Hearne: Dreaming of White One?

Single_Bing_Crosby_-_White_Christmas_coverDoes anybody today even remember who sang the song?

You know, “White Christmas.”

Or does it even matter anymore unless you’re well over the age of 40? Probably not.

What does seem to matter is that pretty much anybody and everybody – heathens even – are probably hoping for snow on Christmas Day this coming Tuesday.

Or at least have some on the ground, right?

Even the Glaze – who told me recently he didn’t give a rat’s ass what happened to farmers and the wheat crop because of the drought, he just wanted a warm, dry winter – is hoping for a white one.

badAs recently as two weeks ago that didn’t seem likely. Then came yesterday.

Now looking ahead to Tuesday some forecasts say there’s a 30 percent chance of light snow.

So game on?

“Well, there’s snow on the ground now, so we’re already having a White Christmas,” says KSHB weather wonk Gary Lezak. “And there will probably still be little patches of snow around on Christmas day.”

That’s it?

“On Christmas day there’s a winter storm that’s going through just to the south of us,” Lezak says. “I don’t know yet for sure if we’ll get any snow out of it, but there’s at least a chance we’ll get some light snow on Christmas. And there’s a chance of a winter storm on New Year’s Eve.”


“It’s too early to tell,” Lezak says.

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13 Responses to Hearne: Dreaming of White One?

  1. the dude says:

    White christmas, you all a buncha racsist crackas!!!!
    Brown Christmas mo’ like it!

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    A lot of folks in America are still hoping for a white one … a white President. I’m not among them, but U.S. Rep. Lynn “we need a great white hope” Jenkins of Kansas is.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Hearne I know for those who are not in biz, white Xmas sounds nice, it does. However there is little good news with snow…I know we need some wet stuff for farmers..I get it…so let it rain…snow hit…my flights got moved, was a day late coming home nightmare…and with snow and ice, my cab driver in KC picked me up, ran off the road into a ditch five minutes from airport this morning…nope its not sun…snow…not like when we were kids…nope…but for those who want white Xmas fine, inch, then gone..

  3. Duke says:

    “As recently as two weeks ago that didn’t seem likely. Then came yesterday.”

    Ah, find another reliable source for your weather info. Just 7 days ago, not 2 weeks, your source said no snow. So it should be stated by said source that he blew it. Pun intended. Needed to be called out.

  4. Glenn says:

    Leezak is a television personality. He’s consistently wrong. IF you want accuracy tune Brian Busby.

  5. Super Dave says:

    Chuck is alive and doing well this Saturday morning. Like how he saves me all that time looking things up.

    By the way I hear the gun show is packed shoulder to shoulder this morning. Lots of hotties I hear as well. Damn I know I should have gone.

    Dreaming of White One? Thought you gave that stuff up Hearne?

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    I know we want a white christmas but Glazer won’t stop blowing up my phone asking if I want to go skiing. That guy really likes snow. Like, a lot. 😉

  7. I get all snowy just reading these comments…

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