guys…They ruled during the Dirty Sally, Bibas, Walter Mitty’s days, you are right….I never see Neil without his cowboy hat, hair may be gone, but he is great shape, guy has to be five years older than I am…so he is early 60’s I would guess.

      • chuck says:

        He is divorced?

        That is too bad. I heard some years ago that he was realy religious and was a big time family guy.

        He was always a nice guy back in the day.

        Tell Jack hello.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          I haven’t seen Jack in years, I will say to Neil when and if I see him out and about. He is the only guy from back then I see out anymore, way more then I go to bars…he seems a nightly cruiser…hey the guy is always smiling…

      • casper says:

        in the early 80s neil smith was still playing high school ball maybe in the south somewhere.

  6. Hot Carl says:

    “And for the love of God, please don’t let Jamaal Charles ever interview again. He can’t get through one sentence without a major speaking error. MAJOR.”

    Pretty rich coming from a guy who can barely get through a sentence without a major spelling or grammar error. MAJOR.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Carl, knew we could count on you for some hate. As for errors, please point those out when you see them. That way you would be helping, not hating. Hearne edits my stuff, he is suppose to catch any errors. Because he is a one man band and I do make my share, some likely get by him. Happens. However being one of the reasons people read this site, I must be doing something right, huh? Maybe not for you, but hey you seem to read my things often, must be working. Besides Harley gave me an A+++++ so there.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Andy Reid…oh no…here comes a 5-11 year and then 7-9, then oh boy not much…unless we get a quarterback…look for Kevin Kobb to start here next year, Alex Smith goes to Arizona with their good D and Fitzgerald…I would…

    • Lance the Intern says:

      Andy Reid got the Eagles to 5 NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl…I can live with that.
      Give him Geno Smith to work with and let’s see what he can do.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Well lately he isn’t the same, but hey lets give him a chance. I am just so burned out with this team…so I am not optimistic, we’ll see. First we need to see who is at qb…

  8. bubba says:

    Let’s see Glazed. You were licking Chief asshole at the first Pre-Season game. Now you come back with you have against anything they have done since benching Gannon. Get real. Read your own shit. Make it match the shit you have written before. You write with a passion but it really doesn’t hold up on the web and we can all see that that your rantings are all bullshit.

    BTW, you threaten me again, you don’t know me, but I know you.

    If want argue the point I can post a link to your post after the first preseason game where you thought the Chefs where going somewhere.

    I toast my glass to Peyton who wouldn’t take a meeting with Scott and Tony who knew he was Superbowl player. Can’t wait to see it. My guess, and we will see, but Superbowl will be ATL vs Dev with 3 points for Denver as the line. I am calling the line before the play off’s. See if you can do better. It is a game that I would not bet but bet the line gets to about that point and those will be the teams.

    Since you have proved you don’t know shit the NFL, let take up the NCAA Basketball. The ball is in your court. Give me a few picks and I will tell why you are right or wrong.

  9. Kerouac says:

    I’m ambivalent about Andy Reid coming to KC, but he is apparently imminently ours, if media reports are true. Lombardi being unavailable, the question is: ‘who out there among the available is better (resume) or could be better (projection) than Reid?’

    The night has a thousand eyes & Chiefs fandom as many opinions.

    What’s the difference between Bill Cowher & Andy Reid? A single Championship by Cowher basically, won at the conclusion his 14th/next to last NFL season. Some say Reid would be another Marty Schottenheimer: the same coach never won a thing of note his career, beyond regular season kudos. ‘If’ the best that a Chiefs fan can hope for is a guy ‘also ran’, hire away.

    After Pioli & Haley & Crennel, ‘anything would be better’ seems the muted sentiment, many. Beyond said, what of realistic expectations? ‘Great out the gate’ regular season, ‘fade down the stretch’ post is synonymous for ‘they came & they saw – but ultimately were themselves conquered.’ Faint praise, grim realization: Dan Reeves (23 seasons), Chuck Knox (22) and Schottenheimer (21) the longest-tenured Coaches NFL history to never win a Superbowl.

    Unlike his father Lamar, Clark Hunt appears ‘willing’ if not necessarily more able get it right, in pursuit a 3rd Head Coach hire in 7 years (actually his 3rd the last 4) & his 2nd GM if Pioli does not survive. So, what does Andy Reid bring that suggests he’ll be any more able win a Superbowl here in KC than he was Philadelphia? Reid is Levy ‘Lite’… the latter is considered a great coach according some; I don’t equate ‘getting there’ to a Superbowl with ‘great’, even if Levy got there (and lost) 4 times. If getting there be sufficient, then the ’66 Chiefs satisfied every fan when they succumbed to GB, no need redemption ’69. Many run but only one will win: Reid has ‘gotten there’ once; would it really feel any better today had the Chiefs gone to & lost another Superbowl since ’70?

    Final analysis, I think not – Kerouac doesn’t grade on the curve aft 43 years of waiting for the Chiefs own Godot. Fair or not, I’m a bit underwhelmed by a possible Reid hire, but am willing to be persuaded otherwise.

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