Glazer: Great Scott! The Sky is Falling if Pioli Was Resigned by Chiefs

Hold on to your tempers folks!

Put the kids in the other room and try not to throw anything at the TV.

610 Sports Jay Binkley said it first,;”Scott Pioli may NOT BE GOING ANYWHERE. There’s now evidence he is STAYING WITH THE CHIEFS.”

WTF? Why?

Because the  Chiefs GM and main man has been traveling and talking to possible future players about signing with HIS team for next year. In other words he is operating as if he’s calling the shots on next season’s draft picks.

We all know how great Pioli is at that.

This same report was on 810 Sports with Soren Petro. He too is saying the new word is that Scott may stay.

The Marty-Ball / general manager talk with Clark Hunt was real, according to my inside sources.

But Marty clearly is happy at 70 with his $30 million in the bank and golf game.

Hearne pointed out the scandal Marty survived with his wife and family back in 1998. The stepping out on her story. More importantly, what Marty is saying is, ” I will consult,” but that’s it.

Again these are strong rumors but not fact…not yet.

What may have caused all this talk could be that Pioli had already signed his extension.

Clark was likely offering that back in the summer when the future appeared far brighter.

But why? The guy had a 4-12 opening year. Okay, it was all new and Scott needed time to fix things. Then the next season, bang, 10-6 and the division title and playoffs. Forget that at the end of the season they were among the top five worst teams in the NFL.

That kinda carried over for last year’s, 7-9 season.

Now this mess.

The summer showed promise, new players, new draft, talk of a division title and maybe a playoff win. Clark, who clearly does not want much to do with daily operations at Arrowhead, wants his Carl Peterson.

Clark wants THE MONEY TRAIN to continue and Scott runs a tight ship.

It’s clean, neat, well run and people stand at attention. Just like Carl’s Arrowhead had been.


Just one problem.

The team became the joke of pro sports and were exposed on national TV as one of the all-time worst organizations and worst teams. A punchline. The fans are going to wear black this Sunday at the stadium. Again banners will fly asking for Scott to be fired.

But if Pioli signed something…OH BOY!

A ton of dough would have to be paid out to get rid of him. Who said Pioli wasn’t smart?

Clark thought things were looking good when they were anything but and didn’t want to lose his guy.

Now what?

All  of that said, my take is Scott will still be fired.

The team will likely win one more game, at best two, and then pick among the top three or four draft slots. We need a top notch leader or two NOW. Fixing this major mess will be way uphill.

Hey, I have an idea. Let’s get more guys from Miami and Cleveland…two winning programs. Of course we did go with the RIGHT 53 and the Patriot Way.

Stay tuned this will be a blast. We don’t have a team to watch so let’s watch this circus.

Bill Cowher make that 15 million a year buddy.

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7 Responses to Glazer: Great Scott! The Sky is Falling if Pioli Was Resigned by Chiefs

  1. Pat McGroin says:

    What do you think Craig….will Pioli be here next season?

  2. Pat McGroin says:

    Never mind, I just saw your prediction.

  3. the dude says:

    I would not bet against his contract being extended.

  4. Kerouac says:

    “Who said Pioli wasn’t smart?”

    – or that Hunt ‘was/is’…so much for an MBA, analyst Goldman Sachs, etc. That a man so educated would leave the helm of his own Titanic (Chiefs) to founder the bumbling hands his Captain Smith (Pioli) speaks volumes as to a ‘lack of leadership’, the owner’s; the old adage “he wouldn’t say **** if he had a mouthful comes to mind”.

    Hi, Kerouac here – erstwhile firestarter. I say, smoke him out. ‘Just say no’ attending games & buying any team merchandise. Stop buying tickets, forward. In the interim, fans dressed in black w/paper-sacked heads bagging on managment, a banner-flying airplane circling like a vulture above and the message “has KC ownership no shame?”

    Apparently not.

    Chiefs counted on voters to get them their stadium improvements… you responded. Is this fair recompense for $aid loyalty fandom? An 25-year lease? An 43-year dry spell.

    If the ‘quiet as a mouse’ Chiefs left KC, would they make a sound? Would there be shed a cosmic tear, even? Chiefs may ‘move to LA’? The old joke, “take my wife – PLEASE!” comes to mind.

    NFL, LA hasn’t had a pro football team in years, as much for the oversaturation sports that area as anything else. They’ve lost 3 pro teams, the last some 50 years (Chargers who left for San Diego, Rams who left for St. Louis and Oakland which left go back that black hole up north.) So much for LA, hopes, fears and/or the furtive dreams, owners and fans alike. The Athletics once called KC home… the Kings… the Blues… the- well, you get the idea. None of them were ever supported like local fandom has supported the Chiefs.

    I say, Hunt/Chiefs take fandom for granted.

  5. Rick Nichols says:

    In case you missed it, this was the scene one lovely evening back in June at
    Kansas City’s Osteria IlCentro …

    Seems the owner was eager to deal,
    Took the G.M. out for a meal;
    Whispers Mr. Hunt to Mr. Pioli,
    “Sign here, then try the ravioli.” –
    Now the fans are ready to squeal!

  6. Markus Aurelius says:

    this is old news Petro reported this about a month ago and everyone, including the afternoon crew on 610 poo-pooed it.

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