Starbeams: Kelly’s Kiss Under the Clock @ Union Station, 5 Hour Barely & American Royal

Hostess Brands has decided to close operations after the company couldn’t reach an agreement with a labor union.  Personally, I’m calling for a government bailout, because I’ve always believed my Ding Dong was too big to fail.


In completely related news, the diabetes rate in Oklahoma has tripled and in Missouri, has doubled since 1995.

Bad news: The FDA is investigating whether or not 13 deaths have been related to the popular energy drink – 5 Hour Energy.  The good news?  Thirteen is my lucky number!  Time to buy a lottery ticket.

A champion horse died Thursday just after winning a competition at the American Royal in Kemper Arena. Thankfully, a factory is being built in Rockville, MO, so we should have champion glue by early next week.


The cause of the horse’s death is being investigated, but we’re guessing it might have something to do with it eating some 5 Hour Barley.


My 2nd annual Kiss Under the Clock Salvation Army fundraiser begins Saturday, 2:00 at Union Station.  A large amount of mistletoe has been fastened to the giant, iconic clock for people to kiss under and help Salvation Army.  We’re expecting a lower turnout than last year because General Patraeus will be there.

Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM

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  1. Rick Nichols says:

    On a personal note, there had been a run on Hostess products at the Price Chopper in Leavenworth, but I was able to find a package of chocolate Zingers early this afternoon and plan to savor the taste as best I can (I quickly ate them), and on a serious note, a good friend had been working for this company up until a few months ago, so I hope her retirement package isn’t in serious jeopardy, but who knows these days.

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