Donnelly: Win a Pair of Tickets to see Matisyahu at the Uptown this Sunday

Sometimes I think we’re almost too good to you, loyal KCC readers.

Not only do you get all our content free of charge, unlike some other local media outlets. Now that amazing content also comes with 50% more Bullet Force

Oh, and free concert tickets.

That’s right folks.  Last week we gave away several pairs of tickets for the Quixotic show at the KU Lied Center in Lawrence, and a good time was had by most.  This time we’re sending some lucky folks to the Uptown to see Matisyahu this Sunday, November 18th.  We’ve got three pair of tickets for what is sure to be a packed show.

I first stumbled (literally) upon Matisyahu five years ago at Wakarusa as I was unsuccessfully trying to find my campsite in the dark.  Instead of a warm sleeping bag, though, I found myself surrounded by flailing dancers and reggae beats.  A 6’5″ skinny Jewish dude was onstage singing, rapping, and beat-boxing, and the crowd was super into it.  I stuck around and was impressed by the raw energy and positive vibes this oddball was curating.

Since then, well, Matisyahu’s done pretty well for himself, charting three top twenty albums on the US charts, playing with Phish, and opening for Sting.

OK, OK… Here’s how you win the tickets.  Tweet this:

“Another great ticket giveaway from @MattyKCC and @kcconfidential: @matisyahu November 18 at the Uptown in KC.  Check it at”

And again, for those of you that STILL refuse to enter the Twitterverse, I will also consider really, really good pleas for freebies left in the comments below.

Game on.
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7 Responses to Donnelly: Win a Pair of Tickets to see Matisyahu at the Uptown this Sunday

  1. legendaryhog says:

    ya-ba-ya-ba-yooooo, ya-ba-ba-ya-ohh-ohh–ohhhhh



  2. Rick Nichols says:

    I certainly don’t wish to come across as being overly rude,
    But I’m not into reggae done by a tall, skinny Jewish dude;
    No, it’s a good thing I’m staying home or he might get booed –
    Thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass on the tickets.

    • Matt says:

      Just when I think hog has the tickets all wrapped up… Things just got interesting…

      Winners will be announced Friday.

  3. Lee says:

    I have a white female friend who only dates black guys and loves rap. Maybe this will convince her to convert.

  4. Tom Abbott says:

    Ninja Please! I love this cat! need tickets in the worst way. Shalom my Ninja!

  5. Matthew Donnelly says:


    We have some winners – the ninja Tom Abbott and Lee, who needs the tickets for a “friend.” I’ve emailed you both at the address connected to your comments, but if that don’t work, email me at to claim your prizes.


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