Glazer: Long Gloomy Road Ahead for Chiefs & KC

The future for our hometown Kansas City Chiefs is dark, very dark…

In the years to come I do not expect this franchise to challenge for anything other than maybe a playoff spot. Remember a third of the league goes to the playoffs.

And since Marty Schottenheimer – and other than Hank Stram – this franchise has been unable to hire a strong leader or quarterback. Without a sharp head coach and top seven quarterback, we’re doomed to just playing out the seasons as an also ran.

And that’s something this franchise has been for decades.

With Clark Hunt at the helm –  an owner who knows precious little about football – no general manager, no head coach and no quarterback worthy of drafting, look for another couple years at winning just two to five games.

Face it, we’re a crap team just like the 70’s and 80’s.

So unless Clark can get Bill Cowher or someone at that level, say goodnight. Bill is still a maybe as both head coach and gm, for say $15 million a year.

He’d be worth it.

This team has no credibility and no pedigree. Cowher would bring both.

Otherwise get ready for the Jack Del Rio race to see who gets him as head coach next year – likely KC.
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5 Responses to Glazer: Long Gloomy Road Ahead for Chiefs & KC

  1. The M-a-a-a-d Duke says:

    Well, it’s kind of a crap shoot if — uh, I mean, nobody’s got a gun to Clark Hunt’s head to — well, what I meant to say was that good thing David Stern isn’t NFL commissioner. He would have fined the Chiefs for sitting out a starter.

    Great – now Arrowhead is going to be haunted. But at least there will be somebody to see the games.

    Tomorrow’s headline: Cassell tries to shoot self, hits ground instead

    Wait – no Chiefs fan thinks Cassell has a gun. Dwayne Bowe called Pioli to ask if Cassell was OK. When Pioli said yes, Bowe just hurled obscenities and hung up.

  2. harley says:

    well well…glaze is now officially one of the “woe is me”…the sky is falling…
    the ” world is ending” crowd.
    Just because the football team doesn’t win doesn’t mean this town is
    gloomy glaze.
    cheer up….its a beautiful day outside.

  3. Kerouac says:

    I doubt Jack Del Rio will EVER become the Chiefs Head Coach, let alone enter the premises Arrowhead Stadium without a body guard. You’re an old Chiefs fan, CG – don’t you remember why it will likely never happen?

    Del Rio is now a late Quadragenarian (someone in their 40’s, he’s 49 years old) – about the same age Otis Taylor was when a 250 some lb. thence 24 year old Del Rio took the smaller former Chiefs WR great Otis to the ground back in 1987 during the NFL player strike/replacement players, etc. Del Rio was actually a Chiefs player in ’87, Taylor was a retired player/then team scout. Del Rio later $ettled with Taylor civilly, for assault.

    Otis went about 215 in his heydey, and was also giving up more than 20 years in age to Del Rio. Lucky for Jack he didn’t tangle with Otis Taylor in #89’s relative youth, say in 1970 when Otis took the 280 lb. Ben Davidson to the ground, after the Raider speared QB Len Dawson, all of 190 lbs.

    If the Chiefs organization has a sense of proper place & time (and maybe they do not any longer at this juncture their history), Del Rio’s chances of becoming a Chief again rank right up there with Lin Elliott’s chances same.

  4. Rick Nichols says:

    “The darkest hour is just before dawn.” – The Mamas & Papas. Perhaps some good will ultimately come out of this tragedy, as difficult as that is to imagine right now. One can only hope that better times are just around the corner for the Chiefs and their loyal red-and-gold followers.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      GOOD comments on Jack Del Rio, but no I don’t think it matters could be right….hey I hope something good happens and soon…that would be nice.

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