Whinery: What’s Going to Change?

After watching everything transpire since last week’s election, a persistent question keeps coming to mind…

What, if anything, has changed?

That’s the question everyone should be asking of themselves. A year and a half of almost constant campaigning, six billion dollars spent on electioneering, countless hours spent by volunteers on all sides of the political spectrum and a circus played out in the media. But what really changed? Can you answer that question? I can.


We still have the same President and basically the same political party composition of the House of Representatives and the Senate. We got a bunch of the same- pure and simple. At least where our
leadership, or lack thereof, is concerned.

America voted for dependency on Government.

Whether its corporate welfare, food stamps, Obamacare or crony capitalism. And the
Government is dependent on handouts from the Federal Reserve, China, Japan and other entities dumb enough to fund the “American Empire.”

America used to be a bright shining beacon of economic and personal freedom.

Now we are a nation divided that stands for nothing.

Don’t believe me?

I’m just a schmuck who backed the loser, so what do I know anyway? And contrary to popular belief – I didn’t think Mitt Romney would solve all the problems facing this Nation. I was just hopeful that he wouldn’t try “putting out fire with gasoline” if I may borrow a lyric from David Bowie.

Will President Obama fix anything in a second term? Who knows?  I will pray for him as I have done in the past. And if he follows through on the platitudes disseminated in his acceptance speech, I may even become a fan.

One thing is certain, if America is to be redeemed and returned to greatness, it will take leadership.

A Liberal Democrat friend sent me a YouTube clip of HBO’s The Newsroom, and the Jeff Daniels character made a very powerful assertion after rattling off a series of anecdotes illustrating the decline of this once-great Nation:

“The first step in solving any problem is recognizing that there is one. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore”

That’s a hard reality to come to grips with but its painfully true.

And endless political bickering and infighting will solve nothing.

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20 Responses to Whinery: What’s Going to Change?

  1. chuck says:

    Jeff Daniels represents perfectly, the condescending, 4th Estate Quisling, liberal wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hollywood’s hopes for the end of American exceptionalism and the rise of the Balkinization of America.

    I have noticed here on kcconfidential, the repeated use of the image of Uncle Sam. I wondered what he thought about the election and he forwarded this missive to the now dead, recent “majority”.

    Dear Angry Old White Men,

    Hey, it’s me, Uncle Sam. No worries. I no longer “Want You”. I used to “Want You”, but the recent sea change in this nation’s demographics and politics, aided and abetted by your now on 40 years of cowardly, confirmation biased stupidity, coupled with cozy unthinking myopia has left me irrelevant. As of today, Flava Flav will assume my duties and represent this now diminished and moribund nation.

    Mr. Flav’s accurate and spot on depiction of what now passes for political, social and economic standards in the United States is an apt and just revenge (Emulating President Obama’s implication of White Sins “Voting is the best revenge.”) for the imaginary wounds shouldered by the New Multicultural Majority and the real wounds, self inflicted on a spineless, decreasing and moribund white electorate.

    As you might expect Mr. Flav’s ascension to the postion was accompanied by an incessant hurricane of rhetoric, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, in conjuction with references to sexual congress with his mother. God is in heaven on his throne.

    Required de riguer for Mr. Flav’s new position, will of course, include his famous clock, ostentatiously displayed for all Americans to view. Apropo. We got here, to this point in time, with yesterday’s canceled checks for trillions down a social engineering rat hole. We pay today, to those same benficiaries the last of our cash, as a reward for fecundity, insolence, ignorance, violence and a fully realized, self aggrandized culture seen through the Reality TV eyes of border line retards. We face tomorrow with promissary notes to placate the new American Roman Mob, who, with proven and recurring violence, waits to administer the coup de grace to etioliated and submissive sons of fathers, now disgraced by those same sons in their graves.

    The first choice for my replacement was Pollyanna, but only for a second. This American requiem, needs a Harlequin. Polyanna would suppose a conceptual talent for our new masters, far in excess of real capabilties. Modestly qualified and unable or unwilling to get their pants up over their collective azzes, an arcane reference to literature not penned by the new generation of self proclaimed genius’ like Jay Z, lil Wayne and Ice T, would fall on deaf ears in the forrest where that city on the hill used to be. Where the tree of liberty and the Judeo/Christian ethos fell and no one heard it.

    Once, tasked with conscription, I was a symbol to young Americans to come to the defense of their country and the ideals which we all held sacrosanct. Justice, liberty and equality by way of that social contract, the consent of the governed. Now I am conscripted myself, to join those ideals in history’s dust bin. Justice, delivered by Eric Holder, liberty as social facism, assigned by Presidential fiat, equlity of outcome as opposed to the equality of opportunity delivered from the wallets of the middle class.

    Please tell Hearne Christopher to replace my picture in his blog with that of Mr. Flava Flav. Harley’s harlequin can at least provide some graveyard humor in the years to come. Mr. Flav has notified me that he will send his newest picture from his “Obama” phone to Mr. Christoper, forthwith.

    Contact any old and recently disenfranchised white boys with any questions you may have on how to operate pretty much every thing in Western Civilization with the exception of the Super Soaker.

    Until that time, I remain,

    Depressingly Yours,

    Uncle Sam.

    • harley says:

      what a joke your entire wasted comment is.
      sorry chuckles…but i’m thinking you might need some anti depressants.
      young men and women still come to the defense of their country..only they
      mostly minority…black and hispanic.
      Really your just down because the world has changed and its not what
      you dreamed about in your old age. Sorry…things happen.
      The woe is me attitude is getting real old. It’s almost worn itself out.
      This nation is hardly fascist or socialist (maybe you should go read the
      definition of that …although it might further your depressed state)…
      truth is chuckles is your argument is so full of misstatements and lies
      that what you say anymore can not be taken seriously.
      All the b.s. about flava is just wrong. Where do you get this stuff?
      So with that said i leave you to sit in your recliner and watch 60 minutes
      while you wait for that socialist social security checks and the free
      medicare to come every month to your mailbox.
      take care.

      • Flava Flav says:

        Thanks Harley, you be representin fo us all.

        “The moments we have behind us, you won’t be able to see again. We’re only responsible for what we live in right now.”

      • (Daniel F Caldemeyer is known as the father of the modern day recliner. His invention, as owner of National Furniture Mfg. Co based in Evansville, IN, initiated the widespread home usage of the chair that he called the rocket recliner. His name was based on the fact that he developed his chair based on the science of kinetics that he used while serving in the US Air Force. His design was used by NASA for the seats in Projects Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. His chairs were used in the ready room for these missions and can be seen in the movie Apollo 13. )

        Who DID build this Harley?

        • harley says:

          the man used information and stats developd
          and used by the u.s. air force. So the guy was
          on salary of the government using government
          information…and governement studies about
          kinetics…he didn’t get this stuff by himself in
          the garage…he used the government’s access
          in the miliktry to design this seat.
          Then…if not for the government buying his seat
          and using it in governement programs (nasa)who
          are we to say that his company would have surivvived
          and gottent off the ground. The governement was
          a big part of the recliner innovation…if he didnt have
          the governement helping him would he have
          designed the chair.
          And he probably went to public school…was paid to
          develope this chair while in the air force (was that
          a waste of money)…used governement time and then
          got paid by the government for his recliners.
          Read obamas comment…you’ve misinterpreted it.
          the r and d of the government made thosepossible.
          If you read the real qoute from the presdient its
          no differnet thatn the comments made by every
          major politician about the cooperation between
          private and pupblic sectors to make almost everything
          we create in the nation.
          Go try to do that in russia..or france…or czhek…or
          in another nation…the governemtn is a part of
          almost everything….
          please..save your political lies fo another day..
          harley knows all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rkcal says:

    That is a good first step. This “American exceptionalism” stuff is delusional. We’re in the human muck with everybody else. What does “greatest” country mean, anyway? We’re the 800 lb. gorilla. That’s good enough. It’s ok to not walk around proclaiming superiority all day, when everybody can see we’re just a bunch of fat slobs with the best toys.

  3. harley says:

    well mr. whinery…good to see you’ve come out after your devastating defeat and
    your totally inaccurate predictions about the elections. I hope you sold your
    $3000 photo with mr. romney by now because after reading your friends
    hatred of the guy the value is almost zero.
    Shall i say …that harley was right…100% right..on the election and the
    electoral vote. I won’t gloat…but now that you’ve come back to kcc i expect
    serious consideration at taking your place on the writing staff because you
    have show 0 ability to evaluate and analyze the current situation.
    The question i do have is how does it feel to be a sucker? how does it feel
    to be used and taken advantage by your own party? Does it bother you tthat
    you were constatnly lied to over the last 4 years? does it make you mad that
    guys like sean and billo and dick (suck your toess) morris…or rush or
    glen beck or ralph reed or kraut all lied to you to try to further their
    own financial agenda. They’re idiots and even red state says that.
    How does it feel? Four years ago whiloe president obama was being
    given the oath into office you and your leaders said their only goal was
    to make the man a one term president. That no matter how much pain
    and hardship it caused this nationthat they would block any legistlation
    …even if it was items they wanted passed. we saw it first hand. and we
    saw what they really wanted…power.
    and then you say AMERICA USED TO BE A POWER…another disgusting
    lie becuase america is still great. Maybe its passed you and your ilk by but
    its still great. Need anymore explanation than the millionsand millions
    of people in the world who look up to america and dream of coming here..
    whethr to live or vist. You and the old guys on here attitude sucks.
    Example: headline yesterday said that america in 2016-2017will produce
    more oil than saudi arabia. That’s not wht fox news and lyin ryan and
    sean and billo and the lying repuboolicans told you. They said our energy
    policy sucked…but the facts show them as liars. More oil than saudi arabia
    and the article went onto say that we would be energy self sufficeint if we
    kept our oil here!!!!! not what fox news told you huh?
    WHINEY BABY….you’ve been a sucker for too long. Listened and
    prayed to people who could care less about you and your family.
    They just used you for their own personal gain. Viewers…dollars…
    I signed up fro news max to see what the other side was saying. Besides
    the usualy lies and garbage i become deluged with emails filling up my
    box about incredible medical cures for heart attacks…3 minutes to
    curing diabetes….special program how to av oid alzheimers…almost 5-6
    emails about osme of the most ridiculous medical claims and b.s. they
    were trying to sell me. I then realized that the right wing nut were’nt
    just crazy…they were being lied to…used to make those quack miedical
    crap big profits. It wasn’t just the lies about the polls and elections and
    obama…the people who read that crap were SUCKERS!!!!!!! aND the guys
    who ran that knew it….give their people lies and jive and they’ll believe
    it and buy it and we’ll make big money. Wow…
    So before you write another story ask yourself…HOW WAS I THE BIGGEST
    SUCKER IN AMERICA….how come i let these guys take advantage of me..
    they lied to me…told me lies after lies…and they used me.
    I paid $4000 for a pic with romney and he gets fewer votes than mccain?
    the time and effort i put into the campaign by a guy who hated 47% of america…
    the secret servie hated romney so much that on election night after the
    family was in bed…THEY WALKED OUT…they left mittand his family…they
    despised the way mitt and his family treated them!!!!!!!! so they just walked
    out without any good by es…never happened before.
    harley reigns supreme!!!!!!!!! now go cry in your sleep…
    OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

    • harley says:

      p.s….the fact that republicans feel they’ve been lied to and suckered
      did not come from me alone…many and i mean many right wing polticial
      are starting to realize the repubs have used them for their own

  4. Jim says:

    The game is rigged, folks. Republicans and Democrats/Conservatives and liberals want to throw barbs and blame each other. You are ALL missing the freaking point!! Our government is controlled by the wealthiest 1% in this country. The income gap between these people and the REST of America has exploded in the last 30 years. The Top 400 wealthiest people control 1/2 the entire wealth of the USA. That’s 400 people to the next 150 million. $1 out of every $8 earned in the USA goes to this group of people. All the rhetoric about “freedom” or “government hand-outs” is complete and total BS! There will never, ever, ever be a middle class in this country again. Ever. Take the time to read the book “Winner-Take-All Politics”. You will realize all this nonsense about Blue or Red is a total shell game.

  5. mike says:

    We still need to reign in the runaway federal spending or we won’t have the money for things we really need, even with tax increases on the rich. Someone is going to have to make some deals and hard decisions that are not going to please everybody in order to fix this. We need to help those in need, but can’t use revenue to buy votes from people who are capable of providing for themselves. We also have to look at all the money we are sending around the world. We don’t want to end up in a financial crsis like western Europe.

    • harley says:

      mikey…glad you were big enough to show up back here after the
      a$$ kicking you took on the election. Idon’t have to mention that i
      was right AGAIN!
      you’re right…tough decisions…but the republicans needs to wake up
      and realize they lost…they lost big time and america says that they
      wnt increased revenues and they want fairer taxation and fairer
      There is no fiscal cliff…its a political cliff and soon the repubs will
      be extinct like the whigs.
      Don’t doubt me…the repubs are about to have a civil war…
      its open warfare on the repub tea party and establishment liars.
      Mikey…you too were lied too…fooled by the entertainers…how did
      it feel. As the who said ‘DONT GET FOOLED AGAIN”!

      • mike says:

        The Republicans won’t be extinct. The same thing was said after Watergate. The Republicans, after Watergate controlled nothing, yet came back in the 1980s. The Republicans will make some changes, just like they did in the 1980s and be strong again. They need to put some of their fresh, younger people out in front instead of the Dole, McCain and Romney types. They may have to become more libertarian than conservative.
        Again, your guy won this one. Props and congatulations, but that is just one election. Obama better deliver the goods the next few years or the Republicans will come back stronger than ever.

        • harley says:

          i diagree with you mikey.’re..unless the repubs change
          their complete platform they’re destined to
          extinction. Hope not…i have some very good
          republican clients.
          the world is changing and they can’t rely on the
          older white vote any longer.
          they need to make inroads into the minoritie
          bases or they’re history.
          Does obama have to perform…sure but the repubs
          can’t fight him like they did previously or they
          are cooked.
          will they come back…possibly in a few states but when
          texas becomes a purple state…and arizona and a few
          others the republican party
          is dead.
          We’ve already seeing many key repubs wanting to
          break off and form another conserviate party…
          but if they (repubs) fight too much….you can stick
          a fork in them…they’re cooked.

          • mike says:

            I don’t think being conservative is what hurt them in this election. I think it is being seen by many as only representing the rich, whether that is true or not. Many voters saw western European style quasi-socialism as a lesser evil than an oligarchy. They lower income people, minorities or otherwise fear plutocracy more than socialism. The Republicans did a very poor job of convincing these people that their policies would improve their lives.

  6. Mysterious J says:

    You come back a week after your prognostication was proven to be a total farse…and “nothing has changed” is the best you can do? LOL

    • harley says:

      we havent heard from whinery….he was the worst prediction of the
      entire election…wasn’t even close…
      do i think he’s a farce…no i just think he got bamboozled like the rest
      of the 48% of america who voted for this phony p.o.s. and then
      when they found out they’d been made suckers of they decided
      to pass their own problems onto others.
      essentially whiney says if ormeny got elected things would change.
      well let me make this clear to all you old guys..

      • Chris H says:

        Harley, this isn’t about who wins or loses it’s about what is right for our country. It is disturbing how the secular progressive movement is so intent on simply pushing it’s agenda and simply distorting and marginalizing any opposition. I find it mean spirited and hateful. Is that what we want our nation to become?

        There was no ass kicking in this election. The outcome is a sharply divided country with no real leadership, only the desire to hold onto their idealism. Can we find some middle ground. I think not based on your mentality. Lighten up!

        By the way, your ignorance is certainly manifested in your poor spelling and grammar. Give us a break!

  7. Rick Nichols says:

    The seduction comes in thinking that a particular man or a particular political party has the capacity to significantly “move the needle” in a world that is becoming increasingly smaller and interconnected. Past assumptions and projections regarding the future, both of which have been used for years to support the notion of American exceptionalism, are no longer valid. Just treading water to stay afloat has become the new normal for most people. The yacht class (see Jim’s comment) is firmly in control and pretty much calls all the shots, but they’re more than happy to let us vote for our “leaders” every two to four years if it somehow makes us feel better about things, thus perpetuating the illusion of freedom.

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