Starbeams: ‘Hannah Montana’ Turns 20, Lincoln & Obama – a Tale of Two Presidents

The KCPD has a new high-tech helicopter.  The $8.6 million MD 500E is more advanced and allows police to patrol better in the dark. Plus, it’s another way to get to Florida during off-duty hours.


Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said, “I thought our guys played a good football game” after Sunday’s loss.  Much the same way General Custer said, “Hurry boys, we’ve got them” at the Battle of Little Bighorn.


A historic clock from 1915 is being restored in downtown Kansas City, Kansas.  The 18-foot-tall clock will be come the focal point of the MetroCenter bus hub at 7th and Minnesota.  Since the clock is in downtown KCK, it will be set on HARD TIME.


Miley Cyrus just turned 20.  I’m guessing she didn’t use the gift certificate I bought her to Clair de Lune.


President Obama took his daughters Christmas shopping last weekend.  I didn’t know Muslims celebrated Christmas.


I went to see the movie “Lincoln” this past weekend. It was refreshing to see a President from Illinois bringing Americans together.

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  1. Rick Nichols says:

    So I guess you’ve cast your lot with the crew that maintains that not only was the President not born in the states but that he’s not a Christian either? Interesting. And as for Mr. Lincoln, while he is arguably America’s greatest president, his election in 1860 had quite the opposite effect of uniting a nation divided by the question of slavery. What American history book are you looking at?

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