Glazer: Loser Chiefs Player Offs Girlfriend as White America Weeps Crockodile Tears

Starting Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend, then drove to Arrowhead to discuss the matter with Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel

As usual, the team leaders failed and Belcher killed himself as the police arrived. Shot himself in the head.

Reports from friends say while he was kind and gentle, he also had violent outbreaks.

Even in college.

Jovan was a un-drafted free agent. The man made over $1 million a year. His girlfriend had a three month old baby, his. She stayed out the night before with other girls to go to a concert. He was upset and she had gone without his OK.

Belcher drove over to her house, where she, the baby and her mother lived. They argued. He got pissed, and of course the obvious answer to these kind of problems is to pull out a gun and shoot the young girl in front of the baby and her mother.

Of course.

This sounds kinda cold, but it’s the truth and YOU know it is.

People will just think, “Well, that urban lifestyle leads to this behavior all too often – no big surprise.”

Shit happens.

That’s the hard truth. This is how White America thinks. Another urban core example of gang mentality.

Know what? That’s correct.

You’re 6′ 4″ and 270 and she is – what? – 5′ 4″ and 130 pounds.

Yep, you needed that gun brother to protect your ass from that bitch.


I have no words other than, this kind of action leads to continued distrust, disgust, and YES, the looking down of white fans upon black players. You better believe it.

And yes, pity for the little baby and girlfriend but none for the player.

There is just no need or excuse for that action. None.

By the way my media pals in LA called me on this at 8:20 AM, our media did not really get on it until around 10 AM. “An incident at Arrowhead” was all that was reported here early on.

Don’t know why the delays.

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55 Responses to Glazer: Loser Chiefs Player Offs Girlfriend as White America Weeps Crockodile Tears

  1. Paulwilsonkc says:

    You can take the boy out of the hood….but you can’t take the hood out of the boy.
    I agree with every word you wrote, 100%!
    And now the Mizzou player; after two rape accusations, releases a press statement, which I would almost promise you he wasn’t capable of READING without help on the big words, stating he thought he’d better continue his game at some other school. I don’t know if that means football AND the suspected extra carricular activities or what; that wasn’t real clear.
    This man is a murderer first, a coward of enormous proportions second and “NFL player” shouldn’t even merit momentary mention, it’s irrelevant!
    Prayers for the girlfriend who no doubt knew shed stayed too long before the final seconds when she realized it really had been too long! Prayers for an orphaned 3 month old, subtitle status only for him as the perp. Nothing more, nothing less.
    I loved the line; shot her, got in his Bentley and headed for the practice facility.
    This will be repeated again tonight, most likely, in low numbered streets with someone driving a hoopty. It’s all the same story if you remove Chiefs, Bentley and Arrowhead from the news story. It’s happened 101 times this year.
    Kansas City’s black mark in its permanent record.

    • Jovan Belcher says:

      I was at Target trying to buy some candy. I little something for my sweetheart. I got the candy, took it to the register. Walked out without paying a cent. I lady came up to me and I said bitch what’s the problem. She said, “You just stole that candy.” I took out my knife. Cut off her nipples, made her give me head, took a crap in her face. Loved her, hated her blew her brains out.

      Unforgivable man…

  2. Super Dave says:

    I’ll be damn Glazer writes something I completely f**king agree with.

    Now I just hope the NFL don’t do a whole lot of feel sorry stuff for this no class loser. Bury his ass and forget him. Hope a good atty comes along and helps the kid get what ever money the POS has left and does the work Pro Bono on behave of the child.

  3. the dude says:

    Murderer and coward, rot in hell dude.
    Prayers to da baby mama and her family.

  4. I agree partially with the sentiment- that he in no way should be honored- but this was a very poorly written article. Seriously… silly as shit, and unfortunately, the defacto representation of our website. *Great* job, Craig.

  5. says:

    So glaze, were you as searingly pissed off about woodbeck’s killer? Didn’t you call your agent but not the police when you found the bodies? My memory isn’t perfect, but these are facts I remember from the newspaper article…..

    I guess it was ok for you to be in the middle of it, because you were a romantic “outlaw” and, “the game was on”, but our football player was a poor, sick product of the ghetto, who lived his childhood in a hood, which isn’t juxtaposed to Shawnee Mission East, South, or any friendly private school, you smarmy hypocrite!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Lets see you want to compare a shooting that my partner was SHOT in to this, I see. Since you didn’t read anything about it, obviously, I did not know he was shot, did not see the bodies…I thought he shot the other people, who were Columbian Cartel drug dealers, armed of course. One of them shot Don and Jim, might buy the book and find out from THE COURT records and Feds what happened before you write stupid things. How does that cmpare to this. Here a large, built, pro ball player grabs a gun and kills an unarmed little girl’s mom who was one third his size, she was not a killer herself.

      So no there is no comparison, except people died. Woodbeck was shot in the back at close range. I didn’t know he was shot, I was not in the apartment when it happened. Had I been I would have taken action, then gotten about 15-20 years in prison, lucky I wasn’t in there.

      By the way Mister “un glaze fan”…you might have skipped over this one. I kinda paid for my early life, went to prison. You might have skpped that part.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        P.S. the Newspaper article never said that, YOU DID.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          P.S. when I found out two days later he was killed, along with Jim, I called my best friend out there, Harold, my agent, he got me an attorney. So thank you.

    • Super Dave says:

      Wait! what does Woodbeck and this lowlife Chiefs player have in common?

      Not a damn thing, what an idiot responce

  6. Real American says:

    You’re dead on Glazer, and it’s good to hear someone say it. I quit being interested in professional sports years ago after I got to know many of the players and came to realize what a bunch of self-absorbed, undisciplined thugs so many of them are. It’s time adult males turned their caps around the right way, quit wearing clothing with another guy’s name on it, quit holding these punks up as heroes to themselves and their sons, and found something productive to do with their Sundays.

  7. Reggin Tnuc says:

    In many Muslim countries Mr. Belcher’s behavior would be considered acceptable; the murdering of his partner, for disobedience. Where is the outrage against that?

    Are we not also chickenshit for not doing more to stop that?

  8. chuck says:

    After I post this, some one will call me a racist for posting it.

    Federal Statistics of black and white violence, with links and mathematical extrapolation formulas
    examiner ^ | 4/2012 (orig 2009) | LaRive

    Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2012 1:26:47 AM by doug from upland

    The “New Century Foundation” studies Federal crime reports, and found significant differences in crime ratio between races, verified by the FBI’s NCVS, National Crime Victimization Survey, and The Department of Justice’s UCR, Uniform Crime Reports, FBI Communication’s Division, 304-625-4995.

    They state emphatically that the Judicial System is not biased against minorities.

    Blacks are 12 times more like likely to kill their wives.

    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.

    Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher.

    The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.

    Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

    Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.

    Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison, Hispanics three times, and the reason is clear, because from 1980 to 2003 the US incarceration rate has tripled, and so proves that Justice is not only hard won, but well served.

    Look, stop being pissed off about talking about the truth.

    American violence, murder, rape and assault is not confined by any means, but disproportionality asssigned to African Americans.

    15% of the populaiton (Growing exponentially.) is resposible for the lion’s share of blood on the ground in this country.

    The race baiters would have you believe that white on black crime is a very serious problem in our country. The opposite is actually the truth. Sociologists and psychologists can give you their opinions on why the crime rate by blacks is so high — poverty, oppression by whites, lack of fathers at home, etc. But the bottom line, relating it to today, is that the Trayvon Martin shooting is not something that happens everyday. Black on white and black on black crime is something that does happen everyday. The United States has changed dramatically during the last 60 years. Opportunities exist for anyone of any race willing to work hard for their dreams. Whitey does not spend his time at breakfast making plans for the day about what he can do to keep the black man down. It is the race hustlers who have kept fellow blacks down.

    More money will not fix this.

    More social engineering legislation will not fix this.

    More Bull*hit from Hollywood will not fix this.

    More Bull*hit from the 4th estate, pandering to, the “Sacred Black Experience” will not fix this.

    All Americans, discussing this with their eyes open, assigning responsibility and acting accordingly will be the first step.

    Absolute, total acknowledgement of the galactic failure of those initiatives over the last 60 years that were supposed to “level the playing field” have FAILED.

    The African American sub culture is a galactic failure.

    That is my opinion.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      chuck, our policies toward the poor, especially poor blacks, is the same we had for the natives of this land. Use them to funnel money through to enrich others. The American people are a generous and loving people. It is very easy for their compassion to be exploited.

      While your statistics are correct, they don’t show underlying facts. 90% of those incarcerated in NYC (pretty liberal place) for marijuana violations are black. This in spite of the statistics showing whites use the drug more than blacks. Just one of many * the stats don’t show.

      Harry Truman said, there are three kinds of lies, damn lies and statistics.

      • chuck says:

        I love ya Orpan and categorically dissagree.

        Like there was a fu**in policy in place 300 years ago for what was essentially an aboriginal culture which deified the flaying of skin, rape of enemies, based on proximity, burning alive, kidnapping and the HOST, of fuc*ing host of torture impemented on the disspossesed, unruly neighbors and the fuc***ckin dispersal of death visited on ALL native Americans by way of their F***IN neighbors.

        Gimme a f*c*in break

        That “Dances With Wolves” Bul**H*T is just that, in the real time assessment of what really was a Hobbseian nightmare of f*ck*in predation and death. Lets make sure, moth%fu**kin sure I am heard.

        Native Americans were f^ck**g ABORIGINEES!!!


        WHAT POLICY??

        Are you sh%t**n me??

        One more time.

        Kevin Costner (I loved the flick) can suck my co+k.

        Really?? Lets all live in f*ck*in Teepees, be AMISH INDIAN TED KAZINSKY LUDDITE LOSERS, where we most of the time, eat our FU+K_N DOGS!!

        The f&ck_in ridiculous, unending apologies for the “SACRED AFRICAN AMERICAN” experience, is not only pernicious, stupid, obvioulsy (AFTER F*CKI*N 50 F*CKI+N YEARS!!!). counterproductive and murderous with respect to the lives of blacks and whites, it is a disgusting porn-media fu*k fest, where Ron Jeremy/Obama forces his multicultural, diversity co*k down those folks who are NOT ERIC HOLDERS PEOPLE.

        It’s a fuc*k$n disgrace.

        Orphan I luv ya. but the comparrison of Native Americans (Concomitant with the lets all look at each other and bow our mutha fu**nn heads with guilt, and wish that White folks coulds learned how to hunt fuk**kkkin buffalo and we could still be eating squirell sandwiches and those evil white people would still be confined to a Europe. HEY DUM&FUc**ks, white people make up 8% of the worlds population.)

        Lets just quit fu*k*in around and admit, that Occidental cutlure, in spite of American failures, is a muth*fuck*n light year better than any other culture.

        I am right now, as I have been in the past, as I will be in the future, ready to face the facts.

        Constantine, Charles Martel (732 AD) and the litany of European scholars, soldiers, philosophers are what gave this great country it’s birth. Not Spike Lee. Ok, NOT, in any way, in any form, African culture.

        Application of current mores, ethics and laws, to times gone by, in an effort to justify the perfidy, destruction and disgrace of an African American culture, which in no way, has been within shouting distance of the culture, the white culture, that has (Stupidly) embraced, apologised and lionized that same culture, is still, another disgrace. Another fall of fuck+ng man. Another pusillanimous paean to cowardice and ingnorance.

        Native Americans were aborigainals.

        The glorification of that lifestyle, is ridiculous.

        The truth, the stats are the truth.

        Even if your (Orphan’s) apology for the incesant, horrific crime was true (I don’t think in ANY way that it is.), it has been 50 fuc**kin years and TRILLIONS of dollars down a rat hole and it is worse.

        Fuc**k entitlements to sh*theel black girls shooting babies ot there vaginas like Jesus cannons.

        Black culture is TERRIBLE!!!!

        My opinion, black culture is the glorification of violence, misogyny, rape, murder and assault that is seen in BET Hip/Hop holocaust of violence stupidity.

        White people are to blame.

        White people, cowards, fools who look away in the face of the stats.

        That scarlet racist letter, is branded on your forehead by cowards and liars.

        My opinion.



        STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!!!!

        • Don B says:

          What are you talking about? Too much sauce last night?

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          What I was saying was the policies of the government in both instances were designed to use the perceived groups to funnel money to others.

          The policy for the American Indians were established by working with the hang-around-the-fort-Indians. The 19th century’s equivalent of the East Side grifters.

          This Nation is built on stolen land, genocide and the ignoring of laws and court rulings which inconvenience the power brokers who pull the puppet government’s strings.

          It was the French who introduced the practice of taking scalps, the Puritans who slaughtered the natives after their hypocrite arses were saved from starvation and death (the next year to boot) and the US government who broke every treaty they ever signed.

          You had better go back and read some real history of the people who lived here before the whites. Amerigo Vespucci and others who first saw this land reported settlements which stretched almost continually north to south along the coast. The land tamed, great orchards and a people who were friendly and sharing.

          Unfortunately this early contact exposed both sides to disease and parasites to which they had no natural immunity.

          When the settlers began arriving some 200-years later, all of what was seen had disappeared. Approximately 95% of the people had been killed off in plaques. The sytem (which was not living in harmony with nature but rather by controlling and bending it to their needs) had been carefully planned.

          My great-whatever grandfather fought with the Shawnee in KY. He was captured and held prisoner for many years. He was adopted into the tribe, eventually escaping.

          In his later years in Missouri, he shunned the whites and became very close with the Shawnee. He found them to be more honest in nature and less thieving than the white culture which followed him and others into the untamed land.

          Is the Sun Dance anymore brutal than circumcision? At least the Sun Dance was voluntary.

          Love ya too, chuck. But your thoughts here are really more signs of the white entitlement mentality.

    • harley says:

      again…chuckles the sad clown jumps up at 8am to quantify his continued
      b.s. about black crime.
      Chuckles…this wasn’t a ghetto crime. This wasn’t happening on
      38th and Cleveland. This was a wealthy young man…drove a $100,000
      car…2 very nice homes….probably nicer than yours…his agent said
      he was a perfect gentleman…a young man who on almost every tuesday
      used his day off to go help kids and the community.
      What have you done chuckles to help young kids or the community?
      worked hard to get thru college…all american wrestler which takes
      incredible determination and hard work….football player in
      college…undrafted and becomes a major starter in the NFL!!!!!! 3 year
      starter under one of the greatest defensive coordinators in nfl history!!!!!!
      Makes 2 million dollars a year. He’s not one of those wearing pants
      down to his rear…hat backwards…he’s not gang banging…or the
      other things you could associate with the ghetto crimes you
      love to point out. He’s not the typical black man in prison. Everyone
      who knew him says he was a great young individual.
      I didn’t know him and under no circumstances do i condone his actions.
      His actions are terrible.
      You as an intelligent individual can only surmise tht he maybe had
      some injury…maybe he just got out of control…and shot someone in
      a fit of rage…his actions were not indicative of his personality according
      to those who were close to him.
      Then realizes he made a huge mistake and realizes he’s probably going
      to spend the rest of his life in jail…and committs suicide.
      To try and pin the “african subculture” on this kid is so out of whack
      that its not even relevant.
      To try and extrapolate this hideous crime to that of someone robbing
      a white person or a black man holding up a liqour store is not only stupid but foolish beyond common sense. And according to stats…most of those
      black men are in jail for those victimless crimes (drugs etc.)..
      So to think that someone would compare a “ghetto crime” with this
      kid is insane.
      But i understand…you look for every chance to use some unrelated
      facts to prove your non stop beliefs.
      This kid did something horrible…and god will take care of his
      But to equate this with all the garbage you pulled out is totally
      Belchar was a successful man….at age 25….to try to pin the
      entire black crime mess on his crime is wrong!
      This is a tragedy…families destroyed…a child orphaned…but chuckles
      you’re stats don’t apply here.
      Something wrong happend to belchar and we will never know.
      Please stop trying to promote your personal agenda with information
      that does not apply to this case.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Harley I disagree Chucks numbers do apply. I lived it in prison with a majority of black inmates. They often run the place. It’s true that many young black men have no education, just like most players of color in the NFL have none, this is a major problem. However when offered help and education, most of them have no interest, none.

        Many of my close pals are of color, by the way they agree with all this …they are just as upset about it as we are. It’s a problem that just won’t go away. Lets put it this way, without the thug/gang mentality of the urban core, our prisons would be empty…and our streets damn safe. Simple as that.

        • harley says:

          uh glaze…where are your stats coming from…
          nfl players have no education? are you serious?
          to compare nfl players to street gangs?
          are you serious?
          nfl players compared to street gangs? are you
          this was not a ghetto kid like the ones you bunked
          with in prison. This was (til the crime) someone who
          had a good history. The blacks you bunked with in
          prison had no all amercan honors…they weren’t
          family people…they were street people.
          to compare them to the majority of black nfl players
          is absurd!!!!
          chuckles the clowns numbers were of the street people..
          not someone making 2 million…living a good life..
          not inolved in crime..
          you have everything all mixed up…..

          • Craig Glazer says:

            Again NFL PLAYERS generally of color have little to no education, don’t make me pull out the test scores Harley…my evidence..LISTEN TO THEM TRY AND TALK…thank you I rest my case..p.s. I am aware of their fake college degrees, cat has one too. NO EDUCATION, not all, MOST.

            You are wrong I was in prison with Black former NFL players, remember Bam Morris..and the San Diego running back…he was in with me, not Bam, he was in another prison…

            Look these guys are paid MILLIONS, and still are angry..i.e. Chiefs example..cornerback D Carter…Tamerick Vanhover, many others Ray Lewis, OJ Simpson…on and on….

        • Real American says:


        • Real American says:

          Exactly right

      • Real American says:

        Glazer is right

      • mike says:

        I actually agree with Harley on this to some extent. When Jim Tyrer did the same thing, was his race brought up? When Chris Benoit did that, was it because of his ethnicity? This was a college educated individual who by all accounts was a good student and respectful in his conduct to others. He snapped for some reason. We may never know why.

      • chuck says:

        I would like to respond harley, but my comment will not post.


        If this doesn’t post, I apologise.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    My first thought was of the opening sequence in The Last Boy Scout. Apples & oranges? Sure.

    Whatever demons filled this young man’s head do not excuse what he did. You can read the same scenario playing out daily in cities across the Nation. Men thinking they own a woman, controlling her like a trained monkey.

    I’m not a hater and I’m not jumping in the middle of your feces, Glazer. But your reaction shocked me. Your brother’s death and how (some) folks jumped all over him and you afterwards, well I thought your first thoughts expressed may have been more about what the families face. Different details but still a lot of passion about a guy we don’t really know squat about.

    One day that baby is going to wonder what happened. When she searches for answers, what we have written, here and elsewhere, will be what she finds. That baby deserves better.

    Seeing Sly’s rush to the scene for camera time was sickening. The guy ain’t said hardly squat about the epidemic which is consuming KC and other cities. But when the national klieg-lights turned on, he was up-front and personal.

    Robin’s reaction was, well at least he save us (the taxpayers) the cost of a trial and years of incarceration.

  10. harley says:

    “As usual, the team leaders failed and Belcher killed himself as the police arrived. Shot himself in the head.”

    what the f*** does this mean? seriously. “As usual” …what pioli and crennel
    and gibbs “failed as usual”…what did they fail at? Did they fail to put together
    a winning football team. Not true…3 very successful men…no felonies…no
    coke deals…most younger than you glaze. Pioli has many many titles..and
    reached the ulitmate for his profession. Crennel…what 4 super bowl rings.
    thats not a failure. Gibbs…coached oklahoma…coach in new orleans…very
    succsful man with a great family (my family knows him very well)…THEY FAILED
    AS USUAL”???????????????
    They failed to keep belcher from taking his own life in arrowhead parking lot.
    They failed? What did they fail…they failed to keep the young man from taking
    his own life. This belchar wasn’t a thug…his bakcground was of hard work…
    no legal problems…no drug jail time. You can only think that his
    emotions took over and he did a horrible act. A terrible act…no excuses!
    But you are so shallow as to say they “failed as usual” …failed to save the
    kid….those3 guys aren’t failures…they’re actually great people who may not
    have done the best job in putting together a football team.
    Okay…thats their “crime”…not winning some football games…but to say they
    most ridiculous and stupid comments made on kcc.
    you should retract that statement.
    It’s as stupid as this entire article is.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      A lot of people failed (or ignored) signs of a young man barely treading water. He was performing his job well so let’s ignore the other stuff.

      I see Glazer’s reaction more as a man who has experienced the suicide of a loved one, lashing out as those ugly moments reappear everytime we hear of another one.

      • harley says:

        theres been no evidence that this belchar guy was
        barely treading water…or that they ignored his problems.
        all indications from those around him said he was
        fine till that night. you can only surmise that he did this
        on a moment of instant rage…

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          Perhaps you are right. But this barely a day since it happened.

          Maybe ignore is the wrong word. Oblivious, perhaps?

          Hind-sight is always 20/20. Very rare if he just snapped in the instant.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I’ll forgive you this time Harley….it was a ‘sic’ joke…those guys couldn’t talk anyone into doing anything correctly’ well meaning I’m sure. Of course its not their fault.

      Maybe Scott will use this as an excuse to retire! He is very upset by seeing the suicide up close, I understand. Its an ugly picture to carry around in ones head.

      As for all your saying about the article, like Chuck said and well..SOMEBODY HAS TO BE HONEST, THE OTHER MEDIA WON’T BE…my story is the REAL feelings of most Americans. Not all, most. They are not moved by his actions, they are pissed…”hey that guy was a crazy thug” that’s all they get out of this, like OJ, like Ray Lewis, on and on…same thing. Moments of kindness, but when push came to shove he was a violent out of control animal and for NO REASON…NONE. Shooting that little young girl, for what…he was mad…I’m mad at my dog for peeing on my carpet but I don’t shoot his ass…I love my dog.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        To prove my points in my ‘fair and true thoughts’ …THE CHIEFS WILL NOT HONOR THE PLAYER, NO BLACK BANDS, PATCHES OR NUMBER ON THEIR HELMETS…THEY WILL PLAY THE GAME TODAY…IT IS NOT GOING TO BE MENTIONED OTHER THAN A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR THE DEAD AND LOVED ONES…that’s it..and he will be forgotten…end of the story…yes very sad for all involved. Quietly they agree with me.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Well I’m going down to Doomsville baby
        And I’m taking you along with me
        Well I’m going down to Doomsville baby
        And I’m taking you along with me
        Well I’m going down and I’m taking
        A little piece of everybody I know along with me

  11. Real American says:

    I obviously don’t know how to use the “reply” properly, since a couple of my comments appeared where I didn’t mean them to. I meant to say that Glazer is exactly right on what he says.

  12. mark smith says:

    A couple of years ago a young woman drowned her child and herself in the Little Blue. She walked down the sloping bank in winter, walked into the water and snuffed the life from her innocent child and herself. At first glance the two incidents seem to have little in common. But they share some common threads, the murder/ suicide aspect, the race of the killers and victims, and the unwillingness of the media and others, in this case the mayor, to firmly affix blame and call it what it is. In both cases the media and commenters went out of their way to avoid being to harsh when talking about the killers. They were troubled, mentally ill, it was a tragedy. They were good people, quiet, soft spoken , generous to a fault, etc. That line of thinking ignores the reality of the crime committed. Murder/suicide is the ultimate act of selfish cowardice. For whatever reason, a person decides to take their own life but cannot do it without insuring that their victim ceases to exist as well. It’s not a black or white thing. But the way it is reported and the way it is discussed by the media and $hit heels like Sly James, that’s where race enters the equation. If the killer is white, the media and others have no qualms about calling it like it is. If the killer is black, they tip toe around calling it what it is. They don’t want to be called the dreaded R word. So they talk about the tragedy as if it was beyond the control of the troubled but basically kind and decent killer. The truth is, when you kill someone simply out of rage or jealousy then you are a murderer . He killed the mother of his child, shot her multiple times. In front of their child and the victims mother. That makes the killer an animal, beyond redemption, and undeserving of any consideration as to his circumstances or “troubled mind”. After he gunned that young woman down in cold blood, Belcher did one thing right. and thats when he took his own wasted and pointless life. Sadly he didn’t have the stones to kill himself without first taking someone with him. Sorry for the lengthy diatribe.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Wow, lots of jumping to conclusions and making up facts (or at least relying on incorrect reports from unreliable sources) in these posts. Glad to see so many are holier than thou. It’s a lot easier to make everything black and white (the clear cut kind, not the racist kind) but life rarely is. Read the Deadspin report for additional info that no one above ever mentions. Nothing can excuse what he did but anyone punching on their keyboard saying it’s just another example of a black man killing someone is just plain lazy.

  13. glenn says:

    THIS is football. As long as the dude can tackle, run, whatever….his mental and emotional problems are…uh…overlooked….until it becomes national news.

  14. Chris Benoit says:

    Hey, who’s this Jovan Belcher guy and why is he in Hell with me?

  15. Kerouac says:

    CG, your numbers regarding black crime are dead on (poor choice of words perhaps), accurate. That Belcher was not only black (minority) but a young man (immature?), playing a sports era where PED usage is rampant (roid rage?) & ramifications / head trauma due violent collisions coming to light more every day (the long-term damage that results according studies deceased ex-players, may individually or in total play a part, as well other factors. That an shorter-term career player may also be subject to this damage cannot be dismissed.

    A murderer to be sure, whether coward or troubled human being unable/unwilling to do anything else than he did, debatable. That he did what he did and not what you, I or someone else might have done, is affirmation that every human being is different… we are ‘not’ all cookie-cutter people. Nor are our particular problems; I always cringe when the everyone gets lumped in as if we are all connected at the hip or brain-stem.

    I once considered such a tack when a young man… that I didn’t choose the response that Belcher did was a ‘choice’ mine that could’ve/almost did go the other way, #59’s. Why did it not? Who can say; even I can’t for certain. My caucasian hue or even my upbringing wasn’t impetus my refraining nor a limiting factor, my opinion; maybe it was just fate, chance, other. What did not stop Belcher? Maybe it is just as you said, CG. I’m not sure however that outside generalities, I would place a bet on it.

    Again, I agree with you as to the tendencies minorities deportment and crime as stats show, and too based on my own interactions/dealings (as well other folks who express their dealings with minorities to me. I also worked as an Corrections Officer in a state penitentiary as a young man, so have that added experience.) My opinions have been formed from youth (middle 20th century) to date, a life journey that has taken me all across the globe, exposed to different peoples. I’m resolute: caucasians are the better behaved example humanity generally speaking. While I can say that some of my best friends are minorities (an old adage) – and that would be a true statement – it does not change the gist. While there are always exceptions, if fact is racist then count me in.


    That said, I think of former Chiefs player Jim Tyrer: an older white man, long-term career/very successful on the field, alas not so much off it according to reports, final analysis. Murder/suicide. Dead is dead, particulars varying.

    Another old-timer pro football player who did a similar thing according some was Jim Dunaway, the former Buffalo Bill All Pro player from the 1960’s. He was never indicted for his wife’s death, but his children filed & won a settlement of over $500,000 against their father (Dunaway played 3 years with former Buffalo teammate OJ Simpson, who also is an unconvicted murderer according many/most.) For the record, Jim Dunaway is caucasian.

    Well, enough rambling mine. Suffice to say, a sad set of affairs all of them, every case.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Spot on, as always.

      Someone once told me if you have never contemplated murder, you have never been in love.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Interesting..Jim Tyer used to work for my Uncle Mort in chemical sales, 60’s and early 70’s, I knew him when I was a kid, mountain of a man, yes he did do that…in Washington I believe after he left KC…

        The Chiefs will bury this issue asap..they started today with no real comments about it… Romeo said little…as always…Chiefs won against another bad team like them…doesn’t matter the number one pick is not important this year… trust me they still stink.

        • rkcal says:

          Sorry, Glaze, I disagree. I actually think that this was one of their finest hours as an organization. They pulled together, played well, and spoke from the heart after the game. Romeo did an excellent job today. How many of us could pull it together like that after what he witnessed?Brady Quinn was eloquent in his post game comments. Are they a bad football team? Yes. But today they were courageous human beings and deserve respect.

          • harley says:

            watched the game at tanners.
            Saw many fans after the game come by and
            said it was a tremendous game.
            For those of us fans who’ve supported this
            team thru good years and tough years..going
            to games..buying tickets…cheering and following
            the team we know this was a huge day.
            Too many couch potatoes in kc just bitch and
            bitch and moan…the typical woe is me crowd.
            Glaze and the rest of these guys who never realy
            supported the team unless they could make a
            buck on it.
            guys who constantly complain about the team..
            yet they never went to a game…cheered them
            on…just the typical old agnry types that
            populate kcc.
            At tanners lots of people were there who
            we used to see at the games. I was a season
            ticket holder til 2005…still go to 4-6 games
            a year…even in tough years.
            the games are a blast…
            I’ve done work with many of the chiefs…neil smith..derrick thomas…lenny…bill grigsby…
            tim grunhard…nick lowrey…many many more
            over the years.
            But until i heard lennys 60 second commercial
            yesterday about the 50th anniversary of the
            chiefs on the radio did i realize what this team
            meant. Lenny talks about the fans…who per
            capita are still the best in the nfl!
            He talks about 50 years of football…good …bad..
            the lean years…then he says this is his town…
            and hewouldn’t live anywhyere else.
            I’m sick and tired of the losers in this town
            who sh*t on it. If you don’t like it…move.
            go chase your hookers in some other place.
            This is the great city and the chiefs are our
            If you don’t like something…change it.
            Most of you complain and complain…but you
            never do anything about it.
            Think this city needs help…volunteer to help
            the kids..I did thru big brothers. Get off the
            Some of you moan and b*tch all the time…it
            gets old! Do something constructive.
            Make a difference. Think the inner city is
            a bad place…go build a house…volunteer to
            make it better…but stop bi*cthing.
            It gets old.
            Today the chiefs played a great game.
            Poe and the other so called bad draft picks
            played their hearts out. Romeo doesn’t need
            this team or the money…he’s got 4 super bowl
            rings and more money than he’ll probably ever
            Pioli can walk today and never work another
            day in his life…he’s got rings …he’s got
            millions…but this is waht these guys do.
            And guys like glaze and jack harry…with the
            hate language…the vile comments…that are
            beyond anything civil.
            These players and coachesvplay a freaking game. Its a game. But the never ending
            negativity gets old. Young kids…half the
            age of these “experts” dedicating their entire
            lives toreach the pinnacle of their careers…the
            nfl…playing. They’ve got hearts and pride.
            Never saw one who didn’t.
            I grew up close to the stram family…saw the
            toll the hateful comments and the disgusting
            words took on them. It was hateful!!!!!
            Just because they’re public figures doesn’t
            make thme targets.
            Sly said it well that these young kids…23-29
            years old…kids…take everything to heart.
            They’re not animals…they’re some of the best
            skilled athletes in the world. Beyond anything
            we’ve ever seen. Dedicated…hard working…
            and yes sometimes they stray. The money..the
            adulation..the temptations get them…but they’re really kids. Sly was right.
            Of course romeo wasn’t going to mention what
            happened…he gave his statement…talked from
            his heart and then went out and calmed down
            the 50 kids in that locker room. Moeaki
            talked about what romeo said…he talked about
            the situation and calmed them down. Just as
            if he was their dad.
            Romeo may not talk well…he’s not an orator..
            but that is not what he’s paid to do.
            Pioli runs the show. He’s paid to make money
            for clark. That’s the goal of every business.
            Teams shine and fail.
            Today was agreat day to be a cheif.
            fan. A true
            fan. It was also a sad day to be a chief fan.,
            The organization handled this with class and style. They are takingcare of the young baby
            with a fund.
            To try and tie this tragedy into the social
            fabric on the world is absolutely insane.
            Jovan has a long history of overcoming odds
            and making it. What caused him to do what
            he did we will probably never know.
            Just like we’re astounded when a mom kills
            her daughter…or a man kills his wife…to me
            its beyond comprehension.
            But if you don’t like it here..if you’re not happy
            with this incredible town…the great people..
            give my friend wilson a call…he can line you up
            with a great moving company to get you moved
            out for good. s
            sick of hearing all this negativity. How many
            different ways can you say something bad
            about the chiefs…you’ve said it a thousand
            Life’s too short. Move on!
            The world is passing you by.

          • Craig Glazer says:

            This article was not about the team, it was about the actions of one man…nobody said anything about their winning or respect….you just added that in…this is about continual violent behavior by the urban core of the NFL and NBA…from men with no or little education though they have a college degree in most cases…about men carring guns for no reason, then use them on a helpless girl…so I need to respect what…that? The Chiefs beat another team as bad as they are…nobody said Romeo was a bad man, he is just a poor head coach…he is a nice man clearly…has little to do with the situation…Their position was TO PRETEND IT DIDN’T REALLY HAPPEN…buried…no real comments…just ‘sorry’…hey its not their fault as a team it happened…its our system that allows young black men to get paid millions, never go to school, and act this way far too often…I get it…they are the best athletes, that’s true…we need entertainemtn…true…guess thats just the way it is…

  16. chuck says:

    Well, I can’t post.

    God bless ya folks.

  17. Rick Nichols says:

    This is just further proof that when we think we know someone through and through, we really don’t. In fact, we don’t even know the man in the mirror all that well when you come right down to it. The Judge is the only One who really knows what makes any of us tick.

  18. Robertoe says:

    I’d sure like to see what drugs Belcher was on. Steroids? SSRI anti-depressants? What other pharmaceutics? What other illegal drugs? An NFL contract and a new baby girl! Something’s amiss here.

    I think lots of this gets swept under the carpet by Big Pharm. Look at all our veterans offing themselves and the recent gush of SSRI anti-depressant use. With vets it correlates with the increase in suicides. I tried to get this info on John McClure’s suicide. I’d like to see it here too. It doesn’t get released. It should. It might provide some answers.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I agree with that one. There are so many drugs now being offered to bring you up, down, sideways…and legal ones. It’s out of hand. True.

      • says:

        So let’s go stick up the people offering the drugs, hey Craig? Then we can write a book about it, and name ourselves “king”. Do you have a gun I can borrow?

  19. Justguy says:

    Go, guns! Go, go, guns!

    Stats suck, don’t they?

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