Hearne: Jason Whitlock (Finally) Dumps Overland Park Hacienda

For the better part of a decade it was his dream home…

I’m talking about former Kansas City Star sports columnist Jason Whitlock‘s bachelor pad in South Overland Park. The four bedroom, three and a half bath Nottingham Forest abode where he hosted celebrity bashes, reportedly attended by guests such as Ollie Gates, Carl Peterson, Marty Schottenheimer, Derrick Thomas, Bill Self, Danny Manning, Mark Mangino, Roy Williams, Frank White – even Craig Glazer.

In 2004 Big Sexy wrote about one of his many wildings in the newspaper saying, “My mama’s annual soul-food Christmas party- which is invitation only – will celebrate its 10-year anniversary on Monday, Dec. 20. She’s flying into Kansas City on Friday with a vat of bacon grease and a suitcase full of seasonings.”


Actually, Whitlock moved the party to the Peachtree that year because it had grown so in size and scope – but you get the idea. Besides, his swimming pool – now in disrepair according to the listing – was mothballed for the winter. Still those bashes there were the stuff of local legend.

Reportedly the house had been on the market for two years or longer after Whitlock parted company with the Star. A parting that went ugly after he dropped out of sight for a couple months then went on 610 Sports to bad mouth the his bosses and tell the awful truth about the divorce.

So nasty were Whitlock’s accusations that 610 pulled the plug on him mid interview as he was telling a story that allegedly involved Star editor Mike Fannin planting a drunken kiss on a male reporter at a local dive.

Who knows? One of these days the Big Guy may unleash a tell all book with “the rest of the story.”

Until then, we can only imagine.

Back to Whitlock’s house…

At one point it appears Whitlock was asking $260,000 for it, but by the time it sold he had faced the market realities and was down to an asking price of $225,000. It sold for $208,000 less real estate commission.

Here’s the listing description:

Open Contemporary Home with Vaulted Ceilings and “OPEN” layout Newer Roof. GREAT space for the $$!! BIG Private Lot – and LL Hot Tub Room – THIS house is MADE to Entertain! Finished Walk-out LL with Wet Bar, Full Bath and Work-out Area. Main Floor Master Bedroom with HUGE Jetted Tub and Walk-in Shower. POOL will need work – selling AS IS.

There you have it, the divorce is final. Whitlock’s hanging on the West Coast with Kansas City but a blurry image in his rearview mirror.

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13 Responses to Hearne: Jason Whitlock (Finally) Dumps Overland Park Hacienda

  1. the dude says:

    Sayonara BBS, don’t let the Haterade drown ye out west.

  2. I woulda looked into it, but I’m afraid it’s probably haunted by the permanent stench of fried food and a million ghastly farts.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, but think of the fun you could have cleaning out that swimming pool and sliding into that jacuzzi

  3. Harley says:

    I was at one of whitlocks xmas parties….the one where peterson showed up.
    His mom was one super nice woman. We talked for a short time.
    He did a nice job on the journalistic side in kc…I wish him luck on his
    future…but since oreilly jumped him about his recent article he should
    get some ink.
    I don’t think we’ll have another sports writer as controversial or as colorful
    or as on the edge as jason.
    We did a charity event and it was a blast.
    But seriuusly hearne…did anyone really care about his home listing..or the price..
    or the fact that the pool was in bad shape.
    Hearne…you really needed to dig deep to get this story. Essentially it
    was a waste of time.
    Theres so much more to get into in kc…hw about brittni glass? Or
    amy the cheerleader….you really need to get in on these stories…
    Hearne y

  4. balbonis moleskine says:

    Lol, nottingham forest. Blue valley norths oddly segregated planned community.

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    Third-rate writer, first-class pad –
    Methinks just maybe The Star was had.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    I miss Jason, he brought the controversy like nobody else has lately. Yes I was at his place several times. Since he left town, nobody has put together a who’s who party or parties like Whitlock did…not only players, ex players, the big names from Bill Self to Carl to Marty..on and on…and hot ladies always on hand….you have to give Jason credit…he was a show all in himself. I do miss the guy.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    That place was a JoCo version of Graceland without the shag romp room but equally tasteless.
    “HUGE Jetted Tub” Who would have EVER guessed that???

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