Hearne: Plaza, Union Station Star Stores Casualties of Cutbacks

This just in from sources at the Kansas City Star

Another casualty of Monday’s layoffs and cutbacks at 18th and Grand: Would you believe the newspaper’s Kansas City Store?

“I just heard both Star stores are closing,” says one newspaper insider. “The one on the Plaza and the one at Union Station.”

Exact closing dates of the stores and the fate of the two staffers who head their respective retail operations remain unclear, but the betting money is they’ll be taking a bullet with six months going away paychecks.

There’s a rub though.

“In order for them to receive the severance package deal they need to work at the stores until the end of January,” says the source. “Nothing like rubbing their noses in it.”

The standard exit packages offered to Star staffers is two week’s notice and six months severance pay, with the option of working during those two weeks or taking a hike and still getting paid.

From my experience, most people just clean out their desks and leave right away. In my case, I worked both weeks and turned in a full complement of columns.

Not familiar with the Star store? Take a number.

It’s basically a variation on those Best of Kansas City stores offering everything from Chiefs. Royals, KU, MU, K-State and All-Star Game merch to books written by past and present Star staffers, Dining Club cards, bobbleheads of dead people like Tony DiPardo, Taste of Kansas City gift baskets and $24.95 Jason Whitlock paperbacks marked down to $2.95.

From my perspective, the Star books and stores programs were money losers from the get go, but that the newspaper felt it could afford for promotional purposes during better times.

No mas.

Did I mention the Star has a Groupon today for 75 percent off subscriptions with over 10 deals sold?

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5 Responses to Hearne: Plaza, Union Station Star Stores Casualties of Cutbacks

  1. Jim says:

    The $2.95 for JW’s book seems a little steep.

  2. tiad says:

    So, how dumb is it to tell someone they are “being layed off” and then make them work until the end of January? Why not wait and just announce the whole thing 2 weeks into January? Then again, The Star doesn’t appear to be doing anything very smart right now.

  3. The translator says:

    Mi-Ai seems almost autistic sometimes. Not a good sign. Couple that with an editor who rushes straight for the nearest barstool and it’s no wonder.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    Gosh….. I’ll sure miss THOSE two stores
    – No Shopper Ever

  5. the dude says:

    My waiting game to get big black sexy’s books has finally paid off.

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