Sounds Good: RNDM@Bottleneck, Bruce@Sprint, Matisyahu@Uptown

Simulated urine?

C’mon man, that’s no fun.  Maybe I’m not quite as OLD school as some of you out there, but since when are we letting performers pass off pseudo micturation as entertainment?  Since when?

Look, I’m not going to recommend a “band” that stands up there and just presses a button on their Macbook Pro while several dudes in tight white jeans and chunky black horned rims prance around.  Which is why I can’t get down with the fake urine yo.

Let’s keep it real.  Real musicians.  Playing real instruments.  Peeing real urine.

Who’s with me?…



Friday, November 16th

RNDM at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

This is Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament’s side project, which includes Joseph Arthur as the lead singer.  Arthur is a troubadour of sorts, and he’s been around the block a bit, touring with Ben Harper, Gomez, and Tracy Chapman over the years to name a few.

RNDM just released an album, Acts, that most critics have simply been loving for its straight up power trio rock.  No frills, no tricks, just three veteran musicians each carrying their weight.  Listen to the album here if you’re still not sure.



Saturday, November 17th

Bruce Springsteen at the Sprint Center in KC

What is there to say really?  He’s the Boss.  He released an album a few months ago that was kind of lame, but he’s still the Boss and this show will be packed.  And Bruce will play until his fingers bleed and his jeans are soaked with sweat.  You know the deal.



Sunday, November 18th

Matisyahu at the Uptown in KC

Originally, Matisyahu’s schtick was that he was a Hassidic rapper.  But recently he has shaved the beard, gotten rid of the yarmulke, and moved away from the intense religious thing.  From what I can tell, though, his music is pretty much the same: hip-hop reggae beats draped with fluid vocals and accented by some rapid fire rapping and beat boxing.

Seriously, this guy is one of the most impressive beat boxers I’ve ever seen.

As you may know, KCC is giving away some tickets to this show.  Check out the article from a day or two ago to find out how to get in on that.

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