Glazer: Scribe Handicaps Final NFL Week, Bowl Games

img-referee-flag2Well, it’s over after this Sunday…

A few surprises. The Chiefs being horrible was not one of them, at least not to this proven NFL guru. All one had to do was look at the entire preseason to know that the Chiefs would suck again.

The big surprises were Seattle and the Colts. Seattle with what looks like the NFL’s best D and maybe, just maybe the best offense, could be the sleeper Super Bowl Team. Look out.

With all that said, here are final NFL week picks as well as some tasty Bowl games.

And yes, I will do the playoffs and final bowl games later.


WEST VIRGINIA +3 over  SYRACUSE  tease with below

ASU -7 OVER NAVY tease with above








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5 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Handicaps Final NFL Week, Bowl Games

  1. Kerouac says:

    CG, looking forward to your pick next week Oregon vs Kansas State… last I checked the betting line was anywhere from a touchdown to 1o point nod toward the ‘Mighty Ducks’… then again Oregon was picked over Stanford & lost (ditto Kansas State over Baylor, same.)


    Kerouac’s pick for the worst Kansas City Chiefs related website: Arrowhead Pride… a veritable hotbed of homer-ism: no original thinking/impartiality allowed (any dissent there is perceived in the same way that telling Karl Marx his most well-known theory – as his beard – is fuzzy.)

    I was ‘banned’ after ‘telling it like it is’ nod Howard Cosell; as I’ve not used/do not use overtly offensive narrative. Appears as if the moderators couldn’t stand reading truth in print or perhaps do not understand/condone words longer than four letters/a single syllable. Could return under a new username(s) but choose leave them to their errant group-think device.


    Less than four months now until the Pro Bowl-laden Chiefs once again take another stab in the dark/swing at the Pinata, i.e., ‘NFL Draft’, April 2013… a tale of ‘woulda, coulda & shoulda’ revisited.

    Players whom KC has passed on since Pioli stumbled into town here, include QB Andy Dalton (we needed an ‘game-breaker’ so selected Jonathan Baldwin 9 choices earlier.) QB Russell Wilson (we passed him up thrice; who needs his 25 td passes – as a rookie) and TE Rob Gronkowski (we took McCluster half a dozen picks before… Scott wanted a Hawkeye & the closest thing to ‘MASH’ he found was drafting the walking wounded Moeaki from Iowa.)

    KC also could have selected Pro Bowl OT Russell Okung or his teammate Pro Bowl S Earl Thomas (both Seahawks with multiple Pro Bowls & their team playoff bound for a second time in three years; we picked S Eric Berry (who has missed more games in one year than Thomas has in three, same; can’t wait to see what surprise-sssssss the author of ‘the right 53’ pulls out of his *** (‘hat’) this time around.

    He’s not coming back? Like ‘Jason’ from that other never-ending bloody red massacre ‘Friday the 13th’, I fear he may… return again.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Kerouac, as I have written several times, your comments and observations are some of the best on kcconfidential. For some ‘homer’ website to ban you is absurd. Just jealous, they can’t write like you. Neither can I. Ha.

      Look we usually agree, but when we don’t your comments are well thought out and of course your opinion. All fair.

      There are a couple radio stations that have website guys on as guests each week for sports, ArrowHead Pride is on a few times a season. All Chiefs, all the time. Hey its taken me years to finally get an across the board agreement from local radio guys on air that the Chiefs front office and ownership are poor to say the least. These guys were picking KC 10-6 and better the last few years, of course a playoff team. Only recently have ANY of them said, ‘yeah even 2010 sucked.’ I have said that all along. NOW THEY ARE STARTING TO SAY ‘HEY WE HAVEN’T BEEN ANY GOOD SINCE MARTY’ EVER. Yes, finally a few are seeing that the likeable, but failed Dick Vermeil’s teams stunk. We had offense and no defense. In 2003, by years end even with the 9-0 start, we were at best middle of the road, giving up 30 or 40 TO ANY NFL TEAM. Horrible.

      As for Oregon/K State. I’d like to pick K State to win, but right now I can’t. Oregon is too fast. K State has a chance if they can keep their offense on the field for long drives, Oregon’s D is suspect. It may be closer than we both think. To win Oregon. K State may cover though. I’m still thinking about it. I agree Oregon is likely to win it.

  2. chuck says:

    Kero, I think it is funny you are banned from ArrowDead Pride.

    I think it is a stretch to think anyone could have forseen a 5′ 9″ QB throwing 25 TD passes, but Andy Dalton would have been great.

    Keitzman is makin the case for Smith every day now, says his stats are better than RGIII.

    The Scott Pioli story, along with the story of how this business/organization came to this point would sure as hell be a best seller in KC. A behind the scenes look at this regime’s dysfunction, the choices made and personalities would be salve on the wounds caused by this season’s record.

    It is hard to get your hands around all the intricate detail of Scot Pioli’s Shakespearean fall. On every level, in amost every detail, sans the monetary rewards for Mr. Hunt, his reign was and is an abject failure.

    Now, at 2 and 13, sitting in the spew of supercillious “Patriot Way” shit, this engine of his own creation, grinding his formerly glorious reputation to a granular dust, each paritcle separated and available for inspection and ridicule, his fall is complete.

    ” What surety of the world, what hope, what stay,
    When this was now a king and now is clay?”

  3. harley says:

    1. if pioli is fired it won’t take long for someone to pick him up. His plan in
    kc was bad because he hired some head coaches who were duds. He had a long
    string of horrible injuries that really hurt the team. His drafting was good and we’ll
    see it when all the players he drafted while in kcgo on to good careers with other
    teams (like many former chiefs players do).
    2. stop the anti chiefs b.s. Glaze and all you guys have said the same thing
    about chiefs so many times its old hat…warmed over…the same thing and its
    become monotonous.
    3. clark got a wake up call. His other businesses are booming. His real estate
    and homes biz is exploding and clark doesn’t really care about the money.
    The wife is looking very well (saw her at arrowhead) and with his kind of
    walking cash this is all chump (bad pun) change to him. However…what got to
    him is that this year he really heard the personal attacks against him AND HIS
    father….and that got to him. He’s sitting on big money with this team and
    he’s about to make some major changes. My sources said the jovan incident
    crushed him. Clark has never faced adversity in his life…and this incident
    shook him bad. He knows he needs to fire romeo AND pioli…but he also knows
    he has good friends in the krafts in new england and the hunt family LOVES ROMEO.
    If he keeps pioli he can still operate u nder cover…and he probably has a tough
    time firing romeo. It would not surprise me or my sources if romeo retires
    for a year…hunt pays him…then romeo can go get another d coordinator position
    with any team in the nfl……and hunt still looks gracious to everyone. Or maybe
    hunt goes ape sh*t and fires them both on monday….whatever the case clark is
    now in this deal…good…bad…he’s now had enough and he knows this is his
    decision and its got to be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. HERE’S THE BOMBSHELL….heard only thru harley and which few insiders
    are aware. The real reason glass upped the salaries this year was to increase the
    team’s value on the open market. Glass is looking to sell…this is not his cup of
    tea….cash is flowing…the economy is soon to boom….cheap money…and when shown
    the numbers he feels his investment in slaries for 2-3 years makes the team bring
    him more. There’s no doubt that this was not done because glass had a change of
    heart. this team is going to be sold…point blank….its being prepared over the
    next 6-9 months and glass being the businssman hehas seen the light…
    he can take his cash and time and move it to more profitable arenas.
    The glass family has never been in the spotlight with their baseball team.
    Wal mart people avoid the media at all costs. Its inherent in their blood.
    Now…glass sees a chance to sell the team…at maximum market value…and
    thinking that if they can contend for division champs in the next 2 years
    they will bring more dollars in asale. Watch for several people in kc…and outside
    the kc area to try to buy them. and it will be good for kc as a whole…
    This is being set up…its going to come…AND HARLEY IS RIGHT ON WITH THIS ONE. Glass is fattening the pig right before he takes it to the auction…

    happy new year….

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Well 1 and 2 so far, have a couple games up on this today, goes to show, you call most games right and one jacks you up…like Houston. Still on our way to those 50 plus wins. Good year.

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