Whinery: The Republicans May Have Lost the Election But…

The Republicans May Have Lost the Election…

But not the argument! The Electoral College may have shown a “landslide” per se…but when you crunch the numbers between 4 states- The Reps lost by a scant 450K votes between Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Colorado. That’s a remarkably close election. And for all of you out there saying WE lost cause we are too Conservative – I beg to differ. The Reps lost because Mitt Romney was a milquetoast middle of the roader.

Where the Republicans screwed up was by thinking that this election was about the ECONOMY. Why was this wrong? I’ll get back to that.

Let’s look at turnout. In the last election, John McCain got 59.9 million and Obama got 69.5 million. In 2012 123.2 million people voted verses 131.3 million in 2008. President Obama got 6 million fewer voters this election than the last, and Romney got about a quarter million fewer. The difference in vote totals was almost entirely on the Democratic side.

And if you look at swing states. Romney not only out voted McCain by over 250K, he also got more votes that George Bush in 2004.

I loved Romney but it was his strategy that sucked and cost the Reps the election.

It all goes back to the Convention which did absolutely nothing to unite the party. Where were the primary candidate losers? Why weren’t they given a chance to speak and demonstrate some unity? Would it have been that bad to let Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and for that matter- Herman Cain speak?

That would have gone a long way towards uniting the party, but none of them were allowed to speak.

The biggest mistake of all was not letting Ron Paul speak.

The only person in the Republican Party that actually has a youth movement behind him and they don’t let him speak! How stupid is that?

Why does this matter? It goes back to the economy argument.

Republicans were right, the economy sucks. But swing voters are not motivated by hard truths, they’re motivated by the periphery.

Which is why “Binders of women, Big Bird and Blaming Bush” worked.

Obama won by making Romney the “yucky” candidate.

When you think about it, any Republican candidate would have lost to Obama. The Democrats know how to paint the Republicans in an unfair light and the Reps don’t know how to sell their positions. Pure and simple.

Look at the results of 2012. The Republicans are still in the game.

They control 32 some odd Governorships and the House of Representatives. We are not the WHIGS, sorry Harley.

And where is the Democrat bench? We are coming at you with Marco Rubio. What do the Dems have? A 70 year old Hillary and Andrew Cuomo? Please. The Reps are not dead yet, but Socialism has died in every Country i’ts been tried, and it will in this one too.

We are free society and will throw off the yoke of bondage.


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33 Responses to Whinery: The Republicans May Have Lost the Election But…

  1. No, you've lost the argument says:

    Naah, you’ve lost the argument.

    When GOP poster boy Marco Rubio can’t admit the earth is 4.5 billion years old, you’ve lost the argument.

    You had four GOP senate candidates – Brown (Ma.), McMahon (Ct.) THompson (Wi.) Mandel (Oh.) who were opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy and lost. They lost the argument.

    You had Mitch McConnell, who spent the last two years on his top priority, denying Obama a second term. Talk about a wasted two years. He lost that argument.

    Is this just a thought process you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better, or is this real? The country has changed and the GOP has missed out.

    Better wake up, laddie.

    • harley says:

      whiney boy…sorry…you not only lost the argument but you showed
      how you and the rest of your party were nothing but SUCKERS!
      you got taken by a conman and a bunch of conartists who swore you
      were going to win…they knew everything about the election…except they
      lied to you and the rest of your kin. You were suckered…you wrote that
      rmoney was going to win …and that was way off.
      Not only was your entire set of articles off but your analysis then and
      now was that of an eigth grader…if that. Y
      And what about all that loyalty you scream about..once mitt gave
      his concession speech he was crucified by every top republican in the
      nation…you and your kin couldnt wait for him to eve n leave the
      concession speech hall before they lit him up like the loser he was.
      ANGRY MEN ARE FADING AWAY. your time is up!!!!
      And to say that obama painted romney in a negative way…pure b.s
      whiney baby…obama took 3 1/2 years of the most intense negative
      b.s. against him…worse than any launched against any other president
      in history….as you foun out after the election mitt according to your
      friends …was the worst candidate ever.
      SO LETS EXAMINE YOUR RECORD WINEY BABY…YOU were wrong..YOU FABRICATED DATA…you predicted a win and an electoral
      college landslide for the loser. Were you sucking dick morri’s s girlfriends
      toes at the time. You were wrong…and you’ll always be wrong.
      VOTE RANGE….HARLEY DID..harley was right!!!!!!
      then…you say the dems have no bench…are you serious…theres only
      one left…hillary who will destroy the evnetual nominee of the
      republican party…..hands down in 2016….
      SEE WHINEY BABY…i talked about the demographics of the nation
      and how that meant youwould never see another republican predisnet
      in your lifestime. From your photo i supsect you’re around 65 (on social
      security)..so you will never see another republican presdient ever!!!!!!!
      you proved yourself to be an utter fool…a huge sucker…and just anotherold
      white guy losing his way….sorry whiney baby the world has passed you by.
      throw it in the trash dump…the same place you’ll find your republican
      party in 4 years…
      keep up the writing whiney…you have no idea what you are talking about..
      just the same old b.s…….

    • harley says:

      whiney baby…you know nothing about politics…without the presidency
      your party is out. Since i’m guessing you’re 65…i imagine you won’t
      see another republican president in the white house in your lifetime..

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    The Republicans have a serious public image problem on their hands and until they take the necessary steps to be seen in a more favorable light, they are not likely to regain control of the Senate or the White House any time soon. Had Romney been less of a middle of the roader and more of a right-wing hard-liner, the margin of defeat would’ve been even greater. For the record, I’m an unaffiliated voter and expect to be respectfully courted by both those on the left and those on the right if they are to earn my trust.

  3. chuck says:

    Sorry folks, Pollyanna BS.

    This is why the Republicans lost the election, and why they will continue to decline in the face of the overt efforts of the Federal Government to destroy America.

    Read this.


    Balkinization and the American suicide continues.

    • mike says:

      Interesting article. One thing the republicans could do a better job of capitalizing on is the fact that most of the Latino population is Catholic and socially consevative. They just can’t be seen as only a party of rich white people.

  4. mike says:

    I think most voters are not for western European quasi-socialism. What the democrats did sucessfully was paint Romney as being for an oligarchy, which many voters fear even more. Many of the Latino voters are from Mexico and left the oligarchy there to come here. That may have been what swayed the election. The republicans have to be better on selling people on the idea that a smaller, less regulative, less intrusive government will ultimately give the public a higher living standard than high taxes and redistribution. They did a poor job of selling their ideas in this election.

    • harley says:

      chuck is still crying over the election! bahahahaha ….
      the election is over chuck and YOU WERE WRONG..
      now stop with stupid right wing videos…please…you are the exact reason
      the repubs will never win the white house in your lifetime.

      • chuck says:

        I wasn’t wrong, dissapointed, sure.

        I always mentioned that I didn’t know who would win the election, and I didn’t.

        I do think harley/JoJo, that you are the perfect spokesman for the winning side.

        Nuanced, low key, respectful and in no way divisive.

        Your continued cacophony is that fire bell in the night warning, to all readers here on this blog, who, unfortunately inflicted with a modicum of prescience, fear for our collective future.

        Harley, thy name is Cassandra, and the snakes have licked your ears clean.

        • chuck says:

          By the way, explain to me, why this video that I posted, from Bill Commie Mahr’s show, is a “Right Wing Video”.

        • harley says:

          wrong again chuckles the sad clown.
          you did pick mr. mitt to win. and you talked of
          armed revolt against a democratic election.
          You shuddered at the thought of a black mans
          reelection because you have listened to all the
          fox news lies for far too long.
          you have become a sucker…like whiney baby
          who fell for the rape publican con game of using
          lies and deception to try to destroy the other side.
          Ihave spoken many times of old traditional people
          like you and whiney. Lacking truth and facts to
          confirm what are essentially unbelievable words.
          You speaketh of the future as if there is cause for
          disdain…when father time has passed you and your
          ilk bye. Negativity and hate…its what makes you and
          whiney so out of touch with god and this life.
          Shut the blinds…load your guns..put on the camo
          fatigues…get out your super soaker…the revolt is
          about to begin.
          Your traditional life is but changing. A new wave is
          sweeping the nation. Youand others continue to
          go against your own self interests.
          You and your hateful dialogue and your hate filled
          comments are what scare the people of america…thats
          why you are losing touch and losing power and being
          forced to the back seat of history.
          Chuckles ..your name is boot! The people
          of america have given it to you…given you the boot.
          The boot has kicked your a$$. And out you go.
          Your old ideas…your old negativity…your old attitudes..
          and with it your old worn out hate.
          I speak of a new day…a new enthusiasm…a revival of
          america that is now starting to take place. come out
          of your shell…its beautiful…and you can be a part of it.
          have a great day.
          Enjoy it…the faces might be different than what you
          grew up with. Their beliefs might be different…but
          thts what makes it all so great….sorry…your
          clock is ticking…time is up.
          For me and many other positive people…its just
          starting again!!!!!!!!!
          smile…its a beautiful wonderful fun filled world and
          you too can partake in it.
          as the boss said….COME ON UP TO THE RISING!!!!!!

  5. Jim says:

    Someone will need to explain to me WHY the Republicans don’t jump ALL over the legalization of pot on the Federal level and an end to the ridiculous and costly drug war. Aren’t they the party of “freedom”? Tax freedom, gun freedom, deregulation, smaller government, states rights, religeous freedom?

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a freaking no-brainer? Oh, wait. That’s right. It’s really the party of hypocrisy. They have to tell us which freedoms are good and which ones are bad. God and guns……good. Women’s bodies and weed……….bad.

    Don’t stand on your soapbox and scream about your freedoms being taken away and then stuff your pockets with big pharma’s and the alcohol industry’s money.

    • chuck says:

      Those are excellent points imo.

      • rkcal says:

        It really is curious that the GOP is all about freedom until you get to God and the bedroom. It cost them big time.

        • Jim says:

          As long as you are white, Christian, straight, male and own firearms……….you deserve every freedom. Everybody else? Not so much. Gay marriage is an abomination and a sin against God. But, get married and divorced 2, 3, 4 or 5 times? Apparently, that’s OK. Let’s legally define marriage as one man and one woman. Well, one at a time anyways. Noooo, nothing hypocritical about that.

  6. smartman says:

    Au contraire’. A swing of less than 331,000 (proportional) votes in NH, VA, OH and FL would have given Romney an Electoral College victory of 270-268.

    Break up the base. Visit http://www.frederickdouglassrepublicans.com. Become part of the solution on the new underground railroad.

    • harley says:

      wrong again smarmyman..
      whats up? you were wrong too. stay over on greg halls site.
      your brand of humor doesn’t go well here anymore.

    • harley says:

      if old jewish people don’t screw up the ballot we don’t get bush in 2000!
      if bush aides don’t rig the election in 2004…we get kerry!
      if pigs fly we get old man mitt…worst candidate ever…and a perfect
      con man

  7. smartman says:

    CORRECTION frederickdouglassrepublican.com.

  8. Justguy says:

    CORRECTION frederickdumbassrepublican.com

  9. randyraley says:

    The Republicans lost in women, latinos, blacks, gays and everywhere other than white guys. There’s your sign.
    As long as yours is the party of Rush rather than Reagan, you’ll be insignifcant soon. And the House of Representative thing…you won because you gerry mandered the districts you controlled before so, there’s that.
    Actually Democrats had more of the popular vote in the house than did the Republicans.
    A landslide? No.
    One of the largest margins of victory in the last 40 years? Yes.

  10. Kerouac says:

    There is another Civil War coming, only, it will not be civil at all; time to ‘thin’ the Democratic herd that is feeding at the public trough…


    Nations grown corrupt
    Love bondage more than liberty;
    Bondage with ease than strenuous liberty.

    ~ John Milton

    • harley says:

      You’re right kerowacky…GET OUT THE SUPERSOAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      what a joke….
      you and chuckles need to get together.

      • chuck says:

        Your right, a black guy did invent the Super Soaker.

        Notable black inventions: Toy water canon, Motown, coffee

        Notable East Asian inventions: Toothbrush, gun powder, gunpowder artillery (cannon), coal-burning heat, magnetic compass, silk, paper, noodle, block printing, porcelain, mechanical clock, abacus calculator, paper money

        Notable Arab inventions: Algebra (debatable)

        Notable Aboriginal (Australia) inventions: Boomerang

        Notable Aboriginal (Americas) inventions: Tobacco cultivation and processing, corn cultivation

        Notable white inventions:

        aerosol can, air conditioning, automotive airbag, airplane, airship, alphabet (Yep. Phoenicians were white.), American sign language, animation (films), answering machine, amusement park, aspartame, aspirin, assembly line, astrolabe, AstroTurf, audiotape, ATMs, automobile, asphalt pavement, prepared baby food, flat-bottomed paper bag, Bakelite, ball bearing, balloon, adhesive bandage, bar code, barbed wire, barometer, battery, bicycle, blood bank, home freezer, blow dryer, atomic energy applications, Braille system, bra, bread slicing machine, button, buttonhole, calculator, calculus, Gregorian calendar, flee collar, camcorder, camera, movie camera, tin can, can opener, candle, canning, carbon-14 dating, cardboard and corrugated, cash register, cat litter, mail-order catalog, cellophane, cement, concrete, cereal flakes, chewing gum, chocolate candy, chronometer, pendulum clock, quartz clock, cloning, drip coffee, Styrofoam decaf coffee, coins, compact disc (CD), computed tomography (CT scan, CAT scan), digital computer, laptop computer, network television, adhesive labels, personal computer, reinforced concrete, latex comdum, geometry, contact lenses, oral contraceptives, hybrid corn, bologna, White Out, grocery coupon, crayons, cream separator, credit card, crossword puzzle, DDT, defibulator, dentures, metal detector, smoke alarm, artificial diamond, disposable diaper, DVD, dishwasher, DNA fingerprinting, doughnut, revolving door, drinking fountain, movie theaters, dry cleaning, fabric elastic, bottle caps, cigarettes, electric chair, electrocardiogram (EKG), electroencephalogram, e-mail, subway, passenger elevator, encyclopedia, air brakes, internal combustion engine, jet engine, liquid-fueled rocket engine, steam engine, escalator, eyeglasses, fax, fiber optics, fiberglass, paper envelopes, photographic film, dynamite, adhesive glue, steel suspension bridge, Venetian blinds, portable flashlight battery, baggies, multiple vitamin, vacuum flask, food processor, freeze-dried foods, oxygen tank, frozen foods, magic markers, antifreeze, transistor radio, Fresnel lens, fuel cell, genetic engineering, tissue paper dress pattern, Gieger counter, “drive-through” window, glass, safety glass, greeting card, guillotine, electric guitar, chain saw, wire coat hanger, helicopter, holography, hypodermic syringe, fluoridation in vitro fertilization, ink, insulin extraction and preparation, integrated circuit, Internet, electric iron, food irradiation, jeans, JELLO-O, jukebox, Kevlar, Kool-Aid, laser, laundromat, gas-powered lawn mower, Lego, incandescent light bulb, fluorescent ligh bulb, ligh-emitting diode (LED), linoleum, tube lipstick, FedEx and UPS, liquid crystal display (LCD), lock and key, flip-top cans, chlorofluorocarbon (Freon), locomotive, longbow, GPS technology, soda pop, loudspeaker, voice mail, modern hang gliders, electric fence, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), margarine, friction matches, metric system, microphone, microscope, microwave oven and other applications, wet suit, American baseball, Google, weed eater, miniature golf, golf, glass mirror, guided missile, supermarkets, musket, mobile home, electrical tape, electric wire, paper money, refrigerated trucks, Monopoly board game, Morse code, heart transplant, electric motor, outboard motor, motorcycle, computer mouse, books (codex), Muzak, nail, necktie, neon light, compressed rubber, nuclear reactor, nylon, oil lamp, oil well, tinfoil, nail clippers, pacemaker, paper clip, paper towel, modern parachute, concentrated fruit drinks, parking meter, hearing aid, particle accelerator, mustard (ancient Rome) pasteurization, modern universities, central community electric utilities, ballpoint pen, pencil, periodic table, plastic, snerf balls, personal watercraft (motor boat), petroleum jelly, plastic garbage bag, phonograph, photocopying, photography, Wikipedia, bluegrass music, WD-40, instant photography, digital photography, human genome sequencing, alternating current applications, astro turf, direct current applications, Play Doh, steel plow, pocket watch, polyethylene, King James Bible, polygraph, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Post-It Notes, potato chips, movable type, Prozac, radar, radio, car radio, symphony orchestra, rayon, psychology (ancient Egypt), naval jelly, modern psychology and psychoanalysis electric razor, safety razor, mechanical reaper, LP records, refrigerator, TV remote control, hot dog, respirator, Frisbee, catsup, revolver, Richter scale, assault rifle, republic, roller coaster, Big Bird and Sesame St. characters, vulcanized rubber, basketball, American football, rubber band, Facebook, saccharin, cattle prod, Teflon, riding saddle, safety pin, vacuum tubes, wax paper, flares, communication satellite, saxophone Scotch tape, car seat belt, sewing machine, anthropology (Aristotle), Mars and moon land rover, shoelaces, silicone, skateboard, ice skates, roller skates, tooth paste (Greeks), snow ski, steel-frame skyscraper, slot machine, snowmobile, soap, discount stores, carbonated soft drinks, sonar, postage stamps, windshield wipers, pickle, alternate speed windshield wipers, stapler, water treatment, steamboat, mass-produced steel, polyester, stainless steel, stereophonic sound recording, cloud seeding, stethoscope stock ticker, stock market, stocks, electric stove, gas stove, drinking straw, submarine, sunglasses, sunscreen, supermarket, music synthesizer, drywall, synthetic skin, military tank, tea bag, teddy bear, Teflon, telegraph, telephone, mobile telephone, telescope, television, thermometer, thermostat, threshing machine, pneumatic tire, rubber processing, tissue paper, toilet paper, flush toilet, tractor, transistor, traffic lights, typewriter, ultrasound imaging, vaccination, electric vacuum cleaner, Velcro, video game, video recorder, videotape, virtual reality, vision correction laser, electric washing machine, wheel, wheelchair, windmill, rickshaw, Wold Wide Web, digital wristwatch, X-ray, Zamboni, zipper, corn syrup and other corn derivatives, man on the moon, etc.

        The above list of white inventions does even begin to scratch the surface. (I’ll make additions as they come to mind.)

        Consider how different the world would be without white people.

        Consider how different the world will be once Western civilization is disabled or destroyed.

        Imagine if members of the various races were required to live with only inventions from their own race. East Asians would be clothed in silk, White people in cotton and polyester, and blacks would be butt naked.

        • chuck says:

          Being butt naked comes in handy when all you have is a Super Soaker Harley.

          Thanks for mentioning that.

          • Don B says:

            You’re a joke whoever you are chuck. Besides
            being a pseudo-intellectual you qualify as one
            big jack-off.
            Your comments show a distinct lack of any
            type of class on top of being totally racist.
            It’s obvious you came from a lower rated gene
            pool of animals and scum. Go play with yourself
            in your vivid little world of make believe.
            Your comments fit well on the KKK site and
            you’ll find like minded sewer dwellers there
            that will fit well with your mental masturbation.
            You are white trash.

  11. chuck says:

    Don B.

    Eviscerating comments.

    I am rethinking my whole life.

    You’re reaching deep pal, for the opprobrium I so richly deserve.

    Thanks for thinking of me.

    By the way, Pond Scum could replace up to 17% of imported oil.


    You on the other hand could replace 17% of the insults during 3rd grade recess.

    No more, just 17%.

  12. devo-T says:

    And here I thought the Tyler Deaton Buttclub story had brought out the most rabid.

    This is really pathetic, at the most basic level. This is nothing but a comment-orgy of squabblers, half of which are fit to be tied that a half-black guy got elected President again, and another half that gleefully rub that in the other side’s face.

    Neither party, nor our future as a Republic, has much of a real future unless we de-link the massive amounts of money being funneled into politics from every imaginable direction: lobbyists, Citizens United, China, you name it. I mean, why bother caring when your personal beliefs will just be usurped by your biggest donor’s?

    We have too many problems to be screaming at each other like a schoolyard full of 7-year-olds. Grow up, or shut up and let the rest of us talk to each other quietly and like adults.

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