Glazer: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

gty_obama_kb_121216_mn“These tragedies must end,” said the President of the United States on his televised speech to the nation regarding the latest in a long, long, long line of school massacres….

The latest in Newton, Connecticut, left at least 26 dead, more than half young children. The horror! The killer, another young white male, out of his mind, who really knows why. There have been countless meaningless rampages like this one recently, from Columbine, the Batman theater shootings, mall shootings, other school shootings, work place shootings and even here in Kansas City at Ward Parkway. And don’t forget the political shootings, like  Arizona and of course the bombings of government buildings. All by Americans.

Maybe we’re more dangerous than the terrorists?

Why? Why? Why? We ask. There is no simple answer. No there is no way to stop this from continuing. Gun control is like “THE WAR ON DRUGS.” Come on, they’re everywhere. You can go down to the hood and get all the guns you want.

One first step would be having undercover agents spend more time buying those illegal guns, then weed and other drugs that have been out there forever. But that’s still not the answer.

We live in a society that’s stressed out, including some of the most successful Americans. To the point of murder, suicide and taking innocent lives. The economy, the piling bills everyone has, the appetite for winning in life beyond what most of us can ever hope to achieve has been the major cause of this violence.

aurora-batman-holm_2287407bWe live in a world of disconnect!

I have written about this several times. The trusty computer age has been one of the major reasons. Texting, online social media, so on – we don’t talk anymore. Young people have fewer real friends, just pretend friends. Even with that raise at work, I’m still broke, I didn’t live up to my parents expectations, my wife left me because we were having financial issues, I just can’t cope with the world anymore!

These are the reasons. Gun control? Well you can use that as a pretend fix it card.

When the economy began to fail at the end of the 90’s many predicted higher crime rates and more insanity. Well, it’s here.

belcher_getty--300x300It’s come in the form of MASSACRES.

Many will call it mental illness. However there is a cause to mental illness. Bad parenting for one. Many of us can’t make it day to day in life with all the stress and poor choices which makes it hard to raise children to be normal. It’s swept the nation to a certain extent.

The moms and dads are absent, messed up on booze and drugs, broke, themselves driven to be mentally ill because of all mentioned herein. Even with parents who are winners with money and fame, it still happens. Why? They’re too self involved to do even better at work and have no time for their children.

Yes, even in Hollywood and on the big stage of the sports media we see signs of the same insanity. We just had an example in Kansas City a couple weeks ago with the Chiefs murder/suicide. Anger, hate, disconnect, not measuring up, not ready to be a parent. Same concept, except with a life that seemed to have led to success. The stress was still there. “I’m not good enough.” Most of the hate in these cases is aimed at themselves.

CoD_Black_Ops_coverWhere do we start?

Stop the violent video games that make kids feel shooting and killing is a game.

Not allowing the news media to show the daily violence on television. Slow down the hard hitting violence of the NFL and now NBA?

But no, that won’t happen.

America needs to begin to work on itself. Create less stress, fewer bills, lower expectations that are achievable by nearly everyone. I remember when TV was free, when a phone bill was just 30 bucks. There was no common area maintenance billing, it was part of living there.  America has created twice the billings for people today. Credit cards for every store, boatloads of  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Dinners…you name it they got ’em.

People now find happiness or contentment in dreams, fantasies.

“One day I will find my place in the world, I will move to that Island, things will be just great. I’ll be happy.”

I don’t believe these Massacres will end soon and neither do you.

We live in a very dangerous place today. America.

What happened? There really is no good answer. All we can do is try to be better people, better parents and hope for brighter days. The world is ever changing. Maybe one day it will get better. Maybe.

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  1. Ted says:

    They have divorce, the internet, and violent video games in other countries, yet they don’t have these numbers of massacres.

    These are all red herrings. The unique aspect to America is the gun culture.

    “We live in a very dangerous place today. ”

    That’s actually not true. Violent crime overall is way down. There’s been an uptick in mass shootings in the last six years, but the sample size in this is very small. You have a much better chance of dying in a car accident or being struck by lightning than dying in a mass shooting.

    • Jim says:

      +1, Ted. No rational person can look at the rest of the developed countries around the world and conclude that it is ANYTHING but a cultural thing in America. 2nd Amendment wackos will interpret the founding father’s actions to mean ANY and ALL arms. The founding fathers had NO idea the kind of weapons that would be available 200 years in the future. No. Idea. Look at the statistics for firearm deaths in Canada or European countries or the Netherlands as compared to America. It’s absolutely staggering.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Try to halt violence by restricting gun ownership and you won’t halt violence. But you will create entire classes of new criminals – people who make paperwork errors, violate technical specification of the law, or rebel against the new restrictions. And you’ll create new bureaus, new enforcement arms, new prisons to punish them. You’ll make hordes of lawyers and bureaucrats very happy. Organized criminals will be grateful to the naive moral crusaders (“useful idiots”) as they profit by selling an illegal product. And ordinary street criminals will bless fools, legislators, and “leaders” for making their job so much safer.

    Gun control makes as much sense as this item I posted on facebook a bit ago;
    “Well then let’s ban forks as well so we can stop obesity. Then have the police set up barricades around all you can eat buffets so people can’t get too much to eat.”

  3. the dude says:

    The facade is crumbling on this society, these are just milestones on the path to ruin. This society was built on a facade of lies, greed and mass killings, the chickens are just coming home to roost.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    No reason to get excited, the thief he finally spoke. For there are many here among us, who feel that life is just a joke.

    But you and I, we’ve been through that and that is not out fate. But let’s not speak falsely now, the hour is getting late…

    My in-laws next-door neighbor walked across the street to the Springfield Mall. Sylvia had a long history of mental illness but still legally able to buy a gun, she shot and killed as many people as she could until a young man walked up and disarmed her when her weapon misfired.

    Not much has changed since that day in 1985. Crazy people still have access to the finest weaponry on this planet, all legal. But illegal works for them too.

    It is time to lay aside the rhetoric. Time to stop using catch-phrases and semantics to skirt the issues.

    • News Junkie says:

      Guns havent changed much in a hundred years, but society sure has.

      Any type of ban without first confiscating whats already out there will be futile.

      Prohibition has proven that prohibition does not work.

  5. DJ says:

    More children die in car accidents every year than due to gun violence. Clearly, we need to restrict ownership of cars.

    As a matter of fact, more children drown each year than due to gun violence. Clearly, we need to restrict ownership of private swimming pools and access to public pools.

    I could go on, but I’m sure everyone gets the idea…

    The notion that some feel we have to accept curtailment of our Constitutional rights, which are inalienable (meaning we get them from God, not some dispensation from a bureaucrat), is morally repugnant. Let’s talk about that.

    • BlackJack says:

      Stupidest analogy I have ever hear, but you gun nuts seem to being up these comparisons all the time.

      Cars are not designed to kill people – when it happens it is called an “accident”
      Swimming pools are not designed to kill people – when someone drowns it is called an “accident”.

      Guns are designed for one sole purpose – to kill. When mass killing happen, it is not an “accident”.

  6. harley says:

    I have ended many of my comments directed toward the real haters
    on this site with the words “hate is a terrible emotion”.
    The kid who walked into the school was filled with hate. And anger…and probably
    looking for a scapegoat for his problems. He found them in 20 children.
    On kcc we have people who know who they are that are filled with hate
    and anger. They need a scapegoat for the fact that life dealt them a bad
    hand at some time. Or that the world is changing and they can’t grasp the
    change…or that someone is trying to take something from them and they
    think its not fair.
    They’ve even gone as far as to advocate violence…using guns to solve problems
    …looking for scapegoats for their problems and the problems of the nation…
    they are consumed with hate…whether it be toward an entire race oF PEOPLE or
    a small group of people…HATE IS THEIR calling card.
    The hate lanza carried into that school was beyond anything a normal human
    being with a heart could comprehend.
    Yet there are those who say we should do nothing to stop evil like that.
    When we lost 3000 americans on 9/11 we changed laws…tighetend security..
    made it nearly impossible to carry weapons onto a plane …into a courthouse…
    we passed financial laws to cut off the supply of money and equipment used by
    the terrorists…we attacked the terrorists….we used all the power and
    means we had to shut them down. Spent billions after losing 3000 people
    at the wtc. Even expanded the homeland security with a bloated yearly
    budget. So why now do these same haters say we should do nothing. Theres nothing
    we can do is whatthey say. Guns don’t kill people. ONe person on here
    compared a fork to a gun. So far I’ve not ever seen 20 kids brutally killed
    by a fork in 2 minutes of violence.
    Hell…lets do nothing…why do anything we can to end this brutal violence.
    Lets just wait for the next school kid to be killed…whether its in chicago or
    newtown or harlem or east st. louis…DO NOTHING AND EXPECT CHANGE?
    These same haters pick and choose their scapegoaty. For 4 years I’ve heard these
    haters say that the teachers..and the police and the firemen and the federal
    workers…and the poor kids on food stamps…and the unemployed parent who
    for many years paid into unemployment who now are making their claims
    because they got laid off…these haters pick on the weakest ones in society
    to place the blame…and they are wrong. How many times have i heard the
    haters blame the economic mess on foodstamp kids…seniors…disabled
    …veterans…they say its their fault we had the worst recession since the 30’s..
    They talk of armed revolts like its a video game. Use guns to affect change.
    It worked in the 1700’s…it will work now. Use force to forward your political
    They go after the weak…the hungry…the vulnerable in society because they
    know those people have no voice and no lobbyists.
    We are a nation of truly hideous haters. The right wing radio guys got one
    guy so damn wired up he shot and killed 6people in arizona including a
    woman who was serving her country. They filled that mans heart with hate
    and he felt that the guns he shot were the answer. The guys like rush and
    savage…spewing hate and lies everyday…they’re as responsible as the man
    who held the gun.
    The hate we see and read…it’s beyond anything civil…hate blacks..hate
    immigrants (we’re all immigrants)…hate women…hate poor kids needing
    a school lunch…hate teachers (including the most courageus ones at sandy hook)..
    use someone to further your political agenda because you can’t face facts that
    the world is changing…and maybe its not going your way…so find someone
    to blame everything on.
    Hate…wheterh in the heart of lanza or the heart of your neighbor is still
    hate…its still a terrible emotion to carry.
    thank you ted and orphan and Jim. Maybe the haters can be saved!

    • DJ says:

      “When we lost 3000 americans on 9/11 we changed laws…tighetend security..”

      And the TSA has halted zero terrorist attacks since it was implemented. On the other hand, attacks have been prevented by passengers who intervened once the bad guy was already on the plane. The only thing the TSA does is make flying unpleasant for millions of law abiding citizens, and expose us to invasive scanning that can’t detect weapons, but may cause cancer.

      That’s a real win there… Great example of government fail.

      The data on the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban is empirical – it didn’t do anything to reduce gun crime. Connecticut already has an AWB in place – it did not prevent the shooting. All mass shootings in the US since 1950 except one have occurred in places where firearms were disallowed.

      Passing more restrictive regulation just infringes on the rights of the law abiding, without deterring the criminal element. Exactly like the TSA.

    • DJ says:

      “We are a nation of truly hideous haters. The right wing radio guys got one
      guy so damn wired up he shot and killed 6people in arizona including a
      woman who was serving her country. They filled that mans heart with hate
      and he felt that the guns he shot were the answer. The guys like rush and
      savage…spewing hate and lies everyday…they’re as responsible as the man
      who held the gun.”

      Actually, he was a registered independent. Of those who know him, some say he was apolitical (but nuts) and others say he was a liberal. It’s true that the media initially tried to label him a Republican.

      The man is criminally insane, and I’m starting to wonder about you. I’m pretty sure Harley shouldn’t be allowed access to a firearm.

      Look it up yourself.

      • harley says:

        dj…i mentioned nothing about republican/democrat etc…
        just so happened thatthe harshest hate speech comes from
        right wingers like rush and savage.
        i’m assuming you suggest we do nothing…which is
        if not…propose some ideas you might have to stop this
        problem…i’d be interested to see what you say.

  7. mark smith says:

    “2nd Amendment wackos ” “right wing nut jobs” blame radio hosts.
    Those are the type of comments that will really further any kind of rational dialogue.
    Try this one on for size, not 2 hours passed after the mass murder until the mainstream media was dropping the “gun control” bomb. They were salivating at the chance to brand the killer some kind of 2nd Amendment wacko. Problem is they got the wrong guy, hell they didn’t even have the right name. Maybe it’s just me, but when people on either side of the political aisle and media,start pushing their agenda before we even have an accurate body count, or any facts, it doesn’t strike me as someone who is really concerned that children were killed. It strikes me as someone who is just waiting to pounce to push their agenda. A SEE I TOLD YOU SO moment. The time for a rational debate isnt 2 hours after a horrendous slaughter. I dont own a gun, but most everyone I know does, and they arent mouth breathing crackers come down from the hills like extras from Deliverance. The left, anti gun people, love to paint those who own guns with a wide red brush right across their collective necks. At the same time, the right never fails to rise to the bait and start screaming about losing their rights. Here’s a crazy idea….we currently give hundreds of millions to countries that would just as soon we didnt exist, Pakistan, Eqypt, Afganistan, to name a few. How about the government take that money and put an armed officer in every school in America. This shit almost always happens in places where there aren’t guns or armed guards. We can afford to piss away money on a country that hid our most wanted terrorist, but we cant afford to protect our own children.

    • harley says:

      sorry mark smith…you’re wrong.
      hearne and i were nice enough not to make you honor your promise
      of not ever writing for kcc again if your man romney lost. We’ve
      given you a second change…don’t blow it.
      I have watched hours of msm tv and not once was gun control
      really talked about. even the senator from west virginian (manchin)
      spoke about aconversation about what we could do to stop this.
      To do nothing at this time would be a huge disgrace to all the
      victims of all the violence.
      I’m not sure myself what all can be done. I know we need a
      national discussion of what can be done…we need the politicians
      to stop beng afraid of lobbying groups and we need to make some
      serious changes asap.
      As far a paiting gun owners with a big red brush
      ,,,im not sure where you got that. We are not out to takeaway
      legal guns used for legal meanslike hunting…we want people to
      protect themselves…but i’ve written some pieces for some
      blogs that would be described as liberal and that’s not the talk
      or words written or spoken.
      lets do something and do it right and do it quick.

      • mark smith says:

        Let’s be clear you don’t let me do anything.

        • harley says:

          mr smith…let me be clear on this one issue and this
          issue alone.
          You said that you would discontinue writing on kcc
          if obama won the election. He did and you should
          have not written another word on this site.
          Hearne brought it up and i was gracious enough to
          allow you to come bakc and comment on kcc.
          Its in writing in a previous comment section.
          Do not take this reprieve lightly. We did it on good faith that you would no longer have the totally negative
          attitude that you had in the past.
          It was also given to you hopefully thinking that you
          would not be so negative and hostile. Well…youre
          being negative ane hostile and hearne and I only
          ask that you be civil and fully understand that without
          hearne an mykindness and forgiveness for your words
          you would have been banned from all kcc sections.
          Hearne andI both hope you will change your ways.
          merry christmas

  8. the dude says:

    I am not sure if hate was the reason this kid did this but I am pretty sure he was not right in the head.

    Banning all guns would not have stopped 19 children from losing their lives in the Oklahoma City Fed building bombing, I know that much.

  9. harley says:

    And the TSA has halted zero terrorist attacks since it was implemented. On the other hand, attacks have been prevented by passengers who……

    dj…sorry but you’re new here…you’re wrong…that entire comment is so
    ridiculous…tsa is part of an entire formulation to keep guns/weapons etc off planes
    and if you read the news many possible terror threats have been averted..
    if not…dj…they’ve made the bad guys realize they can’t get the things on planes
    that can be used as weapons…tsa has worked…i don’t think we’ve had
    a terrorist attack or problem since 9/11 in u.s…
    and dude concerning the federal building in ok city…DHS eventually…and i
    say eventually because ittook so long…did set up screening/monitoring for the purchase of ammonium nitrate….and did do some work (not sure if it was enough)
    but we’vev not had another one ofthose types of if you take results
    as success…they have stopped another a.n. bomb from occuring.

    imagine if we enforced the current laws…monitored the buyers of guns…
    we closed the gun show loopholes…enacted new harsher laws against
    use of a gun….not sure of all the possible ways to attack this problem but
    something must be done..or we continue down the line.
    Also…with cutbacks in the medical area we’ve cut back on the availability
    of mental health coverage ….maybe something there…
    and dj and dude…you fail to mention the hate and the horrible emotion
    that leads to these horrific crimes.

    • expat says:

      You don’t know that hate had anything to do with it, in fact he may have felt nothing at all, or some unimaginable emotion that only loonies can feel. The guy had a screw loose (more like he was wired up all wrong) so trying to analyze his behavior from the perspective of a normal person is a waste of time. The kid’s mom was getting 24k a month alimony I’m pretty sure she could have afforded mental health care. I think we’d all be better off grieving for the loss of these children and leave the rank speculation out of it.

  10. the dude says:

    Yes, ban all guns and no more murders.
    Worked just peachy in Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, do I need to go on?

  11. Rick Nichols says:

    Let’s just face the facts: this country is bankrupt both morally and financially. The truly amazing thing is that there haven’t been even more of these mass killings in recent years.

    • harley says:

      maybe you’re bankrupt mr. nichols…or you’re outlook is prejudiced
      by your personal situation and the situation of those around you but you’re very very wrong.
      america is not bankrupt financially or morally or ethically.
      99% of americans are good people.
      You have a horrible and very negative outloook on the world.
      Yes…there are some bad people…and there are bad occurences
      but i feel that statement is not even close to being correct.
      smile…it is a beautiful world we live in.

    • Jim says:

      Rick, Europe is bankrupt. Literally! As far as “morality” goes, Europeans have a much greater tolerance for things too many Americans view as immoral. America has a gun culture. It’s an obsession. They love to wave the constitution and claim it’s their “right” to maintain a stockpile of weapons that could arm a small militia.

      I have no problem with gun ownership whatsoever. But, the leap that America has taken from when the 2nd Amendment was ratified and the weapons available at the time to its citizens versus the technology available today is enormous. Common sense dictates that SOME sort of restrictions need to apply. Do I have the answer? No. But, I know that doing NOTHING isn’t the answer.

    • Kerouac says:

      “this country is bankrupt both morally and financially.”

      – agreed x2… as to the former, the fact many can’t (or won’t) recognize/admit said is proof positive. ‘They’ are not disabused… they haven’t a clue.

      • harley says:

        maybe you need to teach your family and friends how to be moral and ethical.
        Maybe you need to find some new associates…
        maybe you need to look inward at yourself and understand
        why you find all these people morally and financially
        bankrupt. Because all our thoughts originate from
        inside and around us.
        I have family and many many friends…honest…moral..
        ethical…they understand right from wrong…don’t
        beat their wives…don’t cheat on their wives/girlfriends..
        they lead a very very good lifestyle.
        For those who think otherwise maybe its because you
        have the guilt of your lifestyle. Or that you are carrying
        way too much anger and hate to others.
        I think the problems YOU not every one else!!!! Maybe if
        you change yourself first…you can help change the world
        good day.

  12. Jimbo OPKS says:

    One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s employees killed Wright’s mistress and six others with an ax.
    Pretty clearly, we should have enacted ax control in 1914.

    • Jim says:

      Yes. Axes have clearly been the weapon of choice to commit mass murders for centuries. Let’s not forget about Kool-Aid as a vehicle of death. Anecdotal examples like these continue to be spewed like vomit from uninformed, uneducated, ignorant and obtuse people to refuse to admit that America has an unnatural OBSESSION with guns. People on this forum will write endlessly about the problem with “black culture” and the turn around and defend vigorously the “gun culture”. Complete hypocrisy.

      • chuck says:

        Yeah, just dissarm white folks.

        Actually, that is exactly what gun control will do.

      • Jimbo OPKS says:

        Great name by the way. Sorry you missed my point.

        The point is that whack jobs have killed defenseless people throughout history. Guns are tools. Tools have no moral characteristics unless they are employed by people. Then they may be used to good or evil ends.

        I favor institutionalization of the insane. I don’t favor de-arming the sane, law abiding populace.

        Do you?

  13. harley says:

    oh…the country we live in is not bankrupt…it’s got some financial problems
    which can be solved pretty easy on january 1 if we’re willing to solve the
    Why the negativity .. Why the anger.
    If you have this belief i’ve gotto say that it’s because of your personal
    experience. Go to church…help someone…it will ease your pain.
    I get it…..all the negative ones on here don’t.
    The negativity is eating your heart nichols and kerouac…find some
    peace…its going to be okay…

    • the dude says:

      Yes it is bankrupt when the government borrows 42 cents on every dollar they spend and kills hundreds of thousands in foreign countries we have no business being in the first place. You clearly have no clue where this country gets its money from and who dictates money policy here if you think some paltry tax increases will solve the hole we have dug ourselves in.

      • harley says:

        dude..I will be bringing out my crystal ball after
        dec. 21 and the end of the mayan calendar.
        I ‘m going to be giving my year end analysis of the
        economy and the political situation.
        Despite a very tough economic roller coaster the last
        4-5 years I believe the nation is about the see one
        incredible financial rebound.
        It will be sparked by the lowering of oil prices…the stock
        market exploding only to be held back by a labor shortage
        that i am predicting for the nation.
        As my readers and disciples have seen…I’ve been right on
        the most important issues inthis country.
        MY contemporaries may be pretty good at picking football
        games but i suggest you hold off any investments or
        planning until i issue ‘HARLEY’S 2013 ECONOMIC
        It will be available online along with the National Harvard
        Business Review and the The Feds Annual report on
        economic activity.

        • the dude says:

          I gotta hand it to you Harley, you are either a brilliant, maniacal genius that is playing a serious long con or you are flatout bat$hit certifiable. I have a pretty good idea which it is but I salute you in your dogged pursuit of what you think you believe to be true.

          • harley says:

            thanks dude…i’ll always take the positive..
            a brilliant genius.
            It’s been a month since someone told me
            i was a genius.
            i will be outing my financial paper after the
            mayan calendar,
            thanks dude…

        • chuck says:

          Harley’s “Economic Evaluation Paper”.

          I think Harley might be spending too much time stimulating his own package.

          How does Harley screw in a lightbulb?

          He doesn’t, he just keeps screaming, “It’s getting brighter!! It’s getting brighter!!!”

          • Reggin Tnuc says:

            Very funny Mr. Chuck!

          • harley says:

            chuckles the sad clown…seriously…i think
            i pretty well summed up the problem here..
            and you’ve got nothing to say intellectually
            or factually on the discussion.
            nice joke….but i don’t think anyones laughing
            with you…and they’re not laughing at you..
            just wondering about you!!!
            sorry..hate is a terrible emotion to carry
            in life.
            have a merry christmas!

        • sid says:

          harley you have got to be the biggest mommas boy douche bag ever.

        • expat says:

          LOL I would love to read that. What investment would you recommend for someone with half a million in cash savings and nowhere to get a return?

          • harley says:

            expat….my financial analysis will be pretty
            detailed and will be posted on several
            i suggest the stock market…i would take that
            and invest a % right now. After the fiscal
            cliff is settled I look for about 8-12% returns
            in the stock market in 2013.
            Stay away from utilities and telecoms…but look
            for medical tech stocks as obamacare makes these types of companies expand very rapidly.
            I look for oil prices to go lower…maybe
            to $2.80 per gallon…but the need by russia
            and the arabs to fund their economies will
            artificially keep the price up..
            but i also look for a very strong job market
            and of course for obamas approvals ratinging
            to stay in the 53-57% range depending on
            how the fiscal negotiations go.
            I also look for a major upheavel in the repub
            party…they will not make the changes needed
            to be compettitve and will eventually wither
            on the national scene. I’m not thinking this
            happens in 2014 but will see a ssteep downward
            trend starting in 2016…..bye bye repubs….
            and as always thanks for reading my
            comments…i wish you luck in 2013…nd
            of course a merry christmas/happy new year.

  14. Glenn says:

    Okay….Childhood sociopathy is on a sharp incline in this country. Sociopathy overall is now at 1 in 25 in this country…which means everyone knows at least one sociopath, even if they don’t realize it.

    During times of the draft, kids like the Newtown shooter were sent to the front lines. They had no compunction or fear about charging headlong into the enemy fire, weapons ablaze.

  15. Kerouac says:

    Robert Bork’s passing reminds of two great reads, his own & another for which he provides the forward ~

    ‘Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline’


    ‘A Country I Do Not Recognize: The Legal Assault on American Values’

    You saw the best days that this country ever had and now the worst, the ones former that will never again be seen, the latter courtesy an liberal-made morass, much to our nation’s diminishment; requiescat in pace, Bob…

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