Glazer: It’s Time for the NFL to Take Steps to Clean Up Player’s Acts

Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III was on national TV after the Skins won a come from behind victory over the Baltimore Ravens Sunday…

“I screamed when I got hit – well -screamed like a man,” Griffin said afterwards. “But it was important to me to get back to the huddle and win this game.”

Griffin is one of the best quarterbacks ever to come out of college and start in the NFL.

He’s now rich and will make hundreds of millions of dollars and do tons of commercials. He’s also respected – and oh by the way – well educated, well spoken and a class role model for the millions who watch him play.

Robert Griffin III is black and I promise you Mr. Griffin won’t be getting in trouble at “De Club.”

He is a class act, period.

This man is an all too rare example of what the other black players need to strive to become in both the NFL and NBA.

Sadly, the majority of black players are not even close.

Early Saturday morning Josh Brent was charged with manslaughter. Brent is a Dallas Cowboy. He and his pal, Jerry Brown, a linebacker with the Cowboys, were in a terrible car wreck. Brown is dead and Brent will spend many years in prison for their drunken, fun night.

Brent had been in jail before for the same thing, severe drunk driving. This time he killed his pal.

Must have been a fun night at ‘De Club,’ Friday, huh?

Two NFL moments days apart – Jovan Belcher and Josh Brent – both ending in death, tragedy, loss and embarrassment for the National Football League.

Two cases of uneducated black players with bogus college degrees, tons of money and a job on the world’s stage, who just couldn’t handle it.

The NFL is now addressing head trauma and other injuries caused by playing in the NFL.

Now it’s time to address education, lack of any ability to deal with a large income, bad behavior and responsibility.

New strict rules are in order and NOW.

They should look like this:

*** After failing a simple NFL entry test for English, math, history and science, players MUST attend classes to get a meaningful degree at a high school level or better. Weekly mandatory classes. One third of their pay should be withheld until they can complete and pass tests. Real ones, with real teachers and tests they take, not someone else.

*** Mandatory classes for all players entering the league on investments. How to open a checking account – I kid you not, many players have never had a bank account before they get that first big check. What a C.D. is on and on…Even a league approved investment fund with a solid track record.

*** Classes that include how to behave in public. How to give a brief speech people can actually understand. How to behave in a restaurant, proper tipping, ordering and so forth. In other words we will help protect you from feeling small so you won’t try and act too big, getting you in trouble.

*** Classes could and should include, dating, marriage and dealing with NOT getting someone pregnant or having unwanted children. The rules of marriage and dating. How to treat a women. How to treat a child. How to be a responsible man.

The League must now BAN late night club attendance.

This should include strip bars. Only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights as well as game nights. No more weekends at “De Club” til 2 or 3 AM. If caught players forfeit one third of a year’s pay. Only league sanctioned events at bars after 10 PM on weekends, before games.

*** The league or team may approve late night events for promotions or commercials etc. with a league security officer present and a team driver with the player at all times. Players may go to bars and clubs during the week but only until an agreed upon time, unless team or league approved.

The players have lost their right to be trusted.

There have been in countless incidents and they’re on the rise. Black players in the 60’s and 70’s rarely had these issues. They respected the game and the opportunity to be on the world stage.

The hip-hop, hate culture changed all that and it must be killed off ASAP.

We need more Robert Griffin III’s and less O.J. Simpsons and Michael Vicks. A lot less.

Outstanding young men like Mr. Griffin demonstrate that it’s all very possible. We need to help these young men, their families and friends on and OFF the field. These young men represent our cities, our teams, their families and this nation.

NFL football is one of the biggest, most watched forms of entertainment on the planet.

The NFL dominates our news in this country practically on a daily basis. So it’s important its stars act like halfway responsible adults, not thugs and killers.

The NFL has a responsibility to help make this happen. Now.
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80 Responses to Glazer: It’s Time for the NFL to Take Steps to Clean Up Player’s Acts

  1. mike says:

    I have personally known some NFL players that used to go to the same gym I did. Most of them were black. For the most part, they seemed like really nice guys and seemed intelligent. While some of them are as you say, I think we may be generalizing too much. Many positions in the NFL take a great deal of intelligence to even play them. Learning an NFL playbook itself is not all that simple from what I hear. While there are some bad apples in the NFL, I don’t think the majority of the players are that way.

  2. Reggin Tnuc says:

    From your mouth to Mr. Goodell’s ears. The NFLPA will never agree to such demands. You cannot teach young men things they should have learned as children.

    Perhaps all rookies should be required to join the Boy Scouts and learn to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverant.

    Upon completion of the rank of Eagle Scout a man of God can teach them of the Seven Deadly Sins. Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth.

    There will never be a replacement for well intentioned, loving parents and at a minimum an introduction to a Higher Power.

    The lack of religious fiber in our diet has lead to a fecal disaster in our society.

    Prayers and blessings to all the afflicted.

    • Jim says:

      Character, integrity, education, greed, excess, et al……. These teachings are not exclusive to religion. They are tenants of humanity.

    • paulwilsonkc says:


      • Harley says:

        i’m sure those priests who raped those kids for 30 years and
        never had any punishment and the acts were covered up
        by the higher ups are perfect examples of character…and
        integrity!!!!!!!! were those priests white?????????????

    • Harley says:

      sure…and if the eagle scouts/boy scouts are lucky enough not to be
      raped by their scout leaders they’ll do real well..

      those boy scouts leaders are one wild group of dudes…
      any comments about their morals…their ethics…
      nooooooo! they’re white…they don’t count!

    • hollister says:

      Most blacks I know are very religious. It’s not a lack of religion in their culture causing problems.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Jerry Brown was a native of Missouri. Went to Vashon high school if I remember correctly.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    I think all your comments make sense. However the NFL and NBA need to TRY and make a statement now. Yes it will not always work, but hitting the pocketbook and hard might help. The gansta club scene and late night drugs and booze have been the bullet..for the most part, lack of education, anger and hate are the other part. These young men try and BUY credibility with the green and celebrity, brief as it usually can be, doesn’t work, then they act even worse.

    Of course parenting and upbringing can’t be replaced. We can make an effort. No one DUI shouldn’t end their career…depends on where, when, what and past behavior….anyone can get one, could be somewhat innocent, like after a dinner…so on…its the continuation that is the problem.

  5. Harley says:

    wtf glaze…are you serious? are you for real? you been in seatle this week with the
    new weed law? come on glaze…this is absolutely bull sh*t!
    first you attack the gangsta lifestyle. You come out against all the b.s. the gangstas
    stand for when in reality you’re a poster boy for that lifestyle. No harm intended
    glaze but before you write any more…look in the mirror. I’m not an expert in the
    gangsta lifestyle…but i’ve heard a few tech 9 songs…knew tech 9 when he was
    a kid…seen the videos and glaze you’re not the one to attack that lifestyle.
    Gangstas glamorize crime and outlaws. I’ve read numersous stories by you
    glaze where you glamorize the hoods and outlaws. You glamorize the outlaw
    lifestyle. You wrote a book about it…making it sound exciting. You now expect a
    movie to be made off that book…what about…the subject…being an outlaw and
    breaking the law…and you’re glamorizing the gangsta type lifestyle. Maybe from
    a different era…but youve always tried to make being acriminal look exciting.
    If it wasn’t noone would want to make a feature film about your life…if you made
    it tobe the abhorrent lifestyle it is…no movie would ever be made.
    Gangstas glamorize wild sex and using women. I’ve read dozens of your
    stories talking about the wild parties…the wild women…the easy women in
    your life. You proudly said “none of you can get the women i can” “i still get
    all the hottest women”…your bravado demeanor about your sex life glamorizes
    sex. You’re proud of your conquests. And I’m sure many women would say
    that your stories show a common disrepect for women. I could care less
    but youglamorize your sex lifestyle. You live your life…I’ll never ask you to
    change…its the life you choose…but don’t expect others to fit your lifestyle either.
    Gangstas glamorize money and fancy cars and bling. How many times have you
    bragged about y our “wheels”…your overpriced car…its like many commentors
    said….you used it as a tool to prove something. I didn’t write that. Your glamorization
    of the fancy car lifestyle is present in your stories.
    Disrepect for women…criminal behavior….gambling…a lifestyle that disregards
    normal society….thats what the gangsta lifestyle is about…and you’ve done a
    good job in glamorizing that lifestyle in your stories.
    Go back to all your stories…you explain your lifekstyle…and to some degree
    its the same lifestyle that you now choose to critique.
    Now you want 20-25 year old kids to take classes. What about the life you
    led at 25? Not much unlike what some of these players follow.
    More dratically glaze…you made money off these rappers/gangstas. You brought
    the hip hop crowd to westport with your hip hop bar. You were a part of the
    problem…choosing to make money off those terrible people. But you weren;t
    screaming bad things at them when they made you money were you.
    Now…you want them to be treateed different thna others just because they
    are athletes….would you wantto bettreated like that.
    ban late night club attendance? are you serious…then at the time when you
    owed that hip hop black bar who would you make money off?
    And wait…mandatory classes on investmenets…well include all the
    rest of the business people who went broke in this town…lets see..I can
    name a dozen business people in kc who went broke in business…business
    people who actually hurt people…stole money…casued severe personal problems..
    would you force them to go to investment classes. Send a few players and teach
    them how to spend their money…but include some “others” who crashed and
    burned and destroyed other’s lives inthe mayhem. Most of the time the player
    gets involved in a scam…they didn’t do it…they got bad advice…and who’se
    gonna give them the right advice…YOU????????
    where di d you come up with this stuff? seriously…only a few bad apples
    spoil it for the majority of black athlete who are intelligent and great
    business people (deron cherry)…there hundreds of them in every town…
    smart intelligent sports stars…some gullible at shysters who took their
    money with some conman ruse …..
    the players have lost their right to be trusted…who are you to call them
    out like that…..for every bad one theres a hundred who have done well…
    and you say they need to be trusted. yOU SAY WE CAN’T TRUST THEM>????
    why do you say that. I know many great former athletes that have donegreat..
    black andwhite…know some white athletes who didn’t do so well…went broke..
    dothey need investment classes too?
    The money…the cars…the hookers…the loose women…the loose sex…
    the partys…the glamorization of crime and outlaws…thats the gangsta
    lifestyle…and if anyones followed your stories so have you.
    Just because you ran with some bad apples in da clubs with the parties
    and drugs and hos doesn’t mean thats the lifestyle of everyone. It’s not.
    Some of us stay home at movies…drink some wine…don’t drive
    while intoxicated…don’t break laws…have nothing to do with whores and
    sleazy white trash….thats not our lifestyle. You seeem to think its the
    “right way”….its not. I’m not concerned with the nighlife of westport or the
    plaza…don’t stroll the streets for female strays or hookers…i don’t find that “party” lifestyle
    attractive anymore.
    You say “we need to help these men on and off the field”…who does?
    I don’t need to help them…you surely aren’t going to help them….none of the
    others on here are gonna help these men”…they’re adults.
    Before you go slamming someone elese s lifestyle you need to look in the miror.
    These are adults in the legal sense…they don’t need someone with decades
    of baggage tellnng them how to live their lives. They’re young…they make mistakes.
    Just like all kids. You mademistakes…we all made mistakes…so now yousingle
    them out from other kids because they make money playig a game.
    What about the delinquents in blue valley…the white kids killing their parents…
    the kids blowing their money…the kids in new york city who stole money…
    the kids cheating on their sat and act tests who live in 2 million dollar homes..
    never going to school…daddy getting them into a fancy school.
    What about the white kids who stole…dealt drugs…went to prison…do they
    need to never be trusted? I know lots of grown up who blew big money ….do they
    need investment classes. We can’t trust those kids who cheated…lied…stole
    a car…white or black. Don’t let any of those single 20 year old moms in joco go
    to a nightclub…yeah…thats gonna change their attitude. Don’t let the deadbeat
    dads who are all over this town go to a club…they don’t deserve our respect.
    Just make sure that the black atheltes making money have to follow “GLAZES
    RULES OF LIFE” ……the black kids who when the other kids were smoking
    pot…dealing etc…were in the weight room working out…playing and perfecting
    their atheltic abilities…yes…all of them need to follow GLAZES RULES OF LIFE…
    give me a break….who are you…or who is anyone to tell these kids how to
    live….people in glass houses should not throw stones.
    you’re a big time “scribe”….you’re in no way DR. PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
    Your entire story is so filled with bull i can’t stand it.

    • mike says:

      I can’t beleive I’m saying this again, but I agree with you on most of this. While there are definite problems in the low income black community, I don’t think the gangsta’ lifestyle is representative of the black NFL players in gerenal. You mention Deron Cherry. Also look at all the ex-players who do commentary on TV. Look at guys like Will Shields, Marcus Allen, Priest Holmes, Tony Richardson, etc. Sure there are bad apples in every barrel, but taken as a whole, the NFL has some really intelligent, decent guys; both white and black.

  6. Harley says:

    SOCIETY IS GUILTY. Its not just the movies or the mtv videos…its not just
    glaze or me or the gangs in the streets.
    There’s been a breakdown in all of our nation…the politicians taking the
    bribes…wall street greed that destroyed millions of people’s lives…the
    entire breakdown not just in the black but in the financial/government and
    judicial entities.
    WE PUT UP WITH MORE…the laws are for others….we’ve seen in the
    last 5 years people destroy our economy and pay no penalty for their
    crooked ways.
    We can’t single out the blacks…the hispanics…we can’t single out anyone…
    its because we’ve seen that many times the white guys in suits get away
    with destroying and stealing billions walks free while a young black kid needing
    food gets 10 years for robbinga store…we’ve seen that stealing with a pen
    is easier and less punishable than stealing with a gun.
    Its everyone…none of us are innocent.
    It’s just the way the world has turned. We turn our back because we’re too
    busy with cell phones and twitter.
    It’s not just black…it’s white…its brown…its rich..its poor…its the athletes..
    its the politicians…its the bankers…its the students….its the judges…and
    the police….we’ve lost our compass of life…all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. the dude says:

    The hypocrisy in this article is a little too much Glaze.

  8. Harley says:

    news today…the largest bank in u.s. fined for money laudnering…
    hostess ceo’s “divert” money from the workers pension plans for running the
    and what are we talking about now??????????????????????//
    seriously…its b.s.

    • expat says:

      It’s truly astounding how disingenuous you are. Facts must flow around your head like chunks in vomit: nothing to give them shape, context or meaning, immersed in a vile soup. There were 141 murders in Kansas City this year, almost all of them committed by non-Asian minorities. Aside from your mistaken claims above (Hong Kong Savings Bank the largest in America?) I’d like to see what your plan is for fixing the murder problem. To me it sounds like your plan is to persecute white men more and then somehow black people will start acting like human beings again. Despite the fact that whites and Asians are already capable of this feat without any big societal changes required. Have you ever heard of disparate impact lawsuits?

      • Harley says:

        and i want to know how you plan to deal with the huge
        number of white murders…the huge numbuers of
        white rape/white murders/white people attacked…
        give us your solution…because i’m pretty sure theres
        as many white people murdered in america as blacks.
        tell me what you plan to do to eliminate the murders of
        innocent white people…not just by blacks..but other
        whites…thatsa huge problem too.
        as far as other facts…hsbc is huge…may not be the biggest
        but they are signifciant…but heck …whats a few billion
        dollars when you’re talking bout fraud and cheating and
        stealing? come on…no problem…they pay a fine and walk
        when a young man getv 14 years for stealing $50 from
        a quick trip…nobig dealllhuh……????????????????????/

        • expat says:

          As usual you would be wrong – according to the US DOJ blacks are six times more likely to be ‘represented among homicide victims and offenders’. At least use google before spouting off. And your quick trip straw man is a complete non sequitur – are you really equating murder with fraud? How would jailing the executive for 14 years fix the black murder rate? It wouldn’t. As expected your mouth and your ass are hooked up in reverse.

        • mike says:

          Not that it has anything to do with the NFL, but black on black crime is a HUGE problem in the inner city. Per capita, a black person in the inner city has a much greater chance of being murdered than a white person and another black person is normally the murderer. Even liberal black leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have talked about it. They may disagree with the conservatives about the solution but there is common ground on admitting it is a major problem.

  9. expat says:

    The problem with all these ‘solutions’ to ‘fix’ so-called ‘gangster’ culture is that they require re-education for an almost exclusively black population. Apparently here nobody is familiar with what happens when blacks end up in programs at larger numbers than whites – it’s called a disparate impact lawsuit and it shuts down any chance of focusing these plans where they’re really needed. What happens when the NFL implements Craig’s ideas and the only ones affected are black players? Lawsuits and protests.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Well, guess nevermind….all is well…only bad egg is….ME…ok.

  11. says:

    I could not possibly agree more with Harley’s lengthy comments regarding Glaze’s hypocrisy. He’s so over the top that we must assume it arises to the level of a DSM4 named mental illness such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’m no shrink but there sure seems to be something absolutely nuts going on with Glaze.

    On another note, dispite the blatant hypocrisy, Glaze has a point about minority football players. When I taught at a university that was a major football power, I encountered students who were football players who had absolutely no business in even the most rudimentary college classes. One extreme case required that I become personally involved; this player was at the very bottom in a class of size 150. He scored 0 and 2 out of 100 on a midterm and final, respectively. The next worse student scored 25 and 40. Somehow, this football player found my phone number and begged me to pass him so he could play in the BCS championship. He made it known that he was suicidal. I wouldn’t pass him, and while the University did NOT pressure me, they somehow snuck him into the game, in violation of NCAA rules. He’s now a role player in the NFL ….. Makes lots of money, but still as dumb as any rock. If he isn’t broke in 5 years the sky will fall, and he’ll never qualify to coach, because that would require that he talk, and he hasn’t learned to and isn’t going to. I suspect he’d score about 60 on a Wexler or equivalent test.

    • Harley says:

      wrong ambig…nothing wrong with glaze…he chooses to publicly
      outline his lifestyle…i don’t …thats his choice…
      he’s not got a disorder…thats a bull sh*t comment on your part
      and not the intention of the comment.
      if you put your life on public display…and that life is not what
      others think is right or correct…you need to be able to take the
      glaze is a good guy…lives his life the way he sees fit.
      i don’t say its wrong…but i do say that he needs to determine
      if its correct when he contrasts it with that of gangstas glamorizing
      what i consider a bad lifestyle.
      glaze chooses his life…i choose mine…you choose yours…
      as my dad always said…’we all make our own beds”…sleep in it”
      i really think your statement ambig is bullsh*t…

      • says:

        DSM 4 says you must match at least five of the points below to gain NPD diagnosis … Which of the following CAN’T you verify many times with glazes own words on this website? I’ve noted five, for examples:

        Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements) (“CALLS HIMSELF SCRIBE WHEN HE HAS LITTLE EXPERIENCE WRITING, CLAIMS TO BE HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER, ETC)

        Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love (GLAZE QUOTE – I get more hot chicks in a week then you did in your life…think about that…)

        Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions) (EASTWOOD, EISNER, ETC)

        Requires excessive admiration

        Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

        Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

        Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

        Is often envious of others or BELIEVES OTHERS ARE ENVIOUS OF HIM) or her … (GLAZE QUOTES – I have more hot girlfriends then EVERYONE on here I am that handsome and cool though, my body is A+ and that’s that…SORRY HATERS

        Shows arrogant, haughty behavior or attitudes. (QUOTE FROM GLAZE – I am considered as tough and brave as they come, but you wouldn’t know, you my friend are the type when I was a cop we counted on to bust bigger guys…little rats like you…)

        Harley, this took me about five minutes to dig up. Think of the scores of examples you could dig up in the kc con archives if you had the time. But five characteristics achieves the NPD title. I’m no shrink, but to quote a musician, “You don’t have to be a weatherman to know the way the wind blows” …

        That’s all from me for a while, recess is over, back to work, talk at ya next week, maybe 🙂

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Wow, what a man crush you must have on me pal…damn, by the way everything you try and belittle is true and fact, proven, no arguments from anyone, guess except YOU.

          I am a producer of six films, IMDB has some of them like Champions Forever series, one of the most sold sports series of film, ALL TIME in the world, still available on…and others…women, there is no argument on that one either, and yes you are not in that league…what else?

          • George Wilson says:

            What else, you ask Craig. Well, for starters Ambiguous is probably not a convicted felon. And he may actually have completed college.

            Rolling out how many women you’ve been with every time you take personal inventory is more than a little lame. If that is a significant criterion in how you judge people, you’ve already lost the debate before it has begun.

            Deadspin described this site as a bunch of bottom feeders. The constant race baiting in both the articles and the comments sections suggest they may be right.

          • Craig Glazer says:

            To George Wilson, not the other hater…George..I did not bring this up, this guy did…yes I am a convicted felon, has nothing to do with this story, nothing….I guess you can bring that up every time I write an article, huh? Yes I am, wrote a book about it, doesn’t make me evil, well maybe to you…

            College, ASU and two others for me, two year degree…didn’t get the four, guess that makes me evil as well…

            Women, just the way it was and has been, again not an issue here George.

            I never can understand why I get attacked instead of addressing the issues…WE KNOW I WAS AN OUTLAW, WE KNOW ABOUT THE MOVIE, BOOK, ANIMATED SERIES, ON AND ON…THAT’S WHY I AM A PUBLIC FIGURE..ok…don’t like it, like Dead Spin, hey we have some nice numbers of readers in KC, several hundred thousand…nice…I doubt they are all bottom feeders, maybe Dead Spin is jealous who knows, don’t care.

            P.S. looks like lots of people do care about these stories based on response…LIKE YOU…but you must be a bottom feeder hey George?

          • smith says:

            glaze really ambig is right. you always have been and allways will be a true shmuck!

    • Harley says:

      our freinds on kcc talk about eliminating black people…any difference?

    • admin says:

      Easy George, Deadspin didn’t describe this site as bottomfeeders, one writer at Deadspin did while taking on a Greg Hall story two years ago. And also taking a shot at respected, retired Star editor Jim Fitzpatrick.

      So if you think Greg and Fitz are bottomfeeders, well that’s your right.

      Deadspin is itself a gossip site and has been accused of pushing the “ethical envelope.”

      Readers need to learn to make better distinctions.

      What Greg Hall, Jim Fitzpatrick, Brian McTavish, Craig, Brandon Leftridge or I write is simply put, our individual opinion. Not KC Confidential’s per se.

      When a Star columnist like Sam Mellinger writes it’s Sam’s opinion, not the Star’s.

      Even the unsigned editorials in the Star are written by usually a single person and not always representative of how other members of its editorial board feel or think.

      They do however come closer to being what passes for The Star’s opinion.

      • George Wilson says:

        Actually, Hearne, if I remember the article correctly the Deadspin writer said that the guys at the Star they asked about this site described it as a bunch of bottom feeders. At the time I was disappointed in that description. But since then there have been more than enough articles and statements in the comments section to make that description, if not completely valid, at least arguable. I have certainly cut back my readership primarily because of some of the content.

        I recognize you have a strong belief in freedom of the press. To your credit, you allow contrary opinions like mine to be posted. It’s your site and you can run it the way you want. It is just my personal opinion that the constant race baiting that goes on in here detracts from some otherwise fine writing and interesting topics and in general hurts the site’s reputation.

        • admin says:

          That’s a reasonable contention. The comments section can get a little weary at times, I’ll agree.

          There is room though I think for opinions that transcend politically correct.

          Your memory of the Deadspin mention is a little hazy. Why don’t you just Google it and read it like I did and you won’t have to try and not misremember something one writer said two and a half years ago before Glazer was even writing for us.

        • Harley says:

          george….race baiting is exactly right.
          look at the sources.
          older white males….they’re angry…mad…feeling
          left behind as the world changes around them.
          They watch depressing fox news which has nothing
          positive to say about anyone. All negative. After
          watching that for an hour you’d be down on everything
          going on.
          These guys have no scapegoat except black and hispanics.
          They feel like they got shorted for some reason.
          They feel that life dealt them a bad hand.
          They feel like the clock is ticking.
          Yet these same people will gladly fight for their
          medicare and social security and when they get
          old they’ll wnat the governmentto pay for their
          nursing home care.
          They are mad because their heros threw this nation
          into a huge recession just when they were getting
          ready to retire.
          They can’t stand it that the safety net that WE ALL
          PAID FOR is helping people when they need it.
          but damn sure if they get a hail storm they’ll love
          getting a new roof…
          Its sad. Very sad. You’re 1000% right.
          They lost an election..and they’ll lose in 2016/2020/
          2024 because of their attitude and their
          It’s easy to blame a black family geting$300
          a month for food. They are so nearsignthed they forget
          that most corporations have ravaged the tax system
          shifting all their profits overseas and gaming the tax
          system for billions. $300 versus billions.
          And the people needding some assistance are very
          easy targets. They have no voice…they can’t do
          defend themselves in a system like ours.
          Old guys beating up on some kids being fed!
          Seriously george…move on and read some other
          blog. At least tonyhas some legitimate news!
          Sad…very sad….

    • Harley says:

      so do the farmers…who get paid not to grow crops…the billions
      in subsidies the government pays these scammers not basedon
      a need to support pricing…just because they have some good
      legistlators toting their water.
      look at your cell bill in kansas…state gives at and t 86 million
      dollars a year to supplement rural phones…another huge joke.
      now how do those compare to what you say is “free sh*t?””””””””
      oh and don’t forget the defense contractors maring products up
      1000% profit…over and above the contracted price…thats
      free money or as you say it sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I will punch a white boy whenever I feel like it, say, maybe at Target!!

    I might punch someone at Stanfords too if they don’t laugh.

  13. Reporters says:

    Wow!! What the Fu*K???

    Everybody gets punched!!! Makes sense to me!!!

    It must be society.

  14. They say it is a case of “Just being in the srong place at the wrong time.”

    Yeah, thats what it is.

  15. The odds says:

    Of the millions and millions of violent crimes comitted every year by Blacks, only a very few thousand are caught on tape.

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Damn well thanks for making my case. Didn’t need your help much…facts speak for themselves.

    My actions of years past are not in line with these. I was not a gang banger, my war was with men who were in the same game as I was. We harmed no innocent people. It was a business, wrong one, but at least spy vs. spy…nobody went home and shot their girlfriend or wife…no club shootings so on..not the same and a different era.. the 70’s/80’s vs now…not the same.

    • says:

      Glazer, you are right! Your best friend Andy Thomas didn’t shoot and kill anyone…

      • Craig Glazer says:

        So what has that to do with anything here Dan? Look you are a low life who never amounted to anything. That’s on you….lets just leave it at that, shall we.

        • says:

          Wrong guess glaze, I’m not Dan, and I’ve long ago come to grips with the immorality of my own youth. I’ve even made recompense from time to time.

          The kind of violent crap you were involved in and still glorify was no better than today’s “club shootings”, and as long as you try to make a buck off off your very seedy past, you aren’t anything but a hypocrite when condemning today’s seedy under-culture.

          Lots of us were bad guys in our late teens, but an overwhelming majority of us changed our ways, and certainly don’t brag about our shameful misdeeds. You, on the other hand, still revel in your atrocious youth. And to this day your values haven’t changed. You still brag about bagging sleazy strippers and hookers!

          Your mother was such a lovely woman; the exact opposite of the nasty women you brag about. If any of the good people she knew read your crap, they are reminded of the greatest torment of her life; you.

          But to this very day, you could honor her by turning your thinking around. I don’t hold out much hope, given your obvious lack of self awareness. Do you ever, in the quiet moments, reflect on what an immoral mess your life has been? I doubt it, because even at Stan Louis’s, you could do nothing but make it all about you…..

          Can you learn at your age? You might start by shutting up about your nasty past and do something charitable, WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE ELSE about such deeds. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the day.

          This is the last you’ll hear from me.

          • Craig Glazer says:

            Well you won’t be missed. Just to let you know whoever you are…I have done endless things for charity…too many too list and have been on the board of Kansas Cities Drug and Alcohol Programs for more than a decade…not that it matters to someone like you who just hates…no reason other than your not being happy with your own life.

  17. Harley says:

    State and federal authorities decided against indicting HSBC in a money-laundering case over concerns that criminal charges could jeopardize one of the world’s largest banks and ultimately destabilize the global financial system.

    Instead, HSBC announced on Tuesday that it had agreed to a record $1.92 billion settlement with authorities. The bank, which is based in Britain, faces accusations that it transferred billions of dollars for nations like Iran and enabled Mexican drug cartels to move money illegally through its American subsidiaries.

    While the settlement with HSBC is a major victory for the government, the case raises questions about whether certain financial institutions, having grown so large and interconnected, are too big to indict. Four years after the failure of Lehman Brothers nearly toppled the financial system, regulators are still wary that a single institution could undermine the recovery of the industry and the economy.

    how many young blacks are in prison for stealing a few bucks to buy food?
    and these thieves get off.
    crime iscrime….its just a lot easier when its a pen…not a gun.

    • Lehman Bros. says:

      Yeah we raped, murdered, assaulted average janes and joes on the street thousands of times a day every year.

      I think those guys over at Morgan Stanley just flashed me some gang signs, we gonna get our gats and start shootin dem crackas.

    • expat says:

      You think you live in Les Miserables… Guess what almost nobody is stealing to get food, they have EBT and other government services for that. Although I agree with you these white collar criminals need to be treated more harshly – make them do the perp walk at least – it’s completely tangential to the black crime problem.

      • Harley says:

        not really….a crime is a crime.
        When you cheat people out of their homes…life savings…
        jobs etc. you’re still committing a crime.
        Your lazy attitude toward any crime is pretty sad.
        obviously you were not raised right. something is wrong.

        • expat says:

          Typical. It’s you who’s equivocating between murder and fraud, not me. Whether you realize it or not you are seriously messed up in the head. I feel sorry for those who have to deal with you in real life, especially your family.

  18. The odds says:

    This is who runs our country, the new electorate, the folks that pull the strings.

    • Harley says:

      HEY DUDE….get some sleep…..going thru old you tube videos to
      find the most violent ones at 3am ain’t healthy.
      get a life.

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