Glazer: Heisman Trophy Winner & This Week’s Pics

After the smoke clears, the winner of the Heisman Trophy will be…

As always, in my humble opinion, Johnny FOOTBALL, from Texas A&M. I believe it will end this way; Johnny Manziel, followed by  Manti Te’o of Notre Dame then Collin Klein of Kansas State.

In their own way all three deserve the award, but Johnny FOOTBALL is the most exciting.

He beat No.1 Alabama and led his team to 10 wins in the tough SEC. Klein led a nobody Kansas State team to a No. 1 ranking late in the season with just one loss. He’s a great person and an outstanding college quarterback that was one win away from winning it all – even the Heisman.

Manti is the man who the Chiefs may take in the first round of the draft.

He led his Notre Dame school to being undefeated and a shot at the title in the Super Bowl of college football.

By the way Alabama will beat Notre Dame and retain the title.

All three are deserving, but with just one winner. OH JOHNNY, you the man!

The Chiefs will play out the string. Brady Quinn makes his run to be kept as the Chiefs back up next season. With another win, a solid finish that could happen. Lord knows they have enough jobs to fill already, so it’d be nice to have that back up spot in the bag.

Cleveland is a little better than the Chumps, so look for them to take down the Chiefs Sunday.

Peyton Manning, as somebody here told you clear back in August, is still one of the two best quarterbacks in football. Denver right now is in the top three in the NFL with Houston and Atlanta. I don’t like the way Denver has NOT been scoring lately inside the red zone – too many field goals. Peyton needs another top notch receiver to win a Super Bowl. They are close though.

It’s the end of the season. I have more than 40 wins, and less than 20 losses so far. I’d like to end it with over 50 wins and less than 27 losses.

Notice that nobody else HERE in KC calls games anymore on a weekly bases outside the Star, who doesn’t use the points and could not match me either. For two years running KC Confidential has given you the reader, THE BEST PICKS, simple as that. Now lets see if we can continue.

This is a very tough week – only NFL for the most part – and not too many good games to pick from. Plus they’re all  close games, with the points.


NAVY -7 over ARMY

Pro Picks:

Cleveland -1/2 over Kansas City (tease with below)

Seattle -4 over Arizona (tease with above)

Atlanta -3 over Carolina

San Fran -3 over Miami (tease with below)

New York Giants +2 over New Orleans (tease with above)

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5 Responses to Glazer: Heisman Trophy Winner & This Week’s Pics

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    “He beat No. 1 Alabama and led his team to 10 wins in the tough SEC.” This is something of a misleading statement from a journalistic standpoint. A & M did win 10 games during the regular season, but its league record was 6-2, so four of the 10 wins came during non-conference play. Anyway, once the national media fall in love with a certain player, it’s hard for the other players (e.g., Klein) to overcome that. But Collin did receive the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, as I recall.

  2. Lance the Intern says:

    Glazer — What’s with the K-State hate? K-State had 7 players on the 2012 All Big 12 first team. That’s pretty good for a “nobody Kansas State team”. The next closest team, Oklahoma State, had 5 players named.
    Oh, and the head coach nobody knows nationally? Big 12 coach of the year.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I do like them, but nobody has heard of them…losing to Baylor was such a HUGE dump, the media didn’t like them to begin with, that killed them nationally…as evidenced by being dropped to sixth, their qb, was a distent third in Heisman…I did pick the winner, gee another Glaze correct pick, Johnny Football….but yeah K-State had a nice year, a win over Oregon would be a nice and big ending, a loss and it’s nobody K State again. Sorry.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Went 2-2, average week…now 45-22-5. On track for 50 plus wins and less than 30 loses. WE did get the Heisman right and order of finish…sorry K State fans. Again a win with Oregon would go a ton to overcome the loss to Baylor. In fact K State could argue they are number 2..nice, a loss, well then they are maybe number 6 or 7…we’ll see.

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