Glazer: This Week’s Pick & What’s Left of the Chiefs Monday Night

Well, we’re into the second half of the NFL and the last third of College Football…

And it gets harder and harder to pick the winners as the season moves towards its conclusion. Sure, you know who the better teams are, but injuries and long winning streaks that wear on teams like Atlanta in the NFL – and Alabama in the NCAA – sometimes make the outcomes difficult.

Things could get rough on the Crimson Tide today with Texas A&M. I believe Alabama will win, but it could be a hard fought game for them, like last week with LSU.

K-State not only has to stay unbeaten for its hope to play in the national title game, it must win with style points. In other words blast its foe. Which might be uphill with an injured quarterback. Let’s hope not.

Man, how cool would it be for this area to have a legit college title game for the first time outside KU basketball in a lifetime. K-State coach Bill Snyder is so under the radar nationally, he deserves this chance.

Speaking of chances, former Chiefs coach Todd Haley can hardly sleep at night.

He knows the Monday Night Football camera will be all over him come Monday. Revenge!

It’s now no secret who the real A – Hole was at Arrowhead.

And it wasn’t Todd but  Scott Pioli. Haley has proven, once again, that he can work with top flight talent – i.e. Big Ben with the Steelers – and coach a Super Bowl contender…the Steelers offense in this case.

As usual the Steelers are showing up big as the season gets into the cold months.The Chiefs will get a run Monday Night. If they even play halfway decent I’ll be surprised. Meaning a loss by less than 14 points. The Chumps looked to have quit.  As I wrote last week, they did quit in the loss to San Diego. Remember the Chargers are at best average.

Kansas City has but one star on its entire roaster, Dwayne Bowe.

Green Bay, New England and Denver all should have taken him off the market. The Packers badly need another big threat down field. So does New England and Bowe could be that guy. By far he’s the best player KC has had the last five years. And let me be the first to say, THE ONLY CONSISTENTLY STRONG STARTER WE HAVE. PERIOD.

Jamaal Charles has looked closer to done lately. Tamba Hali has been a no show. Eric Berry has been poor and Justin Houston is good not great so far. Derrick Johnson has been solid but not great and he doesn’t make enough big plays. Nope, D Bowe is the only star, pro bowler again.

The Chiefs need to keep losing so Scott is fired and the Chiefs get a number one or two pick.

We have to start completely over. Might want to look at Vanderbilt’s Jordon Rogers for quarterback. He’s only a junior, but his bloodline is, YES, Aaron Rogers.

“Mister Discount Double Check.” Hey it didn’t hurt with the Manning brothers, huh?


K-State -1 over TCU(tease with below)

Georgia -9 over Auburn(tease with above)

Arizona -22 over Colorado (tease with below)

LSU -9 over Mississippi State (tease with above)

Vanderbilt + 3 over Mississippi


New England -6 (tease with below)

Denver + 2 over Carolina (tease with above)

Pittsburgh -5 over KC (tease with below)

San Fran -5 over St. Louis (tease with above)

Much tougher board this week. I went perfect last week…that might be way uphill this time. My record is top drawer so far. Let’s keep rolling.

Enjoy the warm weekend.
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15 Responses to Glazer: This Week’s Pick & What’s Left of the Chiefs Monday Night

  1. Kerouac says:

    Oregon’s Mighty Fightin Ducks are the best team in college football. The green-eyed faction K-State/elsewhere can only offer in weak rebuttal: “yeah, but they don’t play defense.”

    They don’t have to.

    All you have to do is outscore your opponent by a point to win. Fact is, Oregon wins by an average margin of almost 32 points per game, almost a td MORE per game than an winning margin K-State for example, speaking of style points.

    Oregon beats small schools: 63-14 over TENN TECH. They beat top-ranked teams: 49-0 over #22 ranked ARIZ, and now just recently they beat the #18 team, storied USC on the Trojans home turf Coliseum, 63-51, latter a team chock full of real NFL talent not to be confused with Matt Cassel (including the Chiefs ‘new’ franchise QB, Matt Barkley, fingers crossed.) Oregon Head CoachChip Kelly (43-6 record career) would (will?) sure look good here in KC 2013.

    K-State surrenders 19 points per game on defense while averaging 44 on offense. As a cart is sometimes placed before a horse, I suspect they may not want to look past final game vs Texas. Comparison, Oregon averages 54 points per game while surrendering some 22 points per game.

    Oregon is undefeated… K-State is undefeated… that matchup would be the National Championship Game 2012, a perfect world.


    Haley, Pioli & Bowe…Todd still needs a shave & some couth, Pioli’s size 10 cap still envelops his # 2 cranium and Bowe will come cheaply enough other suitors, 2013; Chiefs will be lucky to get a #3 pick for him. #82 only looks super as in a ‘star’ KC because (as you say) he’s the best of a sorry lot, no one else provides competition.

    My biggest concern Chiefs remains Clark Hunt: would that he/his ownership Chiefs were more John Wayne/heroic & less Greta Garbo/. Maybe split the difference…

  2. Scoop says:

    This Alabama loss only seconds ago should keep them out of the BCS title game one would think unless K-State, Notre Dame and Oregon also stumble somewhere along the way coming down the home stretch, It’s a crazy game, that’s for sure.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      As much as the media wants Notre Dame in, as long as K State wins out they are in the title game..first offical title game we’ve had in this area in decades outside of KU basketball, very nice…way to go Cats!!! they looked very number 1 by running TCU off the field…they deserve to be number 1, they have played a ranked team home and away nearly every week, they are the best team in the nation right now…lets see how they do against Oregon for the title in January.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    The Vandy comeback was nuts, down by ten late they come back to win…keep an eye on that Jordon Rogers at Quarterback KC Chiefs for Vandy….going 3-0 yesterday and calling 5 wins straight up was maybe my best picks of the entire year, that was a tough one….our numbers have to be high on the nation ‘pick’ scale, nobody likely is hitting at a better clip anywhere. Just really nice.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Now we are at 33-13-3. Just very good.

  5. chuck says:

    Go Cats!

    Tampa is a 3 point fave over San Diego–Doug Martin!! Take the Bucs.

    Atlanta is a 1 point fave over NO and the over under is 53.5

    Take Atlanta and the over.

    Thats 3 for me. I am down 140.00 🙁

    Nice job Glaze! 🙂

  6. Kerouac says:

    * UPDATE *

    Oregon 59 California 17
    K-State 23 TCU 10


    OREGON #1

    Kerouac’s prognosis: terminal for K-State should they come in contact Oregon –

    NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Oregon 45 K-State 31

    • chuck says:

      Kero, ya gotta be pullin for the Cats though…, right?

      • Kerouac says:

        Actually, no… I’m not a fan of either team. I just think Oregon is the better and would win by (at least) 2 tds when/if they played. I’ll go with – Oregon 45 K-State 31

        I stopped caring intently about sports end of the 1960’s…I follow sports today more so out of habit/boredom than intense desire.

        Too, my allegiances aren’t now/never were based on proximity, any. Back in the day, 1960’s, my favorites were:

        Notre Dame & USC college football, Chiefs, Raiders & Chargers AFL, Packers NFL, Dodgers, Giants & Athletics MLB, Lakers & Celtics NBA, Canadians NHL & Nebraska college basketball – be no rhyme or reason beyond my own preferences (it could be the color of their uniforms, a player(s), success, etc.)

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Not sure yet if San Fran covers we don’t know about tomorrow’s game, there may be someone doing as well with calls, but I doubt anyone who does this is doing any better as of this moment still perfect, we do have a tie with New England points, they won by six…so not a win, but a tie…San Fran goes to overtime with Rams…not sure of outcome yet…

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Well its over for the week, our new record is an astounding…36-14-4, the last number are ties…this week, in a very tough environment…we went 3-1-1, that even surprised me…’why didnt’ I stay in Vegas’ damn.

  9. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Chuck says KC/Pitt game is a toss up. I laughed at that nonsense before the season, and I’m laughing about it now.

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