Glazer: National Championship is K-State’s to Win or Lose

They may not be the sexy pick…

Still Kansas State has all but locked up the national title game in January. Likely they will square off against Oregon. NOBODY on the planet called that one a couple months back – not even K-State cheerleader Kevin Keitzman. 810 sports radio and Kietzman are in love with his team. KK must be on Cloud Nine.

I can’t blame him.

A team picked by most to finish 6th in the Big Twelve, is now the recent NCAA football’s most overachieving team of the ages! K-State coach Bill Snyder will be coach of the year.  Quarterback Collin Klein is going to win the Heisman.

And I think K State may win it all!

What a story Kansas City. Like many of you I am on the bandwagon. Around these parts we have had little to smile about when it comes to big time national football games, pro or college. Yes MU and KU had a nice year together not too long ago, but it wasn’t like this one.

This team is for real team and can go all the way.

Kansas and Missouri both held the No. 1 tag for a week or so, but everyone knew they were good, not great teams. Neither could even get past OU in their own league, let alone win the national championship.

K State is going to win the Big Twelve outright and will be a legit threat to beat Oregon.

I doubt the line will be more than 8 with K State the underdog, of course. They wouldn’t want it any other way.

Sam “THE MAN” Mellinger wrote maybe one of his best columns today for the Kansas City Star.

He was not only dead on target, he did a better than great job of explaining all the issues involved for K State to get to the BIG DANCE. We all know the media wants Notre Dame in the title game, not K State. How cool is that for K State to pass over an undefeated Notre Dame?

Why? Like Sam said, THEY EARNED IT!

I agree. So does the media at this time – painfully – but they agree.

It’s K State and Oregon. All this thanks to K-State enemy Texas A&M defeating Alabama at home yesterday. Somebody (me) said, “This will be a tough one for Bama.” And it was.

Yes, there’s work to do. K State has some injury concerns for sure – Collin has to get well. And both Baylor and Texas, though unranked, are playing their best football right now. The Cat’s will have to bring at least their A- game to beat them both. A loss would take K State out of the party for sure.

What a story, what a coach, what a team. You couldn’t ask for more.

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5 Responses to Glazer: National Championship is K-State’s to Win or Lose

  1. Kerouac says:


    • Craig Glazer says:

      we know, and they are tremendous, so is K State..I said K State would be an underdog if they meet, no doubt.

  2. Scoop says:

    Even this less-than-loyal KU fan has to admit that the Wildcats are sitting pretty these days. Moreover, he would enjoy seeing them dine at length on Duck come early January.

  3. harley says:

    big 10-12 is filled with weak teams this year…
    but beware…baylor can score points and i think that texas game might
    be an emtional game as its the last game for longhorn mack…
    still lots of football to be played.
    glaze…you know streaks…and kstate has had a bad game all season…
    maybe their streak is about to end….
    and the rumour isvout…..marty and bill coming to kc qnd clark says money
    is no object……….

  4. chuck says:

    I am still liking Clint Eastwood as Bill Snyder, Ryan Gosling as Collin Klein.

    Football “Hoosiers”, I hope they do it.

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