Sounds Good: Dweezil@VooDoo, Rev Gusto@Barnyard, Of Monsters and Men@Midland

We’re entering the doldrums period for live music…

That period of time that starts around finals week and stretches until nearly February, with New Year’s Eve excluded of course.

But unlike years past, there’s actually some really interesting shows still going down as we creep towards Fat Man Day.

Check it…

Thursday, December 13th

Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa at the VooDoo Lounge in KC

I saw these guys last year at the Midland and they pretty much rocked it.  Not only is Dweezil a badass axe man, but he’s also one of the most gracious frontmen I’ve ever seen.  He hung around for a long while after his band’s set in front of the stage signing autographs and chatting with anyone who wanted a piece.  I’m guessing that at an even smaller venue like the VooDoo Lounge that will be even more the case.  Plus, I think their set will likely be longer, since last time out they were the openers.

Friday, December 14th

Rev Gusto at Barnyard Beer in Lawrence

This lo-fi indie folk-rock band got some major run the other day when Lazlo of The Buzz played a couple of their songs in a row in prime drive time.  He declared them his favorite local band and compared them to Lou Reed, despite repeatedly calling them “Reverend Gusto.”

Anyway, they’re swinging by one of their favorite haunts this Friday for a show with several other indie acts – a bit of a change for the Barnyard, which usually specializes in folk-bluegrass.  Other acts on the bill are Mr. and the Mrs., The Bad Ideas, and Four Arm Shiver.

Did I mention that Brewmaster Heath has a festively potent vanilla bourbon stout on tap right now?

Saturday, December 15th

The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas with Grouplove, Of Monsters and Men and more at the Midland in KC.

96.5 The Buzz is hosting three nights of shows at the Midland, and two of them are already sold out, including this one I believe.  But you can surely scrounge a ticket up somewhere to go see neo-folksters Of Monsters and Men, who many have compared to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  If you can’t get out Saturday, the Sunday show features Passion Pit and some other dancey bands to close out the concert series.

TJ Broscoff at Barnyard Beer in Lawrence

This Texas troubadour is hitting up Knucklheads Friday before moseying his way over to Lawrence to throw down at the ‘Yard.  He’s got a new album out that’s been charting in Texas (so Texas has their own “charts”?  Weird.) and he’ll be featured in an upcoming CW reality show entitled Troubadour, Texas.  Plus, he has a sweet ass soul patch in this picture on his website (

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6 Responses to Sounds Good: Dweezil@VooDoo, Rev Gusto@Barnyard, Of Monsters and Men@Midland

  1. balbonis moleskine says:

    It’s so dreamy the way the sun shines down on his goatee. Makes me pine for 1997.

  2. chuck says:

    Dweezil and Moon Unit’s babysitter threw a party in 1974 up in Connecticut (I think). Big white house with water out back. The kids are upstairs asleep.

    I am there by way of a friend and we are waiting for a guy to bring over some weed. Dude shows up, it is Paul Peterson from Father Knows Best, seriously. I am puffin up with Paul and he asks about the kids.

    Several of us go up, check on the kids, go back down and get hammered.

    Just thought ya outta know M.D. Me and Dweezil are tight.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      1974, Carthage, Missouri, Kathy Rhine came racing to my house, said she just left KFC and FRANK ZAPPA was there with his kids!! We went back out there, sure enough, there he was. Carthage, Zip Code EIEIO, no one knew him but us, so we went over and spoke to him. The kids were little, 6 or 8, I’d guess and he was just super friendly, conversant and I think, found it odd that anyone knew him there! They were taking a family vacation, by car! Always loved his work, more so after that!

  3. chuck says:

    Oh yeah, it was summer or there is NO WAY I don’t go out back and make some “Yellow Snow”.

  4. chuck says:

    Don’t tell Dwizel or Dwizel will rip my flesh.

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