Whinery: Who Cares About The Fiscal Cliff?

I don’t care about the so-called fiscal cliff and neither should you…

If anything, you should be bored to death hearing about it over and over and over. The Worse case scenario is taxes go up and government spending gets cut.

That’s the great calamity, and it will be painful, but you know what? The economy and this country are going down the toilet anyway. And until the Government collapses under its own weight, what hope do we have that anything vaguely resembling freedom or economic sanity will return?

Right now, the Federal Government borrows 46 cents of every dollar it spends. Do you think a majority of the political class is really trying to do anything about that unsustainable statistic?

Both political parties are guilty!

The Democrats think that the Government is the engine of economic growth when in actuality its bureaucrats and regulations do little but slow down and impede job and wealth creation. One only has to look to the energy boom going on in North Dakota, where unemployment is around 2 percent, to see free enterprise in action and what can be accomplished when government gets out of the way.

And Republicans aren’t serious about any spending cuts unless they are to the social safety net.  Granted, parts of it have become a hammock, but that’s all the Republicans seem to think are worthy of reductions in spending on.

Have you ever seen a Republican, who’s last name is not “Paul,” suggest that military or anything else classified as “National Security” expenditures be reduced?

I can’t think of anyone.

So lets jump off the fiscal cliff! 

What’s the worse thing that can happen? Government will be forced to live within its means, like everyone else has to in this Country.

What’s really going to make everything interesting is that the Government is only about $60 billion away from hitting the debt ceiling- which means that they won’t be able to borrow anymore money to pay for their excesses without Congress raising the amount.

I figure that the limit will be hit before the fiscal cliff happens on
January 1st, 2013.

And if the Government can’t borrow anymore- then default comes and all the chaos that goes with it.

And that would be the best Christmas present that this Jew could ever hope for!

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4 Responses to Whinery: Who Cares About The Fiscal Cliff?

  1. Jim says:

    Nice job, Whiney. I’m with you. Both sides are to blame and they both deserve to get all the heat they are going to if they can’t reach a resolution. For Christ’s sake! Raise the tax rates on the top 2% or 3% and BOTH sides can say they maintained or lowered the rates for 97% of the country. Seems like a no brainer to any RATIONAL person. Dem’s get the tax hike on the uber-rich and Repub’s get to keep pouring money into the Pentagon. Win / Win. Oh wait……entitlements. Well, we’re screwed.

  2. Harley says:

    you’re going bat sh*t crazy whiney. I know the election hit you like a steel
    girder but if you would have followed me you would have prepared for
    a major loss by your loser buddies.
    first of all the repubs as you know them are disappearing fast…they’re
    going to be extinct…if not in 4 years…5-7 years. According to one
    republican pollster there aren’t enough angry white men to keep them
    in business too much longer….their base of angry white men is falling apart..
    their collapsing under the weight of a 1950’s agenda…and the fat man christie…
    bush…lyin ryan….marco the bull sh*tter ain’t gonna help.
    So yes…lets jump off the cliff. Its not a cliff and if someone with any
    brains were to understand it that cliff would reset the american economy
    You talk about defense spending…well who’s been trying to reign that in..
    the democrats…but the repubs like grahm cracker and others won’t let
    it happen…why? too many jobs directly associated with the military spending
    and theres no job to send those people to if they lose their jobs.
    so essentially the deal is like this…upper income tax increases…cuts to
    some programs…a small stimulus program to get the economy revvedup.
    but whiney…get out of the law library…come with me for a day…the economy
    is picking up….get the growth in the economy with some stimulus dollars and
    infrastructure spending and its going full tilt.
    Unemployment claims are going down..emp;loyment is going up…we’re
    about to get a real boom…..look at states like north dakota…
    …not enough people to work.
    housing market starting to come back…in california they’re bidding on houses
    now….Kvalues go up and theres millions of homeowners who go from underwater to
    having equity!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but you’re such adowner. why is a jew like you so down…ITS HANNUKA!!!!!!
    light the menorah….get those multiple day gifts…and pull out the dreidel…
    dreidel dreidel dreidel…i made it out of clay…you know the song .\
    And once they get thru playing games up in d.c. everythning will be okay…
    smile…its a beautiful world.
    have some wine…repeat after me……
    baruch atah odonoy…elohanu meluch haolam…boray parey hagefen!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. rabbi golden says:

    I love harley’s comments!

  4. the dude says:

    Imma bout to smoke me a fiscal spliff and watch this country go up in flames…

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