Hearne: KSHB’s Lezak Teases Winter ‘Cast Due Monday

“The drought has continued through fall and there is no true end in sight right now,” says KSHB TV weather wonk Gary Lezak. “The weather pattern sets up according to my ‘Lezak’s Recurring Cycle,’ or LRC.

“This weather pattern is now cycling and we are still identifying the features that will repeat regularly through the coming winter, spring, and into next summer.”

Uh, that’s the good news. Now the bad.

Superstorm Sandy is a type of storm that will hit the east coast a few times this winter,” Lezak says, “but it won’t have a hurricane inside of it next time. But it will likely be a blizzard, so, the northeast coast is going to be one hot spot for winter weather.

“Another hot spot is near the Great Lakes. Kansas City is NOT near one of these hot spots and snowfall will likely again be below average this winter.”

Stay tuned…

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18 Responses to Hearne: KSHB’s Lezak Teases Winter ‘Cast Due Monday

  1. Kyle Rohde says:

    What the heck is Lezak’s definition of a “drought”? We had 28 hours straight of hard rain Labor Day weekend, and last Sat night/Sunday had a solid 12 hours or so of rain I think. I think Gary’s after Katie Hoerner’s over-dramatization of simple weather crown.

  2. harley says:

    since i was the only one to get the 2012 election right and the electoral
    vote range correct i will be gving out my 2012-2013 forecast on monday also.
    forget leeezack…he’s not accurate.
    Harley proved on november 6th that he’s the best predictor of
    everything in the universe.
    stay tuned…harley will be right on again.

    • chuck says:

      Sweet baby Jesus, make it stop.

    • mike says:

      He’s a prophet!

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  3. Rick Nichols says:

    Hey, has anyone out there in cyberspace seen Harley’s end-0f-the-world prediction, or has he already made it and I just missed it? And what say you on the matter, Mr. Lezak? Oh, I forgot, Corporate has strictly forbidden you to pontificate.

    • Paulwilsonkc says:

      I’ve not seen that but I did see the Mizzou SEC powerhouse prediction. Somehow that doesn’t get mentioned. I’ve asked about that forecast about 100 times w no response. I’m not a sports guy but best I understand that’s been a football fail if Chiefs epic proportions, riiight?

    • HARLEY says:

      rick…i made it earlier….no real prediction but i don’t think the
      guys on here think the world will end.
      sorry….too many good things going on in our lives right now..
      the economy is getting rolling…people are feeling good again…
      the attitude is that we are coming back….there will be no
      falling off the fiscal cliff…america is ready for its next
      economic boom….but the bad news for many kcc readers
      is that there will be no more twinkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      that is until the equity firm that owned that company steals millions
      more from it and closes it down…much like romney did with companies
      when he ran bain capital…read about it….really really sad…
      and remember rick…many people are no looking for me to give
      them financial advice and business advice.
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      thanks to everyone for keeping me intheir thoughts and word comments.
      take care….i seeing the boss 2night….great show ….
      and again…if you have legitimate questions please address them
      to myt email addressand i would love to help anyone onkcc….even
      pauly who has a new business thats doing really well.
      love ya all…til monday….harley is right…harley is right…YESSSSSSS

  4. bob says:

    “What the heck is Lezak’s definition of a “drought”? We had 28 hours straight of hard rain Labor Day weekend, and last Sat night/Sunday had a solid 12 hours or so of rain I think.” Kyle

    It isn’t Lezak’s definition of a drought. Most of the area is in a severe drought.


    And Labor Day was two months ago. And I don’t think anyone in the area sniffed two inches of rain last weekend. Go out in your hard with a shovel and see how far down you have to dig to hit soil with moisture.


    I think Lezak’s LRC is a bunch of garbage. It doesn’t predict much. Just lines up coincidences, but he is right here.

  5. Scoop says:

    Climate change? I’m all for it, especially if one is referring to the current political climate where cooler heads and civility are very much in short supply. That said, the current drought actually began in the fall if not summer of 2011, but we have a tendency as a society to only notice a drought during the hot months of summer when, in fact, it’s there all the time. The rain this past Sunday undoubtedly pushed the total for the year in the Kansas City area past the 20-inch mark, but if memory serves me right the average annual rainfall is somewhere around the 36-inch mark. Please correct me if I’m wrong by an inch or two. Just the same, many of the ponds I’ve come across in recent weeks in the course of my travels are bone dry.

  6. HARLEY says:

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  7. HARLEY says:

    for everything I’ve said about your stories about the kansas city star.
    Please…i ask for forgiveness on this holy day. Please..i will never
    argue with you about the quality of the reporting atthe kc star
    as long as I correctly pontificate football and political events.
    Yes..even harley can be wrong…and i was wrong to defend the
    star for its reporting and business practices.
    a man named tim finn gets the names of the dead band members wrong…
    go read the review. If it was Batman Live or Sesame street live…or
    the mariachi band at spring…i would let it go…but this is the greatest
    living rock n roll star and this kc star writer blew this review big time…
    unbeelievable..its like tabloid journalism…wow.

    let it be known to all my followers/disciples/fans/readers that today
    harley promises never to doubt mr. hearne about his critique about
    the kc star from here to eternity.
    thank you….

    • mike says:

      Did I just read that right? You apologized AND said you were wrong about something. Did hell just freeze over? Are the Chiefs going to win today? I never thought I would see that. I am actually feeling some respect for you!

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