Locke: The Rocky Relationship Between Twitter and @kcstar

Time was (I’m talking Tuesday here) the home page of kansascity.com featured a Twitter feed prominently on the right rail. It highlighted everything – good and bad – tagged with @kcstar, the Twitter handle of The Star and kansascity.com.

Well, it’s been missing in action for three days now. I can’t imagine why, although I could take a stab at it:



Even though the amusing and perceptive people on Twitter have certainly made their feelings known about The Star’s Hunger Games debacle, my guess is that Twitter and @kcstar’s currently-down relationship has nowhere to go but up in the days and weeks ahead.

As to when The Star’s twitter feed will be back? Quite possibly never.

The stories:

Star Unleashes ‘Hunger Games’ on Two Joco Reporters
The journalism world notices 18th and Grand, but not for beef
Experts give thumbs down to Hunger Games scheme
Star Morale at all-time low
The publisher responds

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One Response to Locke: The Rocky Relationship Between Twitter and @kcstar

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    I’m not a Twitter person, but removing Twitter tweets that are critical of The Star is inconsistent with the paper’s ongoing practice of publishing letters to the editor that have questioned its ability to be objective in covering politics and the like, not to mention its coverage in general. You want to know what I have a problem with – the placement of Weird News above National News on the paper’s website.

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