Glazer: K-State Closes in on Title Game & Weekend Picks

The World of college football is all over Kansas State

Two more wins and they’ll play for the national title. And it will be the first time for an area NCAA top division football team to play for the brass ring.  More than 30 years ago both KU and MU had a shot at being voted No. 1 if either could beat Penn State in the Orange Bowl.

Both lost close games.

I think K State is going to get there. Today they’ll go to Baylor and defeat the Bears. In the meantime MU will try and win one more to be eligible for a low level post season bowl.
They have been better lately, but are still just an average team at best.

The picking’s are slim for college games this week, with more options in the NFL owing to all the injuries.

I had another good week last week, let’s keep moving towards a goal of…oh, I don’t have one. Lets JUST WIN BABY!

College Football:

VANDERBILT OVER TENNESSEE  +3 (tease with below)

KANSAS STATE -6 over BAYLOR (tease with above…you get 6 points either way when you take a two team pick…must win both to win)

LSU -12 OVER  MISSISSIPPI (tease with K State game at minus 6 over Baylor)


BENGALS -3 over Kansas City

Atlanta -3 over Arizona (tease with below)

Denver -1 over San Diego (tease with above)

New Orleans +2 over Oakland (tease with below)

Houston -9 over Jacksonville(tease with above)


It’s still nice out, so have a great weekend.

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8 Responses to Glazer: K-State Closes in on Title Game & Weekend Picks

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    Missouri having spurned the Big 12 for the supposedly greener gra$$ in SEC country, I’ll be cheering for the Orange tonight and the Aggies next week even though A & M did likewi$e.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    Moreover, I’m pulling for Iowa State over KU, my alma mater, since it will make the Cyclones bowl eligible while making KU’s wealthy boosters (who have more money than sense) look all the more sillier for essentially having replaced one bad coach with another.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    WEll K-State is done. Sad…I was on the bandwagon, if they lose to Texas it will be a forgotten season…how bad is that…we just can’t win anything around here that matters…damn. Nice forgotten ride…

  4. HARLEY says:


    Now to harley…
    last week glaze wrote….kstate goes all the way…kstte has locked up
    the national championship….they will face oregon. Glaze went on to
    say its kstate oregon in national champaionship….kstate is the winner of
    national championship…glaze said it…but harley wrtoe this is
    comments segment on kcc…

    big 10-12 is filled with weak teams this year…
    but beware…baylor can score points and i think that texas game might
    be an emtional game as its the last game for longhorn mack…
    still lots of football to be played.
    glaze…you know streaks…and kstate has had a bad game all season…
    maybe their streak is about to end….
    and the rumour isvout…..marty and bill coming to kc qnd clark says money
    is no object……….

    i don’t need to say anything more…except…
    HARLEY WAS RIGHT…HARLEY IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kerouac says:

    Oregon loses a close one in OT to #13 Stanford (which took Notre Dame to OT in South Bend before losing), while K-State gets utterly embarrassed at Baylor by an unranked / unconsidered nobody. Upshot: Notre Dame is #1 whether they are the best or not.

    Still, more aberrations next weekend not portending, looks like Notre Dame vs Oregon for the National Title & Alabama vs K-State the scraps. Kerouac’s picks: Oregon beats Notre Dame by 10, Alabama by 3 over K-State.

    Oregon Ducks the National Champions.

    Even the losers have some consolation: the rabble left behind Oregon’s wake, Alabama, Notre Dame andr K-state could probably all beat the Chiefs (the College All Stars have beaten pro football’s best team before. That included 1963 vs the GB Packers, merely the greatest team in history, 5 Championships in 7 years, 6 Title appearances 8 same. 1963 game, future Chiefs Buck Buchanan, Ed Budde & Bobby Bell were on the College All Stars roster.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Sorry K, Oregon is done as well. Barring a lose to USC next week, its Notre Dame vs. the winner of the SEC title game, likely Alabama who will jump to number 2 today. I believe it will be Notre Dame, Bama, Georgia, Oregon, Florida, K State..something like that… Oregon can face Bama with a Notre Dame loss next week only. SEC champ gets the Number one team…likely Bama.

      • Kerouac says:

        I think Notre Dame WILL LOSE to USC for what said is worth, even without Barkley. I’m just not convinced Notre Dame is an legit #1 team in the nation, compared the other top teams.

        1966 always comes to my mind: Notre Dame & Michigan State both ranked #1 by different polls at the end of the season. Yet, Alabama was considered an better team than either… they did not get the chance prove it.

        College football really needs a ‘Superbowl’ as it were – should be NO DOUBT (or d**n little) who the best team is after a playoff-type series is played. Shy said, be no consensus: many can claim they’re the best.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    NOT A GREAT WEEKEND FOR THE GENIUS….2-3-1…K State hurt badly on this one…however overall record is still sparkling at 38-17-5….

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