Glazer: KC’s James Johann, WWE’s Mick Foley & Dave Coulier at Stanford’s This Winter

December through February are comedy’s biggest weeks of the year…

Especially fun is December with a strong line-up of stars and large holiday parties joining in at Stanford and Sons at the Legends.

One of the holiday comics is former local guy made good, James Johann. Yes sir, straight from Miami County. James started his career in Westport about 15 years ago. He was picked to be the opening act for the original Blue Collar Tour starring Larry The Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White and Bill Engvall.

I flew out to Universal Studios in Los Angeles for the lift off and James opened the show at the Universal Amphitheater and killed it. Maybe he was too good. Johann was not represented by a big manager like the other guys were. They put James with Larry The Cable Guy only. So when Larry did shows by himself – like the one at Kemper Arena – James co starred with him.

Johann often went up in front of ten thousand plus people. I was at that concert and I felt James played even with Larry. Not a good thing for James because the big stars want to follow softballs. Johann was later dropped from the tour after about two years.

James got a gig on CMT – country music television – and has done a boat load of late nights on shows like Craig Ferguson. I always felt he was as good or better than the other Blue Collar Tour stars, but James is a nice,quiet guy and wasn’t really treated fairly.

Hey, but that’s showbiz.

Today he is radio’s Rural Genius on many shows across America and will be at Stanford’s in about two weeks. His show is top notch if you like that midwestern style. He’s one of my favorites.

Other name acts coming over the season include New Years Eve with Lynne Koplitz, the star of Z-Rock, the Joan Rivers Show and Lewis Black‘s former touring co star. Lynn is naughty but very pretty. Reminds one of a younger hipper Joan Rivers.

This week it’s Carlos Alazraqui star of Reno 911 and the voice of the little Dog in the Taco Bell spots – “Yo quiero Taco Bell.”

He does many TV voices including Family Guy and is the star voice of Disney’s Planes. You’ll also soon see Dov Davidoff  whose life story is being made into a comedy film called 4 1/2 Minutes. Jimmy JJ Walker will be in Valentines week and his book EVERYTHING IS NOT DYNOMITE got much attention this past summer. Family favorite Dave Coulier from Full House stops in this winter as well.

Maybe the most interesting name is Mick Foley.

Better known as MANKIND, the WWE wrestler who has turned comic. Mick is still on the WWE from time to time and has tons of dough, but loves doing comedy. He stole the show in Montreal this summer and there were lines to get in to see him.

Even people like Lewis Black and Jim Jefferies were there to see Foley’s crazy-funny act and stories. He doesn’t do many clubs, but I was up there and we talked him into Stanford and Sons on January 16th and 17th.

Now that’s going to be unique.

Hope to see you this holiday season. I open the shows on Friday and Saturday nights. Enjoy!!
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  1. mike says:

    Mick Foley is an interesting guy. He did some of the most dangerous stunts in the history of wrestling. He is missing an ear. He speaks fluent German. He has worked as an actor. He has been a New York Times bestselling author. Now he is a comic.

  2. says:


    • says:

      “December” and “February” are months, not “weeks”‘ idiot “Scribe” !

      • Craig Glazer says:

        My dear pal Ambiguous…did you lose that old dog you kick? I think everyone who read this got it..the weeks of this period are within those months…shocker…thanks for your help. We all know you are here to help….must have not read the artilce about holidays, playing nice, you are just an unhappy little gremlin aren’t ya!

  3. KCMonarch says:

    I’ve honestly never heard of any of them. Ahhhhh. Life in flyover country sure is grand.

  4. the dude says:

    Will the Full House Canadian dude be doing Scooby Doo impersonations non-stop for a straight hour? If not, I don’t care to watch.

  5. the dude says:

    Ruh roh Rave, rou rissed a renty.

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