Sounds Good: Ebony Tusks@Taproom, Quixotic@KU Lied, Brody Buster, Deadman Flats & More@Barnyard Beer

I recently had the chance to grill Megan Stockman – choreographer, dancer, aerial acrobat, and more – of local performance art group Quixotic

The group is getting ready for their first ever performance at KU’s Lied Center Friday, November 9th.  As I mentioned in a column last week, I’m giving away a few pairs of tickets to the show, and I’ll be deciding on the winners by Thursday morning at the latest.

So, if you’re still interested in snagging some freebies, let me know in the comments why you’re more deserving than the next guy.

On to this week’s picks, including some of my conversation with Megan… 

Thursday, November 8th

Ebony Tusks at the 8th Street Taproom in Lawrence

Kids in Lawrence like to get down on Thursday night, then skip classes Friday while they recover, eat greasy food, and walk around downtown in their sweats.  Which is why thoughtful emcee Ebony Tusks aka Martinez Hillard (also lead man in Cowboy Indian Bear) tweeted this:

“I’m performing live with @Netherfriends // this show will reach capacity // 11/08/12 // 21+ // $3″

Indeed, there’s not much better than the sweaty, dark basement at the Tap, when it’s so packed that you can’t avoid grinding on about 15 people just to get a drink or go to the bathroom.  Check out some of Ebony Tusk’s stuff hereIt’s pretty dope.

Friday, November 9th

Quixotic at the KU Lied Center in Lawrence

“This show you should expect to see all new projections, aerial acts, choreography, music, and a few of our favorites from previous performances,” says Megan Stockman, the troupe’s resident ballet and contemporary dance pro, who also incorporates elements of African, Caribbean, ballroom, and street dance styles.  “This show has a lot of interaction between dancers and the many elements surrounding them on stage.”

For those who STILL haven’t seen Quixotic, I could try to describe it, but it’s just so much easier (and better) to experience it yourself.  For example: 

“A piece I have been working on is a three part drum and African dance series,” explains Stockman.  “Each piece, the dancers and musicians got together and created both the choreography and music together.  So everything is enhancing one another.”

OK, so I just need to know, will there be pyrotechnics involved?

“It’s an indoor theater so there will be no fire,” says Stockman.  “I think what makes our show so unique is the life of the performers and musicians all blending seamlessly and interacting with the technology.  It creates a different sort of atmosphere on stage full of life contrasting with the illusion.”

Sunday, November 11th

Second Annual Little Stomp at Barnyard Beer in Lawrence

If you’re gonna do a benefit in Lawrence, there are a couple must-haves: great beer and good music.  It’s really rather simple.  Day-drinking for a cause!

This event benefits the Little Red School House and runs from 3-9:00 pm on Sunday.  For those who are unfamiliar, the Little Red School House is a cooperative preschool located at 645 Alabama Street that emphasizes parental involvement while at the same time striving to keep the costs low.  Check out their site here for more info on their services.

The line up for the benefit show includes some great local roots music from the likes of Kasey Rausch and Friends, The Bus Company, Signal Ridge, Galactic Acid, Brody Buster, and Deadman Flats.

I tried the Barnyard’s porter a few days ago and it was excellent.  Head brewmeister Heath Hoadley even sacrificed part of his hand to the beer gods to ensure a perfectly balanced brew.  But don’t worry, there are no spare digits in the beer, just malty goodness.

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  1. Bob Sacamano says:

    Would love to go see Quixotic, saw them with the Symphony last year and they ROCKED! It would be a great last big date with my wife, before our first child arrives.

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