Glazer: Scribe Celebrates Big Bet, Early Sendoff for Chiefs Front Office

broncosHere is your Christmas gift Kansas City…

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel retires next week after Denver beats us and general manager Scott Pioli is fired. Matt Cassel has been told goodbye already.

Merry Christmas!

As one of the nation’s top pick experts again, this is my call on the Chiefs.
Sadly they may keep Brady Quinn as a back up. The team has enough problems and jobs to fill. Quinn’s so-so performance Sunday may earn him the Chiefs backup role.

Don’t get me wrong, he is not any good and should be released, but he fills a hole for now.

Crennel is the head Clown. He can’t talk. He’s a national joke with his lack of education. Sad, very sad. Yet another example of that there’s no education needed to make a couple million in the NFL. Nobody said he wasn’t a nice guy, he is.
Are you as sick of hearing about how well he and Pioli, the other head clown, handled the Javon Belcher suicide/murder? What were they supposed to say or do? They said and did what anyone would have. “Sorry, we are not honoring him, we’ll miss him and that’s that.”

He’s now forgotten. His name will not live on past a mention or two from here on out. Anyone would have acted the same way the Chiefs did. Basically doing nothing but giving lip service.

Romeo showed again Sunday why he is a dumbski.

On 4th and inches, from the Colts 29 yard line with only minutes left in the game, he tries a run with his quarterback for the first down. Fails of course, Colts score, Chumps lose.

It was 13-13 Romeo!

A field goal likely wins the game. You didn’t need the touchdown. Your opponent was not moving the ball at all. Three points would have been HUGE.

Any head coach would have kicked it or at worst used the running back Hillis, who was unstoppable all day.

You Romeo are a major clown.

Enjoy the fishing, you are a nice person, but a horrible head coach. He’s is not a good defensive coach either.

greed2So goodbye to you all, and please take Tyson Jackson, Glen Dorsey with you. And make room for Jonathan Baldwin on that bus.

Merry Christmas.

Heard a rumor someone you know went to Las Vegas last week, took the Colts and gave 6 1/2 and took the under at 42.5.

Now that guy should have a nice Xmas.

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13 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Celebrates Big Bet, Early Sendoff for Chiefs Front Office

  1. balbonis moleskine says:

    The only explanation I have regarding the last 6 minutes of the game is that they intentionally threw the game. Not kicking it and then giving the call to Quinn? Then sitting back in base and letting them score? Then running the ball on 3rd and 8?

    Not even a last place team does that. A last place team takes the points because they are hard to come by. A team looking to throw a game to get the #1 draft pick does that.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I’d like to agree Balbonis, but the Chiefs are way too stupid to be that smart!!! Romeo got caught up in the moment, and was a bit worried about Ryan missing the kick, he might have, it would have been 48 yarder…who knows…he did make a 47 earlier but missed a short one…he has gotten worse on the big kicks…

      Denver will have fun with these clowns next week, but likely keep it close, once they have a three score lead Manning comes out, like 3rd quarter, so the scoring will stop. Denver 28, Chumps 17…maybe…Chiefs cover the 16…who cares..

  2. Kerouac says:

    Twas the day before Christmas and all through Scott’s roster, not a draft pick his was starring – not even a little/all were imposters.

    Did we mention Pioli is also in charge of re-signing the looming free agents our own? And those from other NFL teams, variously? And that the college draft will be here faster than you say Zenon Andrusyshyn?


    Bowe, Albert & Colquitt not yet (re)signed… no QB on the roster with the ‘necessities’ (to borrow from Al Campanis), recent draft choices (four-years worth) – variations of BUST (Jackson, Berry, Baldwin & Poe (the first but serviceable now after four years, Berry has gone from over-hype to BUST & has settled into a journeyman production path; Baldwin makes Elmo Wright look like a Hall of Famer – Jon’s headed for a move from WR to receiving TE, ala Mikael Ricks… Poe will be a mediocre – good player NT, not a game-changer like an in his prime Steeler Hampton or Patriot Wilfork.

    [ exasperated, pause for breath ]

    Others of note:
    Succop – once looked relevant & was the highlight Pioli’s draft classes – now imminently replaceable; whether KC kept K Szymanski on the practice squad to give #6 something to think about, debatable. LB Houston (who proceeded Succop as Pioli’s ‘new’ best-est draft choice), has been quieted of late… offenses can & do adjust. Will he?

    Now let’s look at the other higher picks, #2 – #4’s over the last quartet of drafts:

    Allen OG = transition to OG has been tough; Hudson = IR (potential isn’t production); McCluster = small, quick, not fast or sturdy… he’s expendable; Arenas = small, short, over-matched as a CB, underwhelming as a KR.

    Stephenson OT = growing pains; I think he eventually ends up at RT. Houston LB = has made an impact, still more potentially (there’s that word again; year 3 2013 will tell the tale.); Bailey DE = bigger than a Beetle but undersized for a DL’man… on IR; Asamoah OG: 3 years in, and the jury is still out… looks like a journeyman career in store; Moeaki TE = gets hurt so often I feel his pain… serviceable when healthy, is a waste when he’s not; Magee DE = played two years, now out of the NFL. R.I.P. (like Pioli’s KC career, soon).

    Wylie = faster than Coyote, smarter too. Lance Long with an extra inch height, more speed & the same limited upside. J. Brown = a S trying to play CB… he makes a fine roster-filler, nothing more; Washington = was a Chief for longer than Stanford Routt- that has to count for something (but not much; gone & forgotten.)

    Others: K. Lewis S = is Moeaki lite… here today, hurt tomorrow; Stanzi QB = heh heh heh; O’Connell TE = he’s parlayed 15 catches into a four-year career… he’s a magician; 2009: Brown, Lawrence and Williams (long gone x3)… 2010: Sheffield (ditto)… 2011: Miller, Powe & Bannon (with apologies to ‘Meatloaf’, ‘1 out of 3 ain’t good’)… and 2012: Menzie, Gray, Long & Hemingway (one is on IR, 2 are on the PS and the other guy has averaged almost 11 yards every time he’s touched the ball in 2012 – yet – he can’t beat out Peyton ‘3.8’ Hillis and his $3 mill bill in ’12… must be a conspiracy.)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2013… it’ll just have to be, right?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I like your calls, I am going to grade the players and coaches next week…I remember someone else used too, my turn. I like your calls and style…agreed.

      Even our good players are over rated…like Derrick Johnson, he is good, far from elite or great, not a game changer…we don’t have any…even Charles with all his noise has not won a game for us..ever…maybe we can give him an assist for the fake New Orleans win…1500 yards and none mattered..none.

      • sid says:

        glaze your predictions on jamal charles have been dead wrong all year. you have said he is done cant come back from injury. no more speed on and on. then you say not one of his yards mattered. he should probably start doing laterals when he starts to run. 3rd in the nfl in rushing. not bad for a hurt washed up runner without a knee. glaze you were dead wrong on jamal!

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Yes on rare occasion I am wrong, this is one of them…however…as good as he is at times, he is of little value inside the 30, can’t catch and run much, and has but 5 touchdowns, lots of yards, not many matter, unlike Vikings running back…that guy wins games, Charles can’t, he is unable to carry the team…a scat runner, I’d rather have a guy who can go 3,5,8 and l4 on runs, and be overpowering, plus catch…and hard to stop inside the red zone..but yes Charles has been very good, I was wrong…however the other hurt guys are dudes, Eric Berry average and Tony the Shmo worthless…so I got one of three kinda wrong…sorry.

    • chuck says:

      Kero and Glaze are dead on the money.

      I am down 160.00. 🙁

      The city is down millions (Maybe?).

      KC Chiefs are a heavily subidized Kansas City Business (By way of taspayer money.). The astonishing fail of this business has adversly affected many business’ in the city.

      No one watches the Chiefs even here in KC.

      Tony Botello at TKC constantly harps on the lost city cash, spent by taxpayers in the city for the Chiefs and Royals.

      I think he is on to something.

      I love the Chiefs and the Royals, and I personally have an emotional investment in them.

      Were I a younger man (shut up), I would have a hard time justifying my interest in pro sports teams, the athletes (Too many thugs.), and the expense to the taxpayer of support for owners and athletes with NO ties to the city and a categorical interest in pecuniary issues, every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, month, year at the expense of winning.

      Me personally, I quit watching the NFL 4 weeks ago.

      It is just MY experience and my opinion, but I don’t miss it.

      It annoys me that my fellow citizens, neighbors and friends were, again, tricked into believing that an emotional investment ( I am ok with emotional investments.) in our pro sports teams would bring us closer, make us happier and generate cash for our local watering holes.

      The consistant failure of the Chiefs and Royals have jaundiced me with respect to pro sports.

      That ain’t so bad.

      Merry Christmas!!


      • chuck says:

        “(CNN) — On a day when global doomsday predictions failed to pan out, NASA had more good news for the Earth: An asteroid feared to be on a collision course with our planet no longer poses a threat.

        Uncertainties about the orbit of the asteroid, known as 2011 AG5, previously allowed for a less than a 1% chance it would hit the Earth in February 2040, NASA said.

        To narrow down the asteroid’s future course, NASA put out a call for more observation. Astronomers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa took up the task and managed to observe the asteroid over several days in October.

        “An analysis of the new data conducted by NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, shows that the risk of collision in 2040 has been eliminated,” NASA declared Friday.

        The new observations, made with the Gemini 8-meter telescope in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, reduce the orbit uncertainties by more than a factor of 60. That means the Earth’s position in February 2040 is not in range of the asteroid’s possible future paths.

        Alien rumors fuel doomsday theory

        Villagers cashing in ahead of ‘doomsday’
        The asteroid, which is 140 meters (460 feet) in diameter, will get no closer to Earth than 890,000 kilometers (553,000 miles), or more than twice the distance to the moon, NASA said.

        A collision with Earth would have released about 100 megatons of energy, several thousand times more powerful than the atomic bombs that ended World War II, according to the Gemini Observatory.

        Observing the asteroid wasn’t easy, said David Tholen, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy.

        The asteroid’s position was very close to the sun, so astronomers had to observe it when the sky was dark. Tholen told CNN there was about a half-hour between when the asteroid got high enough in the sky for the telescope to point at it and before the sky became too light to observe it.

        Because the astronomers were looking at the asteroid low in the sky, they were viewing it through a lot of atmosphere, which scattered some of the light and made the object fainter, he said.

        “The second effect is the turbulence of the atmosphere makes things fainter,” Tholen said. “We had to keep trying over and over until we got one of those nights when the atmosphere was calm.”

        Tholen and the team also discovered the asteroid is elongated, so that as it rotates, its brightness changes. That was another challenge for the astronomers: Because they didn’t know the asteroid’s rotation period, they didn’t know when it would wax and wane, and when it would grow too faint to see.

        “This object was changing its brightness by a factor of three or four — it was just enormously variable,” Tholen said. “It was hit and miss depending on which night you observed it.”


        Lets quit Bullsh*ting ourselves.

        Harley’s comments changed the course of that asteroid and saved the world.

        Kumbaya and a Happy Kwanzaa!!

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Chuck my friend, yes they are sad, the owners awful, our city deserves better, but lets not go overboard just yet…lets see what the next two years bring, if it stays this way, then yeah, I say lets pick other teams to follow… I have already, but doors open…if they can become fun again, real again, try again, compete again, hey I’m up for it…Glass and young Hunt just have no heart, no KC compassion, clearly they are 99% of the problem….they don’t care, or not enough, they only care about their money….well lets show them some more empty seats, like next year til they prove both stadiums..

    • harley says:

      kerowacky…thats great what you wrote…really informative..
      are you a sports writer/broadcaster because if not you should be
      doing something professionally with your writings.
      what do you think about chiefs going after a starting qb from another
      team thats out of place (sanchez/gabbert/you might know some others)
      or looking at a second stringer like cousins in washington…
      i don’t think fans will wait with this draft but bring in someone who
      can do something now!!!!!!!!!!!
      and yes…harley willl be coming out with his grade card for commenters
      on kcc within a few days…should be a nice ending to 2012!!!!!!!

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