Glazer: KCTV News Hottie Kelly Jones is KC’s New ‘It Girl’

470651_GWe’ve all been wondering who would replace the beautiful Holly Starr as the new It Girl in KC…

The answer is now loud and clear; it’s KELLY JONES of KCTV. Jones has been saying, “Good Morning” to Kansas City since April of 2010 and she’s one of the most accomplished young ladies I’ve ever met. 206690_450360001678874_231607034_n

Jones is a former Jet Beauty and boy is she ever! Her beauty is only surpassed by her accomplishments and dedication to her media craft and her family.

I first met Kelly at Mix 93.3 with Teresa, Rocket and Ponch. She was promoting her new show on Channel 5 called Better Kansas City. She interviews local, national and international personalities, as well as restaurant guru’s and locals who help make Kansas City work.

Jones agreed to have some of our national comedy celebrities on her one houe show, which airs Monday-Friday at 9 a.m.

I could spend 10 pages citing the accomplishments on her resume, but here are just a few that make this former high school athlete and all around sports lover and graduate of Wayne State University, a very special lady.

She began her television broadcasting career in Yuma, Arizona as a morning and noon anchor. The Michigan native then traveled to Billings, Montana as the lead anchor, then did a three year stint overseas as an American Diplomat in Tirana, Albania and Brussels, Belgium.

Back on US soil, Kelly landed at KFMB TV as a reporter in San Diego where things really took off and she was nominated for numerous awards for her 24 hour coverage of the wild fires in 2007.

As if Jones plate wasn’t full enough, she was simultaneously tapped to be the Family Readiness Officer aboard a Marine Corps air station. In fact, Jones became the first civilian Family Readiness Officer in the 232 years of the Marines!

She left San Diego for the chance to have her own show here and anchor mornings. It comes with a price. Kelly has to get up at 2:30 AM to be at work for her 4:30am to noon news broadcasts at KCTV5. Jones has two children.

By the way when you meet Kelly its only a minute or two before you hear about her kids, the loves of her life.

“I’m a mom first,” Kelly says. “And my Mom is my hero.”

Kelly’s parents are both lawyers and her mom is a CEO in Detroit.

“I like being a leader,” Jones says. “I like being first and someone that people look up to.”

Boy, is she.

When Jones isn’t on TV5, she’s doing something in the community or on the air in Kansas City. She appears once a week during the NFL season on The Danny Parkins Show on 610 Sports and makes her football picks aptly named “Because I said So.”

Kelly plays the TOMBOY and breaks down NFL games and picks the winners. Well, she tries to pick winners. I did give her some advice this past year.

When Kelly isn’t turning on the Plaza Lights for Thanksgiving with the Chiefs, she’s hosting the Nursing Awards for the March of Dimes, judging the KC Chiefs Cheerleaders, working the Priest Holmes All Star Weekend bash, NAACP Events, the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk or working with folks at the Autism Training Center of Kansas City.


Yes, it’s hard not to be impressed with a lady who is without a doubt the new Kansas City “It Girl.”

Kelly was even on the cover of  KC Magazine recently and voted No. 1 News Personality in Kansas City by voters in The Pitch.

Is she a beauty? No question. Is she smart? I’ll say.

The sky’s the limit for this adopted KC Lady. In fact the sky and beyond.

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46 Responses to Glazer: KCTV News Hottie Kelly Jones is KC’s New ‘It Girl’

  1. smartman says:

    A real Mother Teresa, this one. If she was indeed a “mom first”, she’d be making her kids breakfast and taking them to school. Sounds like career is REALLY more important than being mommy. Doubt she’ll make the BIG MOVE like Harris Faulkner did.

    • Super Dave says:


      • Craig Glazer says:

        Not true, she does make her kids breakfast. By the way with her new show she will not have to be up as early so she will take them to school if she doesn’t already.

        Look I never said she was ‘wild’ just pretty, smart and caring…if those are bad qualities, then ok. I’ve seen and been with enough pretty girls that are just ‘pretty,’ this lady is much more.

        I did hear great things about her before we met. All seemed true.

      • harley says:

        oh yes…and super dave…another low life kcc commentator.
        We know about you. You’re the maintenance man!!!!
        next time don’t show your lack of class attacking a woman
        like this.
        No class…but w9uld we expect from another low life.

        • Super Dave says:

          harley your so full of crap as always

          • harley says:

            stupid dave…you’re living inthe 50’s with
            the rest of your kcc buddies….
            get a life…please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • ??? says:

          Damn harley stalking KCC poster’s now or was it a lonely Christmas? Would appear so to out someone’s occupation. Maybe you can score some of Glazer’s sloppy seconds for New Years.

    • harley says:

      go bang yourself smarmyman.
      You have no right to try to undermine this woman. Is this how you treat
      women…you attack them like a wild dog? Real classy smarmyman.
      But what would anyone expect from a guy who buys diseased hot tubs
      off craigslist and then cleans them up. Speaking of women of the house..
      or maybe “guy” of the house in your situation…how disgusting are the
      people you live with to put up with all that disgusting crap you bring in
      to your home.
      Kelly will be bigtime. Just a matter of time. And it willbe bigger than harris
      fallkner who isn’t even in the main tv hours.
      And yes smarmyman….the world has changed. Women now have careers..
      they have jobsand lets be honest …she’s making more on tv than you’
      re making with your diseased and horrid hot tub business.
      Yes…smarmyman you’re one big loser.
      Next time don’t pick on a woman you low life.

      • harley says:

        have met kelly several times. very nice and extremely
        sharp articulate woman.
        On tv she comes across incredibly smooth and has theability
        to make her guests feel comfortable.
        She’s going to be big time…just a matter of time til someone
        in major market hires her away.
        Seriously…in 5 years she’ll be rolling.
        Oh…and please all your old angry grouchy old moochie kc confidential nobodies…please shut the f*** up.

        • Markus Aurelius says:

          I love how you comment on your own comments. Priceless. Are you sure you’re not Michael Scott?

  2. rkcal says:

    I’m going to guess that this featured article on KC Confidential won’t end up on her resume.

  3. KCMonarch says:

    Here’s a tip for ya Glaze, when a woman brings up her kids in the first 5 minutes of a conversation with you, it’s her polite way of telling you to stop staring at her tits.

  4. Antidisestablishmentarianism speller says:

    No mention of husband… father of “most important people .. my children” ……. Does it matter to anyone? Certainly not Glaze, but what about the rest of you?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Kelly was married, is now single.

      • rkcal says:

        Glaze, stop while you’re ahead. It’s only going to get worse from here. This is the equivalent of talking about a chick in the locker room, only it’s online and she can read it.

  5. bwain says:

    I’ve met her, very nice woman. She has a good sense of humor.

  6. smartman says:

    Hey Harley, remember what Pope John Paul II said, “Stupidity is also a gift from God but one must not misuse it”

    Now get back to your job at Lykes, Black, Cox, Swallows and Rimz.

  7. Hot this says:

    So everyone is pissy about attacking her about being a career mom. The dis-respect to her started in the headline by referring to her as “hottie”. So Glazer and Harley can all beat the drum of politically correct when you start off with nothing more then a bar phrase as the descriptive adjective your contributing to the problem.

  8. Sherri says:

    I’m really disturbed about the negative comments posted about my cousin. You don’t know her or anything about her private life. She is a kind loving and wonderful person keep your negative comments to yourself.

    • Hot says:

      I completely agree with you Sherri. Consider your cousin a victim of Craig Glazer’s lack of class. See he thinks by referring to her as a hottie he has put her on a pedestal it’s a frat boy mentality for a middle aged man. He is complementary in the article but the damage is done first by his reputation and second by his disrespectful college frat use of adjectives in the title.

      • casper says:

        glaze middle age? frick he is 60! when has 60 become middle age?

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Hater, no I’m not 60, but you knew that…when you can do what I do, then you can speak, until then stay seated in the corner of mommy’s kitchen with the other dumb bells, ok.

    • chuck says:

      Kelly Jones is a public figure Sherri.

      The article (Total Puff Piece.) while vaguely puerile, is complementary with respect to her appearance.

      The comments, are part and parcel of what your ‘cousin’ should and no doubt does expect while she continues to promote heself in the spotlight.

      If she is “disturbed” by the give and take on this board, then she needs to get thee hence to a convent or a job with UPS.

      If your “disturbed” by the comments, then I would suggest your efforts to borrow glory by way of familial association speak to envy and insecurity.

      Again, off to a convent or UPS.

  9. chuck says:

    HARLEY: *running up the sidewalk at 4500 Shawnee Mission Pkwy* “Kelly!! Kelly!!
    It’s me, Harley, did you get my emails?”

    KELLY: *breaks into a run up the sidewalk at 4500 Shawnee Mission Pkwy*
    “Sweet baby Jesus this guy is persistant.”

    HARLEY: *able to increase his speed, his best friend owns a health club, overtakes
    Kelly Jones* “Wow Kelly, you look so hot when you run, but I don’t
    mean that to in a bad way, you know, like Glaze, smarmyman and S.D.
    do. It comes from a special place in my heart. Speaking of special
    places, my best friend runs Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas where I go all
    the time. I sent you some pictures of it if you have never seen it. Do you
    want to go there? Here are printed copies of every single comment I have
    made on kcconfidential so you know that I am a cool guy. Do you want
    to go?”

    KELLY: *finger on ‘dial’ for 911 on her cell* “Didn’t you get the Restraining Order?”

    HARLEY: “I give a lot of money to charity. My best friend runs the NAACP.”

    KELLY: “Benjamin Jealous is your best friend?”

    HARLEY: “Now we are finally communicating. I got plenty of Benjamins and I will
    never get jealous. I realize you have a career. I understand, I am famous
    too. Have you heard of Law 4 Life?”

    KELLY: “I’m callin the cops.”

    HARLEY: “My best friend is a cop.”

    KELLY: *turns and runs up the sidewalk at 4500 Shawnee Mission Pkwy*

    HARLEY: “Come back!! Do you have a new Hot Tub?!?!?”

    KELLY: *gets second wind, ditches heels, breaks into a sprint*

    HARLEY: “Call me…, uh…, HOLLA!!!”

    • harley says:

      uh chuckles the sad sad clown. All alone dreaming of the camo paint..
      and the fatigues. Plotting the next revolution against the government.
      Working and driving his “work beater” while he barely makes ends meet.
      Another lonely guy on kcc…posting at 1am in the morning.
      Trying to makeothers think he’s intelligent with his many lifted
      comments (yes…you read that right…nothing original in most of those
      comments!!!!!) and thentrying to hide the fact that he’s living in the
      1950’s again.
      AT old age chuckles the sad clown writes violent garbage and can’t even
      get his own stories straight. Trying to use some dialogue between me
      and a professional woman (who also happens to be black…and proud
      of it). Of course we’ve seen the racist rants by chuckles and smarmyman many many times. If its not attacking single black women…its blaming
      all the nation’s problems on minorities. Chuckles goes on and on and on
      with the same old jim crow languauge that went out in the 60’s.
      Not just againstthe black community but against people who are successful.
      See chuckles…the world has changed. Women work outside the house and have careers. Successful careers. They have kids and juggle schedules
      and go to soccer games and pta meetingswhile also pursuing very
      important jobs in the workplace. I know you find that hard to believe…
      I know you’re living in the 1950’s…and most importantly we all know
      that you’re a very negative…unhappy old man who just doesn’t get it.
      So chuckles…while you’re posting on kc confidential as the new year rolls in…while many peopleare smiling and happy…and looking forward
      to a great new year…full of hope and dreams for what lies ahead…
      being with friends as we laugh and drink to the new year…
      you are mad…angry ..and very very negative.
      chuckles…havea happy new year…please…hopefully you’ll start off
      2013 with a smile and a new attitude in mind… really really need it.

  10. Super Dave says:


  11. Craig Glazer says:

    First off, as Chuck points out, the article is most kind. Why? She earned it. I haven’t known Kelly long, but enough time to know one thing: she is a great mom and an incredible tough cookie when it comes to WORK FIRST.

    Kelly read the piece and enjoyed it, yes she knows there are strange ohs out there who will make odd comments, she has been in this game for some time now. However overall the comments have been pretty good.

    I think its nice we have a person like Kelly on the scene in Kansas City. Enough said.

    • harley says:

      kelly…the people on here like chuckles…smarmyman…mark smith…
      etc. hate successful people. It angers them that someone is doing well
      while they wait for their free government money.
      again…i apologize on behalf of those fools for their comments.
      happy new year.

  12. harley says:

    Sorry kelly…have to apologize for the absolutely stupid comments made by chuckles..smarmyman the used hot tub dealer…stupid dave the maintenance
    man…and the other fools on here.
    What started out as a genuine nice article about you by glaze turned into
    a complete mess with the disgusting comments put on here by the regulars
    of this site.
    See kelly…many of the older seniors who write on here don’t get it.
    We saw what smarmyman wrote. He’s living in the 1950’s. You read
    what chuck wrote (or as we refer to him: chuckles the sad clown)…and
    of course the other assorted whiners on kcc.
    See kelly…those old guys hate anyone who’s successful. They hate anyone
    doing things…making things happen…people who are enjoying life…living life.
    They post the same negative crap against glaze and i all the time. And now they
    see you as a target. They do it because 1. they’re jealous 2. they’re angry 3.
    they don’t have a life.
    So for hearne…glaze and myself…please accept our apology for the rude/crude
    comments made on here by the cranky old men with no class.
    They do not reflect the opinions of hearne…glaze or myself in any way.
    happy new year.

  13. She seems nice enough, but Stephanie Ramos is the one for me. Just don’t tell my wife, please.

  14. Bated Breath says:

    Where is Harley’s end of the year grades on commenters and scribes?

    • harley says:

      batedbreath….things have been hectic here..
      holidays with our huge family….a great saturday night on the plaza….
      tons of biz activities and of course the end of the year stuff that seems
      to clog up this time of year.
      I will try to put it together. and i do appreciate your reminding
      me of it….
      i’m glad one of my readers/followers/disciples/and fans was able
      to keep me updated and if you want the full reports you can email
      me at
      thanks for the mention…happy new year!

  15. mark smith says:

    harleys top 5 pick up lines of 2012

    5. Get in the trunk or Ill shoot.
    4. Don’t scream, I’ve gotta knife.
    3. I taught Jovan everything he knows.
    2. once you learn to love me, Ill remove the tape.
    1. Mom could you lance this goiter on my inner thigh?

    Happy New Year harley. Eat a sack O dicks.

    • harley says:

      hey mark…since hearne and i allowed you to come back on here we’ve been
      very disappointed. We allowed you back on here after you promised not
      ti post on here again and to say the least you’re writings are very weak.
      but what do we expect from another old whiny worn out old guy who
      is wating for his social security check.
      not only are you a loser (as is romney) but you’re also a liar.
      Now get back to washing dishes.

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Comment folks: It’s been just a couple weeks since we asked you all to play nice. To please not attack each other for no reason. It’s a holdiay, be kind to each other. Thank you.

  17. Rick Nichols says:

    Seems our Scribe has been out looking for oysters and discovered a pearl
    In the form of so-called “news hottie” Kelly Jones (a.k.a. KC’s new “It Girl”);
    But is there any chance Kelly’s hopes for a normal life may have taken a hit
    Now that our Scribe has told us of her many charms and even tagged her “it”?

  18. Kirstenkickshandsomeeharleyrace'sass says:

    Hey Hearne,

    I know from my own experience how difficult writing/editing can be. I imagine you are operating kc-con for fun and aren’t worried about how your “Scribe’s” level of expertise reflects upon your professional credibility. If so, then so be it, but if you do care a bit about your website’s effect on your credibility ala guilt by association, then perhaps you could spring for a “Freshman’s Comp” class at an area junior college for Mr. Scribe.

    Another polite suggestion here is to edit Mr. Scribe’s submissions, so at least they will pass through a spell checker. This will cost you no money, and in doing so you may reduce the personal humiliation Mr. Scribe unknowingly subjects himself to. Perhaps the accordingly more positive reactions Mr. Scribe will receive will motivate him to study even harder the finer points of his most recently unilaterally-added area of superbly mastered expertise and self adorned title derived from Scripture; such points including topic sentences, subject-predicate accordance, and all other nuances of the English language Mr. Scribe has understandably forgotten during his exciting, post- junior high school life, which has been strikingly similar to the ones which all violent felons, money laundriers, screenplay developers, cocaine dopers, sports handicappers of world renown, and A-list Hollywood Producers live.

    Ms. Kelly is certainly aware of the animal magnetism surrounding Mr. Scribe and his portable casting-couch; portable so to easily move it from state pens to federal or local ones, or any other locale that Ms. Kelly may beg for, very much atop her less worthy but overwhelmingly compelling life’s goal; that seemingly unobtainable one, of fathering the genius that would certainly spring from Mr. Scribe’s loins.

    And here’s a suggestion for you, Mr. Scribe, don’t grow shy now, of all times. Ms. Kelly is undoubtably wishing this very instant you would ravish her as only you can… And of course the spectacular influence you would … no, you WILL be on her all-important children will change the world, even if, understandably, her eldest two won’t be the center of attention once ya’ll’s blessed event comes to pass.

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