Glazer: Gangsta Culture Needs to Give Way to Education to Avoid Next Jovan Belcher Incident

Hey look, I’m not dancing…

But KC Confidential  got out in front of most media with the real story on the murder/suicide Saturday. My story was on the money.

This is not something to brag about because it’s truly upsetting and more than sad.

But yes, this was a racially motivated incident. It was about an all too common crime by a young black man who was a highly paid pro athlete.  And who killed someone for no real reason. It’s about a culture that makes even average black Americans just as pissed off and ill.

The young hip-hop, urban core scene is basically, “We just hate.”  Even when they have dream jobs, a dream life and attention they’re still angry and prone to violence.

Jovan Belcher was drinking and partying at the Power & Light Friday night into Saturday morning. According to police, they found him drunk and asleep in his $400,000 dollar Bentley around 2 AM. Had that been you or I we would have probably been taken in for a D.U.I.

Instead, they sent him home. A couple hours later he emptied his semi-automatic handgun into his girlfriend.

Why? Shocker, he was drunk, jealous and – oh yeah – they had FINANCIAL ISSUES.

This man was making close to $2 million a year, drove a Bentley and this was his home where his girlfriend, baby and mother lived. And let’s just say it was not a home in Hallbrook. Money problems? Seriously?

A 25 year-old, a pro football player with a seven figure salary and climbing but he’s broke. How do you do that?

I’ll tell you, NO EDUCATION, that’s how. Anger, that’s how. I’m bad and you’re stupid, that’s how.

As I’ve written before, most – not all – but most NFL and NBA players are broke or bankrupt 3 to 5 years after they leave the game. Most. I’ve known many of them.

Jovan was GIVEN a degree, as are most soon-to-be pro players of color.

It’s as simple as that.

We all know it but we don’t care because they’re great players and we need them out there on the field.

Hey, even Belcher’s best friend on the team couldn’t spell his name.

Dwayne Bowe and other Chiefs wore T-Shirts honoring their fallen pal with his name spelled Janvan.

I rest my case.

The media danced past these issues as Hearne pointed out yesterday.

Hearne was right, few people even knew the name Jovan Belcher – he was a starter but not a star. Chiefs fans knew of him but little else. Yet the Star wrote a headline saying the “Community Mourns.”

We didn’t know he was already in counseling over anger issues with his girlfriend.

The victims were the murdered girlfriend, her 3 month old child and their families. Jovan had plenty of other guns in his home. He sure needed those.

Was Belcher a pro football player or a gang banger? Which?

I did a similar story on KMBZ about how shopping and entertainment areas could not have young black people in them or they would fail. I based that on statistics about their bad behavior nationally.

I used Westport turning around as my example. It was simple. They ran off the young black crowds and now they’re thriving.

No, not all blacks are bad. There are just too many troublemakers and whites fear them.

Blacks generally dislike and distrust white people as well. A sad fact.

You’ve seen the stats on violence regarding young black men. It’s unreal.

Yes, they are the crime problem in this country period.

I know we have white serial killers, murderers and other violent criminals, but it’s a small fraction of the numbers among young blacks.

Without young black men’s crimes our prisons would be nearly empty.

So now the streets are pretty safe – that’s just a fact.

BY THE WAY NOBODY ARGUED AGAINST ME on KMBZ – even the black callers agreed.

“We are embarrassed by this bad behavior,” they said. “These kids need to be in school and their parents are to blame, as are their neighborhoods.”

I agree.

These are the real issues, not THE TRAGEDY.

It’s why white people don’t want to be around groups of black people. Like on the Plaza. They’re afraid.

This is why! This why! This is WHY!

Having said all this, I’m not a racist, I’m a realist.

My many close friends who are black agree with me 100%.

They include Jimmy Walker, Michael Winslow and even Chiefs player Ted McKnight who lived with me for a few months. They can’t stand it either.

What will change all this? Time and education.

We must make these young urban core kids go to school and LEARN, not just hang out.

Examples of great African Americans are everywhere – including in the White House.


I came from a violent background. I left that world decades ago and I don’t miss it. So I know things can change, people can change.
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54 Responses to Glazer: Gangsta Culture Needs to Give Way to Education to Avoid Next Jovan Belcher Incident

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Can’t find much to disagree with, sadly.

    • Harley says:


      NOW I SEE..
      for chuckles the sad clown…wilson….smarmyman…mark smith…whinery…
      i now see why there is so much negativity on your posts.
      You have so much pent up anger after you got your asses kicked
      that you just can’t handle any rational argument.
      Elections have consequences…your man lost…your poeple lost…you
      predicted the wrong outcome and now with nowhere to vent your
      anger you come out with this woe is me bullsh*t to try and
      cover up the despair and utter b.s. that you now experience.
      Get used to it boys. The world has changed. You and your political
      philosophies are outdated…wrong and off course and headed for the
      graveyard of bad ideas.
      Sorry…as the ojays said “THATS THE WAY LIFE GOES!””””””””””””
      harley rules…and again…harley is right.
      So if you continue to need some business/personal/financial
      or just some common sense political advice feel free to contact
      me at
      One problem…i’ve not talked to any funeral directors at a black
      funeral home…not spoken with any black moms about their
      kids nfl prospects so I may have to defer any advice on those
      syubjects to my good friend wilson.
      hangin there boys….hahahaha

  2. mike says:

    I think the gangsta’ culture has more to do with the breakdown of the family unit. Many of these kids don’t know their fathers or either of their grandfathers. The gangs have taken the place of their fathers. The gangs provide them and identity, a sense of belonging to something, leadership, protection, and money. Not having any positive male role models, how are they to learn how a man is supposed to treat women or act in general. This all started in the 1960s with the Great Society. Women found out that if they had a baby and didn’t put a father’s name on the birth certificate, they would get welfare, section 8, and food stamps. This policy has encouraged women to get pregnant out of wedlock and for the men to take no responsibility for their kids. The result has been to hurt the people it was supposed to help.

  3. Harley says:

    all you’re doing is fanning the flames of chuckles the sad clown…smarmyman
    and the rest of the black haters on kcc.
    Before you know it glaze….they’ll all be wearing white hoods to the kcc christmas
    party…unless cheap hearne can’t gettrade for it…maybe do it at standfords!!!!!!!!!

    • smartman says:

      Harley, waiting for you at Suchs, Black, Cox, Dailey & Lovesit. Partner meeting starts in 15 minutes.

  4. Harley says:

    from the kansas city star….yes…the kansas city star still reports news:

    In the parking lot of the practice facility at 1 Arrowhead Drive, Belcher encountered Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli. Belcher stepped out of his Bentley with a gun pointed at his own head, police said.
    “I did it,” he said, according to police. “I killed her.”
    Club officials knew about the couple’s problems. The Chiefs had provided counseling and “were bending over backward” to help, Sharp said.
    But Belcher told Pioli that the assistance wasn’t enough to fix their problems and now, “It was too late.”
    When another Chiefs employee arrived, Pioli told him to stay back. Meanwhile Pioli tried to persuade Belcher to lay down the weapon, Sharp said.
    Belcher thanked Pioli for everything he had done for him. He asked if he and Clark Hunt would take care of his daughter.
    Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel and linebackers coach Gary Gibbs arrived in the parking lot and Belcher reportedly announced, “Guys, I have to do this.”
    Crennel tried to dissuade him.
    “I was trying to get him to understand that life is not over,” Crennel told The Star. “He still has a chance and let’s get this worked out.’’
    As Pioli and Crennel tried to reason with Belcher, the men heard police sirens closing in. Belcher then walked a few steps away with the gun still pointed at his head.
    “I got to go,” Belcher reportedly said. “I can’t be here.”
    Belcher knelt behind a vehicle and made the sign of the cross across his chest before firing a single bullet into his head.
    Kansas City police believe Belcher killed himself because he was distraught over what he had done to Perkins.

    the real hero in this entire episode is pioli. He walked up to belchar…knowing that
    belchar was having problems…and tried to help him from 3 feet away…then
    told an emplloyee to stand back…then direct romeo and gibbs.
    I think pioli showed his true character that day. Forget about bad draft choices..
    forget about poor choice of quarterbacks and coaches…pioli showed courage and
    balls that day. He is the .hero in this tragedy

    • mike says:

      I have to agree with you again. Whatever you think of Pioli as a general manager, he is a man of courage and character. I will also say the same thing for Crennel since he witnessed all this, yet was able to pull himself together and give his team leadership when they needed him most. Whether their overall job performance justifies either of them still being here next year or not, I will always respect both of them as fine human beings.

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    Good column and one that will hopefully stimulate some much-needed dialogue both within the black community and beyond. Echoing the Guy Who Says What Others Think, there’s not much to disagree with here.

  6. Big Idea says:


    Quit making it about race, race is our easiest way to define. Heck you even had the right answer buried in your column

    “We must make these young urban core kids go to school and LEARN, not just hang out.”

    It’s a socio economic issue. In KC urban core it’s Black, in other area’s it’s Hispanic, in lots of southern area’s it’s White. It’s not a race thing, it’s the systematic way in which we keep pushing genarations of POOR people into worse and worse circumstances.

    It becomes a race issue only when you put in through that lens, because the minorities in this country have been marginalized for generations. As long as we continue to provide poor education for the kids who have the least amount going for them, this behavior will continue, regardless of the color of their skin.

    • mike says:

      The only people who can make these young urban core kids go to school and learn and not just hang out are their parents. If they are not involved in making this happen, the teachers can only do so much. Parents have to make sure their kids study, do homework, and act in a respectful manner toward teachers and other authority figures and hold them accountable if they don’t do these things. They need to look at their report cards and show an intrest in how they are doing. They need to go to parent-teacher meetings whenever possible and be able to take constructive critisism if their child needs improvement. It is not the place of the school system to raise kids and teach them right from wrong.

      • Paulwilsonkc says:

        Mike, I think we are one generation BEHIND that happening as the moms of those youths (since the dads are usually missing) are caught up in the same mindset.
        I was at a client of mine off the Plaza last week and overheard two moms there for inexpensive services that are offered. The two moms new each other and were sharing a joint rant about their displeasure of getting a call from a teacher concerning her sons failing grades.
        The two moms were in agreement that this teacher should “shut the hell up” and “not worry about their sons” as they weren’t there to LEARN; they were there to play FOOTBALL!
        Further, she told this teacher, he was headed to college for a year or two, then, the NFL. Now get this. She then said to the teacher,”any attempt to interfere with my son playing football because of his GRADES may end up in you getting your white ass kicked!”
        All this…..while waiting for nearly free medical care from a medical teaching school. I think the current group of moms were raised by the previous generation that taught each additional kid nets you $x/month.
        It’s going to be a harder, more long term job.

        • katie s. says:

          When generations of kids have been raised to believe their best chance to make it is to excel in sports, it’s not hard to understand why that lesson is passed along.

          • Paulwilsonkc says:

            Katie, I’m with you on that. Look at the kids who, universally, think their future is in rap or sports. That’s bigger odds than choosing education and brain surgery, but that never crossed their minds in the process.
            It’s too bad. I’ve been approached about doing entreprenurial training with teens in the inner city by one of the largest entrepreneur centers in the city. I’ve got a great deal of interest in this topic and deeply involved in it already.

  7. mark smith says:

    While you are spot on regarding the violent culture among young black males, I think its a big stretch to make the belcher murder/suicide about race. It is in my opinion a domestic violence issue. It’s not about guns, the NFL, drugs, head injury or race. It’s about a sociopath who deals with problems by forcing his will on the weak. Crazy people killing their spouse or children isn’t confined to any single race. Belcher would have been just as deadly had he been white. He did get a soft pass by the media who always tap dance around crimes committed by minorities, I’ll give you that.

    • Harley says:

      thanks for agreeing with me marky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • expat says:

      Why is it that people of a certain race have domestic violence issues at a far higher rate than any other people? Why do they have so many more violent sociopaths than any other race? Once you can understand that you can start to understand the problem. I’ll give you a hint it doesn’t have anything to do with education or poverty – those are symptoms not causes.

  8. glenn says:

    Apparently JB was taking lessons from the OJ play book. Join gang at 12. Establish yourself as head bully. Keep quiet and polite when you speak with the ‘man’ so that he doesn’t know how seriously screwed up you are, while controlling your women.

    Follow the yellow brick road to the NFL. You know the rest….

  9. John Wayne says:

    Glazer, you’re starting to make me like you. You’re spot on with this one – with the exception of great African Americans being in the White House.

  10. chuck says:

    Nice job Glaze.

    Paul’s comment really sheds a light on the mentality of the African American Sub Culture.

    Once again, we live with and conduct ourselves with references made by way of generalizations. Its usually cold in the winter and warm in the summer, of course there are notable exceptions.

    In general ( Even Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton admitted to generalizing once while walking down the street in Atlanta, and crossing that same street because of the fear of seeing a dozen black kids coming there way.) and statistically, the lion’s share of crime, murder and rape (The rape stat is almost incomprehensable. Black on white rape is 565 to 1. There are 565 rapes by the black 15% of the population on the white 65% of the population. Per Capita its around 2500 to 1.), is committed by African Americans.

    The solution for the end of incessant violence which is part and parcel of the African American sub culture, is incessant open and frank discussions concerning that violence and the lack of moral agency assigned accordingly by the 4th Estate, Politicians and Hollywood.

    Now, Americans see African American violence, Pro Sports Heroes, Rap Music and the concomitant bloodshed as a fungible product, which is promoted overtly, covertly and excused de facto by the 4th Estate, Politicians and Hollywood in exchange for social programs which cripple African American initiative, imply inferiority and drain the National Treasury.

    Our national approach to African Americans is greased by the universal lubricant of white guilt and an accompanying narrative (Vivtims=Virtue and they are everywhere.)of hagiographical peaens to long ago ‘leaders’ who transcended the hatred of an evil white empire which now leaves us prostrate on the altar of “THE SACRED BLACK EXPERIENCE”.

    Fu*k that.

    60 years in, trillions down the civil rights rat hole and race relations are worse than ever, African Americans still languish in the straights of educational, economic and social failure, and lemme tell ya, they should be.

    The thuggish, necrotic, social- phenomenal excrescence which spawned haters like Ice T, Snoop Dog and dozens of other African American heroes who encourage violence, misogyny, rape and assualt now has infected our cites, schools and neighborhoods with a culture that’s main thrust is the violent haecceity that defines it.

    The 4th estate’s abject abandonment of ANY journalistic responsibility with regard to African American violence is a disgrace and will not change any time soon. The crimes of this racially biased press, which doctors the facts and suppresses the truth cannot be underestimated.

    A sea change in African American accomplishment in terms social and economic goals will never begin, while we still lie to ourselves about the extent of the damage done to this nation and it’s people by the African American sub culture.

    Shine more and more light on the pernicious, entitled attitudes of this culture. Stop rewarding girls for using their birth canals like Jesus Canons to aquire more andf more wealth from the state. End special exemptions for the color of skin.

    The playing field is as even as money can make it.

    Time to sink or swim.

    • chuck says:

      I am ready for Harley’s stupifying, solecistic slaughter, couched in affective thought, with Kumbaya raising the kcconfidential roof.

      • mark smith says:

        harley will be with you just as soon as he is through googling “pernicious”, and a few dozen other words. You are like the Dennis Miller of comment sections. You’ve sent me to dictionary dot com more than a few times.

        • chuck says:

          I have to amuse myself too.


          • Harley says:

            Chuckles the sad clown…
            how can you go thru life with such a horrible
            negative disposition?
            seriously…its not all bad out there.
            I know you’re hurt that y ou and your crew
            lost the election big time but relax…
            its going to be okay!

      • Harley says:

        chuckles the sad clown..
        you’re an outdated man stuck in a time warp that never
        changed since the 60’s.
        trying to use those big words does not fool anyone on here
        except for the old guys who are still trying to figure out
        why the world left them in the dust.
        While you think this problem is so huge…every major poll
        has shown that to 99% of americans is not a major issue.
        But for people like you and wilson (who speaks with many
        blakcs about nfl prospects and prepaid funerals with
        black funeral directors) its such an overwhelming subject
        that it just allows you to interject your old time jimcrow
        beliefs into a subject and situation that it does not apply to.
        you need an attitude adjustment. Maybe glaze can line
        you up with some of his women to provide that to you.
        You just sit and wait for articles like this to pull out your
        kkk talking points.

    • Paulwilsonkc says:

      Thanks for agreeing with me Chuckie……

    • Super Dave says:

      Great as always but then you know that

    • expat says:

      …and then what?

  11. glenn says:

    And, hip – hop billionaire Russell Simmons speaks about YOGA. Pffft..

  12. chuck says:

    Harley, what poll?

    “While you think this problem is so huge…every major poll
    has shown that to 99% of americans is not a major issue.”

    Harley, you should just write “Chuck Sucks”.

    Or maybe, when you’re feeling really incisive, “Chuck Sucks and he is in the KKK.”

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Remember the Christmas Story, about being nicer to each other? Attack the story not the people.

    • Harley says:

      chuck…you and smarmyman have made me a target for months..
      i’ve tried to keep it on subject but you made it personal.
      its fun and entertanment…
      i love everyone on kcc…even wilson…
      everyone gets the jabs…everyone gets shot down…everyone gets
      attacked personally…
      truce is being called….

      • chuck says:

        There is NO ad hominem insult in my last comment.

        I asked about the poll.

        I made some very helpful suggestions (IMO) for harley’s future screeds which again (IMO) would speak to what I feel is the need for brevity and a lack of repitition in those same screeds.

        I might also mention, that it is really impossible to make things “personal”, I have never met harley.

        Hope that cleared things up.


        Oh, and harley, if I offended you in what you think was a personal attack (Which once again, I would take issue with.), I apologise.


        • chuck says:

          You know what, I take it all back.

          Fu*k off!!

          • chuck says:

            Ok, I just said that to get a laugh.

            I didn’t mean it.


          • Harley says:

            bro…we go way back…i understand..
            you’re passionate about your views…i’m
            passionate about mine.
            no big deal…lets just keep to issues..
            i’ve been a fan of your writing…

        • Harley says:

          ppp poll is on the internet…google it…
          the polls asking americans what they consider
          the most important issues facing the nation
          ….some dont even have crime mentioned.
          moral decline in one poll i saw was noted by
          3% of the respondents.
          to america…crime is not a huge problem in their
          opinion…probably because like in kc its
          in a small geographic area…in kc they say 60% of crime
          is in a 3 sqaure mile area….i can see that.
          and remember gang…50-60% (maybe more) of thse people in prison are there for drug related issues…
          which as many people have said the laws need to
          be relooked at and seen what can be done…especially
          my comments on here are usually pretty straight forward…i am very controversial…especially when
          the majority of the reaers here at older white males
          who disagree with me on everything. I write for
          other national blogs also where the readers are
          in line with my thinking. So yes…there is awlays
          some fun….i know how to hit all your buttons to
          get you riled up with my opinions.
          and i say what i say.
          others come on here with express purpose of
          just being hateful in their comments (smarmyman)
          then leave.
          I can debate /discuss with data and facts….don’t
          take it too personally…as i have said i help hearne
          keep this site going by my comments..
          without harley there is no kcc…so lets keep it
          the facts…have some fun….kid but not insult and
          we can keep this blog going…because without
          the commentators noone would read this.
          as one person emailed me…”i love reading all the
          comments…its like watching a train wreck!”…
          merry christmas/hanuka/kwanza to all my
          good friends and fellow kcc commentators.

          I will say this…kcc is starting ot get its vibe back.
          recent stories are getting people reading this blog
          and as i awlays say…smile…its all fun and etnertainment.
          prison are there

  13. Sambini says:

    Dr Thomas Sowell has addressed this topic repeatedly and at-length for at least 30 years. The POV he brings to things is that it’s CULTURE not color or race. I commend for some good historical context and analysis:
    –‘The Economics & Politics of Race/An International Perspective’ (1982); great examination of the question, ‘Does culture travel?’ (e.g., do Chinese act the same in- vs. out-of China?) He looks at Chinese, Jewish, Scotch/Irish, German, etc. His treatise on South Africa, plus the differentiation between the Africans that went to Brazil, the Caribbean and North America is worth the price of the book.
    One of the sequels (2005) is “Black Rednecks & White Liberals” addresses the topic of Mr Glazer’s post. He explains, then dismisses the historical ‘source’ for that culture. Important stuff.
    Again, it’s culture, not color.

    • expat says:

      It’s DNA. Culture is a side effect.

    • mike says:

      Dr. Sowell is living proof that it is not the DNA as he is a black man himself. He is actually conservative to libertarian in most of his thinking. He has even guest hosted the Rush Limbaugh radio show, lest anybody think he is a left winger. He is a brilliant thinker that backs up what he says with research and facts.

  14. says:

    Sorry, Mike, “Dr. Sowell” is living proof that it is not the DNA …” is an incorrect statement, statistically speaking. In every population there are individuals who reside in the tail (or tails) of the population’s distribution-curve. As an analogy, consider Glaze; he is an Ashkonizi Jew, a group of people who constantly score near the top in quantitative ability and even higher in verbal; well above any other group. Glaze, however, would score much lower than the mean/median in either of these two distributions; he occupies a solid position on the right-side-tail of either intellectual subject. Glaze is miss-representative of the Ashkonizi population just as Dr. Sowell is of the African-American, although on the other side of the scale.

    Sewell is a distant positive outlier with respect to the distribution of intellectual prowess in the Africian American population. Unfortunately, the truth just written would trigger emotional responses in “liberal” thinking minds that would be highly negative. It is an unfortunate truth, but as William Shockly, the Nobel Prize winning physicist, and colleague of Dr. Sowell’s at Stanford’s Hoover Institution stated, “The profoundest of all infidelities is the fear that the truth will be bad”.

    • says:

      As a correction to my musing above, Glaze falls to the left of the mean/median of the two intellectual scales; I inadvertently stated he was on the right 🙂

      • Craig Glazer says:

        We are holding our breath over your next brilliant comment..just a waiting…soon you will have bugs in the house to enjoy…you can cook’em, step on’em, or as usual for you…enjoy eating them…cool

      • chuck says:

        Actually Ambnig is dead on The Bell Curve money and epigenitics are a fool’s errand.

        Glaze, Stanford Binet is only one facet of IQ.

        A pefect example of an animal with singular IQ,would be the White Shark. He is perfect at what he does and how he survies.

        Top of the food chain buddy, just like you.


  15. chuck says:

    I am late but sample size and variables, as a separate variable are everything in that discussion.

  16. Here is a Bell Curve example.

    “Take the case of Lucius Crawford, a New York man charged with murder this week after police found a 41-year-old woman stabbed nine times in the chest under a sheet on his bed. After he was arrested, Crawford confessed to two unsolved murders of women in 1993. He also, as reported by local CBS News, has a very long record of convictions for stabbing women:

    In 1976, he was released after serving three years in prison for stabbing a woman in Charleston, S.C.
    In 1977, Crawford was sentenced to 24 years in prison for stabbing five women, ages 14 to 28, over a five-day period in Charleston.

    In 1991, just months after his release, Crawford was sentenced to 184 days in jail after being convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

    In 2008, Crawford was released on parole after serving 13 years in prison for attempted murder for stabbing his 31-year-old co-worker 13 times.

    Now Crawford with his amazing record is of course not representative of all blacks; I’d say he’s at the far right end of the black violence bell curve. He’s almost (well, not quite almost) as atypical of Black violence as Einstein is of Caucasian intelligence. However, just as there are no black Einsteins, there are no white Lucius Crawfords. Sure, there are plenty of white savages, white mass murderers, and white serial killers, but I’ve never heard of a white man who stabbed multiple women, was convicted, got out of jail, immediately started stabbing women again, was convicted again, got out of jail, started stabbing women again, and on and on and on. Nor have I ever heard of whites cold-cocking passers-by for no other reason than their race, then kicking the prone and unconscious victim in the head multiple times until he is dead or permanently brain damaged, as Black thugs are doing repeatedly to whites in this country. Nor have I ever heard of whites behaving quite like the torturer/killers in the Knoxville Atrocity, Channon Christian, Christopher Newsome, the details of which I will not repeat here. The right (i.e. upper) tail end of the black violence bell curve is so high, as represented by the likes of Lucius Crawford, the black head-stompers, and the Knoxville Atrocity defendants, because the black mean violence rate is so much higher than that of other groups. Lucius Crawford is prime evidence of black superiority in a notable area of human life: savage violence.

    • says:

      Excellent response, although I must point out that Einstein was an Ashkonizi Jew, which generally is considered non-Caucasian .. 🙂

  17. mike says:

    Last time I checked, Hitler and Stalin were white, as well as their followers who did their bidding for them.

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