Glazer: Chiefs Rummage for Draft Pick, Missouri Braces for Worst & Weekend Pics

Everyone expects the Chiefs to be buried Sunday at Arrowhead…

Peyton Manning and his Division winning Broncos are in town for a tune up headed to the playoffs. The Chiefs are now being called by many a Triple A football team. Agreed. However when you least expect it a bad team like KC can surprise a beast like Denver.

Remember Green Bay last year and Monday Night’s tight loss to the Steelers?

Both were expected to be blowouts. Different set of circumstances: The Chiefs had Kyle Orton, a real C+ quarterback when a worn out, beaten up Green Bay came to town last year expecting a walk over. The weather in Pittsburgh slowed down the Steelers and they lost quarterback Big Ben early.

Sunday will be a killing.

The Chiefs are a team that has completely quit and Denver is playing for home field in the playoffs.

Denver should win by 20 plus.

Let’s go over the new power rankings in the AFC and NFC according to ME:

AFC..HOUSTON, NEW ENGLAND AND DENVER TIED FOR SECOND, BALTIMORE, CINN, and the Colts, with Steelers an outside shot if Big Ben gets well in time.

NFC: ATLANTA, GREEN BAY, SAN FRAN, TAMPA BAY, Seattle,Giants, New Orleans and Dallas…Chicago if Jay Cutler comes back.

College football:  While all our local teams got killed last week, MU, KU and K State, the games will continue. Kansas State should beat the horrible Texas Long Horns next week and limp into a BCS game.

The Heisman and season are toast.

Vanderbilt may prove to be next year’s darling with NCAA best quarterback Jordan Rodgers. With a win today at Wake they will be a surprising 8-3. Too bad the kid won’t come out, the Chiefs would grab him as the number one pick but he’s a junior.

Johnny FOOTBALL should smash lowly Missouri at Texas A & M tonight. He may edge the kid from Notre Dame for the Heisman. Collin Klein is out. He’s invited but won’t get the trophy.

What a shame, the LOST SEASON for Kansas State.








GREEN BAY + 9 over GIANTS (tease with below)

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13 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Rummage for Draft Pick, Missouri Braces for Worst & Weekend Pics

  1. Craig Glazer says:


  2. chuck says:

    Atlanta has been exposed. No running game (Mike Turner fell off of a cliff.) and they can’t stop the run. One playoff game again this year, and OUT.

    The Chiefs have let so many players go, if you squint your eyes enough, Clark Hunt looks like David Glass. Kyle Orton was 3 TIMES the QB Cassel is.

    Lets look and see how Brandon Carr is doing. CBS Sportline.

    “Cowboys defensive back Brandon Carr recorded his first career pick six in Week 10 against the Eagles. Carr picked off Nick Foles on a batted pass in the fourth quarter and rumbled 47 yards into the end zone. He finished with four solo tackles in the 38-23 win and also was credited with a pass defended. ”

    They go on to say again, that opposing QB just flat out won’t throw in his direction.

    You can’t overemphasize how valuable a Corner Back is in the NFL. The Jets trips to the playoffs the first two years Rex was there, was mostly due, imo, to D Revis. Charles Woodson, Champ Bailey, Richard Sherman, D Revis, Brandon Carr, eat up 40% of the field and squeeze offensive play into a smaller area. They are the 2nd most important player on the field.

    How about dumping Bernard Pollack? When the Colts won the Superbowl, the playoffs were dominated by Bob Sanders, NOT Peyton Manning. Peyton, if he never wins another Super Bowl, should buy Bob a Pappa John’s franchise.

    Imagine having Carr, Pollard, Berry, Flowers. I get it that they suck this year (The Chiefs) but that D backfield would be terrifying for Tom Fu*kin Brady.

    Scott Pioli is an abysmal, unambiguated failure. Failure, failure, failure on any and all levels.

    His most important job, is evaluating talent.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, seriously, no doubt, that if Keroauc, Glazer or any of the folks who occasionally contribute comments concerning the Kansas City Chiefs on this and other boards around town, were drafting for the Chiefs over the last 48 months, the Chiefs would be 100 to 150% better.

    It just is what it is.

    Pioli is the worst GM this league has seen since Minnisota General Manager Mike Lynn traded 18 fu*kin players for Hershal Walker. This trade was so bad, that the GM got cancer and died from it.

    That is how bad Scott Pioli is.

    The guy could actually die from making any more decisions as the VChiefs GM.

    I am sure he is probably a good guy and has a nice family.

    None of us want him to die.

    He needs to quit, for his health and ours.

  3. chuck says:

    Oh yeah, don’t tell me we could’t keep Carr and Bowe at the same time.

    Don’t go there, its BS.

    There should be a banner over Chiefs stadium, S.S.L.

    Save Scott’s Life.

    He is terrible, he must be saved from himself.

    The General Manager of the Baltimore Orioles blew his own head off with a shotgun because he felt he had failed in his job.

    The Orioles were not that bad at all. The Chiefs are fu*kin terrible.

    If Clark had a heart, he would axe this guy before lunch today.

  4. Scott, go to work for UPS.

    There are great opportunities for you there and right now, in the Christmas season they are hiring.

    You will start out on the conveyor belt, choosing packages …., uh oh…

  5. Scott, call me, I still run a 5.9 40.

    Tell Clark how cheap I will be.

    He won’t care.

  6. Scott, don’t let them ride you like this.

    Don’t worry, I will get a sack again next year too.

  7. chuck says:

    B.J. Raji, Brian Cushing, Josh Freeman, Jeremy Macklin, Ziggy Hood, Percy Harvin, ALex Mack, CLAY FU*KIN MATTHEWS. Hakkem Nicks, Kenny Brit, Beanie Wells were all there in 2009 and went AFTER Tyson Jackson. The rest of the first round includes a ton of servicable players, far better than Tyson Jackson, but that is the highlights.

    But no, you gotta take a 6th round value, at NUMBER 3!!

    To make it worse, here is an April 7th, 2011 column in Pro Football talk, Peter King.

    Where Scott fu*kin Einstein Pioli states that if “I had to do it all over again, I would take Tyson Jackson.”

    Churchill would NOT charge up the hill into Turkish guns at Gallipoli again.

    Hitler would NOT invade Russia.

    Napolean would NOT invade Russia.

    Lynn Elliot got cut.

    But Scott, mule headed moron, would “Take Tyson Jackson” all over again.

    We are in short bus territory here folks.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    New record 41-18-5, thats 41 wins, 18 loses and 5 ties….thats getting 41 right of 59 picks this year so far in both college and pro. Again this is two years in a row with this type of callings. Last year we were hotter early, then fell down a bit late but still had a great overall season. More consistent this season. Lots of 3-1 and 4-2, only one losing week I think..some ties… Really with all those teases 6 of 7 winning teams and games, unreal, the only one wrong was Green Bay….

    I am getting calls for advice from some of you guys, best to ask the questions on this site, I will try and give you an answer if I know it. Some of you ask about small college teams like Fresno in the WAC, I don’t follow some teams much…I knew they were having a big year at I think 8-2, but just don’t have much information on their team so wouldn’t want to say what to do with them.

    It’s been a fun and interesting year thus far…the NFL is up for grabs, one of 12 or more teams could be champ. In the NCAA its a lock I think, ALABAMA…they were and have always been the best team…Texas A & M may be the next best, but they got going too late. Hate to face them in a playoff…I look for Bama to be a 7 or 8 point favorite over Notre Dame.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Sorry that was San Jose in the WAC not Fresno…

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Reminder for those who think I’m not right on it on football reread this story as it came out before the games were played, again…I did feel Denver would beat KC worse than it did, but mentioned bad teams can stand up against good ones and why…still KC was never really a threat and went down by better than a TD…Johnny Football did destroy MU, Notre Dame won and thier Heisman guy is tied for the lead with A and M quarterback…I think the quarterback may win it, cause he is a qb and very good on a team that might be the best out there as of today…

  11. Rick Nichols says:

    For a football team to be totally rebuilt, having a good GM is simply a must.
    Unfortunately, the message we’re getting from Clark Hunt is “in Pioli I trust”
    Despite the fact that most of his early-round draft picks have been BIG busts!
    (Thank you, ladies in the second picture, for your natural poetic inspiration)

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