Glazer: Scribe Begs Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt for Mercy

Besides that the Chiefs are one of the worst NFL teams ever, its front office is also considered one of the all time worst…

Because of that it’s going to be hard to recruit quality people to lead this team out of the basement.

The Chiefs were once again a no show Sunday, most of the players having already quit. Fans too have quit, as evidenced by an attendance of no more than half a stadium. And as it gets colder, and we fall to 1-10, 1-11 and so on, the attendance may hit less than 25,000.

I know we have tons of season ticket holders, but why go? To see what?

Why spend money on parking, beer, food and junk for a team that’s lead by people who only seem to think we are hick chumps.

And yes, that includes Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

Mr. Hunt, your lack of understanding in football and lackluster leadership skills have helped lead to this tragic end.

What more does it take for you to stand up and be a man sir?

We know the Chiefs are nothing more than a financial tool your family uses to back up bigger investments around the globe. It’s nice to have a billion dollar asset isn’t it? However as this team goes 3-13 next season with attendance way down, Chiefs gear not selling, and a general lack of interest, that number will fall by the millions.

We know the NFL‘s TV deal saves your butt and the overall split of NFL profits, but by God man, FIRE THE PROBLEMS. Lose $10 or $20 million to save $150 million, my friend.

How much more do you need to see, hear and feel Clark?

Everyone but the Easter Bunny is telling you to FIRE SCOTT PIOLI ASAP. Like now!

Replace him with another temporary executive for a few weeks until you find a replacement. Start the process now. Just pay him off, get rid of him.

Scott is such a poor leader he has even let NFL coaches, players and future general managers know he won’t pay up on contracts. Monday Night Football even mentioned the “We aren’t paying Todd Haley‘s contract off” issue.

NOT GOOD, Clark.

Sure Todd will be paid at some point, after he spends a few hundred grand on lawyers to get his money. This is clearly being done out of hate by Pioli.

Clark, people don’t want to work in that type of environment where by their contracts may be unpaid for months or years. Nobody likes that, sir.

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher made it clear to insiders he wouldn’t even consider a job in KC because of ownership and the general manager. Hello! Peyton Manning wouldn’t even come to a meeting in Kansas City to hear an offer. HELLO!

Clark, maybe it is time to rehire Marty and let him be your brain for a year or two.

Clearly you need some help sorting this thing out.

Otherwise consider selling this team to the PEOPLE OF KANSAS CITY. We are the ones who care, paid for the damn stadium nine ways to SUNDAY and spend millions to support this team with NO PROFITS like your family receives.


We care and clearly you and your family who don’t live here don’t. We’ve had it sir. So please do the right thing Mr. Clark Hunt. NOW.

Thank you.

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27 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Begs Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt for Mercy

  1. Ex Chiefs Fan says:

    Well put. Agreed.

  2. ernnnie says:

    1-4-1 on this weeks picks

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Me or you?

      • ernnie says:

        you. You lost all your teasers, won the straight- up Bengals, and pushed on the Ravens.

        I finally had a winning week… but season overall I’m down, so I’m no one to be criticizing.

        I’m just sayin’.

  3. Reggin Tnuc says:

    It is not our team. We are merely patrons, paying customers, observers. It is best to not get emotionally or financially involved in situations over which we have no control in the outcome. Sports is replacing religion as the opiate of the masses. In this case it is wise not to be a believer.

  4. Rick Nichols says:

    H-E-L-P! (with apologies to the Beatles)

    The scribe, now he’s nobody’s fool –
    Wants Clark Hunt to invoke “the mercy rule”
    Since the Chiefs have pretty much quit on him
    And thousands of fans are ready to spit on him;
    “Please S-T-O-P,” he earnestly pleads,
    You’re well aware of what this team needs:
    A new GM, top of his class in GM school,
    Someone who really knows the talent pool –
    That’s the Number One rebuilding tool;
    Trouble is, the situation’s gotten so dire
    That only Clark Kent would be the perfect hire …
    S-U-P-E-R-M-A-N – hey, that’d be cool!

  5. Pat McGroin says:

    Craig, do think Marty would even care to tackle the mess known as the Chefs?
    I’m sure he would listen to Clark out of politeness, but deep down, I wonder if he would consider it?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      No he doesn’t need money and he seems content with gold and ‘girls’ hah…no..but he would be an advisor, Clark needs one…he doesn’t seem to know how or what to do…to many chiefs, not enough Indians…so yeah for a few bucks he gets into Clark’s head, goes to meetings with prospective new coach, GM etc…makes sense..Fire Scott NOW, and start this process, yes Clark will have to write him a large check…price you pay…he has the money, I think?

  6. harley says:

    glaze…all this is old old worn out. How many stories about how bad the chiefs are?
    How many negative articles will we have to see? Between you and the star
    there’s way way too many of the same worn out articles telling us how bad
    the team is. We know it. MOre than you. I’ve been to 3 games this year while
    you’ll do nothing to support this team beside watching from a tv set.
    We get it. We understand the team is bad. So please stop the incessant ragging
    about the team.
    Clark understands…but he’s in a jam with pioli. I doubt he can fire the guy
    after the mess thats happening this year. He’s part of the kraft family and
    he can’t just fire scott just now.
    You don’t understand the relationships in sports. CLark probably knows he
    should let pioli go but he can’t do it this moment. Maybe if the situation
    deteriorates even further (which would be worse) he’ll have cause to
    fire pioli.
    Even a #1 draft pick won’t help. This team lacks any direction from the
    sidelines. Romeo is just doing his job til the last game and then he knws
    he’s out. You also have other issues which my sources are telling me
    that are stopping clark from letting go of romeo and scott before the
    season ends…and it does intersperse with what is going on with
    So lets change the subject…leave those stories about how bad the
    chiefs are off for a 3-4 week period and lets find anotherissue
    that readers want. thanks.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Harley notice I dont’ address their games anymore…radio likely follows me a bit, I am out in front of their stories…we all agree on the issues…this is about Clark being a bit unsure of what to do and why..not that the Chiefs stink we all know that…we need to move on and now…that’s what its about.

      • harley says:

        you’re right..its as if clark is like a deer caught in the headlights.
        daddy put him in business with millions and he never had
        to dig out of a hole.
        everything laid out for him. He’s now big in nursing homes
        making millions….
        but he probably never had a situationlike this where it
        required a huge financial and personel decision. He’s never
        had a tough day in his life…
        you and i make those every day…but when you’re hadned
        something you don’t get the experience of having to
        make life and death business decisions.
        maybe i’ll call himand we’llgo down and meet with
        him and get him out of this mess (lol)
        but…have you seen his wife tavia???????????/w. o .w!!!!!!!!

  7. mike says:

    Just curious, Glaze. Are you related to Jay Glazer?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Get asked that alot…no just our muscles, I am much thinner….but built..that guy is huge upper body…must have played some ball…good guy from what I see and hear…but no we are not related.

  8. the dude says:

    How to lose your fan base in two easy steps:

    1. Be like Clar Khunt.
    2. Repeat until fan base completely lost and fans embrace soccer to watch an organization that actually wants to win some games.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    All I can add is this; with 6 seats 5 rows from the field, its increasingly difficult to get a client to go! Maybe “difficult” was not strong enough.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      That story comes to mind Paul….”I went to Arrowhead to sell my four season tickets, left the tickets on my seat. Got out of the car to go to the restroom, when I got back there were eight tickets on my seat!”

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        HAHAHAHA! Thats GREAT!!
        You can use your tickets for prizes at the CLUB!!

        First Place – 1 pair of Chiefs tickets
        Second place – 2 pair of Chiefs tickets

    • mike says:

      In 1988, I worked for Western Auto. We had bought out about 20,000 tickets to avoid the blackout and get publicity. At first, we were supposed to give them to people who bought certain AC Delco products. By the time it was late on Saturday, we started just trying to give them to anybody who came in to get rid of them. We couldn’t get people to take them. They acted as if we were trying to give them a disease! This was before Peterson and Scottenheimer had come here. A few years later when the team was better, you were lucky to find tickets for sale. We are getting at that point of where we were in 1988. If Hunt doesn’t act, this is going to cost him millions of dollars.

      • harley says:

        mikey…i knew i knew you from previous..
        i started at home office of western auto…worst company..
        worked at the half circle buidling for 3 months on grand.
        people there were great but they were lifers…i went
        and opened my own company but we had a blast..
        i loved the home office people…but when they got
        bought out it really killed thecompany.
        cool…i knew we had a lot in common!

        • mike says:

          Sears bought it out in 1988 but let Lundegard, Leach, and Barlow still run the company. When it went in the toilet was when Sears tried to run it themselves in 1997 changing it over to Parts America. That didn’t last long before Parts America was bought out.
          Did you remember when we had bought out all the tickets?

        • balbonis moleskine says:

          Ha ha, my dad probably fired your butt. Btw the company went from red to black under the leadership team you pissed on. By the end of the run before the sears sale, revenue tripled and they had crept into fortune 500.

          Are you Rat Brown?

  10. reality says:

    losing millions isnt that bad when you have billions. at worst a write off.

  11. Kerouac says:

    Lamar Hunt fired Hank Stram at the end of the 1974 season, KC having suffered its first losing season in 11 years, just 5 years after a World Championship. At the time, the team was getting old, the quality of play was slipping & personalities within the organization were at odds.

    Another reason for the change was Stram himself: he was unpopular with a number of local businessmen. Bu$$ine$$ spoke, and Hunt listened (he was going to feel the pinch as it were.) ‘The Mentor’ aka banty rooster rubbed some people the wrong way & with said coupled a relatively new stadium, a team slipping, attendance going down and fans unhappy… it was time.

    Exit Stram, enter a role call of the damned… the names changed but ne’er the results. Came they al – Wiggin, Bettis, Levy, Mackovic, Gansz, Schottenheimer, Cunningham, Vermeil, Edwards, Haley, Crennel… ditto management by the condemned Steadman, Schaaf, Peterson and now Pioli.

    Deja vu, 2012… it’s just time. Pioli has overseen 3 losing seasons now the last 4 years. Today, but one losing season in 11 would get Stram an extension rather than the boot. Yet Pioli lingers as fans get both vocal & demonstrative. Meanwhile, Hunt is silent as a church mouse, the GM’s 1-9 resume 2012 and a 22-37 the last 4 years apparently not sufficient make change. Much money flowed into Chiefs coffers after the lean years the mid ’70s – late 80’s. The rub is, the team has never gotten back to the level of football excellence once was.

    Has it really been 43 years since January 11, 1970? The huge team TV contracts not in effect ’74 is a $afety net as ’twere, the millionaire/billionaire boys club known as the NFL. Perhaps the only reason Clark Hunt fiddles while Kansas City burns; he gets hi$ regardless.

    Let them the fans eat cake.

    Nothing else makes sense.

  12. mark smith says:

    Last Sunday the scalpers were accepting canned goods and Hardees biscuit coupons.

  13. rkcal says:

    It’s clear that Hunt is waiting until the end of the season for a complete house cleaning. If Pioli was safe, Romeo would be gone by now. The waiting is excruciating, but I think necessary. If Clark does what he should,when he’s done the only thing left from this season should be the arrowhead on the side of the helmet.

    • mike says:

      I think you may be right about Pioli. Why else would he be seeking Scottenheimer’s advice when he has been hands off up until this point. He also sought council from Schottenheimer when he was looking for a new GM the last time. With a potential first pick in the draft and possible shake up at the helm of the organization, this off-season will probably be more interesting than the season.

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