Glazer: So Many Bowl Games, So Few That Matter


BowlGamesPosterRemember when bowl games were about Top 10 teams playing one another?

When you’d turn on the tube and see a stadium full of fans in the beautiful climes of say Florida and watch two college teams that actually mattered. And maybe they each had 8 or 9 wins?

Today there are something like 35 bowl games! WTF.

And it seems like almost all of them up until now have between teams with not much better than .500 records. Teams that weren’t really any good to begin with.

Air Force? Really?

Better yet, most of these games are being played on the East Coast. Yep, in snow!!! And in empty stadiums. Syracuse and West Virginia – wow, I’m on the edge of my seat. Hey maybe Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli is there scouting West Virginia quarterback, Gino Smith. He’s a dream, isn’t he?

The guy is slated for the Heisman, National Championship game and the oh yeah, number one pick in the draft. Actually, he sucks. By the way after an 5-0 start Smith’s team lost a million games in a row including today’s snow blown game to a nobody. Oh yeah, the stadium had less people at it than Power and Light on a Monday Night.

crap_bowlNot one bowl game I’ve seen thus far has had even a half full stadium.

So what does this all mean? Simple. As bad as these teams are, bowl games and football, gets big ratings on TV. Millions of people bet on these silly games. Millions. Online, in Vegas, with their pals etc.

Like the man said, which would you rather watch on a Saturday morning, a bowl game between Navy and Arizona State or a basketball game between Colorado and American U?

Maybe its time to cut back some…

Nah, think about the money. OK, let’s have 50 bowl games.
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  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Haven’t watched many bowel, er bowl games in years.

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