Do It: Batman Live @ Sprint May Be Precursor to Spider-Man

Anybody can direct you guys to sure fire, blockbuster, can’t miss events…

Shows like next month’s Carrie Underwood at Sprint or Chris Isaak at the Uptown. Chances are you’re already planning to go if you’re into those artists and have the time and ticket money.

Now here’s one you probably haven’t even have begun to consider; Batman Live at the Sprint Center.

And while the advertising tagline, “The Ultimate Family Night Out” certainly isn’t misleading, with kick ass stunts, fantasticle illusions, trapeze artists and a real life Batmobile to end all Batmobiles, Batman Live has plenty to offer to adult types as well.

Check out the recent review of Batman Live in Souix City, Iowa from the Souix City Journal:

“Batman Live,” which opened at the Tyson Events Center Friday night, is like a huge comic book come to life,” it begins. “Bursting with special effects – and more acrobats than you’d find in most circuses – the show is one of those odd hybrids – a theatrical production that uses Cirque du Soleil artistry to tell its story. The concept is so cunning it’s a wonder someone hasn’t thought of it before.”

There’s more.

“Popping with confetti cannons, fireworks, interactive performers and a good deal of flying – Batman swoops in several times – “Batman Live” begs to be defined. It’s not quite a Broadway play but it’s certainly much more than a regular arena show.”

Theater League main man Mark Edelman concurs.

“It’s from the UK and the creative director was the choreographer for ‘Mamma Mia!‘ ” Edelman says. “It debuted in the UK last year and has played in 15 countries. They’ve got 7,000 pounds on confetti in the shape of a bat,  a 100 foot wide video wall and the music was recorded at the Abbey Roads Studio in England.”

Getting back to the future, “It looks like a Broadway show, it looks like Spider-Man,” Edelman says. “What’s interesting about this is, this could be the precursor to the Spider-Man tour. I mean, the Spider-Man production on Broadway is so big it may be hard to tour in theaters. They may need to use arenas.”

If that’s the case, Edelman says the Theater League will be ready, willing and able to present Spider-Man at Sprint.

Batman Live, now through Sunday with two shows daily and tickets available here ranging from $19.50 to $75 with family-friendly four packs at $99.

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2 Responses to Do It: Batman Live @ Sprint May Be Precursor to Spider-Man

  1. the dude says:

    If it does not have nipples on the suits and is not on ice I am not there.
    Batman and Robin was the closest thing to Batman on ice, I want it ACTUALLY ON ICE and a few blotter’s worth of window pane acid and I am there.

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Met these two, Batman and Robin at NBC 41 yesterday…nice guys, boy I thought I was in shape, man those two are rocks..from England no less..sounds like a fun show..

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