Glazer: Scribe Reaches Out to Comments Section Detractors

I’ve been your humble scribe for more than two years now…

During which time I’ve done my best to entertain, inform and report on local and national events and stories. In so doing I personally have dealt with many harsh comments. There are clearly some Glazer Haters out there. That’s to expected in social media and given the type of reporting I do.

I get that.

Sure, I’ve gone off several times. Many of the attacks were untrue and vicious. Be that as it may, as Hearne and even Johnny Dare have told me, “Don’t respond, be thicker skinned. You’re a flashy controversial person and you write that way!”

I must confess they’re right and I was wrong.

Hearne has done his best to clean up the site and in my opinion he’s won that battle for the most part. The comments lately have been much more on point and less personal. So let me say, “GOOD JOB.”


There are still many of you out there who love to go at each other – you know who you are.

This site, according to the numbers, has been one of the city’s top read web stops. Thank you all for staying with us, and a warm welcome to all of you new readers.

Sure, mean spirited comments do entertain more than others. It’s the train wreck way of life we all are now experiencing in the media and in our daily lives.

Life for many of us is now little more than a REALITY SHOW.

For better and for worse.

However this is the time of year to start rethinking our true reasons for disliking others. Maybe it’s not right or even real.

I’m not going to name the comment folks who just can’t wait to jump my butt. They know who they are. Let me be the first to say this to you people; let it go and I will too.

Often I’ve said in my defense that I don’t come after anyone unless they start the battle. I don’t mind a spirited disagreement over say who will be the next prez will be or my football picks. Or even maybe my fun sex tales that generate both thought and “What the hell was Glazer thinking?”

I get that too.

Yep, now’s the time to start over.  Ever notice how not many comment folks will ever say, ‘Hey, I was wrong? You got me on that one Glaze.”

I’ve been wrong many times.

And it’s not hard for me to say, “Know what? I got it wrong.”  See simple as that.

I know many of you don’t care for Harley.

When I first started writing on this site he was my biggest hater. Today he usually sides with me, and has lots to say. I find him entertaining and of no real harm. Sure once in a while he still attacks me but that’s cool. He can be very funny at times and I think in his own way he means well…most of the time.

So Harley, Happy Holidays.


OK now for a big move – wait for it (as Hearne likes to write) – Super Dave, Smartman and the rest of the Glazer Haters, Happy Holidays.

I forgive you all, let’s start over.

Please continue to comment and to not agree with me, but let’s stop being so mean to each other. Fair enough? Even though I don’t think I know most of you, certainly not by the names used here in the comments section anyway.

You all help make this site exciting, so in a strange way we’re all on the same team.

Enjoy this long holiday season!
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76 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Reaches Out to Comments Section Detractors

  1. chuck says:

    Seems pretty reasonable. 🙂

    It’s all about redemption, right?

    With charity towards all, and malice towards none.

    “There’s a quality of redemption in anything that can be called art. (Including this blog.)”
    Raymond Chandler

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    The only time I REALLY got after you was back a year or two ago when you made a particularly ugly attack on me, my daughter, etc. Hey, I’ve actually had many comments in support of some of the things you’ve said, most recently, the YouTube segments for your potential show! I’ve posted several comments on that one story alone about how I SAW what you were trying to do, I get it, poor animation and all!! I LIKED it.

    And what did I get in return? I was once AGAIN edumacated on how LITTLE I know about animation and how off base I was. That….gets old. Why should we have to tolerate that constant attack, no matter what the topic is and be told we simply don’t have the CORRECT view and only ONE person on here REALLY knows the REAL story with the REAL facts?

    Hell, I expect to see a response soon telling you: “WRONG AGAIN, GLAZE.. .this ISNT the holiday season and stop with these old tired stories about forgiveness!! It’s not all it’s cracked up to be! I have ALL the facts, I’m right all the time!! Do your research before you write something like this again. I have to GO NOW, Im writing on a National scale!” Oh, that comment would be followed up with a recap of the Electoral College count. And, finally, you, Glazer, will be categorized as a fan, devotee disciple and reader because you mentioned his name! You just watch!

    I left that those early issues between us behind and just read what you write for what it means. The problem I have is that no one on here is ALLOWED to voice an “opinion” without being told what a stupid loser they are, and that gets old. I’ve told Hearne, one on one, that’s why I come here so little any more. It’s just not worth the grief and personal attacks when you are made out to be a “broke dick, angry old white loser whose life has passed him by” when said commenter knows so little about what they accuse.

    You raise a very good point; everyone on here should have the right and ability to speak on something. There’s only ONE person on here who wants to attack and claim to be always right all the time and that gets old.

    So, I for one will take your side on this one. The whole point of this site has been LOST in the constant barrage of being told how off base everyone is for simply posting their thoughts on a topic. That’s NOT fun, it should BE fun.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Well said Paul. You are right in many ways. Harley is just having fun, I think. I never said you didn’t know anything about the subjects your commented on..those are your opinions…glad you liked the website, really am…the animation is good for that style…as you saw in other TV shows…a bit off beat on purpose, that’s all…Steve Kramer is a talented guy.

      I hope you and Harley can bury the hatchet, not in each others backs…I find most of it entertaining…should be fun…doesn’t need to be mean…agreed.

      • harley says:

        glaze…would you stop using …….’s….before you know
        it everyone on kcc willbe following harleys lead. (lol)

  3. zak says:

    You are doing a great job. They are all haters and would like to have your lifestyle. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading your columns.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Well not all haters, some, in fact many are good comments and good people…even some ‘haters’ are good guys I’m sure.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Glaze, you’ve never been “humble” about anything in your life. LOL! 😉

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Hey ‘Guy’ nobody said I was humble, not even me…I am more than you think…for me its been a tough track working with major stars both here and in Hollywood do much better than I have with the same or far less ability…I am to blame for much of that…so yeah I am humbled by close calls that lead to not much many times…happens…as for my ability with ladies…well simply a fact, think its fun for others to read and laugh with or at…that’s all…like you ‘guy’ I am proud of my wins and often hurt by loss, so are we all…it’s just a style, that’s all…this city has not had much experience with ‘flashy’ local names…few in fact we are the HEART OF AMERICA…we believe in being a little humble, not too showy…I don’t see it that way… sometimes you have to toot your own horn to be heard, if you can back it up helps…that’s all….not a crime…

      ‘Guy’ it has made clear to me that while this city has been kind to me in many ways…it has shunned me on having my own radio show with the radio’s easily best known voice, mine…clearly a kick in my ass for being too flashy…too over the top…and having been an outlaw….I get it, don’t agree but I get it…

      I no longer want to do that job, I do more radio on different stations than anyone ever has in this town, a fact…still no major commercials offered…I get it…my sports picks and clear knowledge of football and what is happening and likely to happen is way way up there…pro players even tell me so, my picks and rational prove it…still never a real offer…

      I’ll live with that…I hope my film gets made in 2013 and opens some doors here and away…maybe, maybe not…I enjoy the media…but I am also getting older and that too is a factor…hey I appreciate the spotlight I have been given to this point….I do love my Kansas City very much and the people of this city. Both sides.
      So if I am not humble, well ok. Trust me, like all of us I have my own doubts and often. I am just not afraid to act on my feelings or thoughts.

      • Lance the Intern says:

        Damn, Glazer, didn’t you read your own article? The word “humble” appears in the first sentence.

        Happy Holidays!

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Exactly, Lance. Sheezus, Craig. I bust your chops a tiny bit for your “humble” quip and you go off on a rant.

          • admin says:

            You guys are right, but I think Craig is – and has – used that tag tongue in cheek.

            I certainly have in writing his headlines.

            We all know – as does Craig – that he’s a million miles from humble. And he’s never really seriously posited that case.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            It was a JOKE! Jesus H. Christ!!!!! I wasn’t ripping him to shreds.

    • Hens says:

      It pains me to say this, but I saw Craig Glazer at my local grocery store once and he was very nice to the employees. One could say there was a bit of humble gratitude toward the workers.

  5. KB in KC says:

    The haters are gonna hate because: a) You live a pretty good life. You have the opportunity to bet shitloads of cash on sports and whatnot, and win or lose, you’re not hoping for the next winning lottery ticket like most of us are, and b) you have photographic evidence that you pull in quality tail, yet they (haters) can’t do so much as smell your finger. Stay thirsty, my friend.

  6. DSW-ESQ. says:

    Agree- difference of opinion and prognostications does not make one “stupid” & it gets old being addressed in such a harsh manner… but what can you do… haters are gonna hate!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      DSW, my point EXACTLY. NO ONE is “right, 100% of the time, always, all the time” and it sure gets tired and old reading the same old crap.

      And, when someone ISNT right, like the prognositacation about the “SEC POWERHOUSE !!” that MU would be, you can’t get a response! I’ve brought that up a dozen times asking where THAT fits in the “always right” category… and what you get is dead silence! We know he’s not always right, it would just be good to see him have a modicum of the effort Glazer took here in this piece!

      It just gets really old… and its why I come here less and less. He wants to blame GLAZER for writing the same old stuff? NO ONE writes “the same old stuff” like that repetitive lines we all get to read from him!!

      I am at a loss for why people can’t some here and speak on their opinions about what ever the topic without having to endure 50 inches of zig zag BS about what a dead beat looser you are, cleaning feces infested hot tubs, etc. Its old, its tired and it runs off more people than it attracts.

    • harley says:

      i dont hate you whinery…you mentioned me specifically in one of
      your stories and i returned the favor.
      if you read my last comment on your story i expressed hope that
      you would continue to write on kcc. You have an interesting
      perspective on politics which i find very unsual.
      I am passionate about this subject having worked many years for
      both local, state and national winning candidates..includingsome
      of the most conservative/christian leaning republicans in the nation
      and i consider all of them very good friends.
      I’ll play with your stories…give you a little satire….push your buttons…
      give you some conflicting data and facts…and then i’ll jab you a little
      when you’re wrong. Of course you do know that had the election gone the
      other way wilson/mikey/whiney/hearne and mark smith would have
      literally run me off of kcc without regard to anything elexe.
      So i give you guys the “business” and have some fun…but like i
      said before…you’re passionate about your politics but you’re just
      on the wrongside. Thats it. If you were to come to your senses
      you would see that my side is the only one to be on(lol)
      so take it with some joking just as i would have had to do if
      i would have lost.
      keep the articles coming…but please keep the facts straight and don’t
      listen to those pndits like dick “suck the toes” morris…karl rove…billy
      o…sean hannity…or even rush the pill popper…..they all just used you
      and your buddies to make money while mitt blew the election.
      hope to see some more “interesting” articles…and keep smiling..
      its notthe end of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lance the Intern says:

    “it has shunned me on having my own radio show with the radio’s easily best known voice”

    You were going to do a show with Mike Garozzo?

  8. chuck says:

    You guys are gonna drill me, but I think harley’s inane blatherings actually contribute to the discourse.

    I have never been in any way, even mildly annoyed at Harley. His commentary, blasted into kcconfidential’s sea of compos mentis like a retarded flechetted mine is frequently amusing and always leaves us an opportunity to sharpen our collective claws.

    Harley could pound out 10,000 words and you could read and comprehend the whole thing in under a minute. Nuance, to our advantage, is lost on the man.

    Harley’s middle name is “Low Hanging fruit”. His mom’s name was, “Cheese, right down the middle.” His dad’s name was probably, “Thats a gimme.”

    His indifference to consistancy makes his comments imply everything and nothing.

    I like that.

    I would miss the guy.

    At some point, we must all be dancers to the bounce, syntax and punctuation errors of this kcconfidential constant.

    Glazer’s brobdingnagian ego, is what makes Glazer Glaze. The stories of his peccadilloes and adventures are local, usually interesting, often prurient and for adults. Some, I am sure, find them offensive.

    I like ’em, exagerated or not. I kinda feel like I am in a bar with a beer reading Glaze stories. He is standing right next to ya, emphasizing “The size of her cans!!!”

    Or, “Then I hit that fu*ker and …”. Usually there is blood and defenestration.

    I just don’t think these guys are very threatening, but I do think they are very colorful and interesting.

    Again, it is just my opinion, but I like that.


    • Craig Glazer says:

      Agreed Chuck. By the way you are the nicest guy on ths site.

    • admin says:

      Uh, I’m with Chuck on pretty much all of the above.

      Here’s the deal – and I’ve had this conversation with St. Paul – you need to take the H Man with a grain of salt. Maybe a boulder.

      Lord knows I’ve not escaped his wrath or whatever it is that makes him tick. Once in a great while I’ll respond or even compliment him.

      But there really isn’t anything to be gained by getting one’s panties up in a bunch. At the very least, consider the source and try not to let it bother you. Think of it like the pre-bout jabber in pro wrestling. It’s all but scripted…but entertaining.

      Look, I can’t tell any of you how to feel or think but if critical, inane comments with typos out the wazoo that go on and on and on nauseate you, maybe take a dramamine before reading them or just skip to the next comment.

      I will say this about Craig’s, uh, “war stories”

      For all of the many things that he does wildly exaggerate, as a rule his bizarre romantic exploits are usually quite underplayed (thank god).

      Today for example, he’s reeling from a totally ridiculous night with the woman that accused him of trying to murder her on their vacation last May.

      Craig even made her sign a pre-start-dating again confession that he was innocent the last time, that she’s a little nutty and Craig has never harmed her.

      That worked for about two weeks by my count.

      Let’s see if he lays it down for you guys tomorrow.

      Brace yourselves.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Hearne, thanks for mentioning my name. I will now count you among my fans, “decip3es” and readers.
        Chuck, I will attempt to adopt your point of view on the blathering…..

        • harley says:

          see wilson…you just can’t let it go…you have to
          try to discredit everyone. Now go back to that
          same b.s.
          You have no followers…because you’re not a leader.

          • Lance the Intern says:

            I’m reminded of that cinematic masterpiece, My Blue Heaven:

            Vinnie Antonelli: Are you trying to say capisce?
            Barney: Yeah.
            Vinnie Antonelli: Well don’t do it, cause it hurts my ears when you do it

      • Craig Glazer says:

        I’m gonna pass on that story….lord knows the girl will call santa claus or the big foot people on me next…the old story is ‘ya can’t go home again…’

      • harley says:

        hey hearne…you don’t have to read my comments. In fact
        my style of writing is taking over at kcc…see how glaze
        uses the …..(periods)…its very catchy so to speak.
        As far as your writing hearne…understand i don’t make a
        living writing comments on this blog. You try to exttract
        money from advertisers telling them that you have readers.
        You are the journalist…you’re the editor…and your work contains many wrong facts and grammar mistakes.
        But thats okay…i don’t proofread…i write as i do because i
        have a wealth of facts that most of these people can’t
        even come close to.
        qoute for qoute…i give facts and information that no other
        commentator on here can come close to.
        take me with a grain of salt…but the truth is that i’m right..
        almost always. When the concensus of opinion is concertrated
        against what i say…it just happens that i am right.
        I’ve contested your writers many many times and I’ve
        proven that they lack facts…they’re off the charts…they’re
        wrong on key issues and every comment thats I’ve made
        proves it.
        I’m open to writing stories for your blog as I do for other
        nationally oriented sites but i’m probably just too
        conscious of being backed by facts and information to prove
        my point.
        Your readers are not so entailed. They prefer the jabber about
        sports…making comments about christmas lights and
        weathermen. Not my style.
        But i will always be available to correct those who stray
        from the truth and who try to pull the b.s. over on your
        Your readership numbers (according to the most reliable
        visitor counts) are on a downward trend. You need
        me and my comments more than i need this site.
        Have a great day.
        And remember…this is all for fun and entertainment…
        nothing more nothing less.
        and to get those old guys all pissed off is sure a lot
        of fun. They have no sense of humor…too bad.
        They’re all seeming like fun guys.
        I know how to push their buttons…especially
        laugh….its all just one big laughing matter.
        and i’m laughing at how serious you old guys take this
        whole schtick of harleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 hahahahaha

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Hearne as I have written before…what exactly is exaggerated? Hmm….nothing to my knowledge..girls all true, movie stories all true, outlaw stories true, what then?

    • harley says:

      chuckles…if not for harley…there wouldbe no fun or excitement on here.
      I mean glaze is in love with you…you and smarmyman are hanging
      tight….wilson loves glaze and his porn flicks….hearne is looking for
      anyone whowillpull uphis site…lance the intern likes the 16 year
      old and playing “video games”….mark smith?….
      wilson uses kcc to pitch his new business….i mean without harley this
      site would just beabunch of guys hugging/loving and telling each other
      how great a person each of them are.
      I mean who would you have to turn on without harley.

      See most people don’t know you had more pu$$y in your time
      than glaze ever dreamed of…..yes you did!!!!
      so smile and have some fun….its not that bad and even your
      hero putin has fun wrestling bears and drinking vodka with
      hot chicks. Lighten up.

  9. harley says:

    truth is that Iam the most attacked person on this site. I went backand looked
    at many of my comments. Its was either wilson or chuck or one of the other
    people on here who would attack me personally. Wilson being the one most
    guilty. If you write and have a byline here on this site you are going to get
    beat up. You put your name on a story…if its wrong…if you are proven to
    be incorrect …then you should expect to be buried. This is not for the feint
    of heart. Glaze…whiney…hearne….etc…you’re the different than
    the writers of any blog on yahoo/google/any news or information site.
    If you go to those our comments are nothing compared to the attacks on
    most sites.
    Most of the people on here come after me because I’m right. I have admitted
    being wrong (once or twice) but if youcheck my record its better than almost anyone
    on here. when i predicted the prez race…everyone came after me…see thec
    comments…see what i was called…when i used facts and figures and data to back
    up everything i said. Example…smarmyman comes on jsut today with a
    blatant attack on me personally. Had nothing to do with the storye
    sad clown had to get his dig in. I respond. The chuckeles the sad clown comes in and attacks me personally. I attack
    back because I have a position thats pretty simple to explain.
    Wilson…he put up some of the most disguting language ever on this site..
    used my name to talk about sex acts….when i found out who it was i responded.
    Just like in this story.
    I get emails from 5-8 people a week….about serious matters…they tell me
    stories about the others on here..i even met one of the people on here to
    dscuss business….
    so glaze…lets get this straight. You don’t have to defend me at any time.
    People know who you are and what you are. If they don’t like what you
    write then i tell them don’t read it.
    I can say that i’ve been the most informative…the most documented…and
    the most accurate person on this site. Glaze with his football predictions matches
    a monkey with a dart board. Nate silver did an analysis of betting over the last
    2 years and 66% accuracy for football is about the norm. Very few upsets asnd
    the the lines have been conservative and with the favorites covering lkarger
    numbers than ever before glaze picks almost all the favorties and acts like
    its magic. Nothing personal here glaze but facts and stats and data point out
    that its not that great.
    I am very opinionated when it comes to politics. so when whinery comes on
    with facts that are just 1000% wrong he should expect as a byline writer to
    face the truth. Problem with whinery is he can’t accept the truth. Same for
    wilson and chuckles…when the facts prove them wrong they choose to
    attack personally…
    I’ve gone back…i write very fast…and i looked at about 200 articles where
    i commented. I have screenshots of them. Truth is that i put up a comment
    then guys like chukcles and wilson come on and bring up the same old
    personal attacks.
    Am i right on the key issues i write abouty…I pointed out the end of the
    kstate football strek…i 16 months before the election said that obama would
    win big…4 months before the election (and this was verified by wilson) i gave
    the elecoral vote range for obama…spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can disagree with each other…thats perfect…but if you read my comments
    if not a response to an personal attack…i reference information and data to
    back up my coments.
    And in almsot every instance the personal attack i wrote was predicated on
    a n attack from someone else against me personally.
    tell me if i’m wrong…use facts..use data…whinery can’t…and in the end
    he was proven wrong by me and the data i continued to post based on
    science…not on the words of conman mitt.
    Noapologies here. Many of you know me and choose to be jealous.
    chuckles is one of those. I’m sure wilson is too. He has to try to
    counter every argument i put up…whether he agrees with it right or wrong
    by adding a personal attack just like he did here in this story.
    If you write and put your name like glaze on thesestories…you better have
    thick skin..mot from me but from all the resto fo the people on here.
    Obviusly glaze has some real enemies who come on here from his past
    experiences. I ‘m not into that type of stuff …bores me.
    If you want to verbally debate issues…come on…i’m good at that….
    because i write for other blogs and i have a computertized mind thats
    always working. But stick to issues…real data…facts and forget the
    personal attacks..
    as far as the sec wilson…go back and read my qoutes…at no time did
    i ever predict that mu would do well in the sec. I know the coaches at
    mu…i have evaluated the talent at mu and the rest of the sec…I said the
    move (which i did predict after the big 10 fiasco) would be huge
    athletically/acadmecially/and financially.
    1. atheltically…mu had serious injuries this year…first string qb out for
    almost entire season. Noteam in…pro can do without the
    first string qb…plus many other injuries that occured to the tem.
    Young team…and i did metnion that they could compete in the sec
    with a full squad…but that never happened….corbin was the qb most of the
    season and he’s just a freshman. However…for the future mu is on
    course…recruiting is going very very well…they have players that could
    startbon other teams on the bench….players are becoming great…andrew
    wilson…the receivers…just mu got caught upin the hoopla of the sec and
    forgot to take card of business. It will take at least 2-3 years to get their
    talent level up to the top tier of sec…but thats also the top 3-4 teams
    in the nation…but it will come. Getting top talent…plus the current young
    team hgetting experience will imporve them in the years to come.
    but theres no doubt based on the inferior status of big 12 football this
    year and the low level of quality teams in the big 12 that mu made a
    huge huge good deal moving. And fyi….MU is now rated in the top
    20 of major colleges based on the number of fans the university has..
    ohio state is #1….but mu is moving up nationally which should helop
    2. academically: AAU school…enrollment exploding…a new school being
    discusess in the 50 million dollar range…more grants thanat any other time
    in their history…more awards…more research dollars…the move was incredible
    3. financially: what school in the big 12 can budget 250 million dollars for
    their stadium and atheltic facilities…maybe texas or ou…none other!!!!!!!!!!
    Financially the move to the sec has been stellar…licensing right are thru the
    roof…fan numbers are exploding as are donations (including 15 millin fro
    kc fund)….quarter billion to athletic facilites….WHO CAN WE COMPARE THIS
    so wilson…read my past comments…they bear this out..
    I won’t go into the biggest election in the recent history and my projections..
    my other information thats spot on….but i would love to discuss issues with
    the people on here…keep it to thefacts…to the points without a personal
    As far as chuckls…your comments were pretty typical for someone like you.
    b.s. Big words acting like youre on a writing scholarship. but we all know you.
    Your articles point out a guy who’s forever negative about everything.
    It’s called getting old and cranky. But i knowyour story…its not worth
    going into…you’re on the edges of life and thats fine. Just me personally…
    i’m a person of action…i’ve done a lot in my life…opening up more opportunties
    even at this point… if you decide someday to get a new attitude you know
    where to contact me at. NOthing wrong with living a life like yours..i just couldn;t
    do it….i’ve got to much on the ball to sit around and pout…life is just too short.
    And asalways, i invite all comments and inquiries to
    I enjoy the interaction and the comments from those who know others on here
    and who give me another perspective about topics….
    no apologies boys….life is fun and forward……..and if you can’t handle it get off
    the track because the world has no time to sit still for you.

    • Lance the Intern says:


    • chuck says:

      I was within a hair’s breadth of putting down Miley Cyrus’ “Miles To Go” to read harley’s comment.

      • chuck says:

        Ok, I read it.

        Fu*kin awesome.

        “I went back and looked at many of my comments.”

        Jesus, what a job.

        Would that be called “Harleyhausen by Proxy”?

        • That explanation of MU’s entrance into the SEC will probably put my little sister to sleep too.

          • harley says:

            yes karen…unless she wants an accurate
            explanation and evaluation of why MU
            went to the sec and the effect it’s had on
            the university and campus.
            Otherwise…she should go to sleep…because
            thats the truth about the situation.
            Now…why insult me with rude comments.
            Instead you could have used facts and figures
            why i am wrong instead of trying to be
            cute and make yourrself look like a fool.
            Again…whoever you are…you look stupid.

        • harley says:

          chuckles the sad clown…you read it.
          hahaha…you’re a joke.
          you still are a joke.
          you actually read my dissertation.
          nothing changes with you.
          just more “woe is me” …” the world is ending”
          …just put yourself out of your misery..
          sad …you are very sad.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        sweet baby jesus….. please make it stop.

      • harley says:

        see chuckles…i knew you liked the young ones…always
        a way with the hot women….wohooo….

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Harley really my picks are easy huh, all favorites huh, well that’s not true…however to be fair…lets do this, you send Hearne two hundred bucks and I will do the same…if you pick six games a week, college pro for four weeks, I realize college is over soon…at 55% I will let you have my money, picks with the Vegas line…if not I get yours…fair enough, my rate is one of the best in the nation no argument at 41 and what 17…A plus…

      • the dude says:

        Yeah Harlinator, put the money where the mouth is bud.
        Put up a few benjies from the numerous businesses you own against Glazer’s picks.
        I quadruple-dog dare you.

  10. admin says:

    Well, there you have it, I guess.

    • harley says:

      come on hearne…lay off harley. He’s what makes this site tick.
      If not for harley you’d average about 8 comments per story…and what
      fun is that.
      I would ask for compensation but watching the old guys get all
      wound up is worth more than the $2 you’d pay me.
      its all fun…and for a few laughs…
      so give me my own byline and you’ll see some of the top
      journalism and comments ever.
      If greg hall can get 80 comments on a story…harley can
      hit 100 easily.
      contact me or my literary and scripting agent at

  11. says:

    Perhaps, glazer, if you actually were sincere in stating that some of what you did when younger, such as armed robbery, was criminal, shameful, and wrong, instead of vanegloreous bragging material to promote via as many media as you can exploit, (king of sting, this blog, etc) some of us would get off your back. But you like the bad press, and believe the old crap-saying that all publicity is good.

    Learning from “Chuck” has destroyed your set of ethics, and at your age you are at best a cautionary tale of how a parent’s reinforcing unethical behavior can ruin a child for life

    I don’t hate you glaze, I find you to be entertaining in a twisted way, as if you were a skunk that is best observed, and even prodded, from a distance.

    Speaking for many of us who grew up near your family train wreck, we don’t hate you, but. We certainly find little to respect, and doubt we ever will.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      WEll pretend guy, THAT’S up to you..hey many don’t like John Dillinger, Jessie James or even the guy in Catch Me if You Can…I think I was better than them, at least my marks were all criminals…yeah it was armed robbery…of other criminals..if that was you or your pals too bad….the game was on…however if you don’t like it or respect me….so be it….there is always Honey Boo Boo for you.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        I told you what the editor of the Star wrote…and that’s a fact..Art Brisbane…he even dubbed me the Kansas City Kidd, didn’t stick, but oh well…

        Dude I was a criminal no doubt, but kinda one you can like…maybe not you, but others…am I sorry I robbed those people, not too much, no…they were in the same game my friend…all’s fair.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          P.S. I’ll give you this…I don’t want to see any young people try and do what I…if I had a chance to relive my life I would have gone into entertainment from ASU and not been an outlaw…however it was a wicked ride…wild, exciting and dangerous….a life most can only go see movies about…that’s all…would I do it again…HELL NO A GUY COULD GET KILLED.

        • Lance the Intern says:

          You’re an inspiration, Glazer!
          I’m also thinking about getting a gun, and dealing crack. Being a crack dealer. Not like a mean crack dealer, but like… like a nice one. Kinda friendly like, “hey, what’s up guys? Want some crack?” I’m just waiting on those two things to flesh themselves out.

  12. mike says:

    I have no problem with Harley or anybody else disagreeing with me on an issue if they don’t make it personal by using ad hominum attacks. Disagreeing with someone on a political issue does not mean I am angry or bitter or have a low IQ. There is often cogent thinking on both sides of an issue. Nobody is always wrong and nobody is always right. I have no problem showing respect to those who also show respect.

  13. mark smith says:

    This “Cant we all just get along” moment was brought to you by Law4life . When you want your thought process to be as fugged up as a soup sandwich, contact harley for all your bipolar needs.
    Seriously though, I was worried that Glazers peace and goodwill missive was going to turn the comment section into the internet equivalent of a drum circle. I’m pleased to see that it only lasted for all of 3 comments. Then somebody had to go and break out the hateraid. Can I be frank? The term Hater is as played out as the phrase ” Played Out”. It sounds douchey at best, stop using it, I hate it. Note to Glazer: it is contradictory to your plea for everyone to get along, when you rise to every criticism like a trout to a fly.
    harley, from one angry old white guy to one wobble head, I’d just like to say, from the bottom of my cold, bitter, dinosaur heart ; Eat a sack O dicks.

    • harley the mayor of kcc says:

      marky mark…you’re lucky first of all that hearne gave you a free pass
      and i agreed to let you back on here after the election.
      You specifically said that you would never
      write on here again if obama won the election. You wrote that but never did it. Hearne made a comment on that and i said we would give you
      a pass and let you back on (of course we understood that it was all in
      fun) and that you really wanted to be able to come back to kcc.
      again…get real…this is one big joke. The 4 or 5 people whocomment
      do it for fun and enjoyment and afew laughs.
      We heckle…joke..poke and have a few laughs at each other’s expense.
      Nothing serious…just one big joke about issues like a chriatmas
      display….a bar that went bankrupt…weathermen…etc…
      it’s all for a show ….have some fun…and lets all make hearne
      some money by upping the unique visitor counts.

      • mark smith says:

        actually I offered that ] bet to you and you didnt take it Skippy. I believe you said I was insignificant. I dont believe Hearne ever made any comment one way or the other. That said, you never let the facts get in the way so why start now. What’s chriatmas?

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Fine lets do it now Mark. Except since you are so good lets make it five hundred, Hearne will hold it…you go over 60% on six picks a week for the rest of the win..must use points. Deal? That includes postseason, we are near the

          • mark smith says:

            Not sure what you are babbling about glazer, I was referring to a bet I tried to make with Harley about the election. I offered you the same bet, neither took me up on it. I never comment on your sports picks. Ever. So I think you have me cornfused with someone else.

        • harley the mayor of kcc says:

          i will get hearnes qoute…he said it specifically
          to you…
          facts are facts…you were wrong…and you were
          way off like the rest of these people on here.
          sorry…but harley was correct…you were wrong..
          and THATS A MAJOR FACT!!!!
          get over it already! Nothing personal…just having
          some fun with the kids on kcc.

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    OK some took this to heart, some didn’t. That’s what makes horse races. Guess if everyone was decent to the writers here as well as other commenters…it might get boring….so there you have it.

  15. Rick Nichols says:

    Please Meet Me, Dear, ‘Neath the Mistletoe!

    To all the naysayers and nabobs of negativity out there, hey, wake up!
    Our “humble scribe” has a most pressing matter he wishes to take up,
    Which is to say he’d really like to see everyone sort of “kiss and make up,”
    Especially since KCC and its many readers really can’t afford to “break up.”

  16. mark smith says:

    Pull that hearne quote up for me. I’m sure you have it in the I million screen grabs you keep on file. Nimrod.

  17. Wink D. says:

    Craig-Apology accepted.


  18. says:

    Will Hearne/glazer ever reveal who Harley actually is? I’ll spring for a bottle or two of Stag’s Leap Artimus if someone with airport-security level ID shows up …… The only condition is that the glaze can’t invite his past or present goombahs for the drink….

    Jeff is more than welcome ….. Perhaps we can BS about the not-so-good ole days 🙂

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      All secret identities are not all secret. Some of the most misjudged people on here have more capabilites than our friend would ever give them credit for. To borrow that great line from Arthur, I have seen him… and he has seen me.” He just doesnt know it.

    • paulwilsonkc says:, thats a GREAT offer! I know Warren Winarski, Stag Leaps owner, known him for years. You can arguably claim he singlehandedly put Napa Valley wines on the map. 25 years ago this month Stag’s Leap Cabernet won the famous Judgment in Paris Tasting. Warren beat the best classified Bordeaux made everyone stop and look to Napa Valley. And today, they’re still producing some of the best wines in the world. The quality and character of the Stag’s Leap wines also lead to the Stags Leap’s area being granted AVA status. That quality shows through in Artemis! It’s a blend of estate grapes from Fay, SLV and Arcadia vineyards with grapes from other top quality Napa growers. 92% Cabernet Sauvignon is blended with 8% Merlot. The wine is aged 18 months in French oak barrels, and comes out a 94 point wine. It’s big and rich and bold, massive in blackberries, currants and sweet dark chocolate. The tannins are fierce, but very fine, and the overall balance is impeccable. I want a Cab that Im going to wake up the next day with a MASSIVE tannin headache it was so bold, this does that for you! (an alergy I have to tannins once a year when fall leads to winter, for some reason)

      I may not be the aninimation authority, but I AM on THIS topic!

  19. Come to the Improv, KCs home of comedy says:

    You wrote this exact same column last year you piece of dog shit.

    Remember when you said we’d be closed? That was a laugh.

    Your cokehead lies are tiresome.

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